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17.7 14:07 
Hey @NickKnutson2 RT @mplsnorthwest: Have you seen the new giant robot in town?! We explored Robot Park at the @hclib in @BrooklynPark! This amazing artwork is part of the @CultivateBLRT project to celebrate diversity and community through art! Video: src= height=24> #WeLoveMNW #CultivateBottineau
16.7 22:12 RT @luchablog: Pierroth had one of the great evil laughs of all time RT @luchablog: Pierroth had one of the great evil laughs of all time
16.7 14:18 Hokey smokes RT @prince: The Prince Estate and @WarnerRecords are pleased to unveil the original recording and handwritten lyrics for "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man," a song Prince wrote during the sessions for his 1979 self-titled album. Listen:
15.7 20:01 
Dang they snuck @dalejr into the All-Star race #NASCAR @NASCARONFOX
15.7 19:30 
I'm watching NASCAR but greatly relieved to see Rey Mysterio's kid hasn't erased Dijakovic's first name JUST yet #NXT #RAW #hashtags
15.7 15:49 @funkomatic Well, digital tracks are FREE (sometimes)
15.7 14:04 @CoolMojo Yeah I suspected I'd end up in an "overlapping" time slot with you - heh
15.7 12:56 
Only five hours until NASCAR. This is your five hour warning.
15.7 12:54 @tapemachines Yeah BUT how creepy is it that it may have been created in 2019?
15.7 12:18 
I got a show, folks! Every Saturday from 5PM to 7PM (Central) on Fresh Air Radio! RT @KFAIweekend: Tweet us your requests any time - then tune in Saturday to hear them!
14.7 10:11 
@funkomatic aka the "really shouldn't tape at 3am" approach
14.7 10:08 
@funkomatic You're just a [rare] early adopter! Spinitron will fill in starting at noon.
13.7 21:31 
Every time they do a graphic transition for WWE's The Horror Show At Extreme Rules event I keep waiting for Darcelle Jones of Team Jaguar News to burst onto the scene #RAW #deepreferences
13.7 20:44 
Big Show, more like big sweaty am I right #RAW
13.7 20:33 
@tapemachines So....David Flair-esque?
13.7 20:23 You know I got mine RT @matoswk75: My new book, Can't Slow Down: How 1984 Became Pop's Blockbuster Year is out December 8. You can preorder it now from @HachetteBooks. Let's go crazy!
13.7 14:30 @albertxii Not in THIS economy
12.7 14:42 IT'S MONKEY TIME
11.7 13:52 
On @kfaiFMradio LIVE at 1500 CDT with two hours of new new new music and YOUR requests!
11.7 13:51 @skiforthree @funkomatic I definitely would have bought that if I had been in front of it (and probably about a hundred other things)
11.7 10:21 @funkomatic I need to sleep in....then I'm on the radio at 3! So I very grudgingly opted out. I'm still a little rona concerned, too, but they promised enough 12" singles to definitely make me think hard about it
10.7 13:34 
RT @GothBlairWaldrf: In these turbulent times slash during this "new normal" [insert your own trite ad copy here] there's one product Americans/me can truly rely on. Please support the fake commercial I made in tribute to it:
9.7 13:36 
Nuanced RT @EricLuceroMN: It was recently reported Gov. Walz is considering a unilateral edict with a stroke of his pen to MANDATE masks upon everybody in Minnesota.

Do you support Gov. Walz continuing to usurp the Legislative Branch, violate the Constitution & create his own laws as an unchecked king?
(poll results)
8.7 11:43 
@CityMinneapolis I'm with you - I was hoping to encourage people to comment to the Charter Commission that we deserve a vote on the amendment. Between you and me....they seem a little flighty. (Not saying the voters aren't ALSO flighty, sometimes! We shall see!)
8.7 11:36 
Demand a vote! RT @CityMinneapolis: The Minneapolis Charter Commission is seeking public comments on a proposed amendment to the City charter related to the future of public safety. You can submit your comments online:
8.7 09:42 @funkomatic Thank you again again!
7.7 16:11 I don't understand the latest rage to tweet as boring as possible

(this tweet excepted)
7.7 13:04 
RT @DollarBinShow: Leave it to me to wait until AFTER Black Music Month to do a 100% Black artists show without intending to. Very excited to re-unearth the mostly lost JAMES BROWN DEEP HOUSE SINGLE!

@kfaiFMradio: /> @Mixcloud:
7.7 12:57 
Hey did I tell you I did two hours of radio on Saturday and it went pretty well? Lots of 2020 AND about fifteen requests! Check it out on demand for the next two weeks at
7.7 12:56 @luchablog I've decided that's just an abbrev for NorthWest Arkansas, carry on
7.7 12:52 @luchablog (who might be a record label, ope)
7.7 12:51 @luchablog There's an NWA ENTERTAINMENT, LLC
6.7 22:43 @chigh And one of those grep'd in the wrong position!
6.7 21:26 
RT @hansen9j: @CRZ Actually, it kind of looks even more like the Nazi eagle than the Trump one does?
6.7 21:23 
So is that Trump's Nazi eagle or no RT @WWEonFOX: Here's a closer look at the NEW United States Championship. (via @WWE)
6.7 20:31 
I have this mosquito bite RIGHT at the base of the palm of my hand and it's driving me INSANE RT @paper_sleeves: Got the next couple days off from work.. What's crackin' MPLS?!
6.7 10:53 
RT @wrestlenomics: Introducing this 3-min survey.

Your participation will help our understanding of wrestling fans' media habits & company favorability.

Knowing fan groups can be over- & under-represented, I'm making an effort to distribute broadly. RTs appreciated.
6.7 10:03 @JayJayDean @Toast_Jr-worthy
5.7 15:39 
RT @Jorgensen4POTUS: "Now, more than ever, the choice between Obama and Romney will be which one do you want to ruin your country?" -Also Doug Wead

The same can be said about our current election, do you want Trump or Biden to ruin your country?
#VoteGold2020 #VoteGold
@realDonaldTrump: “Change Hearts Not Stones. There is no end to historical purification.” Great historian Doug Wead
3.7 19:45 How many episodes in a row can that guy propose to that Ultimate Tag lady
3.7 19:43 Absolutely the former. This is a hill I'm willing to die on RT @drinkingwithian: Is the past-tense "You Snoozed, You Losed" or "You Snost, You Lost"
3.7 19:03 
Is this a rerun? #SmackDownCOVID
3.7 16:27 Finally, the email for which the world has been waiting
3.7 16:10 @MrEricCLoy I like it! But maybe for a different sport........
3.7 16:00 
I mean, it sounds like a good deal to me - you just fire up RT @CoolMojo: So tomorrow, stream @CRZ on @kfaiFMradio from 3pm-5pm CDT, celebrate the 4th of July for an hour, and then stream my show, The Return of CoolMojo, on @KCSB at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT
3.7 11:59 Can't wait for them to complain about also not being able to trademark "Americans"
3.7 11:58 Calling it now - they're gonna be the Washington Americans
3.7 11:57 
I think they managed to misspell their own band name #trait RT @TRAPTOFFICIAL: Problem solved. I now can ban every libertarian asshole who supports Jojoke on the trait Fb page... @Jorgensen4POTUS I still think you should have a talk with your supporters and tell them that harassing people in your name is a BAD look... Doesn’t reflect well on you
3.7 11:24 @grumpymartian With enough butter, ANYBODY can like them!
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