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22.7 22:05 
Well, this is a new wrinkle - instead of a totally nude nudes tumblr or request to visit some malware link, it's a FOREX trader! What is this, 2001? At least they chose "California City" as their hailing from - that one's ALSO a classic - well done, "Queen Quavo"
19.5 13:26 
RT @DollarBinShow: Time for episode 071! California's State Highway 71 is also known as the Corona Freeway. Now you know.
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3.4 15:51 
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: For the first time since California, I may have two turntables AND a mixer functional at the same time
31.3 14:29 
I'm very confused - this isn't a pretty lady! He may be confused as well as he sent out about 60 friend requests but almost exclusively female - 3 or 4 of them are dudes, including me. Works at "United Nations," originally from the totally real California City, California but now lives in the totally fake Los Angeles, California. In one of the surely stolen photos, he's wearing a "AERONAUTICA MILITARE" hat - that's the Italian air force. Finally, the account username is "habtamubayo" but because that sounds overtly Nigerian, he decided to adopt the incredibly American sounding "Smith Howells."
3.1 00:17 
Oh no there's a danger I may be removed from the voter registration list of Santa Clara county, where I have not lived since July 2004 at an address which I'm pretty sure no longer exists after the planned condo conversion - good ol' Cali
18.1.19 17:32 
@pyry @webster @ItsTheBrandi I know you're not workshopping, but may I suggest the Emeryville IKEA might be funnier
22.6.18 04:40 
There was a massive backup on the 680. IT WAS TWELVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING.
22.6.18 03:55 
Almost there... @ California State Route 120
22.6.18 03:55 
Almost there...
(California State Route 120)
15.12.17 15:00 
This week has been a sore throat blur and I've been really bad about getting things together but no matter what happens, I WILL be in Modesto Tuesday through NEXT Tuesday. I also have it on good authority that my brother and his wife will be visiting the California Republic around the same days. No word yet on their dogs. 🐻🎄
27.11.17 17:01 
ATTENTION, CALIFORNIA FRIENDS: Looking like I'll be "home" for the holiday. Details to come
10.1.17 22:57 
@ellieblades Whaaat it's TOTALLY still on the @tacobell menu
(I only know cos I love it too!)
(Also because it IS unavailable in California)
1.10.16 20:56 
Friends from California are in town, having selected US Bank for their yearly NFL stadium visit. I caught them at O'Donovan's and it was like I'd just seen them yesterday. Took them to Candyland and then a quick skyway experience to get to Murray's - we have reservations for some steak tomorrow - and Monday there's the big tilt with the Giants. I am still feeling a little under the weather so I left them in line at the First Ave box office where they were attempting to secure tickets for the sold out "Ben Folds and a Piano" show - of course, they got in. I think they've been up since 3am Pacific and enjoying several fine varieties of scotch on top of that sleep deprivation - meanwhile, I'm in bed like a chump... but I should be good to go tomorrow night.
27.7.16 16:36 
Wow! On this day 12 years ago, I drove out of California and have only rarely looked back. I'm sharing this status instead of posting a new one because I really liked the comments. (Yes, sometimes on the Internet you should read the comments.)
21.7.16 12:15 
#tbt Long, long ago, back in California, Craig gave me this Pikachu which, if I'm recalling correctly, his parents (Carol & Jim "Woody") got in a box of cereal and thought I would like. I put it on my keyring and it's lived there ever since. You wouldn't know it but it will glow in the dark if you shine enough light on it and end up in a REALLY dark room. It's a lot dingier now, the red and some of the brown have faded away, I've tried to give it a bath and it didn't really get any less dark, but it's always been there through the large part of the lives of both of my New Beetles. Last week in the Costco parking lot I noticed that the part attached to the metal ring had started to break and come apart from the body; I don't think this one is long for my keyring and that's a little sad. I guess nothing lasts forever but I hate being reminded of that fact.
3.6.16 12:05 
This Day in Office Shirts: An Ongoing Series
Hey, this is a first - I "designed" this shirt! I'm pretty sure I ripped off this concept but since I'm in Minnesota and anybody else putting this on a T-shirt and/or representing CalTrans is hidden away from me by a couple thousand miles, I'll prob be OK.
4.2.16 23:06 
This room not only exists, but we heard somebody in its shower (which REALLY made my photographer uncomfortable) - by the way, wearing this shirt has helped me identify more Northern AND Southern Californians today than I'd ever imagined
3.2.16 14:46 
3.12.15 13:50 
When did my California Vegetable Maruchan instant lunch change to "California Style Vegetable"
How come nobody on Twitter has asked this yet
6.8.15 12:59 
"Ontario Intl Airport is trending" is not something I ever expected to see on Facebook
6.11.14 02:45 
Every time I walk in to a Starbucks and see the California mug, it mocks me, and my plight to live in a real city, that I could not send you a Sacramento one. This is my mission. (wall post by Andrea Ware)
11.6.14 16:10 
Modesto (@ Modesto) #modesto @ Modesto, California
24.5.13 01:02 
5.7 earthquake in Greenville. I understand you could feel it in Sacramento, but I didn't feel it in Modesto. Kind of feel ripped off. (Also, there's a Greenville in California! Who knew?) (link to USGS report)
22.5.13 12:22 
Hello Cali! - Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) (San Jose, CA)
9.4.13 17:40 
Just recycled three enormous bags of uncrushed aluminum cans - which barely fit in the New Beetle - and scored TWELVE BUCKS!!!!! I feel very Californian today. (I still have many bags of crushed cans in the garage, though - saving THEM for retirement. (Please don't break into our garage.))
9.4.13 17:38 
Just recycled three giant garbage bags of uncrushed aluminum cans (which barely fit in my car) TWELVE BUCKS! I feel very Californian today.
27.7.11 23:51 
Hey, seven years ago this morning I officially broke up with California. I still don't mind seeing her once in a while, but we're probably both better off.

Well...not California...they're totally broke and they had to go back to Jerry Brown. I'm only HALF totally broke and I'm pretty sure Minnesota will never go back to Ventura. (*...90% sure.)
27.7.11 14:43 
Seven years ago today, @rubytrax and I put California in the rear view mirror. Could probably go back and buy it now. But where'd we put it?
10.7.11 18:53 
To watch "A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire," (just profiled on "60 Minutes") hit the Internet Archive:
29.6.09 00:55 
Ah, airports...why are you so boring. (Last chance for you to rob our house!)
28.6.09 16:20 
CURRENT FORECAST: 114º F. ¡Ay yi yi!
28.6.09 03:15 
Two recommendations more after today: and - good day today - very good day.
28.6.09 03:10 
@BT "Disorderlies?" A CLASSIC.
28.6.09 03:05 
@hansen9j I am experiencing envy! (And an inability to make this phone properly reply!)
25.6.09 22:35 
Lords of the Samurai: Worthy of recommendation - to and from me! Two Zimmerman thumbs up! is the (virtual) place!
25.6.09 19:13 
Wet fries: American poutine?
25.6.09 18:54 
NOW PLAYING: "Dancing Machine" - Jackson 5 (or was it The Jacksons?) ...and, mercifully, that dollar is over
25.6.09 18:52 
NOW PLAYING: "I'll Be There" - Jackson 5
25.6.09 18:45 
NOW PLAYING: "ABC" - Jackson 5 (who took over this jukebox?)
25.6.09 18:44 
NOW PLAYING: "I Want You Back" - Jackson 5
25.6.09 13:00 
Riding BART!
20.6.09 00:29 
@Seaners Weak & light - phone dying - c'mon over
19.6.09 23:00 
@Seaners At Minnie's, where are you? ;-)
19.6.09 22:59 
@Seaners a
18.6.09 02:32 
16.6.09 23:34 
In-N-Out Animal Style Fries = El Diablo
16.6.09 18:29 
Hmm...I wonder when New Tung Kee changed to King Noodle...of course, the menu is (thankfully) EXACTLY the same!