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15.6.20 11:02 Video
15.6.20 10:36 
Listened to Once and Future Band - Deleted Scenes on Spotify
15.6.20 07:56 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
14.6.20 20:44 
Tom Phillips sure loves saying "shoot the half" any time any cover of any kind is about to be attempted #WWEBacklash
14.6.20 20:11 
Sounds like we've been done with the pro wrestling portion of the show for quite a while now - oh hey NASCAR
14.6.20 20:10 @jmshapyro THE BADDEST MATCH ON THE PLANET
14.6.20 20:01 
So can we blame this on Paul Heyman or not? #WWEBacklash
14.6.20 18:59 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
14.6.20 16:00 
C'mon @NASCARONFOX put up the damn lightning clock
14.6.20 14:38 Copied and pasted (and maybe a few typos corrected because obviously I can't help myself)

Imagine: It's 2025. (Hey, imagine it's 2021!)

You're getting pulled over. A community representative approaches to let you know you have a taillight out. They don't need your license and registration, they don't write you a fix-it ticket. You're back on the road in less than five minutes. You swing by the store and grab a new light, not because you're afraid of what the city will do to you, but because you respect your community and know that having all your lights working is part of the driving privilege.

Your neighbors got into a loud spat a few weeks ago and without fear or hesitation, called a domestic assistance number. A counselor arrived and was able to talk the couple down and suggest solutions for their disagreement. No one was hurt, the kids participated in the discussion, and it's been quiet ever since.

Your friend has been struggling with addiction and you fear they might be a danger to themselves or others. You call a substance abuse specialist and they talk you through ways to help your friend get treatment. They offer to send an agent out to speak with your friend directly and provide information on harm reduction centers in your area.

Black and brown people are no longer being exploited through tickets and fines to pay for police. Trust is slowly being fostered in the community.

Teachers are being paid a living wage and students are being given more time, attention, and education. Books are up to date and classrooms are optimized to keep up with technology.

Trump is out of office.

It’s been a very long time since the name of a murdered black person was used as a hashtag.

Casual racism is no longer tolerated. The KKK has been classified as a terrorist organization. The Confederate flag isn't flown and has been removed from any official state flags or insignia. Most Confederate monuments have been taken down and placed in storage or museums.

You trust the investigation force to deal with crime the same way you trust firefighters to put out fires.

That's what "defund the police" looks like.

What we've seen in the last few weeks shows how overreaching and power-drunk many officers are. We asked too much of them and then called them heroes despite evidence to the contrary. We let them think that they could get away with anything, including murder.

It's time for change.
14.6.20 14:17 Intense French
14.6.20 01:59 
Not from the dollar bin ($1.99) #nowplaying #debbieharry #KZiM
13.6.20 23:55 
Watched Kill Bill: Vol. 1
13.6.20 14:10 Toasted Southern Pecan
13.6.20 00:31 
edited? for IFC
13.6.20 00:25 
(Edited for AXS TV)
12.6.20 19:31 
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
12.6.20 19:04 
Ya know the website must have been hosted at the 3rd precinct building because it's been down just about that long
12.6.20 19:02 
Hahahaha they couldn't help themselves and had to edit Jeff Hardy's live statement to include that missing "a" in "red hair red beard" #SmackDownNotLive
12.6.20 16:38 
12.6.20 16:36 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
12.6.20 15:54 
I love love! Happy Loving Day!
12.6.20 15:27 Did I ever tell you about the time I left so many "this is spam" comments on a Facebook event, Facebook rate-limited ME and told me to stop spamming?
12.6.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.85 ▼0.13 (Range: 19.56 - 20.63)
12.6.20 13:49 
Here's the text of the unanimous resolution from the City Council looking to put the eggs into a "Department of Community Safety" basket. I'm back to being skeptical as the old libertarian in me sees "more government!" and that always makes me wary. Anyway it looks like they're going to take a year (EDIT: More like 13½ months) so you can put away your panicky tweets and hot takes about nobody answering 911 for all those theoretical real-time robberies going on (hint hint to my friends thousands of miles away who think they know anything about what's going on in Minneapolis) - good news is by the time that year is up, we'll all still have a few months to think about voting in a new city council if this one can't get it done. Defund the police! Black lives matter!
12.6.20 12:53 Video
12.6.20 12:45 
Listened to AutoClub - AutoClub EP on Bandcamp
11.6.20 22:35 
I guess it can't all be Black Lives Matter...yeah but #blacklivesmatter
11.6.20 22:21 
 HOORAY - Holiday Station Store (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.20 21:48   I'm a sucker for chicken - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
11.6.20 20:49 @leaningcowboy GETINTHEHOLE
11.6.20 17:40 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
11.6.20 16:27 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.98 ▼1.43 (Range: 19.97 - 21.18)
10.6.20 19:22 
@tapemachines NASCAR's on
10.6.20 17:49 Whole Grain
10.6.20 17:11 
  Bandcamp Tiga 12" and Zwaremachine cassette! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
10.6.20 16:01 
RT @NationalDebt: $26,003,751,512,344.91 (+) #NationalDebt
10.6.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.41 ▲0.27 (Range: 20.63 - 21.48)
10.6.20 09:17 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
10.6.20 09:11 
Listened to The Soft Moon - Black Sabbath
10.6.20 08:57 Ian doesn't even USE Facebook!
10.6.20 08:26 
Listened to Blancmange - Mindset on Spotify
9.6.20 17:51 @funkomatic Thanks! I'm always overshadowed by Prince. I don't mind (much). ♊
9.6.20 17:34 I guess I'm not surprised but how weird that Twitter didn't slap a disclaimer on that Trump conspiracy theory tweet about the 75 year old Buffalo man
9.6.20 17:04 
Thanks to everybody who dropped me a Facebook status, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, text OR actually tried calling me (but had to leave voicemail, unless you were my parents) to congratulate me on staying alive another year! I spent the entire 24 hours of the 7th in complete isolation... which totally sucked! But it did give me plenty of time to get back to all of you online. I have some photos of some presents but they're on the phone and I'm on the laptop. Normally I'd ask you to make a donation to the Michael J. Fox foundation and help get Parkinson's disease cured but so many better places to share your money have made themselves known over the past two weeks; I hope you've already been generously throwing what you can their way and will continue to do so. OH that reminds me - I think during my recent rash of ... let's call it "enhanced advocacy," I've only seen a grand total of ONE unFriending. I can't even say for sure that it coincides with me saying anything! I'd like to think this speaks as much to the fact that you aren't really surprised about what I've been saying, I'm somehow staying reasonably consistent as an entity over the course of the past ... let's say five years, and you still don't mind being my Friend as a result, even if we disagree. Either that, or Facebook has successfully algorithm'd me out of your life and you're not gonna read THIS either. Either way, quality friending and I'm very thankful to all of you.

I *will* make one tiny birthday request if you're still looking for one to fulfill - every week I play records for an hour for a KFAI web-exclusive show called Dollar Bin. I think you might find it interesting and would love if you'd give it a listen and tell me what you think!

Thank you once again, one and all - I can't wait to flirt all over you in person whenever it turns out we can be together again.

Please keep in mind that NEXT year I'm 50... so please reserve the date now. There'll be SOMETHING. There's GOTTA be.

I love you!

Black lives matter!
9.6.20 15:49 
RT @RPMotorsports: Tomorrow night at @MartinsvilleSwy, @BubbaWallace will run a special #BlackLivesMatter paint scheme promoting racial equality. #CompassionLoveUnderstanding

Learn more:
9.6.20 15:41 @JerryZgoda @3mope I was amused by your unintentionally Midwestern typo
9.6.20 15:01 @JerryZgoda @3mope Ope
9.6.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.14 ▼0.71 (Range: 20.61 - 21.32)
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