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12.5 23:04 
RT @SamiZayn: Hope everyone is doing okay.
12.5 22:56 
The only advantage to falling asleep to WM3 was I woke up to learn there was yet another tourney coming; this one, for the Intercontinental championship. (Sami Who?) RT @What30dayrule: CLOCK STOPPED: WWE just vacated the title, according to @WWEonFOX Backstage.
12.5 20:34 
@tapemachines Ooh, nice one - I actually TAPE TRADED so I could see this match!
12.5 17:23 
  Big box of funk! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
12.5 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.80 ▼0.70 (Range: 20.80 - 21.65)
12.5 13:55 
I had a good buzz, but... I'm also glad Twitch shelves streams after only 14 days RT @DollarBinShow: It's Dollar Bin Tuesday! We're up to Episode SEVENTY (gosh) and it's a funky one. After I finished, I left the Twitch stream running almost an extra hour as up to two people watched!
12.5 03:35 0330 THOUGHTS: Shit, I'm awake at 0330 again - anyway, here's the Grain Belt version of White Claw I now see absolutely no need for if summer is gonna be cancelled
11.5 22:00 
And then they just stood there all week and they'll start next week's show still there #RAW
11.5 21:45 
Proudly modeling my Ritchie original - the "neon beak" - it'll go with EVERYTHING I wear! Thanks, Andy!
11.5 21:15 
Needed more camera cuts. #RAW
11.5 20:53 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
11.5 20:39 
@tapemachines But tape...

......Pretty Ricky

11.5 20:13 
THEY CROSSED OUT THE LOGO RT @benjamiller: @CRZ It’s not wrestling my friend, it’s Raw.
11.5 20:10 
Me, I watch #RAW for the segments they hype up by.... crossing out the logo of the show on its graphics?
11.5 19:12 
11.5 17:20 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
11.5 17:19 
  Three 12" singles in here I think - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN) (added 2nd photo)
11.5 17:10 
Awwwww! My third piece of mail from Allison (I'm still at zero) in the coolest Talk Talk envelope AND I got homemade Pixelchu and Dollar Bin logo stickers!! (Records in the PO Box from Discogs merely used as lap desk, not from Allison :) ) THANK YOU AGAIN AGAIN!!!
11.5 16:37 
  Three 12" singles in here I think - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
11.5 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.50 ▲0.22 (Range: 21.23 - 21.88)
11.5 13:50 Turns out I love shoegaze
11.5 13:29 
Listened to Deserta - Black Aura My Sun on Spotify
11.5 13:21 
Listened to AutoClub - Miramanee
11.5 11:21 Oh, come ON, 2020
11.5 10:15 
Now concerned that my Spotify "Discover Weekly" Algorithm™ has been affected by my self-isolation #nowplaying
11.5 10:07 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
11.5 10:01 
Listened to LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
11.5 09:55 Breakfast Blend
11.5 02:19 
Listened to GusGus - Out Of Place
11.5 01:39 
Changed my profile photo
11.5 01:08 
QUARANTINE LIFE, DAY....I THINK IT'S 59: Finally gave in - several years ago, during one of our many Five Below stops during my tours of MoA with Allison, I invested five dollars plus tax in a sixpack of very bright nail polish which I never cracked open... until now!
10.5 23:30 Lemon Ginger
10.5 21:15 
One million stars - not a dry eye in the house*

*from laughing
10.5 21:14 
Ahahahahahahahahaha sad piano version of Theme from Undertaker #TheLastRide
10.5 20:25 
Hey wait there ISN'T another hour? Wow, I feel like I got a refund! #MITB
10.5 20:19 
Geez, for a minute there I thought they were saying there'd only be one winner. (The REAL winner are US, the WWE Universe fnaaaar) #MITB
10.5 20:19 
(Now if they manage to show a cash-in in the next hour...) #MITB
10.5 20:17 
Wow, I think they managed to not use the same referees between Florida and Connecticut! #MITB #Continuity
10.5 20:14 
ONLY @WWE: Somehow they snuck in three camera cuts while panning up the building #MITB
10.5 20:01 
I was gonna say "why didn't they get in the elevator" but then I saw Asuka emerge so clearly these are the slowest elevators in the universe #MITB
10.5 19:57 
10.5 19:55 
Aw, they robbed Black of his grave rise #MITB
10.5 19:53 
In @WWE, women have height, but no weight #MITB
10.5 19:52 
Well, at least they removed the "LIVE!" bug for THIS thing #MITB
10.5 19:51 
Voiceover guy: "Tomorrow night on #RAW: Edge and Orton!"
Me: Well, that's two of the three hours booked...
10.5 19:32 
Guys only two hours left of #MITB
10.5 19:28 
Oh hey look who ended their five year silence on Twitter RT @MjcChioda: COMING SOON to 31yrs in the Making. ⁦@PWTees⁩ ⁦@WWEUniverse⁩
10.5 19:16 
Somebody besides me enjoyed "Person of Interest!" #MITB
10.5 19:07 
Ooh yeah....barely RT @HackmanRSPW: @CRZ do you remember when Braun was a Rosebud?
10.5 19:07 
Cole should look over the barricade and report on who the puppeteer is, no? #MITB
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