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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
31.7.17 17:02 
Retiring badge (better late than never)
23.5.17 13:48 Whoa! Yesterday we logged our 100000th event into the Zedfeed!
22.1.16 13:13 Tried to optimize some of the slower queries that generate this page - hopefully this page (AND The W) render much faster with the reduced overhead - I should probably stop coding at a third grade level someday
18.1.16 22:33 
Obligated to share this every seven years (Weeee)
20.10.15 13:50 
Finally updated/fixed the broken link on my MSP Weather Forecasts page - now with three 7-day outlooks!
11.6.15 13:35 
#tbt Here's the yellowing index card where I put some handwriting samples I planned on converting into graphics for my World Wide Web site. That one in the upper right became the "CRZ" I incorporated into the title graphic on in 2001 and even today is the dominant graphic on my home page. I never throw anything away (but I'm trying to change). (photo)
10.9.14 12:22 
Ooh, I added Swarm stickers to my Foursquare feed! Aren't I clever?
5.6.14 01:28 
I think it worked! Although, on this site, it is meaningless! #ResetTheNet
3.5.14 14:14 
Vine in!
3.5.14 14:14 
Qik out (RIP Qik)
20.8.12 16:12 
Finally removed Digg - RIP Digg
7.7.12 02:05 Changed my "[+]" links to "[+]/[–]" links without messing up the spacing. I AM AWESOME
24.1.12 13:29 
Charming - autocorrected "John Osborn" to "Joan Osborne"
4.8.11 11:53 
Foursquare collection is hopefully fixed - I was totally unaware that they had shut down v1 and I had to learn OAuth AGAIN (what is it with these dudes and their OAuth? I ASK YOU)
23.6.11 13:35 
Looking at SECONDARY tags, there are thirteen over 20: iTunes is #1 (2301) followed by "no tag" (1529), VW (368), Grooveshark (366), WWE (268), Symantec (263), Minneapolis (125), NASCAR (123), San Jose Sharks (122), Minnesota Timberwolves (74), Craig Ferguson (64), Minneapolis/St Paul weather (54) and YouTube (28).
23.6.11 13:31 
Quick analytics: of the 6000+ "events" logged, more than half (3095) have a primary tag for - Twitter is second with 1123. Rounding out the top 10: GetGlue (888), Foursquare (291), Dr Pepper (101), VYou (96), The W (78), SYMC daily quote (76), coffee (67) and Qik (53). Tumblr (50) is the only other primary tag with over 20 events.
23.6.11 13:29 
Who says I don't have a life? I've logged over 6000 "events" at since March 5! #ironynotlostonme
14.5.11 21:17 
Even if the autopsy results later prove them right, "journalists" shouldn't presume...and then extrapolate:
23.4.11 19:40 
THINGS ONLY CRZ CARES ABOUT: How Google's Snapshot of looks when you search for "CRZ" (today, anyway) (edited screengrab)
21.4.11 15:23 
Don't worry, everybody! is still up! (Mashable: Amazon Server Troubles Take Down Reddit, Foursquare & HootSuite)
15.4.11 16:08 The ZEDFEED™ code has been live for just about six weeks - any likes/dislikes/suggestions? Email me (link above, and to the left) or drop a tweet @CRZ!
22.3.11 21:33 Currently (mostly) automated: Foursquare checkins, Twitter tweets, scrobbles, SYMC daily closing quote, (now) GetGlue checkins, GetGlue stickers - man was I getting tired of manually adding GetGlue stuff
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