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Mon 22:12 

(Shared from Antonio Mendes Obituary (1928 - 2021) - Modesto Bee)
View Antonio Mendes's obituary, send flowers and sign the guestbook.
Sun 04:27 
I mean, go ahead and name "Mr. Zero," don't make us have to figure out which show suddenly mysteriously stopped airing

(Shared from WFNU 94.1 FM Frogtown Community Radio)
It has come to our attention that a programmer involved with WFNU has made disparaging and hateful social media posts that are in opposition with the values of WFNU as a station. We have terminated this programmer's show with us. This programmer is no longer involved with WFNU. We stand by our mission to protect and amplify community voices and do not support hate.
Sat 15:52 
It's snowing! You should be staying indoors anyway, but here's another reason. Stay indoors and turn on your radio/streaming thing - Caribbean Jam is on another hour, and then it's meeeeee with some rock of the 20s and your requests!
🎵I can't wait for the Weekend to begin🎵
Thu 21:49 I don't know who needs to hear this but the 21st hour was 8PM-9PM
18.1 16:14 But EVERY day is our day! I love you SO beyond words and Facebook videos... but that's all I got today ;-) (Friendiversary video with Kat)
16.1 16:39 
On air at 5 with a coldwave set, a space set, a shanty set (of course) and alllllll your requests! kfai•org/live and on your local radios at 90.3!
15.1 19:19 
Christmas still ongoing with imported delicacies courtesy my bother and sister-in-law!
12.1 04:48 
It's quarter to 5, what else am I gonna do, sleep (link from/thanks to Cristian Ybarra )
11.1 14:47 Tony Mendes passed on on Friday night. He rejoins his wife of 60+ years, Lena, who left in December 2019, and their son Paul who died way too early almost 12 years ago. Tony and Lena had seven kids and at one time or another all of them had to put up with me during a lotta visits to the family house - as well as a few family reunions where I had permission to crash (and can't remember if I actually had permission to also claim I was a "cousin" :) ) They're a great family and he was a great man. My thoughts are with Joe, Robert, Maria, Anne, Anthony and Josephine and their (also great!) families.
11.1 12:43 See, THIS guy knew how to DRINK

(Friends only post attached - if you aren't allowed to see it and are dying to see a pretty dangerous cocktail recipe, let me know)
10.1 12:04 

(Shared from Christopher's cover photo)
9.1 15:56 
I thought this week would stop last night - turns out it's still going! We'll try to turn it around on KFAI in an hour with some new music and your requests. Oh and DON'T BE LATE I MAY SAY SOMETHING POLITICAL
8.1 20:10 
Here's a thing I didn't know existed but am now pretty much don't wanna know how much sugar is in it but I'm guessing that's what makes it tasty
7.1 20:09 
Today I saw Vampire Vince Clarke for the first time

(Shared from Yazoo - Don't Go (Official HD Video))
Official HD video for ‘Don’t Go’ by Yazoo.Yazoo – Alison Moyet & Vince ClarkeAlison and Vince’s second single from their debut album ‘Upstairs At Eric’s’.Th...
3.1 18:15 
Ian just reminded me my 1971 calendar can be reused this year! (Ah, so I was born on a Monday...)
2.1 17:25 

(Shared from KFAI Weekend on Demand)
If I did resolutions, I would resolve to use this Insta account more in 2021 - well, I used it once last year so I'm already almost past the post! Live in 5 minutes!
2.1 04:53 
I'm coming up on six months doing KFAI Weekend on Demand and every week I am flabbergasted that I somehow end up with a mostly coherent AND interesting playlist of two hours somewhere between Wednesday and Caribbean Jam - part of that (a large part) is your requests, which take me places I had never thought of going but am always so thankful to be able to take those cues and explore further. In just over 12 hours I'll have slept off this scotch and be back on the air with another 25-30 selections which I really think you'll enjoy - honest! I encourage you to tune in: 90.3 if you're local, kfai•org/live if you're not - and if you're using a computer at the same time, please join the Discord /chat and add to OR just watch the conversation! And thanks for reading my unsponsored content every week - it'll probably continue throughout 2021 so ye been warnede!
31.12 23:37 Wow - episode 1 stealth debuted ten years ago tonight on Adult Swim and there's a mini-marathon on tonight. "What a decade" feels like the understatement of the.....decade.
31.12 15:03 Some years I'd try to impress you by listing all the concerts I went to. I went back and checked - I only did six concerts this year. I have embellished with some of the other nights out I had before pandemic times. God knows I really needed to write this down and remind myself how much the hermit life has affected me this year. Oh well. See you......................soon? (..........................ever?)

* the actual CONCERTS

Ah hell, let's tag everybody too why not

12/31 Christian Fritz & CRZ, Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater
1/4 Dark Energy Fade to Grey: Synthpop & New Wave, The Loring
1/5 Tori's 21st Birthday, Stanley's
1/9 DJ Nola, Dusty's
1/11 HERRENTUNDRA, Wizard Haus
1/16 Jeff Wepplo, Dusty's
*1/16 Escape From Minneapolis, Finesse, The Acetates; Kitty Cat Klub
1/18 Electric Feel MPLS, Turf Club
1/20 Twin Cities Collage Collective, Boneshaker Books
1/21 DIE/ASPORA: Samurai Sword / Auto Robotic Asphyxiation, Part Wolf
1/24 Gothess: NIN tribute, Mortimer's
1/25 Fritz and Ryno, Bev's Wine Bar
1/30 Mason Butler's Cruise Control, Dusty's
1/31 Drone Not Drones, KFAI & Cedar Cultural Center
1/31 Hipshaker Minneapolis at Kitty Cat Klub: Partyup! Prince & Mpls Sound Dance Party, Kitty Cat Klub
2/1 Dark Energy, The Loring
2/1 COOCHIE CASKET, Wizard Haus
*2/5 Alex Rossi, Maple and Beech - soft opening; The Fillmore
*2/7 RuDeGiRL, Angry at Numbers, Riggs Calvero & The Convoy; Hexagon Bar
*2/8 Finesse, The Controversial New 'Skinny Pill', Buried Animals; Kitty Cat Klub
2/15 The Assortment, Mortimer's
2/16 ComputerBlue, Mortimer's
2/17 Twin Cities Collage, Fox Den Lake
2/20 SS 2020 5050 Opening Celebration, Sure Space Gallery
*2/20 Lazear, Muun Bato, Psychic Vampire; Kitty Cat Klub
2/21 Gothess: Madonna tribute, Mortimer's
2/22 Christian Fritz & Megan O, Bev's
2/22 Friday I'm In Love! DJ Shane Kramer, Palmer's Bar
2/29 Mason Butler, Dusty's Bar
*2/29 Plastik Boxes, sloslylove, TekkNikk; Kitty Cat Klub
3/4 Twin Cities New Wave Day 2020 - Jeff Wepplo, Jamez, Christian Fritz, Mark O'Pray, Diane Cormany, me; Grumpy's
3/6 Salted Nut Roll Cream Ale 2020 Tap Release, Tin Whiskers Brewing Co.
3/7 Angie Lynch Art Party with DJ CRZ, Fox Den Lake
3/8 CRZ subs for Christian Fritz, Republic
3/13-12/31 I stayed home (except for two hours on @KFAI every Saturday starting 7/4... and a few guest host fill-ins)

Twitch don't cut it.

I fucken miss y'all <3
31.12 14:21 
Changed my cover photo
31.12 13:57 
AI ain't there yet - try it yourself! (EDITED TO ADD: Whoa how many legs that boy got anyway)
30.12 08:11 
Well, I only took 85 Instas this year and I bet half of 'em were the cover of Closer Weekly - my most popular photo was a Debbie Harry (Andy Warhol) 12" cover I spun in June to an audience of me. Next was a measurement from the October blizzard, an iPod grab from January when I still drove places and listened to my iPod, a playing card encounter ALSO from January, an action shot of that spider I tried to be friends with for a week in September, a trivia win at Dusty's in February, a Kenny G: Keepin' It Saxy game night with LaLa from January, my pandemic trip to the West St. Paul Target for a Nintendo Switch at the end of March and my Election Day Mtn Dew Liberty Brew toast in November. Not making the cut: the sole mirror selfie I took at Turf Club in January - if only we'd known.
26.12 16:52 
Last Saturday of the year - I'm on air from 5 to 7! 90.3 / !
26.12 09:57 
Changed my cover photo
26.12 09:55 
Happy Boxing Day, everyone!
25.12 02:31 
Hi! I'm on KFAI until 8am! I'm also on Mixcloud but the video's a little choppy! !
23.12 19:31 
As I've been compiling all my 2020 tracks for radio this week, I have too many. Of course I do. I've still been playing with OBS so tonight I'm gonna try to livestream one laptop while filiming and broadcasting with another - all this will happen via KFAI's Mixcloud Live page and the audio will be archived forever. If'n you're interested in the video and/or live aspect of it, I believe I'll start after I'm done shoveling; I don't plan to start shoveling until after 9. So.....let's say around 10ish? I have around two hours of stuff I want to stream but may find more if it's fun and the laptops can handle it. TINY amount of mixing, maybe. Oh! Also I forgot it was Wednesday so if you're already planning to watch Transmission on Twitch I can dig it. I have tomorrow off. I may drink some drinks.
21.12 18:03 
How's your Christmas looking? Since I'm not flying to California, I've decided instead to hole up in Studio 4 playing nothing but songs from 2020! For such a shitty year, we did end up with some fine tunes. Tune in as I guest host Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI for my only time in 2020 on the LAST, LONELIEST and perhaps COLDEST Friday of 2020! I'll kick it off at 2am (CST) - just after the midnight mass telecast ends and just before the yule log channel begins! I'll also be streaming LIVE to Mixcloud so you can see my NEW XMAS SHIRT! And I'll tell you a secret....once it hits 6am, I may not be totally ready to leave KFAI and come home...and who's gonna stop me?
19.12 16:05 
WEEKLY PLUG: Christmas requests and my special holiday selections...coming up in an hour on KFAI! Also, I've been sick all week so for a bonus, tune in to the live stream and see if I can present all two hours without running to the toilet!
18.12 08:13 Of course, in 2020 you can't even find this info any more. Such high quality user experience!
17.12 13:31 
Good news: I made cookies!
Bad news: because I planned very poorly, they weren't ready until 20 minutes after Santa's helpers left me so I couldn't give them away!
So uh anybody wanna cooky (second batch to come)
16.12 03:14 
You gotta love Jo (or accept the $50, I guess)

(Shared from Rate The Cookie (with Jo Firestone) | adult swim)
A game show where Jo Firestone sets up a cookie tasting in a parking lot to try to make friends. Contestants must ultimately decide between a friendship and ...
14.12 09:26 Pierogi Pat just called again looking for an update on her order - this time I actually answered the phone to give her the correct number to call, so hopefully my karma store has started to get replenished
14.12 03:29 
Why aren't I asleep
(Tiña - Buddha)
12.12 20:24 
Could this be the high point of my week? McRIB IS BACK AND SO AM I
12.12 15:46 Well, this is embarrassing...anybody close enough to jump start my car? I'm in the parking lot of the University post office...waiting on AAA but they're a little closer to 5 than I'd like
12.12 13:56 
At 5, I'll be live on KFAI with new new music and your requests! Yeah, a couple Christmas requests but they're still good. Around 5:03 the Mixcloud Live stream will hopefully ALSO be up so you can watch a grown man in a nice shirt cry for two hours
Live video will be at: kfai dot org slash live
Discord chat 24x7 at: kfai dot org slash chat
Grab our app! kfai dot org slash app
8.12 19:37 
In August 2018, shortly before completing KFAI board certification, I came to Mason with an idea of producing a web series from Studio 1 to sharpen my skills as well as finally start sharing some music which I'd been obsessively collecting, yet hadn't ever been heard outside my record room (and a few brief outside appearances for Vinyl Voices). I believe at the time, in a full expansion mode as far as "web exclusive" content, the application process was something along the lines of "do you want to do it? Great, consider yourself having a show - get to work" and it took me a few months to figure out a routine and the intricacies of booking studio time using a system that was MOSTLY followed, but not always. Dollar Bin 001 debuted on Tuesday, January 1st of 2019. TODAY I released Dollar Bin 100. It's not for everybody, but generally if you tolerate me and already know the music I like, it's probably a fun way to kill an hour and change every week. Every episode has been archived so there's now over four days' worth of content associated with this show - that's kinda bananas. And with continued self-quarantining, an upgraded "home studio" and a never-ending supply of $1 vinyl (with more always incoming as I continue to engage in unnecessary/necessary retail therapy), no signs that this show has any end in sight. If you haven't checked Dollar Bin on KFAI out, may I invite you to start with this 75 minute episode? If you find you like it, you know there's at least another 99 where that came from. As always, thanks to KFAI and Mr. Mason Butler for the continued opportunity to inflict content upon an unsuspecting public!
8.12 16:51 
It's here it's here! I feel like I've been waiting for months! Congratulations and thanks to Michaelangelo Matos for giving me something to read in December!
7.12 23:26 
Today's worst part about never leaving the house is I haven't yet had a McRib - or 6 McRibs - by now. Is a McRib worth dying over? Food for thought. Hahahaha, FOOD for thought. I'm definitely not going crazy at all (oh hey it's my half birthday)
6.12 18:03 I'm a few days late on this one, but that might just be the denial...RIP Leah Ottman
6.12 15:57 I miss you, McSluto
5.12 16:14 
Weekly plug: I'll be live with new music and YOUR requests at the top of the hour on KFAI! A few minutes AFTER top of the hour, I'm likely to ALSO be broadcasting live video from the studio for one of the few chances this year to see one of my Mele Kalikimaka shirts! 90.3 / kfai dot org / kfai dot org slash live !!! We got a Discord chat too (kfai dot org slash chat) !
4.12 17:16 
Hey time for one of our regular checks of FEC data! Well sure, there's good ol' Julius with his oddly timed donations of $47.50 and $2.50 to Trump and GOP PAC "Winred." Why not just give $50 a time? I'm sure there's some weird accounting reason in somebody's mind. All in all, somewhere north of $500 well spent this cycle. I hope he gave at least that much to KMOJ this year...
4.12 15:34 I loved "Red Sky" since it got a stealth premiere on Crap from the Past back in October and am so happy to share the video with you now! Simon's album "Pop" is now available at his Bandcamp page - HEY IT'S BANDCAMP FRIDAY Y'ALL
2.12 09:50 Dec 1: Facebook finally took away my ability to revert to the design I'm used to and I'm very sad. I'd go visit diaspora* or MeWe but I have, like, ~940 less friends at those places.
29.11 22:50 
Changed my cover photo
28.11 17:27 
Weekend on Demand is on Mixcloud Live! Use our shortcut: and be prepared to see my face!
28.11 15:52 
We're all walking today
28.11 14:34 
In 30 minutes on KFAI: Caribbean Jam!
Two hours after that: Weekend on Demand with ME!
I'll probably try the live stream again because radio translates very well to the computer screen...
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