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8.1 10:00 Maybe Trump won't attend the Inauguration because he'll be in jail by then
8.1 09:58 
Listened to Martin Gore - Howler
8.1 09:16 
Listened to Sub Focus - Freedom - Sub Focus x Wilkinson x High Contrast Remix
7.1 20:09 
Today I saw Vampire Vince Clarke for the first time

(Shared from Yazoo - Don't Go (Official HD Video))
Official HD video for ‘Don’t Go’ by Yazoo.Yazoo – Alison Moyet & Vince ClarkeAlison and Vince’s second single from their debut album ‘Upstairs At Eric’s’.Th...
7.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.12 ▲0.20 (Range: 20.82 - 21.22)
7.1 13:29 
Listened to Jesse Mac Cormack - Incomplete
7.1 13:25 
Listened to Jesse Mac Cormack - Let It Go
7.1 13:21 Organic Rainforest
6.1 23:35 Decaf Breakfast Blend
6.1 15:58 
RT @kfaiFA2: Tell your friends: @DJ_SLT is extending his usual #davidbowie birthday bash onto @kfaiFA2 and it's gonna go all day - midnight to midnight. Engage extended Bowieverse this Fri, Jan 8th.
6.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.92 ▼0.05 (Range: 20.53 - 21.31)
6.1 14:24 
Twitter sez nothing's trending.
6.1 10:51 
Listened to Carl Craig - Attenuator - Carl Craig Version
6.1 10:44 
Listened to Jesu - Tu y Yo
6.1 10:38 Costa Rica Blend
6.1 08:15 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
5.1 20:31 @NatoColes
5.1 18:24 @grumpymartian Yeah in retrospect I probably could have refrained from spoilering you LAST night but after Christmas is after Christmas
5.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.97 ▲0.20 (Range: 20.58 - 21.00)
4.1 21:21 
I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice Melina didn't come do one of these shows until she could be sure Mick Foley was off quarantining a very safe distance from the Thunderdome #RAW
4.1 19:53 
Oh no, the ladies caught Vince's Legendary "two thousand twenty-one" disease #RAW
4.1 19:44 
@Linear_WWEChamp @RealKeithLee @IAmEliasWWE What do you think - do we restore all timelines and unify the titles tonight?
4.1 19:35 @grumpymartian I will say my gift for you took about four weeks longer than I expected to get to me from UK so perhaps not all hope is lost yet? (I know Canada's way closer, but it's still our USPS we're talkin' about here)
4.1 19:27 @grumpymartian Alas no
4.1 19:25 
@tapemachines Whoa! Howard Finkel is rising from his grave????
4.1 19:24 @grumpymartian BTW in case Aaron continues to miss my Messenger message, in tomorrow's Christmas delivery, big box for him, little box for you and you each get a can of beans (and God help you if you can't figure out what to do to get them open)
4.1 19:23 @grumpymartian You've been talking to Allison! RT @aadesigncreate: a driveway visit from festive cryptid @CRZ who gave me an oblique strategies deck of my very own
4.1 19:02 
#RAW Legend?
4.1 16:33 
   Bandcamp order from long ago! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
4.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.77 ▼0.01 (Range: 20.37 - 20.94)
4.1 11:11 
Nailed it RT @jpo_mpls: @justinamash In theory it's an awesome concept, in reality just about every libertarian I've met wants to control others lives, but doesn't want to have judgement for their beliefs or any control placed on their lives.
4.1 10:58 Kona Blend
4.1 02:24 
@tapemachines I'm old school so I miss the Russian theme
4.1 02:19 Oh man, SHEENA died?!
3.1 22:48 I know we all snoozed through it but somebody at @SNFonNBC DID throw up a "why the Eagles are tanking" draft pick graphic in the last five minutes of the game
3.1 22:29 Boy, those are some smart lookin' Divisional Champion hats tho
3.1 22:26 @tapemachines Would you say Al and Cris were havin' fun on TV?
3.1 22:25 UPDATE: I was wrong #HTTFT
3.1 22:19 GAME WINNING DRIVE COMIN' UP #FlyEaglesFly
3.1 22:13 Hazelnut Decaf
3.1 18:15 
Ian just reminded me my 1971 calendar can be reused this year! (Ah, so I was born on a Monday...)
3.1 18:02 
Okay, I feel a little more confident #GoPackGo
3.1 16:18 White Chocolate Peppermint
3.1 04:20 @tapemachines So uh you gonna tackle Part 3 or is it too early to ask
2.1 23:02 
Senator, are you going to DO anything about this or just tweet about it? RT @amyklobuchar: My Weekend:

SATURDAY: Certain Republicans senators claim that they MUST have an “emergency” federal audit before accepting state certified results.

SUNDAY: They get sworn-in to the U.S. Senate without an audit of their own elections.
2.1 22:25 
@aadesigncreate @jinxland Haha I think you hit all the high points
2.1 22:24 
@allegoriest @aadesigncreate I gotta say I liked it, but I never really went out of my way to prepare it ever again....but I was always a Dr Pepper nut. Here's a clip for you:
2.1 21:50 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
2.1 20:40 
  Mailing the cheque on time!! (Well.... Monday. Close enough!) - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
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