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2.2.19 16:04 
While I'm plugging stuff OH SHIT IT'S MY SISTER-IN-LAW'S BIRTHDAY and she's not on Facebook but if you enjoy vampires and the 1980s you should buy a copy of her trilogy (or get it for free on your Kindle? is that really a thing? OK) and try not to burn through all 600+ pages in one sitting
18.12.18 05:08 
OK, you MIGHT have my attention, Awazong
25.5.18 12:07 
@hack0tv @amazon I had this just yesterday! Except I had sent it to my PO Box so it wasn't as useful as if I'd had it delivered to the house, so I can't tell you what the vehicle looked like
25.2.18 04:03 
UPDATE: No change in my Amazon recommendations here on FB
21.12.15 09:29 
You know if *I* am kind enough to provide my parents with an Amazon wish list they really should return the favor because I have NO IDEAS
22.9.15 11:30 
Amazon Prime on sale Friday for $67 (usually $99)
23.1.15 16:27 
Amazon Prime, almost never on sale, on sale for 24 hours
18.8.14 12:42 
CONFESSION: I love this CD way too much (The Ultimate Smooth Jazz #1s)
16.6.13 00:22 
@grumpymartian Amazon
17.5.13 16:19 
Are people really surprised Amazon passed on the "Zombieland" pilot? Let me rephrase that. Is anyone WHO SAW THE PILOT really surprised?
12.1.13 18:01 
I confess: I pre-ordered this limited edition André Cymone "AC" 2CD reissue with bonus tracks (cc: @drinkingwithian)
11.7.12 11:30 
Listened to a bunch of Free Music from Amazon
9.11.11 15:09 
Hey, you - you look like you'd enjoy some free electronic music. Hit for a great @CivilMusic sampler from @amazonmp3!
22.9.11 14:07 I suspect that the "authors" of the three reviews are all the same person, because they all make the same tenuous link to another song, and I just don't hear it. This is a pleasant enough electronic beat + synths + vocal which I'd never pay for in a million years but am perfectly happy to add to my library for free. (review of Jessica 6 - "White Horse")
12.9.11 22:48 
When I buy new CDs - and I do occasionlly still buy them new - they are inevitably collections of things I've been listening to for zillions of years and probably already own if only I'd open the boxes of vinyl. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE.
11.8.11 18:47 
Roarrr! (DVD cover)
2.8.11 15:04 
When did @amazonmp3 change to a forced 1-Click ordering model? That's fine for free tracks, but SCARY for not free tracks
27.7.11 11:16 Wow, someone's definition of "funny" - or "Asian" - is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off. Free is too much to pay for this - erm, art. (review of Funny Asian Comedy Ringtones, Text Alerts & Alarms - "Phone Call (Ringtone)")
10.5.11 13:33 
Listened to a dozen free tracks from Amazon MP3 - click here to see all of today's free tracks (Amazon MP3)
18.4.11 14:31 
Nobody tweets about Ovis anymore - or perhaps nobody EVER tweeted about Ovis - but "Schadenfreude" is a lost classic:
15.4.11 15:38 
Listened to Cosmos70 - Hang Song - available for free at Amazon MP3
19.1.11 17:17 
@amazonmp3 You mean $2.99!
23.12.10 01:52 
Sheesh, what time zone are you in? (Thought it was Pacific) RT @amazonmp3: Is anyone still awake?
28.4.10 13:05 
RT @amazonmp3: Just FYI, we have 1,700+ free songs ( and 100+ free albums ( right now.
23.11.09 14:06 
RT @amazonmp3: For a limited time, use code MP34FREE to get a $3 credit good towards songs or albums at Amazon MP3. Details: #MM