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Tried the "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Dr Pepper Dark Berry for the first time - of course, it's right up my alley. That's *probably* all the product placement you get from me today
Okay NOW I feel like I'm ready for Kris Head's arrival
Tue 15:03 Ohhhhhhhhh guys that went realllllllllllllllllly well
Tue 13:03 
Here we go again...
Tue 12:17 Off to the Mall of America - Cray interviews are between 1.15 and 3.00, set vibes to maximum positivity at that time, please! And thank you in advance!
Tue 09:21 
Tue 09:17 
Ooh, I could be her very first friend! Then I could go check out the tumblr where she claims all her "nude movies" are! Hard to pass on that but I'm a little busy today, so....sorry, "Henley Duncan"
Sun 18:01 Back home, but WE NEED TO GO BACK. Could this be my finest selfie? You make the call!
Fri 19:19 Surprise! Going off the grid for 48 - talk to you Sunday!
Fri 05:10 So THIS is the 5am where I hear an effin' turkey
19.6 03:34 I worry that sometimes I only show you the lows and/or the highs - tonight I was thinking it was all the lows, I wanted to let y'all know that currently I feel, like, A BILLION TIMES more hopeful and optimistic than I did when you read last week's vaguebook. Thanks to all of you for continuing to believe in me, even when I have faltered in believing in myself. Fortunately it never lasts as long as all that. No matter what, I love you all!
18.6 13:03 Yooooo it's another hour of funk and/or Phil Collins that I think you might enjoy, if you enjoy those sorts of things - if you've got the time, we've got the stream
18.6 12:03 IT'S HAPPENING. I'm interviewing with Cray in Bloomington next Tuesday afternoon! Two hours, three different meetings. Get your vibes ready cos I'll ask for them in a week. <3
17.6 19:34 
I'LL DRINK THAT: This is Mtn Dew LIBERTY BREW from AMERICA, F YEAH - it boasts fifty flavours and I suspect most of them are just straight-on sugar - there is an UNGODLY 75mg of sugar in this 20oz bottle. There's also 91mg of caffeine, so it ticks all the boxes. Not surprisingly, the taste is...strangely addictive? It's a great update on the ol' DEW-S-A. STAY DEWNITED! CAFFEINE CAPITALS!!
16.6 01:50 Not my best look, but definitely A look #poetrypeoplemn #nspk19
15.6 03:21 
Changed my profile photo
14.6 16:56 One of my favourite volunteer gigs of the year is tonight and tomorrow night! Guaranteed not to rain!* The best zone is at the Franklin library at the American Indian Cultural Corridor - that's the one I'm NOT working at. Tonight I'll be working in the Rondo zone at the Hallie Q Brown Community Center. Tomorrow night find me downtown at The Commons. But more importantly, find the ART, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME

*not a guarantee
13.6 23:50 Sorry I'm late! Also I gotta leave early... so sorry twice
13.6 16:07 
13.6 03:41 
Done feeling sorry for myself (FOR NOW) but need to let you know that I'll be back on KFAI in appx. 20 hours guest hosting Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI one more time, so expect one or two more posts reminding you about this before 2am
12.6 19:03 Let go Team Niles!!
12.6 03:24 Guys, I'm not sure there's any hope for me. Feels like I'm forever destined to be a square peg.
11.6 20:55 I'm about to never promised you a rose garden...I think...
11.6 15:11 Just had a phone call with three folks from the same team and...... pretty sure I wasn't very impressive. I hope I'm wrong and they wouldn't mind taking a chance on me, but either way, thanks Charlie and Laura for doing the networking thing on my behalf!
11.6 14:06 Ah yes, this is what it must feel like to have peaked 20 years ago
10.6 19:14 Video
10.6 08:52 
10.6 03:10 
What better way to wrap up a birthday weekend than by achieving a final level? Now I NEVER have to play this game again! jk
9.6 11:44 
Changed my cover photo
8.6 03:02 
I am going to respond to probably almost every birthday wish very soon but for now please enjoy this handmade flower Kelsey (different Kelsey than Tuesday) attached to her gift to me, which was really the best gift all on its own.
8.6 00:42 That other Players' Ball
7.6 21:57 "So, Peter, how much scotch can I get with this drink ticket?"
6.6 19:40 
Oh shit I'm older
LaLa: "I better not be in that photo"
6.6 15:54 
I guess I'm interested, but I'll probably wait a week or two and then totally forget to listen to it. (Mixmag: Listen to Avicii's posthumous album 'TIM' in full)
6.6 15:14 
Whoa, Facebook generously upped their offer from one buck to five bucks (as long as I convince someone else to donate)! I think I'll keep holding out and let you keep your financial info to yourself.
5.6 20:24 
Happy Birthday, Allison! Thanks for the treat, Krista!
5.6 11:48 
4.6 17:41 I'm never going to Cheers, and I'm hoping it never opens so long as this guy's an owner. Thanks to Kelsey for the heads up and thanks to Andy Birkey for doing the legwork and shining light on this darkness.
3.6 17:21 
Up yours, Wells Fargo!
3.6 14:51 #HIRECRZ: Just got off the phone with a recruiter for a job I'm not sure I wanted - felt much better about telling them their salary range was way less than I could consider, but .... what if they come back and say they're still interested at my rate? I strongly doubt that'll happen, but they did say they wanted someone with a sense of humour...maybe we'll talk again. Unlikely. But maybe! In the meantime, I wait on not one but TWO dream jobs I've applied for, not feeling confident for the MN IT one (although government can move slower'n molasses so it's possible they'll still reach me) but very interested in a Medtronic one (just applied Friday - if you know anybody at Medtronic, now's the time to introduce me to them!)

EDIT: How embarrassing - got my companies mixed up. Although I wouldn't mind working at Boston Scientific either...
2.6 23:25 Hey DJ
2.6 03:05 
A spontaneous performance of the HHGG radio scripts has somehow ensued
1.6 22:44 I'm very hard to find!
31.5 18:58 
Up by 6, down about 15 minutes later. Hundreds in line behind me, food line may have been even longer so I skipped that. I'm so hungry! Nice breeze at the park but now I'm sweating on my porch. Lotsa haze/smoke this year so people up there closer to sunset should get uhhhmazing shots. As always, WORTH THE WAIT but I'm pretty happy I got in line early this year. Let's see if these shots from my phone came out...
31.5 09:44 
If anybody wants to climb the water tower stairs with me at the ice cream social TODAY, I'm gonna leave my house around 5 to try to get in line early (official start is 5.30) which...probably isn't early enough, but we shall see. Maybe it'll be 88 and that'll scare some folks off. Maybe it'll rain! Probably not! But also, chance of CORN!

[I'd also like to still make it to the Collage Collective collaging thing at Boneshaker Books (6-8) but this may be wishful thinking?]
30.5 23:30 
Facebook recently bragged about shutting down 3 billion fake accounts over a six month period. I'm not sure that's the brag you want to make! Anyway, the new "emoji tumblr" profiles are managing to stick around long enough to send me friend requests - I've never heard of Leawood, KS *or* West Chester, PA, but I am willing to bet neither of them has ever had as a resident an "Amira Petrenko," who with that name surely isn't a Russian bot, but merely a clever attempt at misdirection...
30.5 22:00 
I'm on the radio in four hours
FOR four hours
Here's a preview:
Hour one - all over the place - don't miss my first selection!
Hour two - full hour of 1991-1995 "alternative" - should be very polarizing
Hour three - put you to sleep
Hour four - wake us back up
KFAI - 0200 CDT
30.5 19:11 
Everything associated with this account was in Hindi until earlier today - then all the old photos were deleted and a new cover and profile photo added. PROBABLY a name change, too - but not sure about that nickname. Here's "Jennifer Leonard"
28.5 15:59 
CRZ ON THE RADIO: Alert, alert! Friday morning (Thursday night) at 0200 CDT (1245 NPT) I will be dropping by and filling in, guest hosting FOUR hours of Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI at 90.3 (maybe 106.7? time is running out) and on the live stream at the wwworg! Please start adjusting your sleep schedule accordingly.
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