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25.12 20:36 
If this WWE content had gone "viral" we sure wouldn't have had to see it as much on WWE television #SmackDown
25.12 15:00 Markets closed: Christmas Day
25.12 14:53 
@masonbutler Sidekicking: such a crucial part of any jock's development - but I bet I'm incrementally better off having slept through most of a show where I undoubtedly say "OHkay" a couple hundred times
25.12 02:31 
Hi! I'm on KFAI until 8am! I'm also on Mixcloud but the video's a little choppy! !
24.12 22:14 
HEY! I'm on the air TONIGHT from 2am to 8am (CST), playing all 2020 tracks and taking bets that we'll be the only station in the TC Metro NOT playing Christmas music!
24.12 12:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.04 ▲0.08 (Range: 20.90 - 21.11)
23.12 22:34 
Gonna play around on @mixcloud Live for the next couple hours!
23.12 19:31 
As I've been compiling all my 2020 tracks for radio this week, I have too many. Of course I do. I've still been playing with OBS so tonight I'm gonna try to livestream one laptop while filiming and broadcasting with another - all this will happen via KFAI's Mixcloud Live page and the audio will be archived forever. If'n you're interested in the video and/or live aspect of it, I believe I'll start after I'm done shoveling; I don't plan to start shoveling until after 9. So.....let's say around 10ish? I have around two hours of stuff I want to stream but may find more if it's fun and the laptops can handle it. TINY amount of mixing, maybe. Oh! Also I forgot it was Wednesday so if you're already planning to watch Transmission on Twitch I can dig it. I have tomorrow off. I may drink some drinks.
23.12 18:38 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
23.12 15:16 
RT @MinneapolisSnow: Minneapolis has declared a snow emergency. Parking rules will begin at 9 p.m. tonight, Dec. 23.
23.12 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.96 ▼0.38 (Range: 20.94 - 21.42)
23.12 13:22 Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend
23.12 13:14 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
23.12 12:21 
 Dropping off! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
23.12 11:44   Ill-advised last second mission - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
23.12 02:46 
It's warmer now that it was when I took my post office walk. It's frickin' 45º's pert near 3am. Shorts weather! And by noon it's s'posed to start snowing a foot of snow? WEATHER, MAN. WEATHER MAN. #mspwx
23.12 01:34 
...but no longer living for Christmas
23.12 01:24   Pre-blizzard top-off! - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
22.12 17:01 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
22.12 15:50 
Listened to Once and Future Band - Andromeda
22.12 15:42 
Listened to Blancmange - Clean Your House - Extended Version
22.12 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.34 ▲0.36 (Range: 21.06 - 21.47)
22.12 14:48 Organic Sumatra
22.12 14:47 
Listened to Yakul - Kaleidoscope EP on Spotify
22.12 14:43 
Listened to Digitalism - Stuck?
22.12 14:12 
Listened to UNKLE - Farewell - Amtrac Rapid Remix
22.12 14:05 
Listened to UNKLE - Farewell - Amtrac Remix
22.12 03:21 Cinnamon Apple Chamomile
21.12 19:56 @masonbutler For a moment, I thought that was his evil brother Jeff!
21.12 19:37 @masonbutler That disk...... is too feh-loppy
21.12 18:03 
How's your Christmas looking? Since I'm not flying to California, I've decided instead to hole up in Studio 4 playing nothing but songs from 2020! For such a shitty year, we did end up with some fine tunes. Tune in as I guest host Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI for my only time in 2020 on the LAST, LONELIEST and perhaps COLDEST Friday of 2020! I'll kick it off at 2am (CST) - just after the midnight mass telecast ends and just before the yule log channel begins! I'll also be streaming LIVE to Mixcloud so you can see my NEW XMAS SHIRT! And I'll tell you a secret....once it hits 6am, I may not be totally ready to leave KFAI and come home...and who's gonna stop me?
21.12 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.98 ▼0.26 (Range: 20.60 - 21.12)
21.12 13:00 Peppermint
20.12 21:06 
20.12 20:56 
@tapemachines "axes are built to cleave"
20.12 20:38 
20.12 19:53 
@DublDownDrew Well, not according to Google
20.12 19:50 
Did Charlotte do her makeup differently? #WWETLC
20.12 19:50 
Asuka ni beruto
20.12 18:06 
NB: I'm still watching the Chiefs/Saints game instead of #WWETLC . Hopefully I'll still manage to hear Graves say "uh oh" on commentary a couple thousand times
20.12 18:02 
RT @KFAIweekend: Two hours of Christmas pop, metal, glam, jazz, blues and novelties - o, the novelties - something to annoy every member of… RT @kfaiFMradio: Two hours of Christmas pop, metal, glam, jazz, blues and novelties - o, the novelties - something to annoy every member of your family!
20.12 13:02 @benjamiller I look forward to my next run for office!!
20.12 13:01 
@MTG4Eva I'm skeptical - changing the Senate won't fix the House
20.12 12:57 (Not that my tweet is any more help, let's recognise my own hypocrisy)
20.12 12:56 
Rep. Omar (and Rep. Amash), can you do ANYTHING about this beyond tweet a couple hundred times about it? I just feel like at this point the tweets aren't really accomplishing all that much. RT @IlhanMN: Still not a peep on language. It will probably be another multi billion dollar bill, without real debate, floor amendments, introduced and passed probably within hours.

No time for the public input or objections.

What a complete nightmarish example of representive democracy.
19.12 20:53 Mellow Moments
19.12 19:20   Medicine and medicinal bananas - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
19.12 19:20 
 Yeah I forgot we were LIVE AT FIVE - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
19.12 16:05 
WEEKLY PLUG: Christmas requests and my special holiday selections...coming up in an hour on KFAI! Also, I've been sick all week so for a bonus, tune in to the live stream and see if I can present all two hours without running to the toilet!
19.12 05:13 Chamomile
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