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Wed 03:44 
Good times! If you can read my handwriting.... we should probably hang out more.
Tue 18:01 HEY DJ: Short notice but I'm spinning with Christian Fritz TONIGHT at Bryant-Lake Bowl from 9 to 1! See what kind of crate I can pack in a panic in two hours and enjoy sweet, sweet happy hour deals from 10PM!
Mon 18:18 
Video - Who's next? It's the sequel to Santa's Slay (sorta) and/or a Dodge commercial I just saw for the first time (YouTube: Dodge - Upgrade)
Mon 17:17 Jered Threatin > Connor Mack
Come at me
(Stereogum: LA Metalhead Faked An Online Fanbase To Book A UK Tour No One Attended)
Mon 14:18 
Video - My - and your - new favourite song (B.O.S.E. - Batman (The Original Swing))
Mon 10:52 Well, there you go. What's that thing I always say? "There are no coincidences!" (Friendaversary with Linette)
Mon 10:21 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE: As I throw carcass #3 into my trash can, I make that yearly wish that it would snow enough to cover up whichever entrance to my house all these mice clearly know about but I don't. Three mice in four days might be a new record pace for me...
Sun 18:24 
What a hairy, hairy man
(10 years ago)
Sun 00:55 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE: Mouse #2 actually flipped the trap and landed on its back with its little feet in the air - so precious
Sun 00:39 
Is it still a tease when everything about said tease seems to scream out "avoid at all costs?"
Sat 19:53 Ha! I'll never not love and share this HoJoPhoTo :D
Sat 17:21 
I mean it...last time this season I do this. Honest. (Probably.)
Fri 21:02 My original draft of this status in my head was something like "I'm not sure where 'buying your groceries at Menards' is on the 'generally giving up on life' scale, but that's the level I'm at on this Friday night" - but that was BEFORE I spent five minutes of my life, the cashier's life AND a supervisor's life getting them to correct a ten cent overcharge on my gallon of milk, so now....I'm just not sure. But definitely I NEEDED THAT DIME!
Fri 00:00 
Thu 22:43 
This may be the only time I'm ahead all night...or all week
Thu 19:48 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE: Killed my first mouse of the season. (I THOUGHT I heard something down there eariler)
Thu 11:23 
Gosh I never made it to the end of Facebook before
8.11 03:20 
Video - The funny thing was, even after we snuck out of Transmission for an Impossibleburger, Iron Door was ALSO bringing the Talking Heads...albeit more interesting Talking Heads (YouTube: Talking Heads - Stay Up Late)
7.11 01:06 
After six hours of election coverage, I head to the freezer
6.11 22:02 
6.11 21:36 
New sheriff in town, boys
6.11 17:30 
Video - When Is The What? (YouTube: Crystal Method - Now Is The Time)
5.11 09:31 
Here's my playlist from last Friday. This show is streamable from KFAI for the next two weeks!
5.11 00:54 
Bad/best decisions #McRib #gettingfatquickly
4.11 23:41 
Here's what you're missing
4.11 17:25 
Swing and a miss, Facebook
2.11 22:13 Grooving down under!
2.11 20:12 
Let's face it... I'm irresistible

90.3FM or KFAI dot org!
1.11 13:44 I've been drafted to guest host "Across the Board" again! It will air on KFAI tonight from 2 to 6am - with a way shorter prep time, I wouldn't mind taking some requests from you RIGHT NOW to help me out later...
1.11 05:08 Tonight I learned that without facial hair, wearing contacts, and managing to stuff all my hair hair under a beanie, NOBODY can recognise me. ...which, to be fair, a lotta folks have trouble recognising me the other way, too
31.10 13:33 
Quick reminder that you only have a few more days to stream my guest shots on KFAI's Across the Board (4 hrs!) and True Brit (2 hrs!) before they disappear into the mist! Let me know if you need the links!
30.10 16:14 
Hey hey this Halloween episode of Cruise Control is pretty good!
30.10 01:29 
You wouldn't know it but my outfit belies my constant silent prayer of "Please do not make me have to socially interact...please do not make me have to socially interact." (I do always make exceptions for Hares.)
28.10 20:16 
Oh dear, left the onions unattended again
26.10 21:02 
Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1997
26.10 18:37 
26.10 18:15 
I know people have very strong feeling about the mere existence of this condiment...but people. IT WAS ON SALE
26.10 00:24 
Why d'you think they call it The Red Room? (Also, why do I take all my selfies in near or total darkness?) (We know the answer to THAT one!)
24.10 22:36 
Is this Transmission
24.10 19:40 
"October 24, 2018

Christopher Zimmerman
PO Box 14911
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Dear Christopher:

Thank you for your interest in an employment opportunity with Hennepin County, and for the time you spent applying for the position of IT Systems Developer III.

Your application materials have been reviewed and I am pleased to inform you that your name has been placed on the eligible list for this position, and your application has been forwarded to the hiring supervisor for consideration.

The hiring supervisor may screen the applications further to identify applicants to interview. If you are selected you will be contacted directly by the hiring supervisor.

Please note that all offers of employment are conditional and depending upon the position for which you are hired you may be required to complete a driver's license, criminal conviction check and/or background check. A conviction is not an automatic disqualification from employment; each conviction is individually evaluated for job relatedness.

*Current County Employees: Please be aware that any change in job classification may affect your current benefits (such as conversion from Vacation/Sick Leave to Paid Time Off and/or enrollment in a Health Care Savings Plan). Information about the impact of job changes on benefits can be found here []. If you have questions regarding the job classification for this position, please call the number listed below.

If you have questions, please call 612-348-xxxx.


Staffing Division
Hennepin County Human Resources Department

Whoa, I forgot what getting GOOD emails was like!

(If we're being totally honest, I am not *really* so qualified for this specific position, but it would be fun to talk to them and learn more about working for the county!)
24.10 16:56 
I know, Facebook, I know
23.10 19:03 I love having the dumb luck to stumble upon events like this! Check out the "Goethe in the Skyways" pop-up gallery if you get the chance!
23.10 15:10 
Rest in peace, massive detergent box. Mark shrewdly asked the Sears guy to throw it in to seal a deal on a new HE washer and dryer, the story went, and I've been very slowly using it up since 2014...up until this final scoop. (I sprung for some fancy name brand liquid stuff for the next load.)
23.10 09:53 Just think....this time tomorrow I'll be a milllllllllionaire
21.10 12:22 Video - Halloween is coming
20.10 02:30 
Guys, it's becoming less of a well-kept secret that I'm rather adequate at presenting radio. Here's my third solo stint at KFAI, available via the archive for a fortnight (that's what we true Brits call a 14-day period):
19.10 23:33 
Thirty minute warning! I'm on KFAI LIVE hosting True Brit! Radio from midnight to 2am CDT, 90.3 FM on your radio OR kfai dot org for the live stream!
19.10 06:46 
Dudes I enjoy presenting radio, here is about four hours of radio I presented:
16.10 18:54 
We so handsome in the Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth
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