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1.5 09:24 
Listened to Blancmange - Clean Your House (single version)
1.5 01:37 Oh, Twitter
1.5 01:25 topics of interest: April 2020
1.5 01:25 topics of interest: March 2020
1.5 01:24 topics of interest: February 2020
1.5 01:24 topics of interest: January 2020
30.4 19:22 @tapemachines I mean, Aziz Ansari is there, so why not
30.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.27 ▼0.01 (Range: 21.01 - 21.62)
30.4 13:32 @JayJayDean I've had an eye out but it hasn't hit the one grocery store I've been shopping at yet! (They DO have the new Cherry Vanilla Coke but I haven't bitten on that yet, waiting for sale prices that may never come in these uncertain times)
30.4 09:53 RT @kylieminogue: BTDYK now remastered in HD! Happy 30th #BetterTheDevilYouKnow I LOVE hearing your stories about this song, the single, the video or any of the many live versions I’ve done over the years. Enjoy and lots of L❤️VE xx
30.4 00:27 OOH HUG REAX
29.4 19:34 
I'LL EAT THAT: So it turns out that all "cheeseburger" chips/crisps taste the same and I'm a sucker for all of them
29.4 18:42 
Sadly, social distancing prevented me from providing you an Instagram of this week's cover of Closer Weekly dominated by Doris Day, but here's last week's cover to tide you over
29.4 18:28 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
29.4 17:59 
 $1.799/g! But no FREE AIR - Holiday Station Store (Saint Paul, MN)
29.4 17:21  Quickly, there's little time - Target (Saint Paul, MN)
29.4 16:31   I'd forgotten what driving felt like - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
29.4 16:13 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
29.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.28 ▲0.31 (Range: 20.84 - 21.54) New 52 week high!
29.4 14:41 Here are the choices as I see them:
1. Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity > Clear History
Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity > Manage Future Activity > toggle switch to OFF
2. or just Delete Facebook
29.4 14:13 @funkomatic Unlike @funkomatic on Twitter!
29.4 14:13 @funkomatic "One take!"
29.4 14:12 @funkomatic Oh sure, delete the tweet before I can respond to it
29.4 11:39 Of course, there isn't any dip in this house and now I'm starving 😋
29.4 11:03 Intense French
29.4 09:50 
Listened to Anna Meredith - Sawbones
29.4 09:41 
Listened to Telefon Tel Aviv - The Means Whereby Lovers Are Waylaid
29.4 01:49 You'd think that "Latest Tweets" would be a difficult thing for Twitter to break, but they always seem find a way
28.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.97 ▼0.31 (Range: 20.89 - 21.49)
28.4 14:23 
WOW EIGHTY Happy Birthday, Maestro!
28.4 12:54 
RT @DollarBinShow: It's Dollar Bin Tuesday! F 2020 three ways!
@kfaiFMradio: /> @Mixcloud: /> @Twitch:
27.4 21:48 
Hey guys remember when Triple H would wear a leather vest over a jeans jacket NUMBER ONE #RAW
27.4 21:46 
Choosing your favourite Chrisley's gotta be like...... eh, make your own joke #RAW
27.4 21:39 
27.4 19:02 
Man I can't WAIT for Lawler to overcompensate tonight on--oh shit it's legendary non-buffoon Samoa Joe! Things are looking up! #RAW
27.4 17:45 Italian Roast
27.4 16:30 TUESDAY AT 10AM I AM ON THE AIR! LIVE ON TAPE with a surprise episode of After Midnight on KFAI I'm calling "After Hours in the Mid-morning" - tune in, won't you? I know I will! 90.3/kfai•org
27.4 15:44 JSON is hard - but I'm harder - NO WAIT
27.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.28 ▲0.32 (Range: 21.08 - 21.83) New 52 week high!
27.4 09:20 
Listened to Banco de Gaia - 91 on Spotify
27.4 09:11 
Listened to Banco De Gaia - Ages of Gaia
25.4 22:55 Oh damn! RIP Bohannon :(
25.4 21:28 
Owwwwwwwww. Ow ow ow ow
25.4 19:58 
 No Jolt (or it was hidden well) - Dollar General (Minneapolis, MN)
25.4 17:59 
 Two hours ago...mostly social distanced - Loring Park (Minneapolis, MN)
24.4 22:21 
DEEP IN THE PANTRY, A CONTINUING SERIES: For many an Easter, my parents would send me Peeps and I would never get around to eating them. I hear they're better stale anyway. Here's a batch with a freshness date of September 2015. They're not soft....but they're not crunchy either. Still very pliable. Pretty good! Sugar is still sugar. (I just found ANOTHER box with a freshness date of 3/2014. THEY *do* feel like rocks. Maybe tomorrow.) (And eight MORE boxes, including three different "mystery" flavours.)
24.4 22:09 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
24.4 20:54 
24.4 19:32 @grumpymartian Curious about the wine (I'm assuming the folks still have a bottle of theirs in the garage slightly older than Aaron)
24.4 16:13 
Listened to Blancmange - I Smashed Your Phone
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