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10.5 19:51 
Voiceover guy: "Tomorrow night on #RAW: Edge and Orton!"
Me: Well, that's two of the three hours booked...
10.5 19:32 
Guys only two hours left of #MITB
10.5 19:28 
Oh hey look who ended their five year silence on Twitter RT @MjcChioda: COMING SOON to 31yrs in the Making. ⁦@PWTees⁩ ⁦@WWEUniverse⁩
10.5 19:16 
Somebody besides me enjoyed "Person of Interest!" #MITB
10.5 19:07 
Ooh yeah....barely RT @HackmanRSPW: @CRZ do you remember when Braun was a Rosebud?
10.5 19:07 
Cole should look over the barricade and report on who the puppeteer is, no? #MITB
10.5 19:00 
I don't even think Braun was in the Wyatt family for an entire year #MITB
10.5 18:55 
Muzak versions of WWE superstar entrance themes, we hope! RT @D_V_D_V_R: @CRZ WWE 100% has Muzak playing in their elevators.
10.5 18:07 
Let me say in advance that my enjoyment of the MITB matches will probably solely rest on whether or not WWE insisted on adding incidental music to the matches
10.5 18:06 
Go ahead a mute me until 21.30 #MITB
10.5 17:45 
Rosenberg out here acting like they didn't already air this countdown during #RAW
10.5 17:44 
★★½ RT @tapemachines: Brother Nero and Antonio Cesaro had a nice match at WWWF Money in the Bank
10.5 17:22 
Wait is Tamina a face now or......huh
10.5 17:21 
@HackmanRSPW @WWENetwork Ha! WWE Network doesn't even work at 1x, I can hardly imagine them attempting to provide 2x
10.5 17:18 
@tapemachines So did she and Batista ever hook up or what?
10.5 17:12 
@HackmanRSPW @WWENetwork I use the preshow to "finetune" my ability to use the Chromecast [and I'm sure I'm not missing much every time I reset]
10.5 17:09 
Ah, there's that old familiar buffering @WWENetwork
10.5 17:02 
Man I'm oddly happy to see Scott Stanford hosting the #MITB Kickoff
10.5 16:39 Highlander Grog
10.5 15:56 
Paired so well (h/t WFMU via Jason Kottke via Colin Nagy via Ben Palmer...) (Mix #4 (Mind Against, Adriatique, Trentemøller, Recondite, Bodzin, and more))
10.5 15:08 
Listened to Escape from Minneapolis - 2020 EP on Bandcamp
10.5 03:00 
G'night (Africa - Otamatone cover)
9.5 19:32 
Found a cache of DVDs I'd either forgotten I'd had or figured they'd ended up with my ex-wife. This wouldn't be a bad movie night or nights! I'm not sure I have the Region-free player hooked up at the moment, which is probably why the Region 2 ones weren't immediately missed. I STILL haven't seen Donnie Darko but at least I COULD
9.5 18:38 
I've started denoting the passage of time by how many bunches of kale I've been buying (between buying bags of kale)
9.5 16:36 @tapemachines My entire recap of this match fits in a tweet!
"He is the dee-eff-jee, ya know. Good Lord, are they even TRYING to be competitive tonight?All we're missing is DJ Ran gettin' all up in my area to make this the PERFECT Nitro. (Bulldog -> pin 2:26)"
9.5 16:28 
Whatever the next life is... I hope they've already met up (Little Richard @ Purple Rain Party...)
9.5 16:11 
Speaking of François Kevorkian, here's his 80 minute set of "mostly 45s played at 33⅓" presented without additional comment (François K - The Big Slowdown: Cosmic Disco)
9.5 16:07 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
9.5 15:44 
Listened to Katatonia - City Burials on Spotify
9.5 01:20 @grumpymartian Yet you keep MAKING it interesting!
8.5 23:29 @aadesigncreate Ha! Only if I'm still under orders to telework that late.
8.5 22:57 @aadesigncreate I better send you a collage postcard RIGHT NOW (jk I have three more weeks to procrastinate) (deleted the other copy of this tweet)
8.5 22:56 @shakespeherian @kimberrussell I agree with this take
8.5 22:50 
RT @Mattceinicram: On this day of quarantine I dipped a Cheez-It in Nutella. And honestly, not bad
8.5 22:48 
@kfaiFMradio I am compelled to remark that there's at least one word missing from your question
8.5 22:46 @grumpymartian That totally seems like a thing you should take a picture of, though.

(I suspect you may have taken one anyway but are saving it for the family Christmas card)
8.5 19:34 (DISCLAIMER: I'm actually trying to find - and failing to find - an unmatched sock before I start a round of FRIDAY NIGHT LAUNDRY)
8.5 19:33 
And here I am watching WWE like a dink RT @pyry: listening to El DeBarge ca. 1989 because it's Friday
8.5 19:30 
Are you guys totally hyped for "Ultimate Tag" or what #SmackDown
8.5 18:35 
@KesslerLou @rohcary @TimHornbaker @PWInsidercom @IanRiccaboni @davemeltzerWON @StevenCorino @ScrapDaddyAP @ostpies @OldWrestlingPic @Starshot9 @mattfarmer93 Rhode Island, 1986
8.5 16:53 
I never noticed before because I've never been in line here but the magazine selections definitely cater to a different crowd here
(Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets)
8.5 16:49 
 Kale time - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
8.5 16:29 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
8.5 15:30 
Listened to I.Khan - Selfie
8.5 15:11 
(Via Skyler) (Never Gonna Give You Up, but an AI attempts to continuously generate more of the song)
8.5 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.28 ▲0.10 (Range: 20.93 - 21.47)
8.5 02:53 Oh crap....this week won't end. RIP Sweet Pea. (via Lola) (Walk The Dinosaur singer dies aged 74)
8.5 01:37 Transcripts of Hubble Treasure (Aug
[00:00:00.07] [Echoing spacey sounds]
[00:00:11.11] [Echoing spacey sounds]
[00:00:22.17] [Echoing spacey sounds]
[00:00:22.23] [Echoing spacey sounds]
(via LaLa) (GMS: Hubble Treasure Trove Sonification)
7.5 18:43 
OK seriously, is this a new/future NXT logo or what? How come nobody on Twitter apparently saw this but me? Did y'all watch AEW instead? (Should I have?) #wrestlingtwitter
7.5 18:10 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
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