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8.9.20 14:58 Italian Roast
8.9.20 14:33 
Listened to Sneaks - Happy Birthday on Spotify
8.9.20 11:26 
Listened to Billy Ocean - One World on Spotify
8.9.20 08:49 
Listened to Yakul - In The Air
7.9.20 23:43 
Perhaps if you had Michael Cole screaming over it? #RAW RT @StewPaton: @CRZ And I wonder why I stopped watching.

I must be too old, because all I see is the cuts and I can't even process the action at all.
7.9.20 22:10 
MORE CAMERA CUTS RT @WWE: The Mysterio family is going to TOWN on @WWE_Murphy, so much so that he just QUIT the match! #WWERaw @35_Dominik @reymysterio
7.9.20 22:01 
Now, due to the rules of television, they'll continue to beat on him with those sticks until next week's show starts #RAW
7.9.20 22:00 
"MORE camera cuts! MORE! MORE!! MORE CAMERA CUTS!!!!!!!!" #RAW
7.9.20 21:47 
@D_V_D_V_R I uh may have slept through the show #RAW
7.9.20 18:30 
Hi, I'm Robert Reich. Here is a photo of me, Robert Reich, which proves I am Robert Reich. Please ignore the "sent by Nolan for MoveOn" notice at the end of this long-ass text. But also, can I have $3 a week for as long as I can get away with?
7.9.20 17:28 Hazelnut Decaf
7.9.20 17:08 @leaningcowboy I mean it's not too late
7.9.20 15:00 Markets closed: Labor Day
7.9.20 14:49 Ð¦ÐžÐžÐ›
7.9.20 14:32 Hey nobody said anything about any rain today I wanna mow the lawn here
7.9.20 00:42 @GothBlairWaldrf No problemo!
7.9.20 00:25 @GothBlairWaldrf Hey dude here
6.9.20 21:49 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
6.9.20 18:13 
A little decor upgrade "before and after" - only one thing could supplant the $2 Jesus I bought at Howard's yard sale four years ago and this was it. Thanks to Ian for the opportunity to proudly own AND display this Hap Mansfield original painting! (Don't worry, Jesus fans - there's always room for Jesus in my house)
5.9.20 21:10 
 TWINSWIN half off three day weekend feast!! - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
5.9.20 20:37 I walked 28+ miles this week. I do not expect this to be a regular announcement
5.9.20 20:28 I walked over 28 miles this week. I don't expect to be able to ever tweet this again, but we'll see
5.9.20 20:20 
Another fun time playing new music and your requests! New music from The Killers with k.d. lang, Seether, Blue Öyster Cult (thank you Sean), Phoenix, IDKHOW, Disclosure with Kelis, a new remix of Robyn, new CNCO, Declan McKenna, Mong Tong, Bob Moses, Hælos and Carw! ELEVEN requests! And one look out the window to see Andy. Here's the archive if you missed it or would like to hear it again!

(Shared from 09/05/2020 Weekend on Demand | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
5.9.20 19:12 
5.9.20 16:55 
 LIVE IN FIVE! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
5.9.20 03:03 
Wow, what a fun time guest hosting True Brit! Radio - my third time and definitely my best, thanks in no small part to what I consider a successful AND epic-length "Stump Ron" segment (all I forgot to do was entrap him on air by asking if he'd finally accept my Facebook Friend request) along with a fun bunch in the Discord from whom I managed to coax an instant request and one VERY enthusiastic caller who called three times - twice to request I play "I'm Going Shopping" a second time :) If YOU missed any of it, or would like to relive it any time over the next 14 days, the archived version is right.......THERE! I'm back at KFAI and back on the air in...whoa, now just 14 hours!

(Shared from 09/05/2020 True Brit! | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
5.9.20 02:44 Charlotte wasn't around when I left at 11ish. I saw her underneath the railing just now, but between the time I looked down to fire up the camera and looked back up, she had disappeared - gone back into hiding. I think she wants me to stop stalking her but is too polite to outright break up with me. This is the story of my life...
4.9.20 23:36 
 Live at midnight with "True Brit!" - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
4.9.20 21:54 
Your Friday night heartbreak 💔
4.9.20 21:40 
 I seek only the most extreme deals - Cub Foods (Roseville, MN)
4.9.20 21:16 
 Mission accomplished - Walmart Grocery Pickup and Delivery (Roseville, MN)
4.9.20 20:37 
If Tucker really wanted to find Miz and Morrison he should have followed that cameraman #SmackDown
4.9.20 19:20 
Leave it to Paul to sneak in that "own their actions" line after today's leak (which now makes Paul likeliest to have been the leaker) #SmackDown
4.9.20 17:26 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
4.9.20 16:27 
Please, Senator Smith, stop asking me for five dollars RT @Politics_Polls: MINNESOTA
Biden 52% (+8)
Trump 44%
Smith (D-inc) 49% (+8)
Lewis (R) 41%

@ppppolls 9/3-4
4.9.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 23.39 ▲0.48 (Range: 21.96 - 23.68)
4.9.20 13:21 
RADIO @CRZ: Tonight from midnight (CDT) I'm guest hosting True Brit! on KFAI - I'm thinking roughly one hour of 2020s Britpop (after stumping Ron!) followed by one hour of 1980s remixed Britpop.

Then, I'm back again Saturday at 1700 for
@KFAIweekend on Demand!
4.9.20 11:35 
Listened to Carw - Maske on Spotify
4.9.20 11:35 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
4.9.20 10:52 
Listened to Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
4.9.20 10:32 
Listened to Honey Joy - II on Spotify
4.9.20 09:58 
Listened to Naked Roommate - Do the Duvet on Spotify
4.9.20 09:35 
BONUS RADIO CRZ! Tonight at midnight I'm guest hosting True Brit! Radio, where - yes - I will attempt to Stump Ron. I'll also share some of my favourite 1980s remixes along with some of the newer UK finds I've recently been playing on KFAI Weekend on Demand, which I'll be BACK at KFAI for 15 hours after I'm done!
4.9.20 08:08 @HackmanRSPW Your math is suspect
(843,000 + 183,000) < 1,180,000
3.9.20 22:14 
My Pet Spider, Night 05: she's just chilling out tonight (so far)
3.9.20 17:18 
When you crave Oktoberfest but are also pissed off at Surly Brewing Company
(Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets)
3.9.20 17:05 
 99¢ kale! - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
3.9.20 16:59 
 99¢ kale! - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
3.9.20 16:53 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
3.9.20 16:13 
Also, Jo Jorgensen's mother passed away yesterday. GREAT TIMING, COCO RT @ConanOBrien: Bad news: the Libertarian convention has been canceled due to participants’ moms being unwilling to give them a ride.
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