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10.4 16:22 
Listened to Zwaremachine - Ripping at the Fabric
10.4 15:55 As Good Fridays go, I've had gooder
10.4 15:00 Markets closed: Good Friday
10.4 13:27 @BridgetMarieA_ Oh dear, you've been hacked
10.4 09:34 WWE releases The Revival
9.4 18:54 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
9.4 16:28 
Listened to Joris Voorn - Never (Orbital Remix)
9.4 16:26 
I like it
9.4 15:35 (This isn't actually HILARIOUS!!! but that's how it cutted and pasted from MeMe - I mean LaLa - congratulations to you all for being favoured by The Algorithm)

This is HILARIOUS!!! DONT CHEAT!!!! I want to see if I come up for anyone. Make sure you follow the directions at the bottom. You don't pick the names, Facebook does. 😆😜🤷‍♀️

I'm on Holiday ☀️👙🏝🍹

My holiday buddy: Mason Butler
Spends every day at the nudist beach: Kat Smart
Drinks all the cocktails: Mel Desprez
Chats up the bar staff: Christian Fritz
Arrested for skinny dipping: Allison Anne
Breaks the karaoke machine: Rissy Bird
Eats all the food: Emily Johnson
Falls off a donkey: Michael Kerschmann
Gets sunburnt on the 1st day: Al Grande
Wins £500 on the bingo: Tom Wollenberg (did we really go all the way to the United Kingdom to play BINGO?)
Misses their flight home: Adri Mehra
Steals all the inflatables: Nick Smith
Stung by a jelly fish: Sam Woodman
Throws everyone’s towels in the pool: Vanessa Tieman
Wakes everyone up singing at 3am: Jeff Wepplo
Comes last in the talent show: Christopher James
Gets drunk and has a tattoo: Michael Todd Grey

1. Copy-paste and delete the names...
2. After each statement, type @ and the first letter of the statement (eg : My holiday buddy = @M)
3. You'll see the name of one of your friends!
4. If one is already used, take the next one!
5. Don’t cheat
9.4 15:12 
9.4 15:12 Toasted Southern Pecan
9.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.37 ▼0.21 (Range: 18.84 - 19.82)
9.4 14:41 @CrosleyRadio Got it - thank you!
9.4 14:33 @CrosleyRadio Well, the on hold music is much nicer on this line. :) May I suggest changing the automated message on ext. 1206 to say that nobody's available to answer, at least temporarily?
9.4 14:15 After spending four hours on hold with @CrosleyRadio support, I'm starting to wonder if they're even staffed which case, maybe update the message? The disembodied voice saying a representative will be with me "shortly" feels less reassuring and increasingly ironic.
8.4 20:58 
Okay - as "Wotta TWIST!" goes.....that was pretty okay. Did we really need to take an hour to get there? .....I guess? #NXT
8.4 20:43 That's, like, 160% RT @sewardcoop: We have hand sanitizer at the Franklin Store! Pranarom's new Hand Purifier is 60% alcohol and 100% certified organic essential oils. Get one while supplies last!
8.4 20:04 
Uh oh, it's about to get cinematic up in here #NXT #broadway
8.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.58 ▲0.64 (Range: 18.90 - 19.71)
8.4 14:12 Stay at home extended until Monday May 4. Let's put an "at least" on the end of that. I know I'm privileged and lucky and I'm sure I'll have no choice but to make it but still.....can I tell you? Right now I have no idea how I'll make it. (Give me an hour or two and/or a nap and I'll come up with something, I'm sure)
8.4 13:15 I'd like to use my Trumpbux to finance a trip outta the country but I hear there's a travel ban RT @ryderfakin: @CRZ amazing the dude call it quits while everyone is embracing Socialism. What are YOU doing with the bribe ?
8.4 12:54 
<checks friend count>
I dream of a day when a majority of the people, fed up with both parties, actually band together to vote for somebody else
<checks friend count again>
8.4 12:37 Breakfast Blend
8.4 12:29 
So..........there'll still be other people on the ballot come November
8.4 12:28 
"They" totally came together to beat Bernie! (Wait... that wasn't what you meant?) RT @AndrewYang: Bernie Sanders is a fucking hero. Let’s come together and beat this guy.
8.4 11:38 
RT @kfaiFMradio: Are you enjoying KFAI right now as you read this? Is reading this making you think about turn it on? Tell someone! Word of mouth is about all we've got since we can't afford to be on the side of buses or painting on buildings with our logo on a twee mural.
8.4 10:50 
THE MASTODON RT @luchablog: magazine debut of Tinieblas, 1969.
7.4 20:39 :'( RIP John Prine
7.4 20:04 
Y'know we have a whole lotta fun here with our fifteen year old food, but did you know occasionally I still try BRAND NEW food? BEHOLD a can of Mtn Dew Zero Baja Blast! It's...pretty okay! It's no Diet Code Red but it might keep me from revisiting the calorie-heavy probably corn syruped Baja Blast next time I'm (never again) visiting Taco Bell
7.4 18:50 Extra Toasty
7.4 18:28 Breakfast Blend
7.4 17:25 
Hmmm, I guess I *did* buy a 33CD Donna Summer box set. Do I even LISTEN to CDs anymore? (You do now, dummy!)
7.4 16:54 
  I uh may have bought the 33+ disc Donna Summer set - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
7.4 15:04 RT @DirkAydlette: @steak_umm When there was only one set of footprints, Steak-umm was carrying you.
7.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.94 ▼0.03 (Range: 18.89 - 19.66)
7.4 14:52 
7.4 13:59 It feels like I only get out of bed to play records! This was still a fun hour* and will hopefully be fun for you to listen to, too. *(It was slightly less fun for me after I had to tape the entire show a second time after computer glitches ruined my original take, but...)
7.4 13:28 
RT @DollarBinShow: It's an hour of E artists this episode! From Sheila to ... Exude? (We've already gotten a Like on the Exude - thanks, Frank! - but I can't promise YOU'LL like it...but maybe)
@kfaiFMradio: /> @Mixcloud:
6.4 22:39 
I fell asleep during #RAW, several times. Every time I woke up, Chloe from Colleyville, TX was telling me about how vaping was intensifying her anxiety RT @tapemachines: you know what, it's the commercials. i cannot do commercials right now. so i will do something else
6.4 16:56 @drinkingwithian @batemanjason @cheriejohnson75 !
6.4 16:40 @drinkingwithian @batemanjason @cheriejohnson75 Good stuff! For an encore, please explain why this LP was only released in Israel:
6.4 16:34 RT @drinkingwithian: I've discovered something AMAZING. Did you know there was an 1985 charity song/video made by nearly 70 of your favorite teen TV stars? (the casts of Punky Brewster, Facts of Life, etc) No one does, and until yesterday, neither did I. Strap in, people. #lovesgonnafindaway 1/
6.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.97 ▲0.68 (Range: 18.48 - 19.12)
6.4 10:31 
This scares me more than any coronavirus
5.4 21:42 
I WILL say that today, the stream only went out once over the whole five hours I've had it going, so....we know it's possible for WWE Network to function as expected - now, is it too much to expect it to be like that for EVERY live event?
5.4 21:18 
Can't believe Heyman didn't swipe the mic #WM36
5.4 21:10 
Check, please #WM36
5.4 20:48 
I know nobody's following me any more but the WWE Network schedule clearly says the next thing airing after #WM36 doesn't start until 25 after
5.4 20:42 
The REAL winners are the WWE UNIVERSE RT @GwapogiTalaga: @CRZ Who's your pick? Lacey or Bayley?
5.4 20:34 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
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