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10.5 03:00 
G'night (Africa - Otamatone cover)
9.5 19:32 
Found a cache of DVDs I'd either forgotten I'd had or figured they'd ended up with my ex-wife. This wouldn't be a bad movie night or nights! I'm not sure I have the Region-free player hooked up at the moment, which is probably why the Region 2 ones weren't immediately missed. I STILL haven't seen Donnie Darko but at least I COULD
9.5 18:38 
I've started denoting the passage of time by how many bunches of kale I've been buying (between buying bags of kale)
9.5 16:36 @tapemachines My entire recap of this match fits in a tweet!
"He is the dee-eff-jee, ya know. Good Lord, are they even TRYING to be competitive tonight?All we're missing is DJ Ran gettin' all up in my area to make this the PERFECT Nitro. (Bulldog -> pin 2:26)"
9.5 16:28 
Whatever the next life is... I hope they've already met up (Little Richard @ Purple Rain Party...)
9.5 16:11 
Speaking of François Kevorkian, here's his 80 minute set of "mostly 45s played at 33⅓" presented without additional comment (François K - The Big Slowdown: Cosmic Disco)
9.5 16:07 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
9.5 15:44 
Listened to Katatonia - City Burials on Spotify
9.5 01:20 @grumpymartian Yet you keep MAKING it interesting!
8.5 23:29 @aadesigncreate Ha! Only if I'm still under orders to telework that late.
8.5 22:57 @aadesigncreate I better send you a collage postcard RIGHT NOW (jk I have three more weeks to procrastinate) (deleted the other copy of this tweet)
8.5 22:56 @shakespeherian @kimberrussell I agree with this take
8.5 22:50 
RT @Mattceinicram: On this day of quarantine I dipped a Cheez-It in Nutella. And honestly, not bad
8.5 22:48 
@kfaiFMradio I am compelled to remark that there's at least one word missing from your question
8.5 22:46 @grumpymartian That totally seems like a thing you should take a picture of, though.

(I suspect you may have taken one anyway but are saving it for the family Christmas card)
8.5 19:34 (DISCLAIMER: I'm actually trying to find - and failing to find - an unmatched sock before I start a round of FRIDAY NIGHT LAUNDRY)
8.5 19:33 
And here I am watching WWE like a dink RT @pyry: listening to El DeBarge ca. 1989 because it's Friday
8.5 19:30 
Are you guys totally hyped for "Ultimate Tag" or what #SmackDown
8.5 18:35 
@KesslerLou @rohcary @TimHornbaker @PWInsidercom @IanRiccaboni @davemeltzerWON @StevenCorino @ScrapDaddyAP @ostpies @OldWrestlingPic @Starshot9 @mattfarmer93 Rhode Island, 1986
8.5 16:53 
I never noticed before because I've never been in line here but the magazine selections definitely cater to a different crowd here
(Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets)
8.5 16:49 
 Kale time - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
8.5 16:29 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
8.5 15:30 
Listened to I.Khan - Selfie
8.5 15:11 
(Via Skyler) (Never Gonna Give You Up, but an AI attempts to continuously generate more of the song)
8.5 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.28 ▲0.10 (Range: 20.93 - 21.47)
8.5 02:53 Oh crap....this week won't end. RIP Sweet Pea. (via Lola) (Walk The Dinosaur singer dies aged 74)
8.5 01:37 Transcripts of Hubble Treasure (Aug
[00:00:00.07] [Echoing spacey sounds]
[00:00:11.11] [Echoing spacey sounds]
[00:00:22.17] [Echoing spacey sounds]
[00:00:22.23] [Echoing spacey sounds]
(via LaLa) (GMS: Hubble Treasure Trove Sonification)
7.5 18:43 
OK seriously, is this a new/future NXT logo or what? How come nobody on Twitter apparently saw this but me? Did y'all watch AEW instead? (Should I have?) #wrestlingtwitter
7.5 18:10 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
7.5 17:00 I'm at 931 friends and counting and somehow that video y'all were complaining about escaped my view here on the 'book for 18 hours, so....what can I tell ya? Keep tuning The Algorithm™ and eventually you too can live in a bubble of your own design, just like I do!
7.5 16:08 
Listened to Laibach - Bruderschaft
7.5 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.18 ▼0.34 (Range: 21.12 - 21.79)
7.5 11:58 Italian Roast
7.5 10:10 
Listened to Re-Flex - Hurt - 12" John Luongo Emotional Mix
7.5 10:05 
Listened to Re-Flex - Hurt - 12" Pete Smith Emotional Mix
7.5 09:58 
Listened to Re-Flex - Hurt - 12" Mix
7.5 09:49 @funkomatic Oh wow both the UK and US Emotional mixes too - vinyl is so obsolete sometimes
7.5 09:48 @funkomatic @DollarBinShow There it is
7.5 09:47 
Listened to Re-Flex - Hurt - US 12" Rubber Dub Mix
6.5 22:44 
You asked, I relented (CRZ tries TIRAMISU OREOS)
6.5 19:52 
So is that a new NXT logo out on the floor or what
6.5 19:26 
Hey, remember the '70s? Or perhaps you ARE in your seventies? Behold - a very special MOTHER'S DAY cover of this week's Closer Weekly!
6.5 17:11 
RT @NationalDebt: $25,057,924,023,406.80 (+) #NationalDebt
6.5 16:34 
Just uploaded (not by me, wish I owned it!) (Florian Schneider-Esleben and Eberhard Kranemann - The origins of Kraftwerk - 1967)
6.5 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.52 ▼0.01 (Range: 21.24 - 21.80)
6.5 13:43 Toasted Southern Pecan
6.5 13:05 
RT @Orbinfo: The world has lost a real pioneer
RIP Florian from Kraftwerk
Thank you for everything electronic & spiritual - on the stairs in my mums listening to autobahn . It changed me for the better . Danke Florian & may you rest peacefully forever & EVA .
A heart broken orb x
6.5 12:53 (Pissoff - Suite For Double Bass Arco And Portamento Flute (1967))
6.5 12:44 
6.5 12:29 
Ralf: (We don't talk so great, so we make music.)
Florian: (...)

Note Florian's lapel pin - the inspiration for a similar pin you've seen on me every winter
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