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22.11 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 24.74 ▼0.26 (Range: 24.69 - 25.04)
22.11 10:29 Breakfast Blend Decaf
22.11 09:36 What a strange sensation hearing all the water in every radiator in the house slowly making its way down to the basement and out what I hope is a hose to the drain
22.11 08:50 RT @HennepinSheriff: Sheriff Hutchinson & HCSO offer free classes about the dangers of opioids, signs of addiction, treatment options, the proper administration of Naloxone, and more. The next class is Nov. 23 at 5pm and available both in person and virtually.

Sign up here:
22.11 08:12 100% Colombian
22.11 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 20.1º - 37.4º
21.11 21:42 
@tapemachines Believe it or not, AWF is still on buying time on KSTC and doing very little with very little:
21.11 21:14 
They should just ask the cameraman who's been in that room the entire night #SurvivorSeries (I figured it'd just hatch into a Gobbledy Gooker of course)
21.11 19:05 
What the shit is this shit @WWE
21.11 18:14 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
21.11 17:52 
 Spending some expiring PAPABUX - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
21.11 02:54 
 Nice - Robitshek Lofts (Minneapolis, MN)
21.11 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 32.0º - 43.7º
20.11 21:13 
I dunno about you, but I don't think either of us are looking five years younger here - perhaps that's just the Palmer's effect
20.11 21:04 Right on time!
20.11 21:03 
 Assortment, yo - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
20.11 17:22 
Oh man I'm on the radio AGAIN? 90.3 /

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20.11 16:53 
 WEEKEND ON DEMAND LIVE IN 7! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
20.11 15:38 @masonbutler Lemme tell ya about Cub's 99¢ apple fritters
20.11 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 21.0º - 41.4º
19.11 20:21 
Patty Mac, earlier: Boy Sonya never stops making boneheaded decisions on Smack. Down.
Patty Mac, moments ago: Boy Sonya batting a thousand tonight
19.11 20:04 
Hey uh so is that uh the real sword #SmackDown
19.11 19:55 
Ah, yes, Bruno Sammartino, the most over WWE performer at Sunday's Survivor Series #SmackDown
19.11 19:43 
Boy don't WWE love sucking all the shoot out of letting the Universe deign to want to believe something may not actually be a work
19.11 19:17 
RADIO RADIO: Guest hosting @Truebritradio tonight at midnight CST! Then I'll be back 15 hours after that show ends to present another @KFAIweekend on Demand!

@kfaiFMradio : 90.3 /
19.11 18:39 Even more WWE cuts
19.11 16:19 Jamaica Blend
19.11 15:33 
Surprise! Tonight I'm guest hosting True Brit! Radio from midnight to 2am on KFAI!
19.11 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 25.00 ▲0.34 (Range: 24.51 - 25.04) (0.125 dividend)
19.11 03:01 
Listened to UNKLE - If We Don't Make It - DJ Nature Remix
19.11 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 23.7º - 32.0º
18.11 22:23   Kale, milk, half and half and whatever's on sale - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
18.11 22:13 
 Forgot to check in for the FUNKRAISER!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
18.11 20:17 Half liter bottle of Dr Pepper Zero
18.11 19:00 
Listened to The Bloodies - Wild & Violent
18.11 18:58 
Listened to The Bloodies - Bite The Bullet
18.11 16:17 

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18.11 16:17 

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18.11 16:17 

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18.11 16:17 

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18.11 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 24.78 ▼0.17 (Range: 24.55 - 25.00)
18.11 01:53 
 Well I definitely shouldn't be up this late - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
18.11 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 30.6º - 41.7º
17.11 20:31 Hey DJ
17.11 20:30 
 Hey DJ (part 2) - Eagles Club #34 (Minneapolis, MN)
17.11 17:37 "Cheap Heat" takes on a whole new meaning!
17.11 17:31   Hey DJ - Dark Horse Bar & Eatery (Saint Paul, MN)
17.11 16:53 @guruzim Uhhhhhhh we had none of these growing up unless I blocked something out
17.11 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 24.95 ▼0.27 (Range: 24.92 - 25.37)
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