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23.1 03:28 
LATE NIGHT CONFESSIONS: I may have just bought a bulk bag containing five pounds of Chewy Lemonheads because I was tired of not finding 5oz cinema boxes around town thanks to the supply chain or something. Now I gotta find 16 empty boxes to refill I guess
22.5.18 03:22 
Throwback! During one of our Mall of America trips, Allison found me a quarter box of Chewy Lemonheads, so I HAD to buy it. Nice to see they still only include one actual Lemonhead per box!
11.5.16 23:19 
Finally cracked open the final box - and, with only a single Lemonhead, it did not disappoint. I'm sure a new box of 24 is on its way. ;-)
2.3.16 15:38 
LEMONHEAD NEWS LEMONHEAD NEWS (AP/KARE 11: Candy company to close MN factory)
23.2.16 00:56 
Wow, I've really been lagging on these final three boxes. This one is a bit of a classic as it has ZERO Lemonheads in it!
25.12.15 02:31 
Merry ONE LEMON Christmas!
(3 left after this box)
19.12.15 04:02 
Been a while since I cracked open a box, but reassuring it's still just the one lemon and the one grape.
26.11.15 04:20 
Yo picked this one out - very equally distributed!
7.11.15 01:36 
Here were this year's Halloween Ferrari fun-size whatchamajiggers, shared tonight my somebody in my cousin's neighborhood was handing out LAST Halloween's "Chewy Lemonhead & Friends," to my amazement (Attn: Adam)
3.11.15 21:25 
@swampynomo It's the latest craze!
30.10.15 00:25 
21.10.15 21:12 
11.10.15 22:36 
Five lemons and a banana...lemon
4.10.15 01:29 
Yep, we're back
27.9.15 03:30 
22.9.15 22:22 
Consume, consume, consume - all the good looking people of New Hope, Crystal and parts of Robbinsdale joined me to welcome HyVee to the TC Metro. They definitely can't come to Minneapolis fast enough!
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21.9.15 21:38 
added a new photo to the album: Distribution of Chewy Lemonhead Fruit Mix 24pk important science.
20.9.15 17:01 
Another one-lemon'er!
18.9.15 23:40 
For those keeping track of these, finally a pretty good distribution
16.9.15 16:45 
Finally got one. ONE! (And only one grape)
15.9.15 23:42 
18.6.15 21:41 
Whoa dudes guess what Walmart is now selling for 98¢ a cinema-sized box (photo)