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21.4 00:13 
Have you seen her?
21.4 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 41.7º - 45.1º - 0.64" rain
20.4 23:50 
   Ho gosh, I haven't left the house since Saturday - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
20.4 23:15 
"So just what DO Sean Tillmann and Garrison Keillor have in common? Good Question! Turns out it may be more than you think!" - tonight's channel 4 newscast, probably not
20.4 23:03 
Look, even I have limits. I think.
20.4 21:46 Hey Embiid made a shot
20.4 20:05 Can of Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
20.4 18:58 
Wow! Big if true. Have you thought about talking to the governor about how to make this happen for the state? RT @GovTimWalz: It's time to legalize adult-use cannabis and expunge cannabis convictions in Minnesota.
20.4 16:04 To be fair, I'm sure there are lots of other non-alcoholic ways to get trashed. Hey, while I'm here, big shout out to @reggieslive, THE Chicago "Music Joint" of choice for predators seeking to book live dates! RT @DavidIsTalking: Regarding HarMar Superstar and his bogus claim to sobriety. He has since blocked me on Twitter. This dude obviously hasn't reformed, isn't apologetic and does not deserve any return to fame.
20.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 26.97 ▲0.10 (Range: 26.89 - 27.33)
20.4 13:16 
Listened to Florence + the Machine - Free
20.4 13:13 
OOH New Florence + The Machine!

(Shared from Florence + The Machine - Free)
Music video by Florence + The Machine performing Free. A Polydor Records recording; © 2022 Universal Music Operations Limited
20.4 12:34 @anton612 The REAL crime is not spelling "hear, hear" correctly
20.4 11:55 Vax your squirrels today RT @RamseyCounty: COVID-19 vaccines are available for anyone ages 5 and older. Get a free vaccine and $50 gift card for each dose or booster from Ramsey County, while supplies last.

Schedule your appointment today:
20.4 11:42 
Listened to Built to Spill - Gonna Lose
20.4 10:56 
Listened to Kim and Buran - Phazerdelique - Diskette Remix
20.4 10:47 Jamaican Blend
20.4 09:00 
Temporarily changed my profile photo
20.4 08:43 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
20.4 08:40 
Listened to Hot Chip - Down
20.4 08:38 RT @whataweekhuh:
20.4 08:35 
Oooh new Hot Chip - album coming in August!

(Shared from Hot Chip - Down (Official Video))
Hot Chip - "Down" from the forthcoming 'Freakout/Release' out 19 August 2022 on Domino Subscribe to Hot Chip on YouTube: **WARN...
20.4 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 25.0º - 47.5º
19.4 23:10 Nerdy stuff: earlier today, the Wikipedia admins put a one week ban on a Wiki user [with the same username as Twitter's Patrick Tillmann] for engaging in "edit warring" on the HMS page; failing to remove information not in line with Sean's narrative:;_23.88.128.115_blocked_for_24_hours)
19.4 21:13 @theyself Same. "My landlord wants to raise my rent!" "Give dem a dunk."
19.4 21:06 
"Dunk on dem. Dunk on all of dem."
19.4 19:23 
Is it really worth the pennies for @Timberwolves to attempt to make all of us sit through a 15 second preroll ad to see their four seconds of video?
19.4 19:22 @ladder51 @janashortal Wow, that's stupid. Sorry I was wrong!
19.4 19:12 @janashortal Is NBA TV in your package? It won't have Benz and Pete but you'd still get the game
19.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 26.87 ▲0.32 (Range: 26.32 - 27.00)
19.4 10:13 
I also blew it. My streak ended at 109 days going back to 12/31.

Wordle 304 X/6*

19.4 09:49 
Changed my cover photo
19.4 00:33 
I'm finally out.

Wordle 304 X/6*

(Streak over at 109)
(Last 10: 4, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 3, 4, 5, X)
19.4 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 29.5º - 37.2º
18.4 21:05 
It was the giant SS patch, wasn't it RT @SeanRossSapp: Fightful has confirmed that Kushida has left WWE

We'll have details as we learn them on
18.4 20:46 
I've been a very good boy all day - it's time for ice cream! First thing I did was go back to yesterday's wedding cake ice cream, and having reread the label, one word stands out that explains my overall sense from it: FLORAL. I don't eat a whole lotta flowers so it makes sense that I still stuck to nibbles.

NOW. VAN LEEUWEN PIZZA. Let's get one thing out of the way straight away - tomato don't belong in ice cream. And yet....I kept sneaking tastes long after I thought my interest would have waned. This cream cheese ice cream is spiked with mozzarella powder, and I believe the spots of what I believe to be brown sugar is meant to evoke dough. It all ties together in a very strange way that is undoubtedly weird but somehow also works? Thankfully I ended up thinking "ice cream" more than I thought "pizza" which is definitely the correct way for those scales to tip while eating dessert. Definitely worth buying one to sample but I don't know if you'll feel like you'll ever need to go back for a second container.

COMING SOON: The wait will be over and I'll try the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese!
18.4 17:19 
Also, I'm still suspended from KFAI until (tentatively) May 21st at 5PM. That's only five short weeks!
18.4 17:17 
Geez, I haven't had 2000 followers for yeeeeears. Welcome, Minneapolis Twitter, thanks for following me. I should warn you I'll start tweeting about WWE in a couple hours. Also, if you voted for Frey or are an MPD bootlicker, you might also find yourself unfollowing me quickly
18.4 17:16 Can of Dr Pepper Cherry Zero Sugar
18.4 15:49 Let's hear from Joady Harper! RT @_TwinklePants: Here’s the bullshit auto-response form letter they sent back.
There is SO MUCH wrong with this, it disgusted me.
For one thing I do not give a single fuck about his own journey of self-improvement. What a self-centered, ridiculous, narcissistic way to talk about accountability.
18.4 15:40 Thinking about how the PNA Hall folks made the decision to cancel the booking **less than 12 hours** after the Twitter and Facebook announcements.
18.4 15:31 For those of you who didn't wanna believe me, some rando, Racket is ON IT RT @RacketMN: A spokesperson with PNA Hall tells Racket the show was “canceled” late Saturday due to the volume of community concerns over Tillmann’s allegedly abusive past. His PR team says otherwise.
18.4 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 26.55 ▼0.09 (Range: 26.46 - 26.72)
18.4 14:03 @tapemachines Roçket
18.4 12:40 Ahahahahahahahahahahaha
18.4 12:13 Hmm, maybe somebody over there could tell us what that new larger venue is RT @LexTron6K: @CRZ Rocky Road Touring are the folks that booked the show.
18.4 12:00 
RT @PokemonGoApp: Trainers, we’re celebrating the Season of Alola and Stufful Community Day by awarding one lucky winner with a trip for two to Hawaii!

To enter, retweet this tweet and follow our Twitter account!
18.4 11:50 1. Interesting spin
2. "No Refunds" lol RT
@hoppykristin: Okay but hold up...per the ticket link it says it's being moved to a larger venue due to high demand...
18.4 09:59 Intense French
18.4 09:26 Oh, also free @jasoncomix
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