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6.7 08:33 
Listened to Clan of Xymox - Heroes (Slow Industrial Version)
6.7 08:27 
Listened to Clan of Xymox - COVID-19
5.7 17:36 
Listened to South of Salem - Cold Day in Hell
5.7 15:42 
DANG is it allowed to thunder this much without giving me some rain and cooling this shit down?
5.7 15:39 
RT @Jorgensen4POTUS: "Now, more than ever, the choice between Obama and Romney will be which one do you want to ruin your country?" -Also Doug Wead

The same can be said about our current election, do you want Trump or Biden to ruin your country?
#VoteGold2020 #VoteGold
@realDonaldTrump: “Change Hearts Not Stones. There is no end to historical purification.” Great historian Doug Wead
5.7 14:42 
Listened to Prince - Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 1) - 2020 Remaster
5.7 14:37 
Listened to HÆLOS - Unknown Melody
5.7 14:37 
Listened to And So I Watch You From Afar - Odd Seal
5.7 14:29 
Listened to GusGus - Out Of Place
5.7 13:17 
¯_(ツ)_/¯ (📷/✂️: Allison)
5.7 13:13 
Aw, my mom used emojis! (Neither of my parents' names start with "B" so maybe that's some elite text speak I'm not hip to)
4.7 21:39 
4.7 19:48 
 AND CIDER - Otto's Liquors (Minneapolis, MN)
4.7 19:06 
 Allison treats!! - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
4.7 17:40 
Guys, I'm VERY proud of this show (once you get past the first minute of dead air) - if I counted correctly, I managed to debut NINE new tracks AND include FIFTEEN requests amongst the *28* tracks crammed into these two hours! A little something for everyone to enjoy - and also a little something for everyone to cringe at, probably. Also, I occasionally break up the music with talkin'. IT'S RADIO!! Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and contributions to help make this one possible!
4.7 14:46 
LIVE on the air in 15 minutes!
90.3 FM
What did I do with your request?
4.7 14:41 
 WOW I'm really here and will be on the air in 20!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
4.7 00:02 
Temporary profile photo
3.7 19:45 How many episodes in a row can that guy propose to that Ultimate Tag lady
3.7 19:43 Absolutely the former. This is a hill I'm willing to die on RT @drinkingwithian: Is the past-tense "You Snoozed, You Losed" or "You Snost, You Lost"
3.7 19:03 
Is this a rerun? #SmackDownCOVID
3.7 17:18 
 Definitely buying something already cooked so I won't have to - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7 16:56 
  They WEREN'T closed! But my box was empty so the point was moot - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7 16:32 
Okay, NOW I'm legit.
3.7 16:27 Finally, the email for which the world has been waiting
3.7 16:10 @MrEricCLoy I like it! But maybe for a different sport........
3.7 16:00 
I mean, it sounds like a good deal to me - you just fire up RT @CoolMojo: So tomorrow, stream @CRZ on @kfaiFMradio from 3pm-5pm CDT, celebrate the 4th of July for an hour, and then stream my show, The Return of CoolMojo, on @KCSB at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT
3.7 15:00 Markets closed: Independence Day (observed)
3.7 14:34 
Listened to Castle If - Beyond! EP on Bandcamp
3.7 13:39 
Listened to Magnetic Man - Certified Banger
3.7 13:17 
Listened to GusGus - Out Of Place
3.7 12:29 
Listened to Claps - Lies/White Lies on Bandcamp
3.7 11:59 Can't wait for them to complain about also not being able to trademark "Americans"
3.7 11:58 Calling it now - they're gonna be the Washington Americans
3.7 11:57 
I think they managed to misspell their own band name #trait RT @TRAPTOFFICIAL: Problem solved. I now can ban every libertarian asshole who supports Jojoke on the trait Fb page... @Jorgensen4POTUS I still think you should have a talk with your supporters and tell them that harassing people in your name is a BAD look... Doesn’t reflect well on you
3.7 11:24 @grumpymartian With enough butter, ANYBODY can like them!
3.7 11:11 
Guess what? I'll be LIVE on @kfaiFMradio tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, presenting between 3 and 5 (CDT) with the show available on demand for 14 days after - God bless America! 90.3/
3.7 10:21 
Listened to Andi - Corpse To Corpus on Bandcamp
3.7 03:32 Gosh I'm happy I have today off
3.7 00:14 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
2.7 23:22 
Well, call me subtle and bring on the stubble. Here's a before be continued. I just couldn't do it. Yet. I'm also trying to figure who I'm trying to look like NOW. I'm pleased so far with the parts of my face I've exposed, so there's that. Besides I'm now sure I could always be Rick Rubin by Christmas. Finally, I don't recommend you wear a black T when you shave off white hairs...
2.7 19:01 JUST IN: I will be putting on LIVE RADIO on the freshest of air (that is, KFAI) THIS Saturday, the 4th of July, from 3 to 5 PM CDT! I would LOVE to play YOUR request (so long as it suitable for air)! If you request it NOW, I will be WAY more likely to have it Saturday than if you call it in THEN! Offbeat, unusual, selections one usually does not hear on the radio will be greatly welcomed - although I can't speak for our listening audience, definitely by me! So GIMME BOTH BARRELS and then I hope you'll tune in to 90.3 or stream from KFAI dot org! Don't make me use any more exclamation points!
2.7 15:36 
RT @KRSMradio: KRSM is looking for a new Station Manager!

Are you passionate about racial justice + amplifying community voices? Do you have a strong connection to South Minneapolis? Do view the radio as a tool for healing + liberation? Then we want to hear from you!!!
2.7 15:10 
#tbt I heard you liked photos of me well here's a photo of me. What did I say about this five years ago?

"Another fine all yellow ensemble for #tbt, but this time not with a banana, but rather with a legal pad AND a box of Wheat Thins AND someone found a coat hanger for good measure. Peak yellow. Peak Zimmerman.

This looks to be in the political library at UCR which can only mean it was during our big Model UN weekend. (I actually know this because I found this photo in a big stack of OTHER Model UN photos, another of which you'll see on another Thursday...)"

(c. I have no idea - let's say "spring time, early 1990s")
2.7 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.01 ▲0.24 (Range: 19.74 - 20.21)
2.7 13:26 Decaf Breakfast Blend
2.7 12:00 Italian Roast
1.7 23:30 
This beard's had a good run but it's July and it's gotta go. (📷: LaLa, more than six feet away)
1.7 17:18 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
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