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Thu 16:39 
I DID IT AGAIN! Now I got, like, a week to finish all of it
Thu 14:29 
This is an historic occasion! I finally made it to the end of the first roll of Reynolds Wrap and had to spend a few seconds figuring out exactly where in the basement I'd stashed the second roll. I cannot remember when this twin pack came home from the Costco so I'm probably good for another ten or twenty Thanksgivings...mostly since I can't remember any other day of the year when I use aluminum foil.
Thu 02:34 
Unofficial polling at Transmission tonight came in at 100% of those expressing an opinion agreeing with the shirt and/or the 🧷
Tue 11:11 "11:11, make a wish" - Marcus Johnson
Mon 18:24 
Target acquired
Sun 14:08 
How's No Shave November going? Ask the TouchTunes free photo booth at Mortimer's last night
Sat 22:13 Something something right on time (Mortimers)
Sat 15:51 
Okay, I'm finally awake (PRO TIP: don't stay up until 6am like I do) - gonna wash my hair so it'll freeze on my way to the station - LIVE at FIVE (CST) with 2022 tunes AND your requests AND a couple of 2022 tunes which you requested! 90.3 / kfai•org/live video stream probably - I mean why else would I wash my hair if not to look good - well, look BETTER on the live video stream?
Sat 15:45 I haven't gotten a Fingerhut catalog in years :(
Sat 03:21 UPDATE: The Quarry Cub is no longer 24 hours - it's probably been this way for months and I just didn't know. (It's open from 5am-midnight 7 days a week, says the sign, so I wasn't even close trying to stroll in at 2:15.) The *St Anthony Cub* is STILL 24 hours and is super nice to boot! It also had all the stuff the Midway Cub was out of so I didn't embark on a 2:30am driving adventure just for grins. I may have grinned, though.
18.11 20:30 
Well, another Friday night, another DEW! Live from my refrigerator, it's MTN DEW FRUIT QUAKE, inspired by the much maligned combination dessert/regift prevalent during the holiday season. This is definitely a fruitier flavour with prominent cinnamon - not in a "cola" way, thankfully, but not really giving me those Dew vibes either. It's about a zillion times better than last year's "gingerbread" inspired varietal but with all that high fructose corn syrup, it's not really good enough to inspire me to buy a 12 pack of cans while Voo Doo IV Zero and Spark Zero are still available. If they made a Zero Sugar version I'd think harder but they don't so I don't have to.
18.11 18:37 
Before I continue to forget, special bonus radio from ME tonight at midnight as I step in as guest presenter on True Brit! Tune in a little before midnight - heck, tune in at 8 and you can ALSO listen to The Ultrasonic Gin & Tonic followed by Crap From the Past and then have no desire to stick around and listen for ANOTHER two hours but I will try to make it worth your while right from the start when I monkey around with Simon's intro, THEN try to stump Ron! 90.3/kfai•org/we'll see if I get live video streaming on time!
17.11 19:29 All right! Let's get Legendary! (First Avenue & 7th St Entry)
17.11 18:27 
I had to sneak in two more lucky McRibs!
16.11 18:18 
What's happening at the Little Free Library?!
(Prospect Park)
16.11 17:01 
Not the best look
(Post Office)
16.11 16:44 
Well at least I'm not the only one dumb enough to walk around in this
15.11 10:24 
Tried my first cup yesterday - relieved to say it tasted more like coffee than pie, which is to say it tasted way better than it smelled. Definitely a fine 25¢ cup of coffee for 2022 for the thrifty/miserly. How have I never noticed the words "smooth coffee" on a Cameron's box until now?
12.11 16:42 
Once again I will be presenting a stellar collection of real listener requests along with a mediocre curation of recently released things I liked on KFAI at the TOP of the (5PM CST) hour! 90.3 on your radio / KFAI • org on your stream and some live video probably from KFAIorg/live !
11.11 22:30 
This selfie is dedicated to everybody who had an issue with the one from the Prince star Tuesday. If you know, you know! Also, it's like 28 tonight, ugh
(First Avenue)
11.11 21:21 
From Dundalk, it is Just Mustard (@justmustard /
(First Avenue)
11.11 20:12 
From New York, it is Been Stellar (@beenstellar /
(First Avenue)
11.11 19:29 Third show in a week! Good thing I had today off and took yesterday off. Looks like everybody's in the Main room for Men I Trust tho...the Entry is the Empty for now (First Avenue)
10.11 02:30 
Oh gosh, 65° - at 02:30 - in November - is just WRONG. My glasses are fogging up! It's like Florida in Minneapolis. When's it gonna rain again?
9.11 00:02 
Okay yes I am a sucker for a sale price... how bad could it be?
9.11 00:00 
8.11 22:52 
Well I feel a li'l bit better after catching up on the local vote
(Prince's Star at First Ave)
8.11 14:41 
Voter #749 at my precinct at 2:30!
(Pratt Elementary)
7.11 16:55 
Him, too

(Shared from Aaron)
Song download available for patrons!
7.11 11:47 
changed my cover photo
6.11 18:09 PSA: Stop typing "CDT" as we are now travelling through time using CST and you know I have a sick compulsion to correct you.

(With any luck our government will get their shit together before spring so I can stop being that guy....but I doubt it'll happen that quickly)
5.11 17:02 
NOW LIVE ON KFAI! Bringing your requests, some new music, and in about an hour a conversation with Chaz Wagner from War Bonnet! 90.3 /!

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4.11 22:35 Happy Anniversary GOTHE5S! (The Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge)
4.11 15:48 
This month was an aberration but also hey look 84 miles logged please praise me
3.11 23:14 
I.....did not beat the rain home. Obligatory wet rat photos follow. I wonder if buying this Chris Forsyth double vinyl was what made it start raining. On the plus side, I didn't get stuck by lightning, which is great because I need that luck to hit the Powerball Saturday. Definitely driving to the Hook tomorrow instead of walking because this suuuuucked
3.11 19:10 
Well I wasn't gonna miss it twice #McRib
2.11 19:29 
These tasted exactly like you'd think. It's clear this taste was made for corn tortilla chips and not tater chips, so making it limited edition is the right move. I don't need to buy another bag.
2.11 18:16 Just think - in a few short hours I'll be a BILLIONAIRE
2.11 16:24 
Hey, a big get for Saturday's show!

(Shared from KFAI Weekend on Demand)
Next week, the Hennepin County Library hosts a Vinyl Revival Virtual Conversation with War Bonnet's Chaz Wagner! You can register for the talk at and I'm thrilled to announce that ahead of the event, Chaz will ALSO be included on Saturday's show to talk a little bit about the new War Bonnet album "Aki Manidoog" which just came out YESTERDAY! You can bet we'll play a track from it as well.
2.11 12:22 
Boy this game used to look different. Also wow I've been playing this dumb thing for six years
1.11 21:30 
I'll probably look back at the Betty Boo autograph pack as my most questionable outlay of funds on media for 2022 but damn if that light pink vinyl isn't as seductive as that bonus second CD of remixes and....hell might as well have a BOOTAPE cassette
1.11 21:27 
Hahaha no
1.11 10:49 
Better late (repress) than never! THIRTY YEARS OH NOOOOO

(Shared from Warp Records)
‘Artificial Intelligence’ [WARP6]
30th Anniversary Reissue
Available 9 December →

Electronic listening music from Warp.
1.11 02:21 When's AEW getting the Rolaids account
30.10 18:06 
Here's a little sample of what I do Saturdays on Fresh Air!
(R) Request
(L) Local
(​N) New

John Carpenter - Halloween Ends (Main Title) (​N)
Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers - Monster Mash (R)
Ash Before Oak - Zombie Fever
The Long Losts - Back in the Dark with You (R)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand (R)
Brownsville Station - The Martian Boogie (R)
Elliott BROOD - C'est l'Halloween (R)
The Hitmen - Bates Motel (R)
Will and the Bushmen - Blow Me Up (R)
Trash Catties - Low Point (L)
Foam Giant - Under the Trees (L)
Electric Guitars - Night Bears
Corey Hart - Sunglasses at Night (Jean Jacket Mix) (R)
Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London, but backwards
Jeff Richmond & Tracy Morgan - Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (R)
Jerry Lee Lewis - I'll Fly Away (R)
T. Rex - Crimson Moon (R)
Donovan - Season of the Witch
Lou Rawls - Season of the Witch
Luke Vibert - Disco Derriere (​N)
A Raincoat - It Came In The Night
Scalping - Flashforward (Squid Remix) (​N)
Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger & the Trinity - Season of the Witch
Albertine Sarges feat. Kat Frankie - Deep Well (​N)
Stimulator Jones - Love Will Light Your Dreams
John Wizards - Rwangaguhunga (​N)
Lana Del Rey - Season of the Witch

(Shared from Weekend on Demand 120 (10/29/2022))
29.10 15:52 
Without intending to, I am in the midst of a walk-a-thon taking place throughout KFAI's Fall Member Drive - it's just about exactly 2 miles between my house and the station and even when we started at it was 26 in the morning, I hoofed it there and back. Barring any unexpected strange weather or my knee collapsing I will have logged 4 miles for 12 separate days of the 14 day drive. I'm currently at 42 miles (will walk home tonight and then there and back on Monday, the last day of the drive). I should have asked you if you'd like to donate a buck a mile on my behalf - that's $48, but if you add our credit card processing fee, it comes to a nice round $50!

If you support what Fresh Air does OR you support whatever it is I do for Fresh Air, I'd certainly appreciate your donation! If you are financially unable, please consider sharing this status out to your rich friends. I am so fortunately to have already been blessed with contributions from several wonderful, generous, sexy as hell listeners but I don't want you to think I still don't want to hear from YOU! I am hoping to smash all records and make this my best drive ever and between Weekend on Demand and Dollar Bin, we're on pace to do just that! Even five bucks would mean a lot. You can donate over at OR if you've already Zucked all your info, you can just push that button down there.

I'll be live on the air at 5 with a special HALLOWEEN ON DEMAND - tune in early or you'll miss me getting "Monster Mash" right out of the way to move into the Brownsville Station and requests for indie French language stuff I never would have found on my own.
27.10 09:13 Hey! Maybe you can't afford the big Hastings 3000 show tonight. Here's something you can attend for FREE! (But you do have to RSVP to get your name on the list; click through for details.) Ooh also it'll be your first chance to see my "costume" for this year!
25.10 20:51 
Hey guess what was on sale this week! I have never even seen them things on the left, but we're starting out tonight with the things on the right. I note that inflation must be over as these WEREN'T marked $5.59 - merely $5.19. ("Sale" price was 2 for 7.)

It's hard to call these Cheetos when "cheese" makes such a tiny impact in the grand scheme of things - these are very corn-forward and the predominant taste is limón, which is weird because there is no clue where in the ingredients list it comes in. ("Natural flavors" is doing a lot of heavy lifting, I guess.) I gotta say, when I have elote I generally don't think lime, but I guess they use that mayo with lime in it or something? Spices are there and I guess there's some cheese but really it's just so lime-y. I DID like them, though - I might buy them again but Cheetos in general are pretty low on my grocery list.

Later, we'll see if those chili cheese things change my mind! That li'l Sabritas guy usually portends disaster for me but I'm optimistic!
23.10 14:20 
RIP to my OG LIVESTRONG bracelet. Mark gave it to have no idea how many years ago... at least 15, maybe even 20? I think I wore it my wedding day? Other than LaLa borrowing it for a weekend once, it's been around my right wrist the entire time. Lance Armstrong is probably still a jerk but the F Cancer sentiment is still valid. Here also is a gross photo to show you what the inner side looked like after contacting my wrist all that time.
22.10 22:16 Told Mom earlier today I was just waiting for something in the house to break - I must have psychically felt my dishwasher completely die while I was out.
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