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20.3 19:40 @leaningcowboy But did you exaggerate a cough?
20.3 19:05 
Ain't no way they didn't pretape this #SmackDown
20.3 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 16.96 ▲0.14 (Range: 15.99 - 17.09)
20.3 14:21 @grumpymartian Surprise ending! (Maybe not very surprising)
19.3 15:55 About to attempt minor plumbingery - send thoughts and prayers
19.3 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 16.82 ▲0.21 (Range: 15.83 - 17.26)
19.3 14:04 RT @deejayumb: A Purple Musical Appreciation Thread on Clare Fischer (CF) who worked with Prince during the mega successful part of Prince’s career in the 80’s.

Most of the Prince hardcore will know about CF’s work on:

The Family album
Under The Cherry Moon
19.3 11:30 Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend
19.3 09:24 My permanent Metropass is ready for me to pick up!!!

I wonder when I'll do that
19.3 09:16 This is fun and frustrating and you should jump on board because what else have you got to do
18.3 22:18 
In news nobody's paying attention to - possibly rightly so - Governor Weld, who attempted to primary President Trump, finally threw in the towel. It would have been nice to have that vector to cast a protest vote, but the Minnesota GOP only put one name on the ballot along with a "write-in" space.
18.3 17:44 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
18.3 17:19 
RT @aadesigncreate: Support to Save Caffetto Coffee Shop from Closing
18.3 17:01 
RT @GovBillWeld: With deep gratitude to all who have stood with me during the past eleven months in our effort to bring better government to Washington, D.C., I am today suspending my candidacy for President of the United States. My full statement here:
18.3 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 16.61 ▼0.03 (Range: 15.12 - 16.91)
18.3 14:36 Even in these trying times, the robocalls can still get through
18.3 12:53 Ooh, I'm insured a week early - thanks, Governor Walz! (Phew!)
18.3 08:30 
Listened to HVOB - Window
18.3 08:18 
Listened to âme - Positivland
17.3 18:39 
 Success! (Please don't tell my family in California I left the house... for Guinness) - Zipps Liquors (Minneapolis, MN)
17.3 17:29 
 Out of Guinness! I risked my life for NOTHING! - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
17.3 17:20 
  (no human contact, picking up records) - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
17.3 15:43 
@SeriousSanchez Ha! 'sall good. Honestly I didn't know they were gone and came back. Their feed now looks very light and sad.

I was alive in the 1980s and that also may have been the last time I bought a BD T-shirt.

Shit, now my brand interaction from 2011 is broken! RT
@CRZ: @BigDogClub I BELIEVE! In Big Dogs...and the USA!
17.3 15:30 @SeriousSanchez @BIGDOGSWOOF This actually reminds me of those heady days when it was just a dog on the T-shirts. Call me old school but I was never into that ... y'know, smirking biceps thing
17.3 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 16.64 ▼0.20 (Range: 15.74 - 17.27)
17.3 14:13 Decaf
17.3 11:18 
Here's some Undertaker #content
17.3 08:14 Well, not my best prediction, yet still a prescient screen capture for one election cycle later
17.3 08:07 Hmm maybe I should grow out some quarantine sideburns
17.3 08:01 Highlander Grog
16.3 22:00 
OK, bump Saxton up to a 9 for his SECOND stunner sell #RAW
16.3 21:58 
Well, I'll generously give Saxton an 8 on the stunner sell #RAW
16.3 21:58 
16.3 21:57 
Saxton closer to Austin then three (3:16) feet #RAW
16.3 21:56 
16.3 21:56 
We knew Steve Austin was no Johnny Carson, but to be fair whoever's writing his jokes wasn't exactly Freddie DeBartolo #RAW
16.3 21:53 
Wow, Byron's suit was pinned up to hell and back - STOP SHOWING HIM FROM THE BACK #RAW
16.3 21:51 Hey look @BurgerKing's new ad touting 8 nuggets for a buck reuses last year's footage (when it was 10 for a buck)
16.3 21:33 
Is Mike Rome doing all his ring announcing from his home? #RAW #telework
16.3 21:31 @tapemachines I gotta sweat with Corey Everson, tape
16.3 21:30 Hey has ESPN brought back aerobics shows yet
16.3 21:25 
Well I certainly hope Asuka passes that stone #RAW
16.3 21:06 This is @CRZ, now into HIS second decade of bitching about how to correctly pronounce "20xx"
16.3 21:05 
We're two decades into the century and WWE still scripts superstars to pronounce the year starting with "two thousand" instead of "twenty" #RAW
16.3 20:29 
Geez, Romain Reigns got the Diesel push SIX years ago #RAW
16.3 20:26 
That couple shouldn't be eating in a restaurant, Luis Guzman! #RAW #COVIDー19
16.3 20:13 
THEY STILL LISTEN TO ME RT @CRZ: Man @WWE I'm BEGGING you give me ONE "COMING UP:" ticker that ends with an exclamation point! instead of a period. #RAW
16.3 20:09 
Man @WWE I'm BEGGING you give me ONE "COMING UP:" ticker that ends with an exclamation point! instead of a period. #RAW
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