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6.5 12:29 
Ralf: (We don't talk so great, so we make music.)
Florian: (...)

Note Florian's lapel pin - the inspiration for a similar pin you've seen on me every winter
6.5 10:49 
FUCK (Mixmag: Florian Schneider, founding member of Kraftwerk, has died)
5.5 19:04 One of the problems with reality is events occur in real time
5.5 13:06 
For our second (and final, for now) week of "F" artists, I even snuck in a very rare 7" single by Christian Fritz this week!
5.5 09:24 
Changed my profile photo
5.5 09:20 Miss yoooooooooooou will real life ever be real again? (Friendiversary with Allison)
4.5 22:17 
"0 BPM" ( The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu (The Jams [AKA The KLF]) - Me Ru Con)
4.5 17:58 I've never been accused of serial optimism but I just gathered up years of leftover grass seed and sprinkled it all over the front lawn, just in case any of it is still active AND I took my IKEA aloe vera plant outdoors and repotted it for the second or third time...that's about the extent of my green thumbery, though, and I suspect it will all end with a lawn that continues to find me lacking as a steward
4.5 10:57 
That's me, ol' big brain
4.5 09:45 
Good morning! Can I go back to sleep yet? (Röyksopp - Shores of Easy (Lost Tapes))
3.5 03:19 3am thoughts: geez, it's like I've forgotten how to drink
2.5 10:55 
Aha! Right where I remembered it - thanks Ollie!
2.5 10:08 
Happy Birthday, KFAI! I did not skank last night. Maybe next year.
30.4 00:27 OOH HUG REAX
29.4 19:34 
I'LL EAT THAT: So it turns out that all "cheeseburger" chips/crisps taste the same and I'm a sucker for all of them
29.4 18:42 
Sadly, social distancing prevented me from providing you an Instagram of this week's cover of Closer Weekly dominated by Doris Day, but here's last week's cover to tide you over
29.4 14:41 Here are the choices as I see them:
1. Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity > Clear History
Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity > Manage Future Activity > toggle switch to OFF
2. or just Delete Facebook
29.4 11:39 Of course, there isn't any dip in this house and now I'm starving 😋
28.4 14:23 
WOW EIGHTY Happy Birthday, Maestro!
27.4 16:30 TUESDAY AT 10AM I AM ON THE AIR! LIVE ON TAPE with a surprise episode of After Midnight on KFAI I'm calling "After Hours in the Mid-morning" - tune in, won't you? I know I will! 90.3/kfai•org
25.4 22:55 Oh damn! RIP Bohannon :(
25.4 21:28 
Owwwwwwwww. Ow ow ow ow
24.4 22:21 
DEEP IN THE PANTRY, A CONTINUING SERIES: For many an Easter, my parents would send me Peeps and I would never get around to eating them. I hear they're better stale anyway. Here's a batch with a freshness date of September 2015. They're not soft....but they're not crunchy either. Still very pliable. Pretty good! Sugar is still sugar. (I just found ANOTHER box with a freshness date of 3/2014. THEY *do* feel like rocks. Maybe tomorrow.) (And eight MORE boxes, including three different "mystery" flavours.)
24.4 11:29 
"Pierre" with the only take that matters
23.4 01:49 
LaLa and I each took a shot at me and we got closer than I thought - I won't tell you whose is whose but you can probably figure it out (OR CAN YOU?) - the real me is probably riiiiiiight in the middle, jk I have no idea any more
20.4 13:26 
Not exactly the text I was hoping for
20.4 11:42 Woo hoo they FINALLY found somebody for the Southeast assaults
20.4 08:12 A million years ago
18.4 22:13 
"So, doctor...what d'you suppose Facebook is trying to tell me?"
18.4 17:29 
Dark Energy's Depeche Mode night is tonight at 9 and it's gonna rule!! Because too much is never enough, I'm gonna play some of my own DM on Twitch (@seeourzed) starting around 19.40 and finishing up right at 9 - mostly downtempo and/or deep Mode, hopefully nothing they're gonna repeat later (but it wouldn't be the end of the world if our great minds thought alike). If you'd like to listen along (because there won't be much of any video - I'm not there yet) while you dress up, I'd love it if you might wanna check in!
18.4 04:22 
I always enjoy Facebook suggesting my friend's moms at 4 in the morning after a couple Sugar Free Rockstar and vodkas (I would NEVER, by the way - ask Andy, I've never once tried to Friend his mom and I've had countless opportunities ;-) )
17.4 12:44 Video
15.4 17:18 
Finally trying this one. Freshness date on the bottom of the can is 2017. Do they still even make this? It's tasty! but nothing special.
15.4 10:16 
Got a note from my manager's supervisor's director on the call I had with HIS boss (so that's, like, my great great grandboss) which gave me a pretty good lift given I've now spent more weeks teleworking in isolation than in the office. We're now in a hiring freeze so my "team of three" remains just me, but everybody up the chain still feels like ramping up our KB over the next 1-3 months is gonna be a resounding success - or at least it won't completely be MY fault if it isn't. ;-) It's always a relief when your directors' vision aligns with yours!
15.4 08:57 Interesting noises
14.4 19:13 
I have another dumb idea - if I start digitizing an album tonight, probably after 9, I might try to simultaneously livestream the audio to Twitch as well. If you're interested (which is to say really bored) and want to eavesdrop....well, that might be a thing you could do. (Currently planning on playing the five 10" single version of Innerzone Orchestra's "Programmed" tonight to see if/how different it is from the CD)
14.4 15:13 
It's snowing again
14.4 10:59 Looks like I'm about four years late to this party
13.4 09:02 Trying to remember if it's been three or four weeks since I washed my hair
12.4 19:32 
DEEP IN THE PANTRY, A CONTINUING SERIES: NEVER FORGET the freshness date on this veggie lasagna
12.4 18:14 
Sometimes it shows on Easter
12.4 15:16 
Chet is 6! Here's how he looked when he was 6....days. I'm a real deadbeat uncle.
12.4 03:15 
11.4 01:22 
10.4 17:35 
Aw yeah
9.4 16:26 
I like it
9.4 15:35 (This isn't actually HILARIOUS!!! but that's how it cutted and pasted from MeMe - I mean LaLa - congratulations to you all for being favoured by The Algorithm)

This is HILARIOUS!!! DONT CHEAT!!!! I want to see if I come up for anyone. Make sure you follow the directions at the bottom. You don't pick the names, Facebook does. 😆😜🤷‍♀️

I'm on Holiday ☀️👙🏝🍹

My holiday buddy: Mason Butler
Spends every day at the nudist beach: Kat Smart
Drinks all the cocktails: Mel Desprez
Chats up the bar staff: Christian Fritz
Arrested for skinny dipping: Allison Anne
Breaks the karaoke machine: Rissy Bird
Eats all the food: Emily Johnson
Falls off a donkey: Michael Kerschmann
Gets sunburnt on the 1st day: Al Grande
Wins £500 on the bingo: Tom Wollenberg (did we really go all the way to the United Kingdom to play BINGO?)
Misses their flight home: Adri Mehra
Steals all the inflatables: Nick Smith
Stung by a jelly fish: Sam Woodman
Throws everyone’s towels in the pool: Vanessa Tieman
Wakes everyone up singing at 3am: Jeff Wepplo
Comes last in the talent show: Christopher James
Gets drunk and has a tattoo: Michael Todd Grey

1. Copy-paste and delete the names...
2. After each statement, type @ and the first letter of the statement (eg : My holiday buddy = @M)
3. You'll see the name of one of your friends!
4. If one is already used, take the next one!
5. Don’t cheat
8.4 14:12 Stay at home extended until Monday May 4. Let's put an "at least" on the end of that. I know I'm privileged and lucky and I'm sure I'll have no choice but to make it but still.....can I tell you? Right now I have no idea how I'll make it. (Give me an hour or two and/or a nap and I'll come up with something, I'm sure)
8.4 12:54 
<checks friend count>
I dream of a day when a majority of the people, fed up with both parties, actually band together to vote for somebody else
<checks friend count again>
7.4 20:39 :'( RIP John Prine
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