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Tue 18:38 
THIS IS AWESOME (via Michelle Herder Ness) (Barry ZeVan: The Retro Weatherman)
Tue 16:25 
As photos of me emerge from past weekends, here's a black light braid selfie from Transmission last Saturday night - ticket courtesy Kelsey, braid by Lobo, shirt and safety pin by CRZ
Tue 16:14 
On This Day shared a spectacular tipsypost from me from three years ago after making it home after Clown Lounge shots with John after his MFA reading - I will spare you THAT share, but I *did* like this advice I posted to myself the next day...which I have largely failed to heed, except on rare occasions when I've managed to successfully transition from carpetbomb drunkposting to finely targeted drunkMessengering - although I'm sure the recipients don't uuuuuusually find it as poetic as I do ;-)
Tue 15:57 
If you've got an hour, I've got a new episode and nine 12" singles for you, including Kon Kan, Dead or Alive, OMD, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Fashion, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Saint Etienne, LaTour and... Monkey Business?
Mon 12:29 
THIS JUST IN: Luke Walton "on the hot seat;" Vlade Divac considering coaching change (Kings announce Luke Walton as head coach)
Mon 07:17 
I'm paying taxes, but what am I buying? (YouTube: Fred Wesley & The JBs - I'm Paying Taxes, What Am I Buying?)
Sun 15:06 herpa derp
Sat 23:39 Rock me again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again
Sat 18:40 
Did check out one place for RSD but they had no bargains. Briefly considered one purchase...
Sat 13:25 You didn't ask, but yeah, I'm blowing off Record Store Day (as I usually seem to do) - gonna catch Pokémon at the Mall of America from 3 to 6 and then try to be on time for Chris Strouth's show at 7. Next year I'll try harder to spin somewhere... maybe :)
Fri 12:55 
Hey hey it took a week for the archive to catch up but if you're a completist, or you're Ian Flomer or you just want to hear me do the worst radio show I've ever got 7 days left to stream it. :)
Thu 10:31 
"Split baked potato and fill opening with Chicken of the Sea Tuna, creamed. Put strip of cheese on top, place under broiler until cheese melts."
10.4 16:05 I know what you're really asking...WHERE IS THE 183M TIFF FILE? It's here. (First Image of a Black Hole)
10.4 15:53 Today's hero
9.4 15:56 
7.4 12:12 
Yes, WrestleMania is on at my house. Yes, you can come over if you REALLY want. The preshow is at 4 and the show itself starts at 6. The WWE Network schedule says it's supposed to end by 11.30 but don't be surprised if it goes until midnight. Yes, that's eight hours somehow. I have two bathrooms.
6.4 03:46 OK, now we're talking
5.4 23:06 Funky! Come on over, there's no cover!
5.4 09:40 
So if I understand correctly, you couldn't actually experience my train wreck of an on-air hosting this morning unless you actually tuned it in on a radio, as streaming was down but nobody checked in and told me. Not that I could have fixed it anyway....I would have been all "uhhhh do you own a radio I guess?" Mason said it was some kind of magical impedance box that maybe blew a fuse that took down the cable that makes laptops connect to the board (EDIT: unrelated to streaming not working - I think - or the Wi-Fi going down at 2 minutes to 6), so it's a relief to know I personally didn't break anything or that it was gonna magically work for everybody EXCEPT me - but watching Mason & Barb power through AM Drive without the ability to use laptops was quite a sight. The archive is delayed, but it's not like I'm dying to immediately relive ... well, dying on the air. Worst part is I'm totally turned around on sleep schedule and wondering if I was expecting any calls today. But thanks to Ian Flomer for both his apparent use of a radio and the kind words that I had to open an Instagram app to read. And sorry again for trying to wake up Mason at 0228 (while NOT trying to wake up Leah at 0228 - definitely calling Leah first if there's a next time). SLT, you need to buy two lottery tickets - one for you, one for me.
5.4 02:39 
Well, shit - can't get audio from my laptop - now is a very spontaneous, interesting show if we can't figure it out (lots of long records, I imagine)
4.4 08:53 
TONIGHT: Once again I am entrusted with four hours of KFAI's air time as I guest host Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI - here's your spoiler alert for the first hour. 02:00:00-05:59:57 CDT; 90.3 or streaming live/archived from kfai•org.
2.4 23:35 
I don't think anybody's noticed but I wore the old school spectacles tonight
2.4 04:30 
I gotta say, I think I did an OK job staying true to the franchise this week. (I also forgot to plug Across the Board at the end, but oh well) Expect a Dollar Bin plug later today ;-) (Cruise Control: 4/2/2019)
2.4 04:05 
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Mailed my final alimony payment to my first ex-wife. Hope that cheque clears! (Now taking applications for second ex-wife)
1.4 08:49 
Now that the KFAI Pledge Drive is over, our overworked regular hosts need to take a little time off, and guess what that means? YES! MORE CRZ ON THE AIR! Tonight at midnight, I solo guest host a rare live Cruise Control with two hours of smoooooooooooth music - well, probably, mostly, you know how I goooooo. Also, Friday morning (late Thursday night) from 2am to 6am I am subbing on Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI where I will play no less than three requests in the first hour alone. Tune in at 90.3 FM or stream live/archived from the ol' website-eroo org! Oh and by the way a new Dollar Bin on KFAI will be available for streaming Tuesday as well! YOU CAN'T SPELL "RADIO MUSICZ" WITHOUT CRZ™.
1.4 08:26 
DJ goals
(Pro tip: do lick chicken grease off fingers before touching records) (DJ Colonel Sanders at Ultra Music Festival)
31.3 20:31 
I got better!* Thanks, KFAI!

*(not much)
(video from Cheap Skate)
31.3 19:29 
Guys I have really regressed when it comes to roller skating ability (or as I call it, "mostly sitting")
31.3 10:22 
I'm sorry, my what?
29.3 22:12 
Note to self: try not to stay logged in on the KFAI Chromebook all day
Second note to self: thank KFAI staffers for not doing anything as me on Facebook all day
29.3 03:24 
Whooooooa Happy 40th Anniversary to Supertramp's "Breakfast in America!"
28.3 20:47 I didn't know Trevor but everyone else did. My heart goes out to all of my friends affected. <3 Also, what the heck is going on in Arizona? (AZCentral: Crash that killed 4 on I-10 a stark reminder of Arizona's ongoing battle with wrong-way drivers)
27.3 11:47 Ooh, the "pre-halftoned" original! I've revisited that lamp several times but thus far failed to take a better photo with it.
27.3 07:06 
Trying this for the first time, between coffees, while waiting for them phones to ring (+1 612 375 9030)
26.3 14:14 
Added some "director's commentary" to my very first show to create one more Pledge Drive special! +1 (612) 375 9030 or hit up the website - that is, RIGHT after you fire up this week's episode! (Also, LOOK AT YOUNG CAP'N RICKY GERVAIS)
25.3 16:02 
It's...not great, but there are interesting bits. There are always interesting bits. #nowplaying
24.3 21:57 
(I'm kidding)
23.3 04:05 
Daaaaaaaaaaaaang that AND "Windowlicker?" (Mixmag: 20th anniversary of Mr Oizo's "Flat Beat")
23.3 03:46 I'm home safe!*

*This status is for three people. One of them will Like this status, one will Love it, and the other one is my mother**

**Having said that, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle mandates that now that I have mentioned that this status is being monitored, it may change their behaviour - except Mom, who isn't really on Facebook but somehow sees all my statuses anyway
22.3 19:21 
22.3 03:20 
At KFAI for Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI - the 3am hour is *always* a good time to pledge!
22.3 00:41 
Not to get overly Vaguebook-y but fairly large thanks to all my friends, casual acquaintances and overall good goths for helping me feel safe(r) tonight. I hope to see you in person at the next Gothess night!! Here's a shitty beardless selfie
20.3 14:29 
19.3 15:22 
If you've never listened to my show, this hour is a great first taste! Please support me with your ears and, optionally, KFAI with your dollars!
19.3 00:22 
Tune your radio to Cruise Control on KFAI 90.3 - then call (612) 375-9030 or visit to pledge your donation for our Spring Membership Drive! (And if Cruise Control is somehow not your thing...a new AND special pledge drive episode of Dollar Bin on KFAI drops at the top of the hour!)
18.3 08:58 Things I never thought I'd be happy to post: MY HOUSE IS BACK ON THE GRID!
18.3 08:16 CRISIS AT THE KZIM TOWER, HOUR 87: New CenturyLink tech promptly rang the doorbell at 8. I showed him around the alley and he shared a disparaging opinion of the guy who visited yesterday, which amused me, at least. He also said it might take a while, but he thought he could run a new wire to the house this morning. I hope he's right - we'll see!
17.3 17:32 
Wow, so it was FIVE years until I unboxed and assembled this rake! Not that it did me any good, since I didn't also knock down my next door neighbour's cord-cutting deathsicles. Lessons learned
17.3 12:15 CRISIS AT THE KZIM TOWER, HOUR 67: CenturyLink tech says the part of the back alley they need to access has too much ice for any attempt at replacing my wire without a major injury, so they can't try it today. Sorry! MAYBE tomorrow if they can get an additional person so each one can stand at an end of the alley without anyone attempting to negotiate the hill. Phone and Internet will stay off for now. Soooo I'm not exactly loving life.
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