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Thu 17:17 Hey DJ
Tue 23:00 THIS JUST IN: They're all the same ;-) (via Peter)

My scores (matches out of 20):
Bloomberg/Warren 10
Yang 9
Sanders/Steyer 8
Biden 7
Buttigieg/Klobuchar 6
Gabbard 5
Tue 17:25 
Sun 20:53 
Never doubted 'em. #GoPackGo
10.1 22:45 Rowr
9.1 17:11 Hey DJ
8.1 16:42 
I gotta stop challenging this guy, he never finishes a game
8.1 13:50 Well this is some bullshit
7.1 20:31 
Mooooooooose (@ Rosedale Center) (video)
7.1 20:31 
Still here!! (@ Rosedale Center) (video)
7.1 17:00 
I'm not saying I'm good at cards buuuuuut
4.1 22:59 In the darkest time of the year, we ride on the darkest waves
4.1 15:47 
Oh shit it's a Jumpman machine - thanks to my brother and sister-in-law! (Didn't wanna/couldn't pay to use the Commodore marks, huh? 😆)
3.1 22:12 Well I may not have been to Tx in this building since October... but on the other hand, I haven't missed one in 2020 yet
3.1 00:17 
Oh no there's a danger I may be removed from the voter registration list of Santa Clara county, where I have not lived since July 2004 at an address which I'm pretty sure no longer exists after the planned condo conversion - good ol' Cali
2.1 09:58 Help me get through this week. What's the funniest thing I've ever said to you*?
2.1 06:30 RIP Barry ZeVan. He did it right up to the end.
1.1 21:40 
Great time bringing in 2020 at BLB last night! Somehow ended up I loaded up on "F" Artists (haha FARTISTS) because F 2019, am I right? Thanks to Christian Fritz (EDIT: another fine fartist!!) for the opportunity and being a very enthusiastic audience, along with the almost always full house for the full 5 hours. Here's my piece of it, hope you can decipher my handwriting. If you ever have two turntables sitting around at YOUR establishment, I got crates - call my booker. (...who is also me.)
1.1 16:06 
Changed my cover photo
31.12 20:50 Tunes soon! New year coming up!
31.12 18:27 
Always a relief to see that I'm the #1 photo! Only 195 Instas this year... but 1221 Likes!

Pictured: Me, Massive Attack with Liz Fraser, Kyoto Sushi, Kenny G, Wax Lead, MINE, Wax Lead again, me again, Birthday Suits

(NB: I did not win the year's supply of bacon)
31.12 18:24 
Wanted to see what the last thing on my timeline from LAST decade was and it was this note from Andy, who died May 25, 2015....definitely one of several low points of the decade. We'll try to end it on a much higher one tonight!
30.12 20:47 As you know, a year can't officially end until NBC News reminds us who died during it - and as usual, looks like a couple people tried to sneak their deaths by me
30.12 15:30 Electric Feel: 2000s Indie Dance Party w/ FooLProoF & Modernist returns to the Turf Club January 18, but will Maggie and Becca? STAY TUNED
30.12 00:50 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE, 2019-20 SEASON: ☠️☠️☠️☠️

This one was very creative about entering the trap in such a way that I may actually have to violate the "no need to touch dead mouse" selling point of my trap. (Photos DM'd on request) - of course, I ran to Facebook to post this status before I bothered attempting corpse disposal
28.12 10:48 
Okay see ya in three hours (via Martin) (YouTube: 4K CABVIEW Bijelo Polje - Bar - Winter ride from snowy mountains to Adriatic Sea coast)
28.12 10:06 Of course, in the "memory" Facebook crops the most important part of the hoodie so you have no idea why it got 35 comments (SPOILER ALERT: it wasn't because of my face)
28.12 10:02 The top item in my timeline right now is a plea from Facebook to share my most commented photo of 2017. My next three are posts strongly encouraging everyone to not go out in the ice, which I have read as "totally okay to stay in bed a while"
27.12 15:19 
All right... which one of you......went postal
26.12 06:26 
Happy Boxing Day, everyone!
25.12 20:59 
Merry Christmas! Here's the lightest fake profile to ever friend me - sheesh, put in some effort, "Maria Hass Nebert"
24.12 05:56 
Hokey smokes it's early - hey tune into KFAI A.M. Drive where I'm joining Barb, Mason and super producer Savannah for the CHRISTMAS EVE SPECTACULARRRRRRRRRRRRR
23.12 19:33 
Beer goggles.
21.12 22:37 
Can't make it up, Facebook just suggested I may be interested in my own page.....merp
21.12 22:08 I'll be honest...there are more sweaters than I expected so far
21.12 15:31 Everything's beautiful (except this guy)
21.12 14:23 
What an aaaaaaaaage we live in 🌭 🥤 🍕
21.12 14:09 
At least they throw in a wash
21.12 11:14 Dollar Bin 050 drops Tuesday!

(Spinitron says I didn't get around to including the Translator until Dollar Bin 008 in February.)
19.12 22:34 
#tbt Both of my car's headlights appear to have stopped working within the same week (passenger side on, like Sunday; driver Good thing it's only dark on the occasional night out oh but also while I'm driving to and from work usually so actually do I ever NOT need my headlights on? Poor Pikatuu, we'd been doing so well without me throwing money into it. HAPPY 14TH ANNIVERSARY OF MY CAR (Luther Burnsville Volkswagen, morning of December 19, 2005)
19.12 19:35 
A happy place.
19.12 06:55 Hello, friends! Last reminder that I'm spinning vinyl with Jeff at Dusty's for HAPPY HOUR - it's nice and early (4.30-8.30) so you can still go to bed at a decent hour, but why would you want to? I'd love to see your face - heck, most of your body parts, probably. If you need to see the event, I probably already sent you an invite, but if you STILL need the event, hit me up and I'll hook you up!
18.12 07:15 
FACE (Photos celebrating my 13th Anniversary of joining Facebook)
17.12 17:53 
It's not Christmas if I haven't visited the big moose (video)
14.12 23:59 Maaaaaaaade it
14.12 18:05 Rumor has it Jeff won't be the only guy with vinyl at Dusty's this Thursday!
14.12 01:19 Technically, it's Saturday the 14th-- <ducking thrown objects>
13.12 22:47 Hmmm I wonder which act I missed
10.12 21:36 "Beautiful" is the theme and is not Kris
9.12 18:40 I found the brisket!
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