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3.12.20 02:02 
@chigh Unrelated story just for you: As part of CRZnet I run a cron job that scrapes my scrobbles - very, very rarely the LastFM API returns *somebody else's scrobbles.* Just today I ended up grabbing 183 scrobbles of Taiwanese acts and Billie Joe Armstrong(?) I later had to delete.
2.12.20 20:48 
Listened to 告五人 - 新世界
2.12.20 20:23 
Ohhhhhhhhhhh this is how they try to get us to use "Stories" isn't it. <click>
2.12.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.59 ▲0.36 (Range: 18.17 - 18.73)
2.12.20 11:25 
So if I wanna see @Spotify wrapped I gotta use the mobile app? But..... I don't use the mobile app. Ever. So that's kind of a bummer. Would it have killed them to do up a cool website like they've done every other year?
2.12.20 10:01 
Listened to Faux Real - Spooky Bois
2.12.20 09:50 Dec 1: Facebook finally took away my ability to revert to the design I'm used to and I'm very sad. I'd go visit diaspora* or MeWe but I have, like, ~940 less friends at those places.
1.12.20 18:50 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
1.12.20 17:39 
BONUS: Somebody else stole their bit!
1.12.20 17:37 
The Ranch Smells Like Cookies
1.12.20 17:21   Need a couple staples (kale and unspoiled half & half) - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
1.12.20 17:00 
    Varese Vintage 75% off vinyl AND a Discogs order!! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
1.12.20 16:06 
 Park Dental Roseville (Roseville, MN)
1.12.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.23 UNCH (Range: 18.12 - 18.54)
1.12.20 14:24 
Hard to believe it's been two years with only one two week break in July 2019. NEXT WEEK: finally, justification for starting all my episode numbers with a zero! (But go ahead and listen to this one first - hell, binge on all 99 [and a couple halves] - they're all archived!) RT @kfaiFMradio: New show "The Dollar Bin 099" up now at Check it out now!
1.12.20 13:49 RT @CoolMojo: Nothing encapsulates the experience of growing up in Irvine, CA in the 1980s quite like this video
1.12.20 03:13 
Listened to Plastik Boxes - s/t on Spotify
1.12.20 02:34 
Listened to Lake Turner - Videosphere on Spotify
1.12.20 01:47 topics of interest: November 2020
30.11.20 19:14 RT @ryderfakin: 1) Where would I be without Bob Ryder? Six Degrees of Ryder Fakin (rip off of the Bacon game), which related everything back to Bob, no matter the topic. Fun little gimmick that led to a website, many columns and people that I would have never have met at any other time in life:
30.11.20 16:41 
    Flavor Crystals LP! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
30.11.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.23 ▲0.12 (Range: 18.00 - 18.39)
30.11.20 13:59 
Hi @adultswim! If you have any staff* left, could you please have someone fix your email subscriptions page ( so that unsubscribing actually works?

*or lay off the people composing the spam, whatever's easier
30.11.20 13:37 
Listened to Helena Deland - Someone New on Spotify
30.11.20 11:57 
Listened to Il Quadro di Troisi - s/t on Spotify
30.11.20 11:54 
Listened to Hook - Only After Dark
30.11.20 10:55 Columbian Supremo
30.11.20 09:13 
DVR'd so I could fast forward through all the ads
30.11.20 08:36 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
29.11.20 22:50 
Changed my cover photo
29.11.20 20:41 (also, REALLY happy I temporarily muted the Soul Train account)
29.11.20 20:39 
Okay, I woke up from my unintentional nap - I see Green Bay has a huge lead they're ready to start blowing - let's see if my juju can counteract tape's juju
29.11.20 05:19 UPDATE: Probably the only guy that'll fire up VirtualDJ 2021 to hear the full-length version of "Abacab"
29.11.20 05:15 UPDATE: I'm buzzed enough to allow an update from VirtualDJ 8 to VirtualDJ 2021 - we shall see how many regrets I have in the afternoon
28.11.20 23:57 @TheFakeWill1 Would this help with your train locating? (keep zooming in)
28.11.20 21:39 
@kfaiFMradio @KFAIweekend Oh dear.
28.11.20 19:07 From KFAI! (Walk: Distance: 2.05 miles, Elevation Gain: 23m, Moving Time: 00:35:55, Average Speed: 3.42 mph)
28.11.20 17:27 
Weekend on Demand is on Mixcloud Live! Use our shortcut: and be prepared to see my face!
28.11.20 16:25 
Live at 5!!!!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
28.11.20 15:52 
We're all walking today
28.11.20 15:50 To KFAI! (Walk: Distance: 1.99 miles, Elevation Gain: 12m, Moving Time: 00:33:24, Average Speed: 3.6 mph)
28.11.20 14:34 
In 30 minutes on KFAI: Caribbean Jam!
Two hours after that: Weekend on Demand with ME!
I'll probably try the live stream again because radio translates very well to the computer screen...
28.11.20 00:50 @grumpymartian How many did he eat?
27.11.20 20:46 Can of Dr Pepper & Cream Soda
27.11.20 20:21 
King Corbin just walking out, not on the mobile throne is very jarring - on the other hand, it's King Corbin so I'll probably still go make a plate of leftovers #SmackDown
27.11.20 18:45 Man, I wanted to see SmackDown get delayed - way to go, CAL
27.11.20 16:49 
Listened to Krust - Negative Returns - Four Tet Remix
27.11.20 15:54 Organic Sumatra (XL)
27.11.20 12:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.11 ▼0.07 (Range: 18.08 - 18.40)
27.11.20 05:20 It's that rare* time when I'm absolutely dying to eat more delicious food but I am also STILL too full to consider eating anything until I've gone to sleep and had some digestion action

*how rare is that really during quarantine times of fatness
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