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7.7.20 14:44 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
7.7.20 14:05 
Listened to Leprous - Distant Bells
7.7.20 13:04 
RT @DollarBinShow: Leave it to me to wait until AFTER Black Music Month to do a 100% Black artists show without intending to. Very excited to re-unearth the mostly lost JAMES BROWN DEEP HOUSE SINGLE!

@kfaiFMradio: /> @Mixcloud:
7.7.20 12:57 
Hey did I tell you I did two hours of radio on Saturday and it went pretty well? Lots of 2020 AND about fifteen requests! Check it out on demand for the next two weeks at
7.7.20 12:56 @luchablog I've decided that's just an abbrev for NorthWest Arkansas, carry on
7.7.20 12:52 @luchablog (who might be a record label, ope)
7.7.20 12:51 @luchablog There's an NWA ENTERTAINMENT, LLC
7.7.20 12:12 
Listened to Sloan - Unkind - Live
7.7.20 11:35 
Listened to Chromeo - Quarantine Casanova on Spotify
7.7.20 10:20 
Listened to Mrs. Piss - Knelt
7.7.20 10:03 
Listened to Hudson Mohawke - Love Minus Zero
7.7.20 08:25 
Oh man #slashwrestling is old enough to booze it up legally...I better take it out tonight
6.7.20 22:43 @chigh And one of those grep'd in the wrong position!
6.7.20 21:26 
RT @hansen9j: @CRZ Actually, it kind of looks even more like the Nazi eagle than the Trump one does?
6.7.20 21:23 
So is that Trump's Nazi eagle or no RT @WWEonFOX: Here's a closer look at the NEW United States Championship. (via @WWE)
6.7.20 20:31 
I have this mosquito bite RIGHT at the base of the palm of my hand and it's driving me INSANE RT @paper_sleeves: Got the next couple days off from work.. What's crackin' MPLS?!
6.7.20 17:30 
Back issues and...I am embarrassed to say it's been long enough for me not to remember! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
6.7.20 17:07 
Back issues and...I am embarrassed to say it's been long enough for me not to remember! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
6.7.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.93 ▼0.08 (Range: 19.89 - 20.36)
6.7.20 13:41 
Listened to Hudson Mohawke - Love Minus Zero
6.7.20 13:01 Intense French
6.7.20 11:47 
Listened to Michael Gray - The Weekend on Spotify
6.7.20 11:37 
Listened to Disclosure - ENERGY
6.7.20 11:26 
Listened to Pink Floyd - Money - Early Mix
6.7.20 11:24 
Listened to kryoko - Matrix
6.7.20 10:53 
RT @wrestlenomics: Introducing this 3-min survey.

Your participation will help our understanding of wrestling fans' media habits & company favorability.

Knowing fan groups can be over- & under-represented, I'm making an effort to distribute broadly. RTs appreciated.
6.7.20 10:03 @JayJayDean @Toast_Jr-worthy
6.7.20 08:53 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
6.7.20 08:40 Hare we are
6.7.20 08:33 
Listened to Clan of Xymox - Heroes (Slow Industrial Version)
6.7.20 08:27 
Listened to Clan of Xymox - COVID-19
5.7.20 17:36 
Listened to South of Salem - Cold Day in Hell
5.7.20 15:42 
DANG is it allowed to thunder this much without giving me some rain and cooling this shit down?
5.7.20 15:39 
RT @Jorgensen4POTUS: "Now, more than ever, the choice between Obama and Romney will be which one do you want to ruin your country?" -Also Doug Wead

The same can be said about our current election, do you want Trump or Biden to ruin your country?
#VoteGold2020 #VoteGold
@realDonaldTrump: “Change Hearts Not Stones. There is no end to historical purification.” Great historian Doug Wead
5.7.20 14:42 
Listened to Prince - Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 1) - 2020 Remaster
5.7.20 14:37 
Listened to HÆLOS - Unknown Melody
5.7.20 14:37 
Listened to And So I Watch You From Afar - Odd Seal
5.7.20 14:29 
Listened to GusGus - Out Of Place
5.7.20 13:17 
¯_(ツ)_/¯ (📷/✂️: Allison)
5.7.20 13:13 
Aw, my mom used emojis! (Neither of my parents' names start with "B" so maybe that's some elite text speak I'm not hip to)
4.7.20 21:39 
4.7.20 19:48 
 AND CIDER - Otto's Liquors (Minneapolis, MN)
4.7.20 19:06 
 Allison treats!! - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
4.7.20 17:40 
Guys, I'm VERY proud of this show (once you get past the first minute of dead air) - if I counted correctly, I managed to debut NINE new tracks AND include FIFTEEN requests amongst the *28* tracks crammed into these two hours! A little something for everyone to enjoy - and also a little something for everyone to cringe at, probably. Also, I occasionally break up the music with talkin'. IT'S RADIO!! Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and contributions to help make this one possible!
4.7.20 14:46 
LIVE on the air in 15 minutes!
90.3 FM
What did I do with your request?
4.7.20 14:41 
 WOW I'm really here and will be on the air in 20!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
4.7.20 05:51 
Watched The Fifth Element
4.7.20 00:02 
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