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3.1 22:25 UPDATE: I was wrong #HTTFT
3.1 22:19 GAME WINNING DRIVE COMIN' UP #FlyEaglesFly
3.1 18:02 
Okay, I feel a little more confident #GoPackGo
3.1 04:20 @tapemachines So uh you gonna tackle Part 3 or is it too early to ask
2.1 23:02 
Senator, are you going to DO anything about this or just tweet about it? RT @amyklobuchar: My Weekend:

SATURDAY: Certain Republicans senators claim that they MUST have an “emergency” federal audit before accepting state certified results.

SUNDAY: They get sworn-in to the U.S. Senate without an audit of their own elections.
2.1 22:25 
@aadesigncreate @jinxland Haha I think you hit all the high points
2.1 22:24 
@allegoriest @aadesigncreate I gotta say I liked it, but I never really went out of my way to prepare it ever again....but I was always a Dr Pepper nut. Here's a clip for you:
2.1 15:25 
RT @KFAIweekend: We're live at five with new new - well, RECENT music and your requests! Get palindromic with us or come back December 11th!
2.1 15:19 @MTG4Eva Well, you're not as egregious as our Senators - although....nobody could be as egregious as our Senators, sigh
2.1 13:56 Look, I know all I need to do to get Likes and follows is to repeatedly keep you updated on exactly how many days it is until Inauguration Day but that REALLY seems like a shortsighted strategy
2.1 05:08 @Niles_Schwartz @TheFakeWill1 Should I watch 3 before Coda? (I probably will because I feel like I should have already... but I could be swayed)
2.1 00:13 @TheFakeWill1 @Niles_Schwartz I do enjoy it, as well as Part 2 - I have Part 3 (on the DVR) and MEAN to get around to it... but not tonight
1.1 23:58 @TheFakeWill1 Aw shoot, I could have taped it off Paramount Channel for you today - you like "5 minutes of movie, 4.5 minutes of ads" presentation, right?
1.1 20:20 Oh wow, it's 2021
1.1 19:38 @masonbutler But were there potatoes and were they scalloped
1.1 18:00 @d_henney @lillizardband Nope - but check that roster!
1.1 17:52 @jkalyn @mclavieri @tapemachines It's not good and maybe the only film I "reviewed" on Letterboxd all year
1.1 17:07 Boy, Twitter's really turned up the Promoted tweets dial to 11 on my timeline
1.1 17:06 I'm left to conclude that "high-risk" = "not white folks" RT @HennepinSheriff:
1.1 16:07 My $600 is now showing up as a Monday deposit, if'n you're still curious if anybody's gotten it. I haven't gotten it, but I'm'a get it. (I think I might hire a plumber.)
1.1 00:05 @hansen9j You too! HNY!!
1.1 00:02 
Here's to ya, 2021 - let's hope we eventually find focus
31.12 23:54 
RT @KarlTowns: From my family to you 2020,

Fuck You.

31.12 22:47 After watching "Bloodsport" on Vice 1.5 times, all I can hear is that one part of the crowd noise loop that sounds like a kitty meow.


Also, why do they raise the platform ends only for the final match of the kumite?

31.12 18:47 Just heard the Halftime host say "two thousand twenty-one" - guess I'll find a Blu-ray
31.12 18:46 So it's come to watching NBA TV on New Year's Eve
31.12 17:27 RIP MF DOOM.
To make it all about me...I don't know what's a bigger gut punch: that he apparently passed two months ago without us knowing until today, or that another person *my exact age* has died while I still fully expect and demand that all of us make it to at least age 110
31.12 17:21 Perhaps it's some kinda karmic retribution for caving on the $2K stimulus payments? Perhaps RT @SenTinaSmith: So I got a flat tire tonight, on my way to pick up Archie. Hoping this is the last bad thing to happen in 2020. Just a few hours to go.
31.12 15:59 @_blancmange_ Happy New Year! Thanks for quality tweets in 2020 and beyond! (Oh, I liked the album, too)
31.12 14:07 RT @SoulTrain: Our very own, legendary dancer Shabba Doo, told us about his journey on #SoulTrain - His timing always WAS perfect. #SoulTrainDancerBET #RIPShabbaDoo
31.12 13:59 @d_feldman That's too many legs!!
31.12 02:12 @ryderfakin I know where the boxes are. It only LOOKS like I am thinking outside them while I'm firmly planted within 'em. What I'm saying is I should have been asleep hours ago
31.12 02:07 @ryderfakin Did you really "lose" Bruce? One could probably commission personal hot takes from him for pennies on the dollar now!

30.12 18:50 Well shit RT @paper_sleeves: Dang, RIP Ozone, Adolfo "Shabba Do" Quiñones
30.12 18:43 @drinkingwithian @NBCNews 6½ minutes - and Dawn Wells got another 20 seconds just before it. The worst part is they do one of these every year! People should stop dying already!
30.12 16:14 @BarbAbney I meant to say "if you think you might be offended...boy howdy do not check out The Undead"
29.12 01:49 
My Christmas Day overnight/morning shift is now available forever!* If you have six hours to spare-- no, I know, nobody REALLY has six hours to spare

*Is Mixcloud forever? Let's find out together RT
@kfaiFMradio: I just uploaded "CRZ's six hours of 2020" to @mixcloud. Listen at
28.12 22:09 
The scales of @kfaiFMradio's Irregular Audio second stream are currently being tipped by my thumb (and folder of 2020 tracks)! Check out @kfaiFA2 tonight and hear how the robot minions handle my curation -
28.12 22:03 
@d_henney Big E for all the belts at once!
28.12 21:18 
I gotta admit even now I am a little worried Vince may still try to get all his employees back on pronouncing the new year "two thousand twenty-one" #RAW
28.12 20:48 This is my first ever Costco rotisserie chicken. I may already be feeling my very life change
28.12 14:42 
Great job from our radio pals on @KfaiamDrive today! I knew the year wouldn't be a problem for ya.... maybe I'll provide a shorter clip next time?
27.12 00:07 What else can you say? It sucks. How could it possibly have been his time? #RIPBrodieLee
25.12 21:37 
@skiforthree @KfaiamDrive Low key: I ignored you both ;-)
25.12 20:48 
@masonbutler @KfaiamDrive It sure FEELS like (I do)
25.12 20:37 
@KfaiamDrive He dared you to do the tiny backspin to...... 2020! Can you handle it?
25.12 20:36 
If this WWE content had gone "viral" we sure wouldn't have had to see it as much on WWE television #SmackDown
25.12 14:53 
@masonbutler Sidekicking: such a crucial part of any jock's development - but I bet I'm incrementally better off having slept through most of a show where I undoubtedly say "OHkay" a couple hundred times
24.12 22:14 
HEY! I'm on the air TONIGHT from 2am to 8am (CST), playing all 2020 tracks and taking bets that we'll be the only station in the TC Metro NOT playing Christmas music!
23.12 22:34 
Gonna play around on @mixcloud Live for the next couple hours!
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