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10.7 10:14 
Listened to Kraftwerk - Aéro Dynamik - Intelligent Design Mix by Hot Chip
10.7 09:14 
Listened to Blancmange - Clean Your House
10.7 09:09 
Listened to Kid Cudi - The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady (feat. Eminem)
10.7 09:06 
Listened to Disclosure - My High (Edit)
10.7 09:00 
Listened to Erasure - Shot A Satellite
9.7 17:17 
Listened to Blue Six - Come Inside
9.7 17:13 
Listened to Madness - Madness
9.7 17:10 
Listened to Devo - Girl U Want (Black Light Odyssey Mix)
9.7 16:36   Bringing LaLa dinner (chicken or pizza...or BOTH???) - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
9.7 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.08 ▼0.04 (Range: 19.70 - 20.22)
9.7 13:36 
Nuanced RT @EricLuceroMN: It was recently reported Gov. Walz is considering a unilateral edict with a stroke of his pen to MANDATE masks upon everybody in Minnesota.

Do you support Gov. Walz continuing to usurp the Legislative Branch, violate the Constitution & create his own laws as an unchecked king?
(poll results)
9.7 13:00 Velvet Moon
9.7 12:02 
Listened to Amelie Lens - Essential Mix 2020-04-04
9.7 11:10 
Listened to Tame Impala - Let It Happen
9.7 11:06 
Listened to Tame Impala - The Less I Know the Better
9.7 09:39 Every Hare everywhere
9.7 08:33 
Listened to James Blake - Are You Even Real?
8.7 17:26 
 Andi Harriman's book and....I think a (very well protected) vintage City of Minneapolis lapel pin from eBay? - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
8.7 17:02 
 Sale kale! And a sale "BBQ" chicken! - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
8.7 16:47 
 Andi Harriman's book and....I think a (very well protected) vintage City of Minneapolis lapel pin from eBay? - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
8.7 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.12 ▲0.32 (Range: 19.75 - 20.13)
8.7 11:59 
Listened to Mrs. Piss - Knelt
8.7 11:43 
@CityMinneapolis I'm with you - I was hoping to encourage people to comment to the Charter Commission that we deserve a vote on the amendment. Between you and me....they seem a little flighty. (Not saying the voters aren't ALSO flighty, sometimes! We shall see!)
8.7 11:36 
Demand a vote! RT @CityMinneapolis: The Minneapolis Charter Commission is seeking public comments on a proposed amendment to the City charter related to the future of public safety. You can submit your comments online:
8.7 10:24 
Just remembered I forgot to post this over the holiday weekend
8.7 09:59 Italian Roast
8.7 09:42 @funkomatic Thank you again again!
8.7 09:29 Live radio is fun! I get to do it again Saturday from 1500-1700 CDT so set those appointments now! KFAI: 90.3 FM-HD and streaming live and archived at kfai•org
7.7 23:57 
Did I do it right?
7.7 16:35 
Listened to Halfway Point - Anchor
7.7 16:11 I don't understand the latest rage to tweet as boring as possible

(this tweet excepted)
7.7 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.80 ▼0.13 (Range: 19.70 - 20.19)
7.7 14:44 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
7.7 14:05 
Listened to Leprous - Distant Bells
7.7 13:04 
RT @DollarBinShow: Leave it to me to wait until AFTER Black Music Month to do a 100% Black artists show without intending to. Very excited to re-unearth the mostly lost JAMES BROWN DEEP HOUSE SINGLE!

@kfaiFMradio: /> @Mixcloud:
7.7 12:57 
Hey did I tell you I did two hours of radio on Saturday and it went pretty well? Lots of 2020 AND about fifteen requests! Check it out on demand for the next two weeks at
7.7 12:56 @luchablog I've decided that's just an abbrev for NorthWest Arkansas, carry on
7.7 12:52 @luchablog (who might be a record label, ope)
7.7 12:51 @luchablog There's an NWA ENTERTAINMENT, LLC
7.7 12:12 
Listened to Sloan - Unkind - Live
7.7 11:35 
Listened to Chromeo - Quarantine Casanova on Spotify
7.7 10:20 
Listened to Mrs. Piss - Knelt
7.7 10:03 
Listened to Hudson Mohawke - Love Minus Zero
7.7 08:25 
Oh man #slashwrestling is old enough to booze it up legally...I better take it out tonight
6.7 22:43 @chigh And one of those grep'd in the wrong position!
6.7 21:26 
RT @hansen9j: @CRZ Actually, it kind of looks even more like the Nazi eagle than the Trump one does?
6.7 21:23 
So is that Trump's Nazi eagle or no RT @WWEonFOX: Here's a closer look at the NEW United States Championship. (via @WWE)
6.7 20:31 
I have this mosquito bite RIGHT at the base of the palm of my hand and it's driving me INSANE RT @paper_sleeves: Got the next couple days off from work.. What's crackin' MPLS?!
6.7 17:30 
Back issues and...I am embarrassed to say it's been long enough for me not to remember! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
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