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18.9 13:11 
I'm suspicious in general, but today I'm suspicious of ANYBODY who feels I should have already voted by now.
21.8 08:27 
Good morning! RT @nypost: Fly repeatedly lands on Michael Bloomberg's face during DNC speech
20.8 21:26 
Could I get a clip of Bloomberg saying "???" for my new ringtone?
16.8 17:04 
RT @albertxii: free thought alarms implanted in every citizen’s brain. all TV stations have been replaced by OANN. the only legal mail is fan letters sent to the White House (postage is $75)

Schumer and Pelosi: sometimes our president acts more like Donald CHUMP!

@senschumer: If Postmaster General DeJoy doesn’t testify before Congress next week as Speaker Pelosi and I have requested, he should be stamped, returned to sender, and removed from his position.
28.6 15:02 
"Man it's a hot one..." RT @tapemachines: what's a song that's pleasant and about 38 seconds long? that should be the national anthem so i stop having to waste multiple minutes of my life on it every time i watch a sport
21.6 16:10 
Whatever happened to this? Will Trump spring an Executive Order on us just before the election? (I think I'd still be okay with that) RT @realDonaldTrump: Making Daylight Saving Time permanent is O.K. with me!
10.6 16:01 
RT @NationalDebt: $26,003,751,512,344.91 (+) #NationalDebt
27.5 13:14 
When he gets one right....I get even MORE suspicious RT @realDonaldTrump: WARRANTLESS SURVEILLANCE OF AMERICANS IS WRONG!
6.5 17:11 
RT @NationalDebt: $25,057,924,023,406.80 (+) #NationalDebt
15.4 10:55 
What I'm assuming is my Trumpbux direct deposit appears to have been based on my 2018 return (when I earned income) as opposed to my 2019 return (when I spent 10 of 12 months broke off my ass). Supposedly the IRS will square me up in 2021 - I'll start holding my breath now
8.4 12:54 
<checks friend count>
I dream of a day when a majority of the people, fed up with both parties, actually band together to vote for somebody else
<checks friend count again>
8.4 12:29 
So..........there'll still be other people on the ballot come November
8.4 12:28 
"They" totally came together to beat Bernie! (Wait... that wasn't what you meant?) RT @AndrewYang: Bernie Sanders is a fucking hero. Let’s come together and beat this guy.
1.4 18:01 
30.3 22:13 
I must be the only American to have not received a postcard from the president
11.3 12:04 
Bernie's staying in for now - meanwhile, Biden's looking for somebody to wrestle
11.3 02:09 
DECISION 2020: [Some] people have spoken
4.3 11:40 
The bar will surely be raised before it could happen, but wouldn't a Biden/Sanders/Warren/Gabbard debate be fun to watch? (Vox: Tulsi Gabbard just won a delegate. Will she be in the next debate?)
3.3 18:10 
Obligatory gaudy display of accessories #IVoted #MinnesotaPrimary #secretballot
2.3 15:39 
I wonder: How many early Super Tuesday voters wish they could take it back and get a do over?

Me, I'm voting at 19:59 (not really, but I WILL wait until I'm on my way home from work)
6.2 11:35 
I know, I know, but each time I see someone proudly displaying a "Great State of Kansas" T-shirt somebody spent real money on, I think to myself "golly, Trump done stimulated the economy again"
4.7.19 10:54 
Good day for it 🇺🇸 (Washington Post: Justin Amash leaving the GOP)
1.7.19 14:43 
Any fun places I should take Kris for us to take in the USA/ENG game tomorrow? (Besides my own house of fun, that is) Are you watching it anywhere special? Did you know it was a thing? 2PM CDT.
22.2.19 19:41 
I know Republicans aren't discussed much around here (except for folks talking about how much they suck), but I think this is an interesting story - the potential of William Weld staging a vanity campaign for the GOP 2020 nomination for president. His party affiliation has been pretty fluid, going back to his support of Barack Obama over John McCain in 2008 and most recently he was on the Libertarian ticket as Veep nominee in 2016. It'll be interesting to see if/how many primary votes he could peel away from President Trump - and if other "prominent" Republicans have the guts to defy the RNC and launch their own primary challenges. Heck, I'd probably caucus for him if our caucuses hadn't been neutered in favour of a beefier Minnesota primary.
10.12.18 17:42 
If nobody else wants to do it, I could probably fill in as White House Chief of Staff for a couple years - call me, @realDonaldTrump!
6.11.18 22:02 
6.11.18 15:53 
Wow, I cast ballot 968 at Ward 2, Precinct 5! That'll be a pretty high turnout! @VoteMpls
6.11.18 15:47 
 I'm voting, so shut up - Pratt Elementary School (Saint Paul, MN)
9.10.18 22:00 
Some time between the primary and now, I turned into my ex-wife, as far as MoveOn knows.
14.8.18 15:05 
 I submitted ballot 357 in Ward 2, Precinct 5! #Ivoted @mplsvotes - Pratt Elementary School (Saint Paul, MN)
24.2.18 02:51 
24.2.18 01:07 
USA vs. Sweden gold medal match in men's curling is live RIGHT NOW on NBCSN. End 3 is almost over. Sweden is up 2-0 but USA is coming on strong! I'll stay up if you do.
16.9.17 18:43 
Hmmm, right down the middle. Yeah, right. Does it at least help explain my reluctance to engage in political discussion on Facebook? ;-) (Hat tip to J.E.)
11.9.17 16:24 
welp RT @NationalDebt: $20,162,176,797,904.13 (+) #NationalDebt
17.5.17 08:33 
CDT RT @RepAlGreen: Today on the floor of the Congress of the United States of America, I will call for the Impeachment of the President between 9am & 10am CST.
21.1.17 17:45 
Sounds like Sean Spicer is no Ron Ziegler
20.1.17 13:34 
It's trying the same thing and expecting a different result ( Pardon Edward Snowden)
20.1.17 13:32 
RT @webster: New White House petition: Pardon @Snowden.
20.1.17 12:35 
Welp (shared memory from Jan. 20, 2009)
10.11.16 17:30 
Whoa, just found another one on the carpet at work - I guess it all evens out
8.11.16 11:46 
My "I Voted" sticker already fell off and I lost it, which is probably a metaphor for my life somehow
8.11.16 11:00 
 I'm voting! - Pratt Elementary School (Saint Paul, MN)
8.11.16 07:00 
I want to believe we could do better than Trump and Clinton. There ARE other choices. Here's one of 'em.

The only "wasted vote" is one not cast.

Whoever you end up backing, PLEASE VOTE TODAY!

Thank you!
7.11.16 07:00 
I want to believe we could do better than Trump and Clinton. There ARE other choices. Here's one of 'em. (Part 6 of 7)
6.11.16 07:00 
I want to believe we could do better than Trump and Clinton. There ARE other choices. Here's one of 'em. (Part 5 of 7)
5.11.16 06:00 
I want to believe we could do better than Trump and Clinton. There ARE other choices. Here's one of 'em. (Part 4 of 7)
4.11.16 06:00 
I want to believe we could do better than Trump and Clinton. There ARE other choices. Here's one of 'em. (Part 3 of 7)
3.11.16 06:01 
I want to believe we could do better than Trump and Clinton. There ARE other choices. Here's one of 'em. (Part 2 of 7)
2.11.16 11:45 
I want to believe we could do better than Trump and Clinton. There ARE other choices. Here's one of 'em. (Part 1 of 7)
24.8.16 16:04 
A recent New York Times article brought to my attention by Robert Harris claims to reveal how Facebook sees your politics. Now you all know how excited I am to share my politics AND read about yours right here on this social network, so I dutifully followed the instructions to learn I was... drum roll, please ... "Very Liberal." I haven't decided whether this tests my faith in the credibility of Facebook, the Times or both. BUT! I am interested in how YOU come out, if you're up for sharing, so here are some instructions:

Settings > Ads > "Visit Ad Preferences" button > select "Lifestyle and culture" from the "Interests" section (may have to select "More" - I did) > Find the first instance of "U.S. Politics (xxxx)" in your list (may have to hit "See More" multiple times - I ended up on the sixth dozen, which leads me to believe this is a very weak guess on the Facebook Ads folks' part)

The "xxxx" is supposed to reflect Facebook's view of your political bent, restricted to the quite-not-grey-area labels of "Conservative," "Moderate" or "Liberal..." well, with the potential of a "Very" qualifier in front of it, I suppose.

What do you think, folks?
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