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6.7 17:30 
Back issues and...I am embarrassed to say it's been long enough for me not to remember! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
6.7 17:07 
Back issues and...I am embarrassed to say it's been long enough for me not to remember! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
6.7 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.93 ▼0.08 (Range: 19.89 - 20.36)
6.7 13:41 
Listened to Hudson Mohawke - Love Minus Zero
6.7 13:01 Intense French
6.7 11:47 
Listened to Michael Gray - The Weekend on Spotify
6.7 11:37 
Listened to Disclosure - ENERGY
6.7 11:26 
Listened to Pink Floyd - Money - Early Mix
6.7 11:24 
Listened to kryoko - Matrix
6.7 10:53 
RT @wrestlenomics: Introducing this 3-min survey.

Your participation will help our understanding of wrestling fans' media habits & company favorability.

Knowing fan groups can be over- & under-represented, I'm making an effort to distribute broadly. RTs appreciated.
6.7 10:03 @JayJayDean @Toast_Jr-worthy
6.7 08:53 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
6.7 08:40 Hare we are
6.7 08:33 
Listened to Clan of Xymox - Heroes (Slow Industrial Version)
6.7 08:27 
Listened to Clan of Xymox - COVID-19
5.7 17:36 
Listened to South of Salem - Cold Day in Hell
5.7 15:42 
DANG is it allowed to thunder this much without giving me some rain and cooling this shit down?
5.7 15:39 
RT @Jorgensen4POTUS: "Now, more than ever, the choice between Obama and Romney will be which one do you want to ruin your country?" -Also Doug Wead

The same can be said about our current election, do you want Trump or Biden to ruin your country?
#VoteGold2020 #VoteGold
@realDonaldTrump: “Change Hearts Not Stones. There is no end to historical purification.” Great historian Doug Wead
5.7 14:42 
Listened to Prince - Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 1) - 2020 Remaster
5.7 14:37 
Listened to HÆLOS - Unknown Melody
5.7 14:37 
Listened to And So I Watch You From Afar - Odd Seal
5.7 14:29 
Listened to GusGus - Out Of Place
5.7 13:17 
¯_(ツ)_/¯ (📷/✂️: Allison)
5.7 13:13 
Aw, my mom used emojis! (Neither of my parents' names start with "B" so maybe that's some elite text speak I'm not hip to)
4.7 21:39 
4.7 19:48 
 AND CIDER - Otto's Liquors (Minneapolis, MN)
4.7 19:06 
 Allison treats!! - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
4.7 17:40 
Guys, I'm VERY proud of this show (once you get past the first minute of dead air) - if I counted correctly, I managed to debut NINE new tracks AND include FIFTEEN requests amongst the *28* tracks crammed into these two hours! A little something for everyone to enjoy - and also a little something for everyone to cringe at, probably. Also, I occasionally break up the music with talkin'. IT'S RADIO!! Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and contributions to help make this one possible!
4.7 14:46 
LIVE on the air in 15 minutes!
90.3 FM
What did I do with your request?
4.7 14:41 
 WOW I'm really here and will be on the air in 20!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
4.7 00:02 
Temporary profile photo
3.7 19:45 How many episodes in a row can that guy propose to that Ultimate Tag lady
3.7 19:43 Absolutely the former. This is a hill I'm willing to die on RT @drinkingwithian: Is the past-tense "You Snoozed, You Losed" or "You Snost, You Lost"
3.7 19:03 
Is this a rerun? #SmackDownCOVID
3.7 17:18 
 Definitely buying something already cooked so I won't have to - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7 16:56 
  They WEREN'T closed! But my box was empty so the point was moot - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7 16:32 
Okay, NOW I'm legit.
3.7 16:27 Finally, the email for which the world has been waiting
3.7 16:10 @MrEricCLoy I like it! But maybe for a different sport........
3.7 16:00 
I mean, it sounds like a good deal to me - you just fire up RT @CoolMojo: So tomorrow, stream @CRZ on @kfaiFMradio from 3pm-5pm CDT, celebrate the 4th of July for an hour, and then stream my show, The Return of CoolMojo, on @KCSB at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT
3.7 15:00 Markets closed: Independence Day (observed)
3.7 14:34 
Listened to Castle If - Beyond! EP on Bandcamp
3.7 13:39 
Listened to Magnetic Man - Certified Banger
3.7 13:17 
Listened to GusGus - Out Of Place
3.7 12:29 
Listened to Claps - Lies/White Lies on Bandcamp
3.7 11:59 Can't wait for them to complain about also not being able to trademark "Americans"
3.7 11:58 Calling it now - they're gonna be the Washington Americans
3.7 11:57 
I think they managed to misspell their own band name #trait RT @TRAPTOFFICIAL: Problem solved. I now can ban every libertarian asshole who supports Jojoke on the trait Fb page... @Jorgensen4POTUS I still think you should have a talk with your supporters and tell them that harassing people in your name is a BAD look... Doesn’t reflect well on you
3.7 11:24 @grumpymartian With enough butter, ANYBODY can like them!
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