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2.10.20 17:33 Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar
2.10.20 17:19 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
2.10.20 16:59 President Trump hasn't tweeted in 16+ hours - this isn't "he's faking it," this is "prove you're still alive, Kim Jong Un" level
2.10.20 15:38 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
2.10.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.56 ▼0.15 (Range: 20.40 - 20.77)
2.10.20 14:15 Breakfast Blend
2.10.20 08:52 
Listened to UNKLE - Sunrise (Always Comes Around) [Girls Of The Internet Remix]
2.10.20 01:48 
IT'S BANDCAMP FRIDAY (in two [plus ten] minutes)

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2.10.20 00:52 
@realMikeLindell: I will be speaking in Iowa today with the @VP at @theFAMiLYLEADER Faith in Leadership: America’s Need for Revival event!
2.10.20 00:44 
I guess, in hindsight, one good thing about the debate only having two presidential candidates is all the other ones couldn't have caught the rona there
2.10.20 00:41 
1. We'll know pretty quick if he's faking it
2. I don't think he's faking it
3. New bingo card?
2.10.20 00:38 
RT @pdouglasweather: Wednesday evening the president attended a fundraiser with top Minnesota GOP leaders and candidates for office inside the home of Marty Davis in Shorewood. Are they being asked to quarantine? @StarTribune @wccoradio
2.10.20 00:37 
So how many Minnesota chum(p)s were on Air Force One for that Duluth thing? Is the MyPillow guy being contact traced?
2.10.20 00:18 Poor Lester Holt
1.10.20 22:36 @tapemachines Ahahaha delightful
1.10.20 22:34 @tapemachines Are the Blus' photos just the same guy reversed?
1.10.20 19:06 Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend
1.10.20 17:33 
Here are the five covers I missed from August and September

(Added to album Closer Weekly covers)
1.10.20 17:11 So THIS is what it feels like to wear pants...

...I don't like it
1.10.20 16:47 
  Vintage Tupperware® salad tongs! (Don't tell my parents!) - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
1.10.20 16:29 
I probably missed a few issues but came back for a good'un
1.10.20 16:01 Well it was on the way but there are too many people here bro - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
1.10.20 15:45 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
1.10.20 15:41 
 Boy, it's been a while (and will be a while after I pick up this coffee) - Centennial Office Building (Saint Paul, MN)
1.10.20 15:33 
Got my flu shot!
(Centennial Ramp)
1.10.20 15:24 
 Flu shot! - Centennial Parking Ramp (Saint Paul, MN)
1.10.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.71 ▼0.14 (Range: 20.55 - 21.03)
1.10.20 13:18 
@DJ_SLT @masonbutler It'll make you look for your copy of "Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1" - and then give up and just go to Soundcloud (
1.10.20 09:54 Hazelnut Decaf
1.10.20 01:20 topics of interest: September 2020
1.10.20 00:00 
Listened to Tame Impala - Let It Happen - Soulwax Remix
30.9.20 23:51 
Listened to Tame Impala - Let It Happen - Soulwax Remix
30.9.20 16:27 
  PIPER reissue (pink) and Bob Mould preorder (tricolour)! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
30.9.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.84 ▼0.02 (Range: 20.68 - 21.08)
30.9.20 13:53 
Listened to Tiga - VSOD - Velvet Sky of Dreams
30.9.20 13:47 
Listened to Tiga - VSOD (Velvet Sky of Dreams)
30.9.20 13:47 
Listened to LA Priest - What Moves - Soulwax Remix
30.9.20 11:53 Kona Blend
30.9.20 11:33 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
30.9.20 10:32 
Listened to Nothing - Say Less
29.9.20 23:50 
Let's go ahead and drop this here for anybody who needs it tonight
(Mario Mathy - Jumping Dance)
29.9.20 22:22 
@masonbutler Two more presidential debates! Ba dum bum
29.9.20 22:17 Aw nuts RT @AP: Helen Reddy, the Australian-born singer who scored an enduring hit with her feminist anthem “I Am Woman,” has died at age 78.
29.9.20 22:13 @funkomatic Who's making money off that? (Do I wanna know?)
29.9.20 22:06 @funkomatic Oh, I dunno - I expect the ratings steadily declined throughout the show!
29.9.20 21:59 
So great hearing the crack NBC News team decide that ultimately the last two hours moved zero needles and proved nothing
29.9.20 21:58 
Amusing(?) to see Angie Craig light money on fire for ad buys given her election was pushed to February because the Legal Weed party opponent died
29.9.20 21:56 
Ineligible to SERVE.

(Also, fictional character - maybe should have led with that)
29.9.20 21:55 
Let's be honest - might do better than Kanye West, but as a citizen of Japan ineligible to server RT @LegsWet: @CRZ PRESIDENT PIKACHU
29.9.20 21:52 
I know, I know - but still, let me remind you that here in Minnesota there are seven choices for President on our ballot that aren't either of these two dudes (eight if you count the write-in space)
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