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23.11 19:08 
Aw shucks, I was really hoping Pearce was gonna cement his new catchy phrase this segment #RAW
23.11 19:02 
23.11 16:51 
   New weather beacon! (Okay I know that's the geekiest status I've status'd in a while) #mspwx - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
23.11 16:28 
So as you know I've been doing a little radio show for 21 now, a Spotify playlist of OVER 300 songs (about 20h28' !) from 2020/"2021" that I've spun as part of that broadcast experience. Most of them are even ON Spotify and not just on my hard drive! But not all of them! Get shufflin'!

(Shared from WOD 2020, a playlist by crz. on Spotify)
Weekend on Demand's new new from 2020
23.11 16:22 
Now, pretty much nobody asked for this, but I put it out there anyway because maybe you'd like to play it on YOUR radio station too: RT @kfaiplaylist: "Rät (CRZ's Instruments of Texans Radio Edit)" by Penelope Scott
Weekend on Demand at 6:31pm
@worsethanithot @KFAIweekend suggested by Adriana
23.11 16:14 Shared "Penelope Scott - Rät (CRZ's Instruments of Texans Radio Edit)"
23.11 15:56 
Listened to Django Django - Glowing in the Dark
23.11 15:43 Organic Sumatra
23.11 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.29 ▲0.02 (Range: 18.22 - 18.47)
23.11 12:36 Five years? It only feels like a thousand (Friendiversary video with Kris Head)
23.11 10:27 
Listened to Peel - Rom-Com - Nik Ewing Remix
23.11 10:21 
Listened to Peel - Rom-Com - James McAlister Remix
23.11 10:18 
Listened to Peel - Rom-Com - Live Version
23.11 10:14 FINALLY:
23.11 10:10 Here's the new hotness! Please consider installing this app and sharing the link and contributing to a relatively passive form of contact tracing new for our state - the governor and commissioner of MN IT Services (my uberbosses) will have a press conference on this at 1230.

(Shared from
23.11 09:58 
Listened to Peel - s/t on Spotify
23.11 09:51 Kona Blend
22.11 21:28 
Well, so much for the time-honoured tradition #SurvivorSeries
22.11 21:27 
Take ALMOST gave a great tribute to Alex Trebek by using the Pitfall! elevator on his way out of the ring #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:25 
Damn this segment really went 30 minutes and counting #SurvivorSeries
22.11 21:25 
Oh no ten bell salute the character just died #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:14 
This could be AJ Styles' last chance to get revenge for the finish of the Boneyard Match #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:12 
"Ladies and gentlemen.......BUBBA RED" #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:05 
I suppose this really DOES bring the nostalgia of the better days of the World Entrance Federation #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:03 
RT @DJDanielson: Shouldn’t these people be wearing masks, especially with naitch around? #SurvivorSeries2020
22.11 21:01 
Kevin Nash looks just like my dad, which I believe means I'll look exactly like Kevin Nash in about 25 years #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:00 @jmshapyro The ghost was named Blinky :(
22.11 20:56 
22.11 20:16 
I can tell nobody's watching this PPV because I haven't had to reconnect my Chromecast a single time tonight #SurvivorSeries
22.11 17:47 
Looks like Gobbledy Gooker isn't on Twitter - @WWE is getting him @verified, I'm sure
22.11 17:38 
He's Murphy Mysterio now #SurvivorSeriesKickoffDualBrandBattleRoyalBroughtToYouByCricketWireless
22.11 17:28 RT @grumpymartian: Making Meatballs!!!
22.11 08:51 
Listened to Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - III on Spotify
21.11 22:12 
21.11 21:58 Facebook sent me a nag for not changing my profile photo for six months, so.....I still haven't changed it
21.11 21:12 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
21.11 20:07 
21.11 19:41   Here for 88¢ avocados - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
21.11 17:15 
Here, try this:
21.11 16:48 
I'm on the air in 15 minutes and - just maybe - there'll be................... live video on Mixcloud? WE'LL "SEE"
kfai•org / 90•3 / ????????
21.11 15:29 @PerkatPlay Look to the Brits - they even got Cher!
21.11 14:47 Crème Brûlée Latte
21.11 01:34 
I'd probably look prettier if I smiled
20.11 18:58 
 $1.999/g (first fuel since August) - Holiday Station Store (Saint Paul, MN)
20.11 18:26 Quick check of the EXTREME DEALS - Cub Foods (Saint Louis Park, MN)
20.11 17:58 
   No wait, YES, TARGET ACQUIRED - Costco (Saint Louis Park, MN)
20.11 17:03 Not tonight :( - Costco (Maplewood, MN)
20.11 16:22 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
20.11 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.27 ▼0.28 (Range: 18.24 - 18.63) (0.125 dividend)
20.11 13:24 I can't be the only one screaming ALPHA BETA upon seeing this photo....but I am apparently the first one to scream it in a quote tweet RT @WFMU: A unique view of one of Los Angeles’ quintessential streets, Sunset Boulevard, and how it has changed over the past 50 years as captured by photographer Ed Ruscha: /> (h/t: @dmandl)
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