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9.8 14:55 Man, I want to say something but I don't know what to say. Owen was great at hugs. I'll miss him. I guess "obvious" is all I got. :(
8.8 21:54 
Another good time on the radio! If you missed it or would like to hear it again, check out the archive of our 8/8 episode:

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8.8 19:37 
Targets acquired
8.8 15:58 
The funniest thing about this obviously fake persona is not that they decided to call themselves "Augsburg Wilson" (formerly Jovita Sabastine), but that they got Holly to accept their friend request
8.8 15:57 
WEEKLY WEEKEND PLUG: I'm LIVE on KFAI (90.3 / kfai•org) in one hour with new new music, your requests and possible rainfall. Tune in now to catch the second half of Caribbean Jam!
8.8 13:16 
If you wanna social distance, I have an entire park to myself (because the weather is miserable) but I may be too busy fishing for shiny Magikarp to listen to you ;-)
(Luxton Park)
8.8 10:12 
It's a very important day

(Shared from The Egyptian Love - 808 Beats Volume 1 ( E. Empire / B. Grundman Acetate 2018 ) Snippets)
A new Egyptian Lover Banger is coming .... 808 Beats Volume 1, this will be the first of of 4 Volumes ! Mini LP's/EP's ! 808 Craziness at its best! 15 Minute...
7.8 19:23 
Hey, this is important! The City of Minneapolis needs to fill openings on the Police Conduct Oversight Commission, the Police Conduct Review Panel, the Commission on Civil Rights, the Violence Prevention Steering Committee, the Transgender Equity Council, the Arts Commission and 18 other commissions and boards. Please spread the word and encourage your fellow citizens to apply and represent their/our communities in service to the city!

(Shared from Diverse applicants wanted for Minneapolis boards and commissions)
Twenty-four City boards and commissions have openings for appointments this fall. Applications are open now. The positions...
7.8 16:32 
Wow, finally had takers... I'll take credit with my addition of the raggedy copy of Salinger to the heap
7.8 16:26 
UN-UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: The cicada exoskeleton was GONE. I figured the wind lifted it somewhere (but not the index card, somehow) but I couldn't find it despite what I thought was a thorough search. Did Grant sneak onto the porch and claim it? Did a predator figure out how to gain access so it could consume it? So many questions! But then I found it posing neatly NEAR the door and figure....yeah, must have been the wind, even if it DID land on its....feet
6.8 18:07 
I didn't send this text... but I ALMOST sent this text.
6.8 15:05 
CRZ's BOOK CLUB: To my horror, it appears I ALREADY owned a copy of "The Catcher in The Rye," which I found lurking underneath my unread copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird," nestled within a tall column of largely embarrassing DVD/Blu-Ray purchases. This is my culture. Shameless.
6.8 00:13 
Somebody left this on their "free" table on the curb. I guess I am taking that as a sign from the universe that I'd better finally read it, if only to know what Chuck is makin' jokes about
5.8 14:28 In 2020, of course, every day is part of the same slow, artistic dissolve
4.8 03:25 
To find out all the fun things that tripped the Facebook content warning system, listen back to KFAI's archive and check out the playlist!

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4.8 01:56 

(Shared from That's What I'm Talkin' About)
4.8 00:30 
Just trying this (and showing off my hairdo)

(Shared from KFAI's MSP Sound, 8/4/20)
3.8 16:48 
Christopher Robin Zimmerman aka CRZ will be hosting MSP Sound tonight with all sorts of great local music!

Tonight midnight-2am

Make sure to tune into CRZ’s weekly show KFAI Weekend on Demand Saturdays 5-7pm!
3.8 16:41 
Before I forget again, a reminder to you AND me that I'm guest hosting KFAI's MSP Sound TONIGHT from midnight to 2 (CDT)! This week I play a lot more from my own personal stash, but there are a couple from Krista as well.... (she'll be back next week, don't worry!) 90•3/kfai•org !
3.8 09:30 
It's Kat's birthday! She's been to the top of the world and back, she's run ultra amounts (literally) AND she's a shockingly cool auntie - all of this combined means she has to have and DOES have the greatest beating heart along with one of the loveliest souls I've ever known, but all this aside, she's the type of person willing to drop everything and throw on a costume in a Target over three layers of clothing so I could take this photo, hang onto it and share it with you right now when it can cause the most embarrassment. ;-) Happy Birthday Punkin - thank you for inspiring me to be better, walk more, msg more and yes, wear more costumes. I love you! 🎂🖤🎃
2.8 22:50 
Cute art
(Luxton Park)
2.8 04:46 
Foshay - g'night

(Shared from Grace Jones - I'm Not Perfect But I'm Perfect For You)
Video for I'm Not Perfect But I'm Perfect For You by Grace Jones from her album Inside Story. The video features cameos by Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Timo...
1.8 20:16 
Another show in the books (by which I mean on the archive server for you to listen to any time over the next 14 days). Check it out and see if you like anything!

(Shared from KFAI Weekend on Demand)
If you missed it live, check it on the archive! Artists played: Boy Harsher, Zola Blood, John Foxx & The Maths, Depeche Mode, The Avalanches, Banco De Gaia, Stardust, A Certain Ratio, Austra, Disclosure & Fatoumata Diawara, 유키카, Kylie Minogue, Joywave, Skream, Nero, Daryl Hall & John Oates, I Like Trains, Protomartyr, Sopwith Camel, Freedy Johnston, Bulp and gusgus!
1.8 14:59 
RADIO PLUGS: Hey guys I'm live with KFAI Weekend on Demand in a scant two hours (5PM CDT)! Or just tune in NOW and listen to Caribbean Jam! I can tell you I'm starting with Boy Harsher this week, end with gusgus per usual, but those other 110 minutes in the middle? That's where it gets REALLY interesting...and thanks to the six of you who have already made suggestions that made it into my playlist!

It's City Pages' Best Radio Station!
Lock it in on 90•3!
Surf it in on kfai•org!
New new music and YOUR requests!
1.8 01:53 

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31.7 20:48 
Here's last week's cover of Closer Weekly for the ever-dwindling part of humanity that remembers who Elizabeth Montgomery (died 1995) is. Pretty sure both Gabor sisters have passed on (Eva died 1995, Zsa Zsa 1998) but sure, call 'em Hollywood's top sister act.
31.7 13:46 We never did make it to Red Lobster! I sure miss this one.
30.7 17:30 
I played a track Tuesday; the vinyl arrived on Thursday! Hashtag local music, hashtag Auto Club, hashtag Midnight Music Club, hashtag ninety-five percent dude
30.7 14:03 

Mask up

(Shared from
30.7 13:18 
I pried it off the step. Did somebody say they wanted it?
30.7 12:59 
Ah, the good old days when it only cost twenty bucks to run for mayor

(Shared from CRZ for Mayor)
98 days to the Election! Time for me to start winning over this city, one voter at a time.
30.7 00:04 
Too much nature tonight...this was on a front step as I put the garbage can on the curb. What is this huge thing it molting?!
29.7 20:17 
Noisy boy on the balcony
28.7 12:23 
My insidious takeover of Fresh Air Radio is complete. Well, not COMPLETE, but I'm exhausted and don't think I can do much more. See you Saturday!

(Shared from Dollar Bin on KFAI)
Mixcloud does little "previews" when you hover over the play button on any particuar show - because this is the "I" show, you get a nice bit of me talking, some Billy Idol, some Imagination, me talking again, and... like, the PERFECT bit of INXS. So this time I'm saying, don't just immediately start playing the show - check out that preview BEFORE hitting "Play!" (Best part is one of the tracks that DIDN'T make the'll never see it coming and it may leave you speechless. Hey, is THAT clickbait-y enough to get you to listen?)
28.7 00:03 
I'm on KFAI live RIGHT NOW with KFAI's MSP Sound! 90.3 or kfai dot org!
27.7 09:16 
BONUS RADIO CRZ! Hey! Guess what? TONIGHT I'm guest hosting KFAI's MSP Sound presenting 120 minutes of local tunes! Back when going to shows was a thing, Krista Wax went to even more of them than I did - but we'd be at the SAME shows quite a bit! She's been in this time slot for exactly one year and I have a spreadsheet to prove it. Because there are no coincidences, the last person to broadcast this time slot was ALSO me as I wrapped up my After Midnight on KFAI mini-residency 54 weeks ago tonight! Here's an extremely rare shot of Krista and I during daylight hours when we both happened to be visiting "AM Drive" the same Friday morning. I'm on the left. (c. 31 May 2019, 📷: Barb Abney)
25.7 20:18 
The prospect of another 10 hours of Pokémon GO in this soup we call weather fills me with ........ existential dread tinged with excitement? I mean, yeah, yellow is normally my favourite colour but it should NOT be yellow outside EVER. Anyway I did another two hours of radio with some help from eight requestors and a whole lotta new new music - if you like music and/or me at all, you might like THIS!

(Shared from 07/25/2020 Weekend on Demand | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
25.7 16:46 
I won't lie - I've been playing Pokémon GO for about six hours straight, so who knows what'll happen when I try to put down the phone and be on the radio for two interrupted hours starting in 15 minutes! Like and follow KFAI Weekend on Demand for even more news (probably not about Pokémon)!
25.7 01:29 
Ah yes, just the kind of fake friend request I would like at 1 in the morning on a lonely Saturday - thank you, "Cak-Mpink"
22.7 22:05 
Well, this is a new wrinkle - instead of a totally nude nudes tumblr or request to visit some malware link, it's a FOREX trader! What is this, 2001? At least they chose "California City" as their hailing from - that one's ALSO a classic - well done, "Queen Quavo"
22.7 20:54 
Both my thumbs have locked up and my forearms are cramping in a hurty way. I will apply a second Gatorade and maybe some plain cottage cheese. I believe I shall be in great pain soon. But I feel like a better neighbour?
22.7 16:42 
BAD NEIGHBOUR ALERT: With all my lack of driving, I failed to notice that I...uh.... have REALLY let the alley jungle get out of hand. Hopefully I follow this up with a kickin' AFTER photo before darkness (if you love pulling weeds, come on over! Heh)
22.7 14:43 The cool breeze is blowing a certain way into my window and that way is the way where I also know my neighbor's drying laundry and how can I possibly still be awake while it's so cool and smells so great
22.7 13:02 
Oh that reminds me, I got THIS request but they actually UNrequested me before I got to it! Maybe they figured out I wasn't a pretty lady? (Perhaps my masked profile picture is confusing the scammers)
22.7 13:00 
Two widowers in a row - and what realistic names!
20.7 22:15 EXCITING LAWN UPDATE: Gonna take the risk and spread fertilizer tonight, which should either feed or finish off my lawn. (NB: "Spread fertilizer" is not the euphemism you think it is)
20.7 08:14 
It's Monday now but maybe my show from Saturday can bring a little weekend back to ya! In two hours I included fifteen tracks from 2020 by artist from A to Zedd - A Certain Ratio, Booka Shade, The Chicks, De Lux, Double Grave, The Egyptian Lover, Einstürzende Neubauten, gusgus, HÆLOS, Jamie xx, Kiko King and creativemaze, Once and Future Band, Sorry, Youth Meets Jah Wobble AND Zedd, to be precise! I also played requests from Allison, Andy, LaLa, Lee, Mason and Tim! I also asked for money for KFAI a hundred times because it's SUMMER PLEDGE DRIVE! Check it out and let me know what you loved and what you hated!

(Shared from 07/18/2020 Weekend on Demand | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
18.7 21:37 
Hmmmmm.....may need to buy a saw (or borrow yours)
17.7 17:40 

(Shared from James Ballentine "Uptown" VFW - Post 246)
It has been brought to our attention that last week; some of our staff members came into contact with the staff member of another bar, whom has since tested positive for Coronavirus. As a preventative measure we are going to close down while all staff members are tested.

At this time we have no reason to suspect that any staff or guests were exposed, but we won't know the extent of any potential exposure until we see the test results. After this round of testing is completed we will make an announcement for a reopening date, or if needed we will follow MN Dept of Health, and CDCs contact tracing protocols. We will post any new information as it comes in.

Please do what you can to stay safe, and look after one another. We are all in this together, and together we will make it through this.
17.7 09:42 
I....uh....don't mind this album actually?

(Shared from KFAI Weekend on Demand)
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