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Mon 18:40 I found the brisket!
Sun 03:26 
G'night (YouTube: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Crush)
Thu 21:08 
I barely used Spotify in 2019 since I only ever used it at work, and I didn't really work for almost all of 2019 except NOW, where I work at a severely firewalled office where I don't even think Spotify can work... so my 2019 In Review is rather hilarious - the !!! album, the Lana Del Rey album, the TOOL album, and a bunch of tracks from one of Kat's stronger playlists when I felt bad about her having to endure the magic iPod for the umpteenth time during her visit. So, since I also had a decade in review and it's a well more accurate reflection of the ol' KZiM experience, you get that instead...but I think you can still click through to see my amusing 2019 playlist, too. If I follow you on Spotify, I'm sure I'll try to find yours later, too... if I ever use Spotify again for anything besides playing in the KFAI Music League™.
3.12 18:45 
The king is dead
Long live the king
I really wasn't gonna buy another 15 year supply but the sale price for the economy jar was just too good to pass up
29.11 01:38 
It's a Thanksgiving Friend request! Never heard of Mexico, NY, but thankfully she managed to leave there to move to......hmmm, I think that's the Orlando airport. All VERY realistic and believable - as is the name "Yamileth Lewis"
29.11 00:15 
OH SHIT I FORGOT TO POKÉMON GO - oh well, new streak starts today probably
28.11 14:30 
"Downsized" Thanksgiving (not pictured: seafood salad and Fritos appetizer I ate earlier, pecan pie I'll sample much later)
28.11 13:28 Food'll be ready around 2 - just warn me if you're coming over ahead of time so I can change outta my sleepin' outfit
28.11 11:26 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE, 2019-20 SEASON: ☠️☠️☠️

(This house doesn't even smell like food yet!)
27.11 23:00 
(cut 'n' pasted from Kim Hayden)


You are warmly invited to join friends and family in remembering Marcus and celebrating his life this Friday, November 29th, 2019 from 5pm to 10pm at 2437 Emerson Ave S.
Please come up the driveway to the stairwell. Come share stories, food, and love.

Marcus was a fixture in many communities. He was often seen around town with his Doctor Who scarf and fantastic shoes at street festivals, attending concerts, going to science fiction conventions, and photographing the world around him. He was also involved for many years in the roller derby community as a friend and photographer.

Marcus will be missed by all of us, including his cat Neko.

"Always with me, always with you" - Joe Satriani

Marcus loved animals very much and the animals he met knew the kind, loving spirit that was Marcus, please consider a donation to the Animal Humane Society in remembrance, or an animal shelter in your area if you are not in Minnesota.

Please feel free to share with folks not on Facebook (you might have to cut and paste due to privacy settings).
27.11 12:31 One thing about working at home is I can catch up on KFAI web shows like this one. I'm only 20 minutes in but so far, the opening "local" section is great fire for a snowy day. Go back and listen to the other eight episodes after you're done with this one1
26.11 20:12 You can tell I am GETTING PAID because between Costco yesterday and Cub tonight, I've dropped close to two hundred bucks on groceries.

(I give this status an 8.5 on the humblebrag-o-meter)
26.11 19:38 
I WILL ENGINEER YOUR SHOW (or, if you don't like me, KFAI's got other folks) GET ON THE RADIO
26.11 19:02 
What the heck is this thing?
25.11 16:49 
Targets acquired
25.11 02:00 
Ol' blue eyes vs. Old... - these are different brick walls, believe it or not (2009, Grumpy's DT; 2019, KCK)
24.11 19:26 
Finally trying this - yep, it's awfully cinnamonny
22.11 19:55 Numb. I can't believe I won't randomly bump into Marcus Metropolis again for a long, long time.
20.11 22:27 
Changed my cover photo
20.11 18:33 
Moooovie time #KnivesOut #MPLS
16.11 22:14 Its time for DRINKS (and then, and ONLY then..... maybe..... dancing)
15.11 23:43 
From Dallas, it is Rosegarden Funeral party (@rosegardenfuneralparty /
14.11 04:40 
That was fun! PROBABLY worth the perverted sleep schedule (off to work!) Looks like my portion will be broken out here on the archive for a couple weeks before the ENTIRE 24 hours ends up on KFAI's Soundcloud, if'n you have a spare 120 to hear some Dollar Bin hot hitz occasionally interrupted by some nasally-voiced presenter - oh and GIVE TO THE MAX, YO
14.11 01:52 
ON AIR ALERT: Joining the KFAI Funkraiser: GTMD 2019 LIVE in 10 minutes with a special on-air Dollar Bin on KFAI!
13.11 00:52 
LET'S TAKE BLURRY SELFIES - a continuing series (conveniently out of frame: DJ Paul Robb)
10.11 13:31 
Changed my cover photo
9.11 15:13 
We thank you for your service 🎃 🐿️
8.11 22:47 Made it!!
6.11 18:58 Tape Freeeeeeeeeeeaks (maybe my only social activity this work week)
5.11 16:38 
Target(s) acquired
4.11 17:27 
I'm distressed that there doesn't appear to be a Zero Sugar version this season
3.11 18:13 Tomorrow I'm heading into an office building for the first time since I left my office at Veritas for the final time exactly 79 weeks ago. That's an ASTOUNDING amount of time when I think about it - so many of you weren't even Facebook friends with me 79 weeks ago and may only know me as this unemployed guy. I have repeatedly said how weird it is that as long as I tried to live my life NOT defining myself by my job, I sure seemed to have spent much of the past year defining myself by my lack of employment...but none of that is why I'm here tonight. I've been wanting to write this status for a long effin' time, and finally it's my chance. Tonight I want to extend my thanks and gratitude to all of you for sticking with me until this moment...and beyond!

It's hard to encapsulate in a Facebook status just how lucky and fortunate I feel and how grateful I am to so, so many of you for your untiring support, unflagging belief in me and unconditional love even at my lowest points. You have all kept me going and keep me wanting to never disappoint you. You have listened when I've needed to talk, rant, babble and occasionally be incoherent, but you still listened and you kept listening.

Thanks to my regular party hosts for keeping me social - well, as social as a serial wallflower can be, but always giving me the chance. Gothess is #1 on my list - Mari was one of the first people to reach out and tell me it'd get better and that meant so much more to me than I'd ever know, especially as month after month I'd show up and say something along the lines of "and I hope this is THE LAST month" and inevitably it wouldn't be, but I was always invited back.

Thanks to Dark Energy, Electric Feel, Freak of the Week, Hipshaker, Hot Pants, the 90s Preservation Society, Worldwide Discotheque, Body Heat, Dogg Pound, GRIND, Moonlight Affair, The Assortment, Wizard Haus, Fractal Geometry, Tourniquet, Transmission and I'm sure I've forgotten a dozen other regular dance/music nights for giving me a place to hang out, enjoy beverages and occasionally sway in place.

Thanks to Kitty Cat Klub for the "regular" status and for hosting the coolest local artists. Thanks to the countless number of cool local artists at KCK and dozens of other spots for filling my Instagram feed. Thanks to Kitty Cat Klub, the Varsity, the Eagles, the Hexagon, Memory Lanes, Palmer's, Acadia, Part Wolf and occasionally the Turf Club for being within walking distance.

Thanks to Joel and the Infernal Singalong Machine for enduring my rapidly deteriorating karaoke skills on a regular basis and thanks to my all karaoke pals for the same.

Thanks to Republic for letting Christian Fritz host a vinyl happy hour every Sunday night (although he only shows up for, like, half of them) and giving me a reason to walk there and then walk off beers I've never tried before walking back. Thanks also to Christian for letting me DJ as his guest as well as alongside him at Bryant-Lake Bowl and Bev's Wine Bar.

THANK YOU KFAI. Volunteering at KFAI and regularly recording programs with Mason on Cruise Control and then on my own with the Dollar Bin has been the most important "routine" activity to keep me sane and alive when the routine of applying and interviewing for jobs I wasn't getting was attempting to kill me. I'm beyond grateful for the chance to take board certification to be an on-air host and to be live on the air sharing music for (now up to) 66 hours on my own, and for many more accompanying other folks. Thanks to DJ SLT for the most chances to figure out my on-air persona. Thanks to Izzy, Simon, Eric, Sean, another Sean and Mason for letting me guest host their programs, too. Thanks to Mason and Barb for basically extending me an open invite to remain a small part of the AM Drive universe. Thanks to all the people whose names I may not even remember for checking in on me and asking how the job search was going, even when I had the same answer over and over. Thanks to all the new friends I've made thanks to KFAI and I hope I can continue to help keep it going. I'll definitely be able to give more and larger pledges in the future! And if YOU want to put together an on-air hour show and need an engineer, we'll figure out some studio time and get it made - let me know!

This is a little repetitive but thank you one more time, Mason. You've always encouraged me and thrown me the right compliment at the right time. You're constantly making the coolest stuff happen and I'm always happy when I get to assist.

Thanks to all my friends who are DJs, some of whom have been tricked into thinking I'm a fellow DJ. Thanks especially to my guncle Jamez Apollolypstic for supporting me and also giving me multiple chances to listen. And thanks to KRSM!

Allison, thanks for all the times you checked in even as I got worse and worse about responding on time... and thanks for all the times you helped me continue to feel useful when it was too easy to feel useless. I wish some of those errands hadn't had to happen but I'm glad I could come through. It feels like so long ago but hanging your installation with Steve at the coffee shop was one of the first times I felt like my new sudden availability was meant for a reason and that was the first of several great times we had that meant a whole lot to me.

Kat, thanks for being - well, not my WHOLE world, but probably a way bigger part of it than I'm sure you're sometimes comfortable with, but even after you've endured me at my worst you've STILL kept in touch, checked in and cared. No words are sufficient, really, but fortunately we've got a zillion of them archived in Messenger forever. I know there'll be more soon. Thanks for the in-person hangs for my last week of funemployment.

LaLa, thanks for meeting me at the 19 more times than I ever knew I'd have time for. Thanks for the weekends with your family. Most importantly, thanks for letting me stay over while you repeatedly played the same song four times in a row.

If I tried to continue to list individual friends, I would be very blessed for it would go on into the hundreds but that might not make YOU feel very blessed for having to scan through all of it - especially when you're looking for YOUR name and you end up being the inevitable person I forget to include while totally intending to. So just know that your name is in my heart even as my brain totally drops the ball, but also, I'm not gonna subject any of us to that list. Just click on the "Friends" link in my profile to get the gist.

But I do want to single out the Super Friends for basically being my inner circle and thank them for being the first folks to cajole me into not staying home way back when I knew I was being laid off. We may not (currently) have Triviasco! but we will have each other forever. I'll try to line up some days off for a summer tubing trip or two.

Oh! Definitely thanks to Kirk and the Twin Lake bunch also for not one but TWO summers' worth of good times in the hidden lake. I will DEFINITELY pack the trunks and towel to visit again after work this summer!

I got lots of big plans for the future - very important to me, I plan to try to repay all of you for your kindness, buying drinks and dinners for everybody who ever got me one, catching up on offering my own support when my emotional energy level didn't allow me to properly be there in the past, trying to anticipate who needs what from me without them even having to ask, and generally doing better and better. Of course, now that I'll never leave my house again (heh)... you may have to wait a few weeks before you can cash in as I slowly learn how much I can do outside of the work schedule. But definitely grab a giant hug from me next time you see me, even if I look like I'm deathly afraid of you - ESPECIALLY if I look like I'm deathly afraid of you, probably.

"Late Night CRZ" has retired - for now. "Work Schedule CRZ" will try to be out there and more fun as soon as I can. At the very least, he should be able to afford the cover.

I will always love you all.
2.11 17:16 
Happy 50th Birthday, Cookie Monster!
1.11 10:24 Just in time! Let's tag a few more today :)
31.10 22:56 u doin
31.10 22:41 
We found Jesus
31.10 22:37 (I just wanted to use this background)
31.10 20:40 
We passed these around at karaoke on Tuesday. Definitely cinnamon tasting. My favorite guess was when Sam suggested "churros." They definitely weren't S'mores - I brought along a package of THOSE for comparison.
31.10 12:27 Much to my relief, someone from Optum did finally call me to confirm that yes, I should be in their building on Monday to start working.
31.10 09:54 Only 40?
30.10 16:31 
"Hey it's a brick wall let's take a selfie"
30.10 15:47 
Spooky vegan desserts + mo pumpkins
30.10 11:01 OH MAN I love EVERYTHING about this (except the waiting until February part) (via Vanessa)
30.10 01:59 
What is this strange feeling I'm feeling? Is it....pride? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
29.10 21:30 
From last night at the Jack O'Lantern Spectacular - I'm still recovering!
27.10 11:07 Incredible!
25.10 21:26 Funky in here
22.10 16:50 
Here's our Member Drive show! I try to trick Ian into doing a Wave Project as we examine my possibly original pressing of Glen Campbell's "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," then I make several hilarious errors to close out the show. I never edit these things because why remove the entertainment? If you haven't already, please consider chipping in 5 or 10 bucks and thank KFAI for giving me so many opportunities while I was sitting around being unemployed! (Also, if you haven't already, it's free to "Like" the show page, hint hint...)
22.10 10:28 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE, 2019-20 SEASON: ☠️☠️
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