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5.10 21:12 RT @MattFnWallace: So you are saying it is a

5.10 21:12 RT @grumpymartian: Uhm... so we got a giant beet in our farm share and I roasted it and peeled it and now it looks like a human heart
5.10 21:09 @tapemachines This fellow's got a really strange timeline in 2020. I guess he's a day trader (with the very occasional personal at-reply to......... Randy Orton)
5.10 19:06 
I'm watching the football tonight #WWERAW
5.10 14:42 RT @CoolMojo: This seems like a good year to start opening mummy tombs. RT @visuallyst: This seems like a good year to start opening mummy tombs.
2.10 21:04 @paper_sleeves Sorry, but I haven't seen either of 'em!
2.10 18:39 @_caustic_ Hi, I'm a pedant - CDT and MST are the same, I think (we're not falling back to CST until November)
2.10 18:20 I gotta admit: I'M ready for an experimental antibody cocktail myself
2.10 00:52 
@realMikeLindell: I will be speaking in Iowa today with the @VP at @theFAMiLYLEADER Faith in Leadership: America’s Need for Revival event!
2.10 00:44 
I guess, in hindsight, one good thing about the debate only having two presidential candidates is all the other ones couldn't have caught the rona there
2.10 00:38 
RT @pdouglasweather: Wednesday evening the president attended a fundraiser with top Minnesota GOP leaders and candidates for office inside the home of Marty Davis in Shorewood. Are they being asked to quarantine? @StarTribune @wccoradio
2.10 00:37 
So how many Minnesota chum(p)s were on Air Force One for that Duluth thing? Is the MyPillow guy being contact traced?
2.10 00:18 Poor Lester Holt
1.10 22:36 @tapemachines Ahahaha delightful
1.10 22:34 @tapemachines Are the Blus' photos just the same guy reversed?
1.10 17:11 So THIS is what it feels like to wear pants...

...I don't like it
1.10 13:18 
@DJ_SLT @masonbutler It'll make you look for your copy of "Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1" - and then give up and just go to Soundcloud (
29.9 22:22 
@masonbutler Two more presidential debates! Ba dum bum
29.9 22:17 Aw nuts RT @AP: Helen Reddy, the Australian-born singer who scored an enduring hit with her feminist anthem “I Am Woman,” has died at age 78.
29.9 22:13 @funkomatic Who's making money off that? (Do I wanna know?)
29.9 22:06 @funkomatic Oh, I dunno - I expect the ratings steadily declined throughout the show!
29.9 21:59 
So great hearing the crack NBC News team decide that ultimately the last two hours moved zero needles and proved nothing
29.9 21:58 
Amusing(?) to see Angie Craig light money on fire for ad buys given her election was pushed to February because the Legal Weed party opponent died
29.9 21:56 
Ineligible to SERVE.

(Also, fictional character - maybe should have led with that)
29.9 21:55 
Let's be honest - might do better than Kanye West, but as a citizen of Japan ineligible to server RT @LegsWet: @CRZ PRESIDENT PIKACHU
29.9 21:52 
I know, I know - but still, let me remind you that here in Minnesota there are seven choices for President on our ballot that aren't either of these two dudes (eight if you count the write-in space)
29.9 20:38 
Biden failing to dedicate his COVID-19 answer to Herman Cain was a missed opportunity
29.9 20:38 
Trump tweeting during this debate is a serious breach of kayfabe
29.9 15:17 @grumpymartian WD-40! yum
29.9 14:24 
Wouldn't it be funny if somehow watching tonight's debate made you regret already mailing in your vote
27.9 22:31 @hansen9j There's still time
27.9 20:54 
WWE: "It's not racist because we say 'the family' instead of 'Samoans!'" #WWEClash
27.9 20:27 
Wow!! Can you believe we're about to refer to Roman Reigns as the transition champion to get us to Jey Uso? #WWEClash
27.9 20:16 
Well obviously Drew can't win until Ric Flair intervenes on his behalf #WWEClash #ALegendsReunion
27.9 20:00 
27.9 18:27 
Pretty sure the ref gave a pretty easy to lipread "five minutes" time cue there #WWEClash (oops, this tweet didn't send - anyway, should be over close to bottom of the hour)
27.9 15:49 Clearly neither the Bengals nor the Eagles actually want to WIN this season
27.9 15:12 Waiting for the 2 point conversion hot takes, but you gotta admit the Vikes ALWAYS find a way
27.9 15:00 RT @thecubsfan: if there are no fans in the stands, they shouldn't put up the net on the kicks. let the ball deflect wildly off a seat for entertainment
27.9 03:00 Three A M thoughts
27.9 02:59 
Does @BurgerKing know that that one dude in their "man on the street" ad is saying "Me encanta" which is, like, the @McDonalds slogan and they just left it in because they didn't care or to tweak them or get sued or what
26.9 15:48 
Another great Caribbean Jam is on KFAI right now - and in about 75 minutes I'll take to the board for a new @KFAIweekend!
26.9 15:43 
RT @tapemachines: if you're not Flavor Blasting your Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers with Xtra Cheddar then just go live in the woods
26.9 15:41 
Both why I never listen to wrestling podcasts and also never had enough stroke to start my own! RT @d_henney: Wrestling podcasts in a nutshell. Run a promotion into the ground, get largely blacklisted from the industry, start podcast shitting on others who have run promotions into the ground and have been largely blacklisted from the industry. And watch the boner pill checks roll in
25.9 20:22 
(To his credit, he did correct himself during the caution)
25.9 20:19 
Mikey: "Boy, Connor Daly's just left Travis Pastrana in the dust!"
Pastrana: (6 seconds ahead of Daly)
25.9 18:49 
Oh wait, perhaps EVERYBODY'S albums are "undefined" - if I weren't convinced @MTV_Live weren't 100% robots I'd try harder to get someone's attention
@jamiemillmusic can't be tagged in photos)
25.9 18:45 
I wanted to see what watching music video in 2020 was like, so I dialed up "MTV Live" and found that
1. They can't spell
@theweeknd correctly
2. They listed a null pointer for his album (probably because of above)

Cool video tho - trippy
25.9 15:04 
@AbdulRasheed127 @LinkedIn "going to?" ;-)
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