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3.7 09:58 UPDATE: Global Entry appointments opened up at MSP for THIS FRIDAY! I just grabbed the last one of the day, they'll love me.
2.7 23:12 
I'm late, but I found her - I also made sure we were looking at her phone and not at mine when I took mine, so... more to come from better angles
(Fraternal Order of Eagles)
2.7 02:44 
I go into the VFW through the back door - I mean, I park back there and there's no line... unlike at the front. With my ID ready, I tried to present it but the security guy said "didn't I already stamp you? Don't you have a wrist band already?" Without missing a beat, I said "I think you probably have me confused with some other guy wearing the same shirt," and he was like "OH YEAH" which was hilarious - especially since that's TOTALLY what happened by the time I DID see Bobby out on the floor before his DJ set. I honestly can't remember if we'd met face to face before tonight as I think I really (re)learned about him during pandemic times and I was shocked to see how close our beards were. Slap a hat on me to hide my hair and I can definitely see how we'd confuse a security guy at a quick glance. Anyway here's the "I got the memo" photograph - there were at least three of these shirts out at the VFW tonight and here's two of 'em. I bet you wish you'd bought o!
ne NOW! Also the FUNK OF JULY event was super funky and I wish you could've been there with us.
1.7 19:00 
Ah, Hardee's, it never gets old
1.7 18:45 
Early game means it's still light out on the bus back, so no party lights... but it's the last one of the year and I can't break my streak of sexy photos. Remember, LACK IVES ATTE
1.7 15:42 
LET'S GO MN AURORA! Attempting to wrap up a second undefeated season against #ChicagoCitySC - I feel sunburned already

(Shared from TCO Stadium)
Football Stadium in Eagan, MN
(TCO Stadium Eagan)
30.6 22:07 Two Gothesses in a Pride month and I made 'em both!
30.6 10:04 
Hey New York friends! Sounds like a sexual predator may be coming soon to perform at The Bowery Electric! I'd encourage you not to go....and perhaps not to go to any show at that place if that's the kind of act they're interested in platforming

Oh, the comments are still open on this post? That's interesting.

(Shared from The Bowery Electric)
Catch Har Mar Superstar live at The Bowery Electric on 8/25! Tix here 🎟
30.6 00:24 
Here's the Van Leeuwen AriZona Green Tea with honeycomb! It's advertised as green tea and ginseng with honeycomb candy. I originally suspected this'd just taste like the stuff they'd serve me at the end of dinner at the all-you-can-eat sushi place but this is definitely on a higher and more complex plane. Funny thing is that the parts that aren't honeycomb candy are WAY more green tea and ginseng than I thought - it's barely even sweet tasting! But I'm totally fine with that. To make up for it, the (wish there were more of 'em) "honeycomb" bits are small, crunchy and POTENT in their sweetness. All in all, another triumph from the guys what make all them funny flavours of rich Frainch ice cream for $4.98 a (14oz) pop at the Walmart.
28.6 23:05 
I dunno what's going on with my hair but it must be that Palmer's magic (lack of) lighting
(Palmer's Bar)
28.6 20:55 Stalking my PALS again (Palmer's Bar)
28.6 15:25 
Poor Lisa has waited for WEEKS for me to eat something, ANYTHING, from this big bag of goodies she gifted me back during my birthday week. Well, wait no longer, TODAY'S THE DAY!

Here are some Lay's Deep Ridged Squid ("Sizzling Calamari") tater chips from China. They're way more jagged and crunchy than your standard Wavy Lay's - I approve!

Unfortunately or fortunately, the texture was way more interesting than the flavour, which - I guess despite countless calamari appetizers I don't rightly know what "squid flavour" is supposed to taste like. It was salty! It was fine!

I might like other Deep Ridged varietals if they exist. Dunno if I need this one again.
27.6 16:22 
Passed on trying to get a selfie with the governor at the Stassen Building but at least I DID get to smirk with a mouthful of sugar cookie at the lieutenant governor as she was hustled out #rowr #shehasahusband #iworepantsforthis (Minnesota State Capitol)
27.6 09:45 
I dunno, I think I refuse to believe Pepsi's Facebook page (and Insta....and Twitter....) wasn't hacked. (hat tip to James for showing me this first)

Allegedly in baseball stadiums to try July 4th. No ETA on its arrival to my fridge (yet)

(Shared from Pepsi)
Introducing Pepsi Colachup. It’s sweet, it’s salty, and it’s every hot dog’s new BFF. #BetterWithPepsi
26.6 17:22 
Haven't done this for a while - grabbed my entire point-in-time Spotify Friend feed and compiled this pretty kickin' playlist, featuring YOU! (If you are embarrassed by your selection....well, I didn't tag you, at least! But you have nothing to be embarrassed about - love what you love, babes - besides, if I know Zuck, this will be so de-emphasized that nobody's gonna see it anyway)

Just over an hour but then I added my 10 minute Orb track and it's really closer to 90 minutes now but still pretty breezy.

Late Nite Tip - Three 6 Mafia (Kayla)
Impatient - Timothy Infinite (Kimberly)
Asmarina (My Asmara) - Feqadu Amde-mesqel (Kevin)
Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (Chloe)
Tortoise - A Simple Way to Go Forward (Chris)
Katie Pruitt - Expectations (Scott)
Ghost of Vroom - Memphis Woofer Rock (another Scott)
Cailin Russo - PSYCHO FREAK (Linette)
Marvin Gaye - Anger (Ian)
Cultus Black - Nevermine ("1112219650" [Laurence, I think])
Todd Rundgren - You Need Your Head (Mason)
BADBADNOTGOOD - Love Proceeding (Macroblank Remix) (Pilot)
Pavement - Father to a Sister of Thought (Jackson)
Chris Luno - Those Days (ABGT533) (Aaron)
You Me At Six - Beautiful Way (Jas)
Taylor Swift - Should've Said No (Michael)
UZLAGA - The Sunken Seer (Maddie)
Penelope Trappes - Eel Drop (Chuck)
Lance Skiiwalker feat. Nick Hakim - In The World (Danny)
Information Society - To The City (Krista)
The Orb - living in recycled times (me)
25.6 02:01 
Hell yeah

(Shared from Minnesota Aurora FC)
And with the final whistle...

24.6 19:27 This offer still stands ♥️
24.6 16:49 
Hey one more chance to catch me presenting live radio in about ten minutes on 90.3 KFAI / KFAI dot org! Live video coming up too but my hair is such a mess
23.6 21:50 
23.6 20:07 
That guy from India who gets off on me eating Oreos on YouTube is back, and trying a new tack
23.6 15:56 
Okay, this one's pretty good actually - but maybe I've had too much sugar and caffeine too early today. Don't forget to tune in to 90.3 KFAI / kfai•org at 10PM (CDT) TONIGHT (Friday) to find out!
23.6 14:13 

Thanks, mpls ltd!

(Sexy pride high socks and MNIT swag not included with order)
23.6 02:02 
It's ice cream weather! This time I tried one that wasn't weird or wrong: "Campfire S'mores." "Toasted marshmallow" flavor actually almost made me imagine smoke. I don't think I've had ice cream with marshmallows in it before...dunno if they just all end up at the top but the part I had felt like there were A LOT of 'em. Chocolate swirl was okay. Graham cookie bits were GREAT and I hope there are more near the bottom of the (14oz) pint. All in all, pretty good - way better than the Hidden Valley ranch ice cream, it goes without saying! - but doesn't really move me off my favourite Ben & Jerry's "Everything But The..." pint.

COMING SOON: Yeah I also bought the Arizona green tea one, I'll probably try that one tomorrow
22.6 23:49 
I feel funny

(Shared from Harumo Imai -Turn It Up (feat. Juna Serita)【Official Music Video】)
Tenor Sax: Harumo ImaiElectric Bass: Juna Serita @JunaSeritaMusic Organ: Harumo ImaiComposer: Harumo ImaiArranger: Harumo ImaiBacking track by: TopGun On The...
22.6 18:19 
Here it is! Christian posted about it last week - this is ULTIMATE Coca-Cola League of Legends, promising to be "+XP flavored" and like most of the rest of the Internet I just have no idea how this is that much different from the boring ol' Coke Zero I can get way cheaper. Taste is largely the same, bouquet DOES have something extra, but no clue what it is. The Internet has settled on banana and/or bubblegum. 57mg of caffeine in my 20oz bottle, on par with a similarly sized bottle of Coke Zero. I guess the fact that it isn't awful raises it above some of the other limited edition Cokes I've tried, but you can probably skip this one. I won't bother with the calorie-filled version.
22.6 10:50 
Bonus Radio CRZ coming tomorrow night to KFAI - Fresh Air Community Radio!

I am so privileged to present Crap From The Past for the first time on my own starting at 10PM CDT (4am BST) - given this may be my largest audience ever, I've been working hard to put together an interesting and worthy selection of remixes and Giorgio Moroder tracks along with a new batch of "Ron's not here" sweepers - I think you'll appreciate the result!

Immediately following on Saturday at midnight (6am) is True Brit! Radio! Somehow King Simon is exactly where I wanna be (Southampton) but being able to present two hours of British tunes live is a pretty cool consolation prize. Because this is my 11th time presenting the show, I have totally half-assed THIS playlist, but still have plenty of time to change my mind.

Of course I'm back Saturday at 5PM (11PM) with my own two hours of new new music and listener requests on KFAI Weekend on Demand. I really should start that playlist any minute now.

Live chat and video for all three shows in real time, hopefully - if you somehow don't already know those links, hit me up. And of course if you miss anything, KFAI will post them in the archive almost immediately on Mixcloud and a bit later on their own website.

Yes, SIX hours of MEEEEEEEEEEEEE what a weekend! Why, you better start rearranging your schedule NOW!
21.6 19:55 
The new frozen Fanta is "kickin' mango," combining two things I don't want in my frozen Coke - mango and fire - also, it's still $1.49 in the app! Maybe next Impossible Whopper Wednesday...
(Burger King)
21.6 17:43 
Well these choices are way less gross (except that kiwi one, ugh)
(Walmart Minneapolis)
21.6 12:09 This shit is broken. Just scrolled through the feed on my laptop and I guess there wasn't any friend content left for me...

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Oh wait, finally a post from Ollie
21.6 12:05 
Aw man, bummer

(Shared from Hamline-Midway Ethiopian restaurant Fasika to close Saturday)
A longtime eatery in St. Paul's Hamline-Midway neighborhood will permanently close its doors this weekend.
21.6 11:23 
Well that was super quick! Ohhhhhhh next available MSP interview time is in late September... NOW I get it. (There's a Monday interview available in Warroad! But this doesn't really feel like a "take a day off, buy three tanks of gas, put another 680 miles on my ancient VW driving for 12 hours" project)
20.6 23:00 
Did Gene Wilder's ghost approve this?
20.6 22:14 
A hot night calls for a cold....Mtn Dew Baja Caribbean Splash? Wait, is it Baja or Caribbean? Aren't those, like, thousands of miles apart? Label reveals this is a guava flavour. I'm not into guava and guess what, I'm very happy I didn't buy the 12 pack of cans. (I DID get a new 12 pack of Baja Blast Zero, which I was very much surprised to discover still the Quarry Cub, at least.)
19.6 23:02 I'm unhappy that it's still 80 at 11PM - carry on
18.6 20:48 I got tomorrow off. I hope you do, too! Anything going late tonight?
18.6 17:52 
2023's latest innovation space for foods what taste like other foods is Jack Link deciding to team up with fellow Frito-Lay stablemates...umm, bring you new exciting tastes in dried meat. These have actually been around for months and more than one of you has been after me thinking this is something I'd be interested in, and you're right, but it took some intense messages from cousin Adam to finally get me to pay real cash to pick them up.

First, on the right, Jack Link's Flamin' Hot beef jerky. This annoys me right off the bat because Flaimin' Hot WHAT? Flamin' Hot Mtn Dew? Well, all that this is is another way to say "only kinda spicy." I don't even think the heat rose to the level of flamin' in any way. Maybe Minnesota spicy?

The Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos beef jerky, on the other hand, were complicated and delicious, just like your favourite purple baggéd Doritos. I'd definitely spring for them again.

One thing I didn't notice on these bags is that you're supposed to refrigerate them after opening. I always find it hard to believe one doesn't just eat the entire bag all at once...these're pretty small as far as serving size. Also, they're so heavily dried and preserved I have to think that's some lawyer talking.

These are also available as meat sticks! I bought them, too, but haven't cracked them open yet.
18.6 03:43 
18.6 02:48 What you need to know about me is if you are walking by while I'm in front of the free TouchTunes photo strip thing, I will make you take photos with me. I think Steve's thing is "friends only" so I will post a copy in the first comment.
17.6 22:15 My last official "birthday" thing...I think. (Feel free to prove me wrong!) (Mortimers)
17.6 21:36 
8-0-0 and one regular season party bus ride remaining, so enjoy it while you can
(TCO Stadium Eagan)
17.6 16:47 
Hey hi! It's Saturday so that means time for your ol' radio pal CRZ to hit the studio - only THIS week I have pre-taped so I can GUARANTEE it's a pretty cool show ahead of time. New new music and your requests from 5 to 7 on Fresh Air! Don't let the fact that I'm not pushing buttons live keep you away - in fact, it might be an encouragement! 90.3 on your radio and if you hear static you might be out of range so check us out at or get the KFAI Community Radio app from your Google Play/App Store of choice to check out mine and like a hundred other shows at any time via our archive!
16.6 20:22 This must be the (7-Up) Spot (Eagles 34)
16.6 19:43 
I actually ate these, like, three weeks ago - are they even still selling them? - but didn't get around to telling you about them until now because there's NOTHING here. I bought these and a bag of the Cubans (still unopened, coming soon) and knew these would be the "worse" ones. The thing is, they should taste great! How can you mess up BLT? Well, these chips have somehow manage to take all of the elements of BLT and choose as the spotlighted, highlighted, most forward flavour..... the bread. These chips tasted like nothin'! Pretty much complete failure as anything above and beyond plain. MAYBE salt....not even bacon. Don't think I'm underselling how underwhelming these tasted!
15.6.23 15:43 This sucks and I'm not good with it! Stephen's words are so lovely and you're in my thoughts today.
15.6.23 02:39 
Weird night! As usual, my "introverted but will fight racism" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt 🧷

(📷: Yo Ritchie)
14.6.23 14:09 
Speaking of weird Oreos, on this day I tried the period ones
13.6.23 22:10 
It was only a matter of time until somebody came up with a fake Dot's for half the price and these are them - a 12 oz bag is on sale for three bucks right under the $7 10½ ounce bags of Dot's. Just as crack-like with the added bonus of being so salty you simply cannot eat the entire bag in one sitting. Recommended!
13.6.23 22:07 
Cotton Candy Oreos! (Did not buy!) Hey Jamez they still got the blackout cake ones but probably not worth a special trip
13.6.23 12:58 
Hey Minnesotans, you can get 8 more free rona tests if you haven't placed an order for June yet - I'll try to remind you just after July 1st, too :)
13.6.23 06:41 
Logging into work this morning will mark the end of my birthday week. Thanks so much to all of you who wished me well here on the 'book, via texts and calls and/or in person over the past 6 days. Special thanks to the 14 of you who had no idea Zuckerberg decided to throw your not-Bitmoji into the same pose on your posts to my wall. What'll that guy think of next?

As you may or may not know, I was born on a military base in Europe, which means my actual born time is late in the evening on the 6th. For the first year in a lotta years, I was alone when that time came - I blame it on being a Tuesday this year more than me not bothering to make sure I was out with friends when it happened, but that's why there was no photo this year. (I say this mostly so next year when I visit "On This Day" and see a string of photos but none for 2023, I'll remember....on the 13th. Wait)

Believe it or not, I haven't spent as much time on Facebook during my last staycation, so I have a few snacks to tell you about that I had last week - and then we'll start on the pile Lisa bought me, or whatever I find between now and then. I dunno, I got at least 100 years left here.

More oversharing soon, I'm sure. I love you all!
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