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 03:58 Guys have you noticed all your Hollywood Movie Posters look exactly the same
 01:07 USA vs. Sweden gold medal match in men's curling is live RIGHT NOW on NBCSN. End 3 is almost over. Sweden is up 2-0 but USA is coming on strong! I'll stay up if you do.
Fri 01:32 
We got the memo!
Thu 15:20 NOW THIS: This'll be the first podcast I listen to all the way through. (I am kidding, of course.) "Szechuan sauce" returns to Mickey D's, possibly as early as Monday, and expect them to expect YOU to buy some "Buttermilk Crispy Tenders" to taste the privilege.
Wed 13:34 
I think here today FB and Amazon are trying to tell me I have nice legs... and/or I should regret buying the "Bosom Buddies" complete series DVD box
Sun 15:21 
I bet you've got something to say - and take it from me, radio is fun! Please consider applying!
Sun 15:19 Mood: I want an Icee but I don't want to go to SuperAmerica
Sun 01:52 Guys if I were just 1% less shy I could get myself into soooooooooo much trouble and be soooooo broke and I don't know if I would be happier but sometimes....sometimes I feel like I sure want to find out
Sat 23:43 Who are all these peeps
16.2 19:02 If I mention Black Panther will *I* get comment spam? Let's find out
16.2 18:45 
Hey! If your plans fall through, tune in to KFAI's Crap From The Past tonight at 22.00 CST when you can probably hear me banter with Mason between music you might have forgotten (or never wanted to know). 90·3/106·7/kfai·org
16.2 13:53 Yeah but where the fish fry at
15.2 02:55 
14.2 20:43 
best SVD ever?
14.2 14:27 
Wikipedia says "Plaisance is a French word, meaning pleasatness, deried from the Latin placentia 'acceptable things.'" Wikipedia does not tell me whether the only person in the world with this name is the surely totally real Plaisance Phillipa
14.2 13:56 I can't stop playing with this. Do I need to work today? (Don't miss the "goth" mode!)
14.2 13:43 
13.2 16:23 Shared this two years ago. Shared this last year. Sharing now.
Will share every year. I love you. <3

"Love is letting each other be who we are without fear of censure. Love is not wanting the other to become a clone of ourselves. ‘Other’ offers resistance, pushing us to find what is self. Love is actively embracing our equality and pushing each other to realise our full potential and make our full contribution to the world. Love is facing forward, both fighting for a common goal – both strong, both independent and positively choosing a knowing dependence. Love is always leaving the door unlocked and continuing that love when ‘other’ may choose to use the exit. Love is letting go and wishing well. Love is aching joy. Love is the safe haven. Love is arriving home." - Howard Jones
13.2 11:26 
Reminded today that my superpower is the super ability to change almost every TV in the cafeteria from the SD version of whatever's on to the HD version. (Who's changing all these channels?!)
12.2 22:02 Ahhhh my "nap" lasting until now is gonna be my excuse for not brightening up your Harder Monday tonight - lemme know how it goes (if anybody goes)
11.2 17:55 
I am betrayal
11.2 12:16 UPDATE: Woke up with two braids intact. Well done
10.2 22:25 The first hour is the best hour!
10.2 15:26 
'mornin' all (Streetband - Toast)
9.2 20:40 
The hits just keep on coming! These were GREAT - you could taste the heat but not really the blue cheese (which is great cos I hate blue cheese) - would definitely buy again!
9.2 16:04 You know that phrase "I have no dog in this fight?"
Lately, it feels more often than not like I've had every dog in every fight.

Consider this a pre-emptive apology to those of you who know how this isn't vaguebooking.

I know I'm going to disappoint you (or already have) with my fence sitting, but I also believe we will move past it....hopefully, really quickly. Next time I see you, we'll talk about it for real.

I still love all of you...but that's MY problem, dog. ;-)
8.2 18:19 Well hello (MAXX MANN: music)
8.2 14:39 (keeps tab open with for another 22 minutes)
7.2 22:20 
Hey, look, it's me and the Wolves from Monday!
(11 photos)
7.2 17:01 
I'm no hero
7.2 15:45 
Not worth the wait - the cookies, not Erin (Starring Erin Schneider) (YouTube: CRZ and Eric try Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos)
7.2 12:27 This should go without saying, but I've now seen it said enough times in my timeline (what, like, by over 25 people?) well, no... let's hope we can squash this before then.
5.2 16:15 
Posting for a friend of a friend! Paraphrasing their request:
"Looking for part-time (evening or weekend) work in website administration, social media management and/or tech support. Remote/work from home (Minneapolis) would be a plus, but not required." They are very experienced in these fields. Please let me know if you have any leads to share!
5.2 12:00 
Photos from the Season Ticket Holder party at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Jimmy Butler was 30 minutes late and we only had an hour to try to hit all six stations - fortunately, I started near the front of the line for Jimmy and MGH's station...I may have done this before.

(Last year's is at
4.2 16:34 
Cub gave me these for free and yes, they're actually hot. They remind me of one of the snack aisles in Modesto. I won't buy them again but if you like Takis, these are probably the Doritos for you.
4.2 16:30 Super! (Some of these aren't true - Kim was my first FB friend [and I guess only FB friend for about six months]... and I'm pretty sure the person who threw me the most Likes over the years was Kayla - sorry Aaron and Marky :) ) 4.2 04:18 
Yeah, we MAY be spending too much time together
3.2 17:07 
Hmmm, somebody must have gotten tired of collecting one star reviews
2.2 21:04 
Third of three and MAN these are tasty. Were you around when somebody made pizza chips? (consults Google) Yeah, Keebler Pizzarias. Remember those? These taste JUST like those, BUT they are also Cheez-It. They're great!

It's really close - it's hard to choose between these and the cheeseburger ones... but I think I would buy these again first.
2.2 19:46 
I was hoping I'd find more than one post/tweet like this, but maybe we just need some time. Thanks to RJ White of Fair State Brewing Cooperative for speaking out! I'll be sure to enjoy a(t least one) Pils during my next visit to Republic. 2.2 19:30 
Anybody going to Jäger tonight? 2.2 01:38 
I have to be careful taking these lest someone try to "meta" me back
1.2 14:41 
#tbt The last time I smoked a victory cigar, for XLV. Hard to believe it's been seven years since the Packers won a Super Bowl (c. late in the evening, February 6, 2011)
29.1 21:18 
The sky is all purple
There are people everywhere
29.1 14:32 My "Discover Weekly" Spotify playlist hit a new high of 2h55' this week, including a 17 minute track. I just KNOW they've got it in them to give me a full three hours very soon!

Skimming through my friends' Discover Weekly playlists by way of comparison, the shortest one is Brian's at 1h57' with Seán and Mason very close on the other side of the two hour mark.
28.1 17:25 
Second of three! These....aren't very good. Also they smell funny
28.1 13:42 
Are you serious bro
28.1 04:31 "He's a dandy space." 27.1 19:59 
I always try to make myself easy to spot
27.1 19:24 
One nice thing I guess: the skyway is open a heck of a lot longer than on a normal Saturday
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