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11.5 21:15 
Needed more camera cuts. #RAW
11.5 20:53 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
11.5 20:39 
@tapemachines But tape...

......Pretty Ricky

11.5 20:13 
THEY CROSSED OUT THE LOGO RT @benjamiller: @CRZ It’s not wrestling my friend, it’s Raw.
11.5 20:10 
Me, I watch #RAW for the segments they hype up by.... crossing out the logo of the show on its graphics?
11.5 19:12 
11.5 17:20 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
11.5 17:19 
  Three 12" singles in here I think - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN) (added 2nd photo)
11.5 17:10 
Awwwww! My third piece of mail from Allison (I'm still at zero) in the coolest Talk Talk envelope AND I got homemade Pixelchu and Dollar Bin logo stickers!! (Records in the PO Box from Discogs merely used as lap desk, not from Allison :) ) THANK YOU AGAIN AGAIN!!!
11.5 16:37 
  Three 12" singles in here I think - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
11.5 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.50 ▲0.22 (Range: 21.23 - 21.88)
11.5 13:50 Turns out I love shoegaze
11.5 13:29 
Listened to Deserta - Black Aura My Sun on Spotify
11.5 13:21 
Listened to AutoClub - Miramanee
11.5 11:21 Oh, come ON, 2020
11.5 10:15 
Now concerned that my Spotify "Discover Weekly" Algorithm™ has been affected by my self-isolation #nowplaying
11.5 10:07 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
11.5 10:01 
Listened to LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
11.5 09:55 Breakfast Blend
11.5 02:19 
Listened to GusGus - Out Of Place
11.5 01:39 
Changed my profile photo
11.5 01:08 
QUARANTINE LIFE, DAY....I THINK IT'S 59: Finally gave in - several years ago, during one of our many Five Below stops during my tours of MoA with Allison, I invested five dollars plus tax in a sixpack of very bright nail polish which I never cracked open... until now!
10.5 23:30 Lemon Ginger
10.5 21:15 
One million stars - not a dry eye in the house*

*from laughing
10.5 21:14 
Ahahahahahahahahaha sad piano version of Theme from Undertaker #TheLastRide
10.5 20:25 
Hey wait there ISN'T another hour? Wow, I feel like I got a refund! #MITB
10.5 20:19 
Geez, for a minute there I thought they were saying there'd only be one winner. (The REAL winner are US, the WWE Universe fnaaaar) #MITB
10.5 20:19 
(Now if they manage to show a cash-in in the next hour...) #MITB
10.5 20:17 
Wow, I think they managed to not use the same referees between Florida and Connecticut! #MITB #Continuity
10.5 20:14 
ONLY @WWE: Somehow they snuck in three camera cuts while panning up the building #MITB
10.5 20:01 
I was gonna say "why didn't they get in the elevator" but then I saw Asuka emerge so clearly these are the slowest elevators in the universe #MITB
10.5 19:57 
10.5 19:55 
Aw, they robbed Black of his grave rise #MITB
10.5 19:53 
In @WWE, women have height, but no weight #MITB
10.5 19:52 
Well, at least they removed the "LIVE!" bug for THIS thing #MITB
10.5 19:51 
Voiceover guy: "Tomorrow night on #RAW: Edge and Orton!"
Me: Well, that's two of the three hours booked...
10.5 19:32 
Guys only two hours left of #MITB
10.5 19:28 
Oh hey look who ended their five year silence on Twitter RT @MjcChioda: COMING SOON to 31yrs in the Making. ⁦@PWTees⁩ ⁦@WWEUniverse⁩
10.5 19:16 
Somebody besides me enjoyed "Person of Interest!" #MITB
10.5 19:07 
Ooh yeah....barely RT @HackmanRSPW: @CRZ do you remember when Braun was a Rosebud?
10.5 19:07 
Cole should look over the barricade and report on who the puppeteer is, no? #MITB
10.5 19:00 
I don't even think Braun was in the Wyatt family for an entire year #MITB
10.5 18:55 
Muzak versions of WWE superstar entrance themes, we hope! RT @D_V_D_V_R: @CRZ WWE 100% has Muzak playing in their elevators.
10.5 18:07 
Let me say in advance that my enjoyment of the MITB matches will probably solely rest on whether or not WWE insisted on adding incidental music to the matches
10.5 18:06 
Go ahead a mute me until 21.30 #MITB
10.5 17:45 
Rosenberg out here acting like they didn't already air this countdown during #RAW
10.5 17:44 
★★½ RT @tapemachines: Brother Nero and Antonio Cesaro had a nice match at WWWF Money in the Bank
10.5 17:22 
Wait is Tamina a face now or......huh
10.5 17:21 
@HackmanRSPW @WWENetwork Ha! WWE Network doesn't even work at 1x, I can hardly imagine them attempting to provide 2x
10.5 17:18 
@tapemachines So did she and Batista ever hook up or what?
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