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Tue 16:50 Here's our Member Drive show! I try to trick Ian into doing a Wave Project as we examine my possibly original pressing of Glen Campbell's "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," then I make several hilarious errors to close out the show. I never edit these things because why remove the entertainment? If you haven't already, please consider chipping in 5 or 10 bucks and thank KFAI for giving me so many opportunities while I was sitting around being unemployed! (Also, if you haven't already, it's free to "Like" the show page, hint hint...)
Tue 10:28 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE, 2019-20 SEASON: ☠️☠️
Mon 13:17 
Oh shit it's on
Mon 00:09 Pillows
Mon 00:08 
Had a stellar time spinning at Republic while Christian took a break! Highlights included finally getting my hands on - and playing - Christian's first single from 1999 AND playing a special Howard Jones 8¼" single I snuck into the box of 7"s
Sun 13:46 
After an amazing weekend of performances in three different buildings, Christian is gonna try to settle down and relax tonight: rather than play his regular gig at Republic • Seven Corners, he's handing over control of the turntables to me! I've had the idea to work as hard as I can by playing only 7 inch singles all night - a first for me - naturally including a number of mpls ltd and other local releases. There's also a rumour (that I started) that we might even hear the DJCF single from 1999 that started it all! Come out for Happy Hour from 10PM to midnight, take advantage of the food and drink specials and pat Christian on the back one more time for putting all this together! ENJOY
Fri 02:56 
Pledge partnering on Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI as part of my stupidly voluntary 12 straight hours at KFAI. Give them money so I can go home and sleep
Thu 03:05 
Half price happening. (Not pictured: Adri)
15.10 16:38 Jamez has threatened to have me play my stuff all two hours. What they do not know is I've never played vinyl on the radio before. Tune in at 5 for Same As It Ever Was and cringe at the results! 98.9 /
15.10 10:56 Four visits - and two large cheques - later, all the holes in the house the plumber made have been sealed up and I won't have to flip my bed on its end any more....well, eventually I gotta paint that wall, but lemme sleeeeeep on it first. Thus ends a chapter which started back on Labor Day when the old pipe upstairs crumbled into dust. I'd say I'm now ready to break something else on this house, but.......maybe I better make some money first. (VERY relieved the ancient boiler fired up last Friday!)
14.10 23:34 Hey hey look at this - something to do Wednesday night for the goth and goth-adjacent! DJ Mercury brings the darkness to the Cabooze!
14.10 20:32 The weather has definitely changed; I can tell a new mouse has been pooping in my kitchen
14.10 14:20 
My "Retirement from Funemployment" tour continues with two opportunities to share my records this week!

Tomorrow from 5 to 7, I have the privilege of being the guest of Apollolypstic aka DJ Jam E.Z. on KRSM's "Same As It Ever Was" (CAME FROM THE 80'S: The Same As It Ever Was! Fan Page) (on air: 98.9 / stream: I know I'm biased but I think Jamez is darn near the best curator in the metro. She and I have a very strong intersection of musical tastes but took very different paths arriving there; I'm lucky to know him and call them a friend/my guncle. I'll bring some specially selected vinyl and together we'll find out what Jamez does with it!

This Sunday, I have the privilege of guesting for Christian Fritz at Republic • Seven Corners' Sunday Happy Hour (10 to midnight) as he will no doubt be recuperating from his big "mpls ltd xx" weekend of shows so he's giving another young up'n'comer a chance to shuffle the wax around on his equipment while he holds court/takes a very leisurely victory lap. I've decided to do something very out of character for me and spend the ENTIRE two hours playing only 7 inchers - yes, it's a one night defection from my "No Adapter Needed" ethos, and there's a good chance it'll include a bunch of things I bought as a teenager that I'm slightly more embarrassed to own now, but nonetheless no shame in my game. Come out for a cheap beer, good cheap food, a cheap DJ and celebrate the last gasp of the weekend!
12.10 22:36 They waited for me to show up before the first band started! I better buy one of everything
12.10 16:14 
This feels like a bad idea
12.10 10:38 
UPDATE: The first pair of jeans I tried on still fit, so that's a relief #reluctantpantsseason
12.10 01:31 
Impromptu one man record party at my house tonight after I got too lazy to leave (seeing snow wasn't exactly helpful either).

Now I'm not gonna say EVERY record I've bought is amazingly great, but my batting average is still EXTREMELY least, it is with this particular audience of one.
11.10 10:26 Happy Decade this even still a thing?

<consults Wikipedia>

Oh wow, they shut it down ON MY BIRTHDAY in 2016.

I guess I could unhide it now.
10.10 21:55 
Changed my cover photo
9.10 14:53 
Some weeds just don't wanna be pulled, so they fight back
9.10 12:33 
I'm not one for super sugary cereals but I had to try this one. Cookies don't taste like Nilla wafers but do stay crunchy forever. Marshmallows are INSANELY saturated with "banana" flavour. Glad I tried it but never need to buy another box. Now....yard work!
8.10 13:57 It's been a weird day for email. Medtronic sent me one early this morning with the subject line "Feedback on your Hiring Experience" which is strange because I distinctly remembered them NOT hiring me. It read:


You recently interviewed for Transformation Sr. Program Manager, Knowledge Management. As part of the Talent Acquisition focus on continuous improvement, we would like to invite you to provide feedback on the recruitment process.

To access the questions please click link below. You will then have the option to select the survey in the following languages:
English, Español , 英语, 日本語, Français, Deutsch, Português, Polski.

Completing the survey only takes 3-5 minutes, your feedback is very valuable and we thank you for your time.
Follow this link to the Survey:

Medtronic Global Talent Acquisition"

I dutifully filled out the survey, letting them know I applied for the position on June 1st, received one automated email letting me know they'd received my application, and then had zero contact with any human beings until receiving an automated email September 30th telling me I wasn't selected, meanwhile seeing the position be relisted two times AND appear to still be open. I decided to rate them a 0 out of 10 for that experience.

Looks like they may have sent me the email that was meant to go to whomever they hired (because the "To:" line reads "Turner, Brian J Transformation Sr. Program Manager, Knowledge Management" and Christopher R. Zimmerman isn't Brian J Turner) - hopefully they don't do that to anybody else.
8.10 13:57 
"Dear Christopher Zimmerman,

Thank you for your interest in the ITS4 Knowledge Management position with MNIT Services and the State of Minnesota. The posting has been cancelled and will be reposted in the near future. Please watch the Careers website if you are still interested.

For current openings with the State of Minnesota, please call the Job Information Line at (651) 259-3637 or go to:

Note to Veterans: The email serves as notification per the requirements of Minnesota Statutes Chapter 43A.11, Veterans Preference.

Again, thank you for taking time to apply and your interest in working for MNIT Services and the State of Minnesota.


WOW. Guess they didn't hire either of us.

It took them five months and five days to decide not to fill that req.

I suppose I'd apply again but I may be too busy with the new job to talk to them by that time.
4.10 06:37 Hey hey I done did six hours of radio of questionable quality - two links in comments:
3.10 00:02 
BREAKING: As my upcoming "retirement from funemployment" begins, I have been gifted with SIX hours of LIVE radio broadcast time on KFAI! Please make requests and tune in promptly between 00:00 and 06:00 CDT TOMORROW (Friday morning aka Thursday night!) Thanks to Eric and Tom for the opportunities to sub host and thanks to KFAI in general for giving me an outlet to help keep me sane when I was at my most insane. (The music should still be pretty insane, however...)
2.10 18:28 
Phase 1 complete
2.10 16:04 Hi there. So Stereolab are playing Saturday but the show is sold out. BUT! If I could find you a ticket, would you want to pay me for it and come to the show? You don't even have to stick with me if you wanna try to get closer to Lætitia (I totally understand). It *is* a little spendy - I think it's 30 or 35 bucks? That's why I can't just buy yours...I'm not employed yet!
29.9 05:30 How cool is this???
26.9 21:23 
Makin' tacos and thinking of Ian
26.9 02:30 
I bought this shirt (and accompanying digital watch) at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, California in late 1998 on the Depeche Mode 86>98 tour, which means they are now old enough to drink...I, on the other hand, have been old enough to drink far longer than I care to admit.
25.9 11:28 
I usually obscure the entire tumblr name but this one starts with "satanish" which is somehow amusing to me so...fine work, "Teresa Lomidze"
24.9 13:15 
I played more records and coughed all over the Studio 1 mic and here's proof
24.9 12:54 
I'm not sure what "You want to see a naked video, level LEVEL on c4 that I prepared. Only you and me dear !!!! Click here! To find my name: sweet. MY VAGINA: *: *" even MEANS! But then, that might also be why I'm still single. Sadly, after I took this screen grab her butt completely disappeared. I'm still not accepting the friend request of "Fauzan Saputra"
24.9 01:14 
Sure, let's get 2for1s after the show...what could possibly go wrong? (NB: Facebook keeps hilariously switching my tag with Trippz' so let's go with it)
23.9 14:49 EDITED EDIT: One ticket is still available! Hit me up - or hit up one of the other people I have recklessly tagged in this post. ;-)
Hey I have not just a +1 but a PLUS TWO for tonight's Nightmares on Wax extravaganza at Theatre Varsité in beautiful Dinkytown. Doors are at 7, music is at 8. PLEASE COME WITH ME as everyone I know has turned me down (or also won two tickets from this highly suspicious "contest" where I think they just unloaded extra tix on anybody who entered)
23.9 14:47 
23.9 02:36 
There are always a few different ways to mark the passage of time.

So I finished this 12½ pound jug of popcorn tonight...I bought it as a gift to Kim for the birthday she had after we'd separated but while she was still living in the house. I inherited it after she left it behind. TODAY turns out to actually be one day after the 5th anniversary of her breaking up with me. There are no coincidences, but it's funny how things work sometimes. I have popcorn MAYBE once a month, maybe even once every two months - feels like I'm always somewhere outside the house during popcorn times. Anyway....I bought this Presto "PopLITE" air popper back when I was a sophomore in college - I will spare you the exact year if you don't know it but know it definitely started with a "1" - and I wonder if you can even still buy things like air poppers in 2019. These days everyone just uses a pot with some super heated bacon grease in it, right? I think I can still buy regular size bags of unpopped corn at Cub....doubtful I'll spring for the Costco option again and I kinda like the white popcorn more than the yellow stuff anyway. I definitely like popping corn that wasn't bought almost five years ago. I didn't really have a point here other than I still think about this stuff sometimes. ...a lot of the time.
21.9 16:59 See you in five hours (plus however late I end up being)
19.9 15:06 Hey hi I wanna tell you about this awesome show I'm going to tomorrow. I am REALLY excited about it! I saw Kælan Mikla back at the Fine Line in May as part of an Icelandic outreach something or other. They played first and were best; I loved the bass and the synths and I had no idea what was being screamed to me in a language I didn't know but I totally believed, became an instant fan and even though I was at my brokest, I still ended up on Bandcamp collecting all three of their gorgeously coloured vinyl LPs. I also took the opportunity to play "Kalt" on KFAI the first chance I got. The whole time I was experiencing them in concert, I thought "this is SO Dark Energy" and clearly I mustn't have been the only one because a short few months later this show was announced and I couldn't have been happier. At least, that's what I thought! As the lineup evolved, my joy and anticipation were put into overdrive when I learned that more than one act I loved were gonna be part of this show. Dudes, not only do I want you to go to this show to see Kælin Mikla, I NEED you there EARLY to see the openers. Observant are a new collective but have quickly become one of my very favourite local live artists and I suspect when you see them, you might think that as well. I'm thrilled to get to see them again! (They're also at Palmer's on Saturday as part of the Apocalypse Theater fest, but that's another time and place and I am sure I will miss it....but I digress.) Plus, always-on DJs Grant Mayland and DIE/ASPORA will keep you swaying and I wish I had something cool to say about Hardhat p.i. but I haven't seen them live yet BUT I know they are also perfect for this bill so ask me after I see them Friday. YOU SHOULD BE AT THIS SHOW WITH ME. I'll be the guy with the hair who walked all the way to Part Wolf.
17.9 16:01 Off to the (BA) beach for maybe the last time in 2019. Hit me up if you wanna join us and need directions!
17.9 02:02 
I should not be 1. this sweaty 2. this late at night 3. this late in the year 4. by myself
16.9 14:19 
Welllllllllll it was under three grand but not by much. Also I reckon it'll be another few bills on top of that to make all these new holes disappear...BUT he didn't have to come back tomorrow and it wasn't six grand (that's the best way to deliver bad news, by the way.... VASTLY amplify the "worst case" - good thing it was already vented but just hidden where he couldn't see it a couple Thursdays ago!) and I have new plugs for the sink AND the tub hooray
13.9 23:00 Still several golden tickets available!
12.9 22:04 Rotation is EXTREMELY tight
12.9 14:19 
As I was returning an S.O.S. Band album back to its sleeve, I happened to notice there were a few stowaways inside the jacket - two Cove Cabaret Discotronics bulletins from September, 1980 AND a MAD Magazine flexi full of disco parodies which I will probably try to find digital copies online rather than try to play. Looks like Cove Cabaret still operates in Superior, WI although probably with a whole lot less Discotronics
9.9 20:54 
Bye, Mom! Sorry we didn't take a selfie until five minutes before I left!
9.9 16:14 
"Two of everything, please!" #chili #cheese
8.9 22:06 
No cake for the birthday boy, but a blueberry fritter from Mr. T's will do!
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