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15.6 20:10 
Theoreh lost his first name? WHY I'M SHOCKED #RAW
15.6 20:09 
Speaking of sacrifices, let's talk about all the Louis Vitton bags that were sliced up to make Mysterio's mask #RAW
15.6 19:53 
TEN WEEKS without a tag team championship match #RAW
15.6 19:49 
15.6 16:18 
The saddest part for me is no 50% off Papa John's the day after a Twins victory
14.6 20:44 
Tom Phillips sure loves saying "shoot the half" any time any cover of any kind is about to be attempted #WWEBacklash
14.6 20:11 
Sounds like we've been done with the pro wrestling portion of the show for quite a while now - oh hey NASCAR
14.6 20:10 @jmshapyro THE BADDEST MATCH ON THE PLANET
14.6 20:01 
So can we blame this on Paul Heyman or not? #WWEBacklash
14.6 16:00 
C'mon @NASCARONFOX put up the damn lightning clock
12.6 19:31 
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
12.6 19:04 
Ya know the website must have been hosted at the 3rd precinct building because it's been down just about that long
12.6 19:02 
Hahahaha they couldn't help themselves and had to edit Jeff Hardy's live statement to include that missing "a" in "red hair red beard" #SmackDownNotLive
11.6 20:49 @leaningcowboy GETINTHEHOLE
10.6 19:22 
@tapemachines NASCAR's on
10.6 16:01 
RT @NationalDebt: $26,003,751,512,344.91 (+) #NationalDebt
9.6 17:51 @funkomatic Thanks! I'm always overshadowed by Prince. I don't mind (much). ♊
9.6 17:34 I guess I'm not surprised but how weird that Twitter didn't slap a disclaimer on that Trump conspiracy theory tweet about the 75 year old Buffalo man
9.6 15:49 
RT @RPMotorsports: Tomorrow night at @MartinsvilleSwy, @BubbaWallace will run a special #BlackLivesMatter paint scheme promoting racial equality. #CompassionLoveUnderstanding

Learn more:
9.6 15:41 @JerryZgoda @3mope I was amused by your unintentionally Midwestern typo
9.6 15:01 @JerryZgoda @3mope Ope
9.6 14:43 
RT @DollarBinShow: Hey hey @CRZ is a year older and so are all these songs
8.6 01:13 @the_rafiki1 Hell, no - I'M living FOREVER
8.6 00:11 For my birthday, I spent 24 hours alone in my house. Any other year, I wouldn't recommend it.
8.6 00:09 @the_rafiki1 Yep. My cold, unfeeling press release from April: RT @CRZ: So...yeah. After seeing FLEA's note, I found and read Chris Gaudreau's update. In general, I prefer people alive, but if you get the chance to play "My Way" ...I just hope it's Sinatra or Sid and not Limp Bizkit. (unless you really wanted Limp Bizkit. You do you)
7.6 23:34 @the_rafiki1 Thank you!!
7.6 20:57 RT @webster: Lots of people who don't live here are in my DMs and mentions telling me my city is going to burn if the police are dismantled. We already did that, but thanks.
7.6 19:43 @TheKFV Thank you, The!
7.6 19:42 @ChrisHrapsky I believe it's been like that for days?
7.6 19:09 
What's with the double ring bell every time they start or end a match? #NXTTakeoverInYourHouseisaverylonghashtag
7.6 13:59 @DublDownDrew Thank you!!!
7.6 13:43 Ooh, it also hides my age one day a year :) Thanks, KrisMacca! RT @SonorantPlosive: @CRZ Happy Birthday, Benevolent One!!

Balloons appear when you click on a person's Twitter profile on their that's Twitter's gift to you?
7.6 05:17 
RT @thezoobombs: Zoobombs is ready.
Are you ready to get Mo’ Funky?
7.6 00:30 Exactly which decision maker thought @5hourenergy ads would only be effective if they aired four times in a row?
6.6 18:21 RT @pyry: Literally any still you grab from these videos are amazing. #BlackTransLivesMatter RT @timnelson_mpr: Literally any still you grab from these videos are amazing. #BlackTransLivesMatter RT @timnelson_mpr: Crowd chanting for @mayorfrey to leave at Hennepin and University. @mprnews
6.6 18:08
6.6 18:01
5.6 19:19 
So is this a rerun? #SmackDown
5.6 15:04 Perhaps it's some meta-commentary on Twitter? All I know is it's Friday afternoon and I'm too busy playing whack-a-mole with "All Lives Matter" commentators over on The Facebook
5.6 15:03 Even an UNhealthy skepticism should give pause at an acronym like PISS and think "hmmm, perhaps the 'Public Information and Statistics Society' is a completely made-up thing and Barstool Sports isn't a reputable source"

(Now if you'll excuse me, gotta drive to the Iowa In-N-Out) RT
@barstoolsports: What’s the favorite fast food chain from your state? @LightsCameraPod
5.6 14:58 Oh wow the problem's solving itself RT @DaveGreber4: #BREAKING: I’m told the entire @BPDAlerts Emergency Response Team has resigned from the team, a total of 57 officers, as a show of support for the officers who are suspended without pay after shoving Martin Gugino, 75. They are still employed, but no longer on ERT. @news4buffalo
5.6 14:32 
Just occurred to me, and this is super low on the consequence list, but it'll be nice to live in a future Minneapolis where I no longer see MPD running red lights on the reg
5.6 11:56 
" | 520: Web server is returning an unknown error" RT @VoteMpls: The candidate withdrawal period ended yesterday for the Special Election - Council Ward 6 and Minneapolis School Board.

Final candidates for Ward 6 & MPS School Board: />
View other races & a sample ballot (45 days before election):
4.6 08:13 
Capitalizing "potato" is KINDA a typo RT @MSP_Traffic: Evidently WB Hwy 212 is closed in Chaska between Hwy 41 and Engler due to a Potato spill. Not a typo.
3.6 16:39 
Strange that our mayor hasn't tweeted for 48 hours, but to be fair I probably would have criticized anything he HAD tweeted, so maybe it's a smart move
3.6 03:02 @colawars666 Well, somebody's gotta ask - what's the "hidden" track's name and is it better than my guess of "Hidden Track?"
2.6 17:12 
RT @CameronAGordon: The past five days in Minneapolis have been some of the most devastating and heartbreaking our City has ever seen.
2.6 15:14 (There's always the chance a Chrome update broke it, too - same complaint)
2.6 15:12 Did @Twitter remove timestamp tooltips (hover over relative time to get absolute time) from their web interface? Gotta love when a company takes something that "just works" and completely kills it unannounced
2.6 14:24 
RT @MplsWard3: Bob Kroll’s letter yesterday to the Minneapolis Police Federation membership showed us what rank-and-file officers voted for in their leadership, and it is yet another sign that the department is irredeemably beyond reform.
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