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8.11.17 14:05 
Officially, I got one #1 vote - presumably my own (unless I spelled my name incorrectly). That's still ∞% more than the other write-in guy!
7.11.17 20:26 
@hansen9j Polls only closed 30 minutes ago! But... probably not
7.11.17 11:34 
I was voter #153 at my precinct this morning. Wrote myself in for mayor, of course - you can write me in too! @MSPvotes @VoteMpls
7.11.17 09:48 
 Time to vote! - Pratt Elementary School (Saint Paul, MN)
19.10.17 18:26 
@MSPvotes The Best Party
19.10.17 13:02 
@pyry Oh ja like a month ago
19.10.17 12:59 
Occasional reminder that any write-in #1 votes for me for #MayorMPLS will count, until I'm probably eliminated in the first round
15.9.17 09:16 
Happy to announce I have officially filed; your write-in vote for me for Minneapolis mayor WILL be counted. #CRZ4mayor #writeinCRZ @VoteMpls
15.9.17 09:10 
Officially filed... I'm (kinda) running for mayor again #CRZ4mayor #writeinCRZ
15.8.17 12:07 
Even after raising the filing fee 25x, somehow I suspect people will still complain that there are too many candidates for #MPLSmayor
10.7.17 18:29 
Guys the DFL convention could not have been SO bad as to justify this sudden surge in interest
5.11.16 12:17 
Three years ago, my time as candidate for mayor of Minneapolis ended and I posted this postmortem. It's not a BAD piece of writing but I do regret bashing light rail...I've come around on it since then. I'm still NOT planning to run again next year, but there's always a chance I'll get bored enough to try to collect 500 signatures...
18.10.16 13:52 
Interestingly, Facebook is now ready for you to endorse my mayoral run of 2016 #MPLS13
18.10.16 13:50 
Keep Minneapolis government out of the turkey business
(But also, keep turkeys out of my PP back yard, garage and a RT
@PPPRnews: If elected, would you pardon each and every turkey for all eternity?
17.10.16 21:39 
Or me...
Oh, shit, am I one of the turkeys? RT
@PPPRNews: Reason to question legitimacy of this poll: no turkeys. Turkeys polling at 90% in Prospect Park
9.9.16 21:05 
But WHY???
9.8.16 10:39 
Here's me and Gregg Iverson running for mayor of Minneapolis back in 2013.
We both look better these days!
5.11.15 11:02 
#tbt Facebook would like me to tell you that two years ago, Minneapolis held a mayoral election where I eventually finished 21st out of 35. Currently, I still don't plan on running again in 2017, but I DO still think the new stadium is an abomination and a crime against Minneapolis taxypayers (although WWE is bringing WrestleMania to it, I think, so through no fault of my own my big campaign promise will eventually come true)
19.8.15 17:37 
Apparently, somehow I brought WrestleMania to Minneapolis despite not getting elected mayor - you're welcome, @StubbleMag!
31.1.15 22:15 
Shout out to @StubbleMag for recognizing me out on 7th Street earlier tonight, extending my 15 minutes of Minneapolis fame
4.11.14 16:18 
@StubbleMag I No Longer Want To Be Your Mayor (But Vote No on 1)
11.7.14 01:36 
So condescending!

Keep it up and I WILL run again!
(Link to Star Tribune: Raise the filing bar for political hobbyists in Minneapolis)
20.5.14 14:53 
What will be cheaper in summer 2017: Super Bowl tickets or filing fee to run for mayor of Minneapolis?
3.1.14 21:44 
Email spammers blissfully unaware that my campaign ended two months ago with the traditional November Election Day
2.1.14 12:54 
@Lord_Gow 194 votes before elimination - just over 1000 overall (~400 #2 ranks, ~400 #3 ranks) - 21st of 35, but just ahead of Jeff Wagner!
31.12.13 12:01 
I think what I'll remember most about 2013 are those 100 days when I believed I was running for mayor of Minneapolis #MPLSmayor
15.11.13 17:52 
@OpenTwinCities Cool, you used my photo!
9.11.13 00:57 

--no, just kidding.

(Is he kidding?)
7.11.13 22:24 
It's official! After 33 rounds (hey, I lasted halfway!), Betsy Hodges and Mark Andrew were left - Hodges was declared the winner with 38,870 votes (48.95%) to Andrew's 24,972 votes (31.44%). Exhausted ballots were 15,573 (19.61%). So I needed juuuuuuust about 38,680 more votes - if you're gonna fall short, fall WAY short.
7.11.13 20:47 
@zackstephenson Sorry I'm late. Did you already figure it out? We were the only two declared Libertarians in the race
7.11.13 19:04 
The Charter Commission wasted no time putting forward a proposal to increase the filing fee for mayor from $20 to $500. I ALSO wasted no time taking to to complain about it. (Link to Unelected Charter Commission Unanimously Approves Recommendation to Increase Mayoral Filing Fee to $500)
7.11.13 17:27 
By 1 vote, James Everett pips @akbformpls in their 11th and final swap - she'll be eliminated in Round 25 and he in R26. #MPLSmayor
7.11.13 17:05 
Interesting (only to me?) thing about RCV counting is that Ms. Bennett & Mr. Everett have changed places 10 times so far #MPLSmayor
7.11.13 12:59 
@swirlspice I can't disagree there, but if you ran for months/year, why not wait until you're mathematically eliminated? For your supporters
7.11.13 12:44 
I officially finished 21st out of 35.

Also, the MN Libertarian Party may have excommunicated me. I'm not sure.
7.11.13 12:29 
When Clark is eliminated, check the "exhausted" pile gain to see how we probably split the (massive) libertarian vote #MPLSmayor
7.11.13 12:27 
Interestingly (?), I have passed the largest number of votes in any round - 54 to the "blessed" LP candidate #MPLSmayor #tlot
7.11.13 12:22 
TWO DAYS AFTER ELECTION DAY: Round 17 is complete and I have officially been eliminated. I'm the 20th runner-up. My 194 votes have been transferred to other candidates, where applicable. (If you voted for any of the 20 people above me #1 but ranked me #2 or #3, I never got your vote - you should switched us and kept me alive one more round!)

I always said my main goal was to not finish last, so in that respect I have succeeded beyond expecations. ;-)

Thanks to everybody for sharing this experience with me!
7.11.13 12:22 
The people have spoken, and they have resoundingly said: "Who ARE you?" #MPLSmayor
7.11.13 12:07 
RT @OkadaToru: Look out @CRZ, @votempls is coming for you next ;-) #mplsmayor
7.11.13 12:06 
Media availability in 10 minutes over by the coffee machine - look for the only guy standing there #MPLSmayor
7.11.13 11:55 
Let the record reflect that, by 5 votes, I will have lasted one more round than Mr. Wagner #MPLSmayor
7.11.13 10:45 
@jpreyno Why concede when you're still mathematically alive? What politician does that? (Well, besides Mark Andrew, I mean)
7.11.13 10:23 
If Don Samuels hasn't conceded yet, (1) it's an underreported story (2) he may be only "major" candidate to "get" RCV #MPLSmayor
6.11.13 23:41 
Up to Round 15 and I haven't been eliminated yet! I'm up to 192 official votes but only 4 votes ahead of Mr. Wagner. Mr. Baxter will be next eliminated (180) and then we'll see if it's him or me (or if I miraculously pass Mr. Clark (206) or Mr. Hanna (214)) - they may stop counting for the day at midnight, so I just might last one more night! (Link to "2013 Minneapolis Municipal Election Results: Mayor Ranked-choice Voting Tabulation Center Summary Statement")
6.11.13 18:58 
@pyry Now, now... it's Excel 2010 on XP. BULLETPROOF.
6.11.13 17:30 
@webster I shouldn't know more than the media does. (I'll bet you get that a lot)
6.11.13 17:07 
@votempls We'll root for more ties, then. :) Thanks!
6.11.13 16:53 
It's not a "too many candidates" problem, it's a "process needs improvement and refinement" problem; it'll continue to get better #MPLSmayor
6.11.13 16:45 
@votempls If Stroud and Workcuff stay tied after next round, do you flip a coin to determine elimination or eliminate 'em both?
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