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My closet door just spontaneously opened on its own...clearly my house is falling apart around me, the foundation shifting imperceptibly in subzero temperatures
 03:07 Came home to a mouse trap full of not-quite-yet-dead mouse - the first time death wasn't instantaneous with this trap. Turns out those are WAY harder to dispose of than the fully dead kind, but I was very brave and managed to complete the task, earning one more drink. I really thought we were done with mice for the winter, especially with snow everywhere around the house...but that's why I keep the peanut butter fresh in that trap. Anyway, that was how MY St. Valentine's Day ended; I'm sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere but that's for future generations to study
Thu 11:58 
Is now tradition - HSVD
Wed 07:24 I'm good; I probably got some previous years' ones around here somewhere
Wed 00:07 I'm on the air! No, REALLY! 90.3 FM locally, kfai dot org globally - if you're listening and would like a shout out, let me know! (If you're listening and DON'T want a shout out, let me know!)
Tue 11:27 
RADIO ALERT: I am filling in for Sean Hansen guest hosting Modern Kicks on KFAI TONIGHT from midnight to 2! There's a good chance I totally diverge from his format, but there's ALSO a good chance you'll hear me take you in some directions you haven't heard me take you on any other show! Depends what I have for lunch, probably...
Tue 10:18 
Always love hearing from my maestro Giorgio Moroder and this is a great interview!
Tue 02:01 
I don't wanna say the weather's been sucking, but since Sunday I've done all my laundry and watched 30 episodes of "Yu-Gi-Oh!"
Sun 03:11 
Well NOW it's a party
8.2 20:04 Whoa feels longer.* Happy Friendiversary! See you tonight?

*which I mean in the best way
(Friendiversary with Trippz)
8.2 10:51 Video
8.2 08:39 
Aw, man, bummer. RIP Albert Finney
7.2 12:37 (looks outside) least there's some basketball on TV tonight
6.2 21:41 Okay I didn't cry THAT much ;) (watching "Won't You Be My Neighbor?")
6.2 16:16 
Wow. It's gonna take me a lotta time to read and attempt to digest this. "Free James Brown" may mean something different in 2019! ( Was James Brown murdered?)
6.2 01:28 
I'm too lazy for real food! I feel like this is repurposed "red velvet cake" stuf between very cinnamon-y "carrot" cookies. How they manage a completely non-dairy "creme cheese icing flavor" is just part of the magic. They were OK.
4.2 18:59 
It's not that I'm afraid of ice; I'm just afraid of breaking both my ankles and my car
3.2 04:54 Amazing night tonight. Multilayered - several levels. Simultaneously super deep while also not even scratching the surface. I know an awful lot of incredible people. Thanks!
2.2 21:58 
Reunited with my favourite lamp
2.2 16:04 
While I'm plugging stuff OH SHIT IT'S MY SISTER-IN-LAW'S BIRTHDAY and she's not on Facebook but if you enjoy vampires and the 1980s you should buy a copy of her trilogy (or get it for free on your Kindle? is that really a thing? OK) and try not to burn through all 600+ pages in one sitting
2.2 15:50 
I guess I saw Wastrels twice in 2015 and then never again - but we'll fix that tonight! Come out to Kitty Cat Klub for the Wastrels LP Release w/ Witch Watch & Michael Todd Grey and also see Witch Watch and dance to big choonz from Michael Todd Grey! Otherwise, all you'll get is another poorly lit, crappy Instagram from me! (Now this one's pretty well lit but that's because it's at the Hexagon - I have a KCK one of them where you see MAYBE one face and expect similar results tonight)

Heck, I'm probably gonna wear shorts AND walk there. NOW HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY? (Five bucks. You'll need to pay five bucks cover.)

Doors open at 9PM!
2.2 06:22 
WTF 😮😮😮
31.1 12:49 
Successfully binged an entire Canadian series before the temperature got above -9 - thankfully, it was slightly more rewarding than the book (which was pretty dreadful)
30.1 21:52 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Made TWO batches of Chex Mix without spilling a single piece off a cookie sheet onto the charcoal-making part of the oven
30.1 03:14 
Holy crap Adult Swim is re-airing the "Welcome To Eltingville" pilot which is super close to 17 years old - "ECW! ECW! ECW!" (cc: Joel)
30.1 03:13 
My house being built in 1910 (if Hennepin County is to be believed) only half explains the super interesting noises I've heard it make tonight surrounded by -27ºF outdoor air
30.1 02:32 
We've hit the forecast low, but have we truly bottomed out yet? STAY TUNED #mspwx
29.1 21:45 
Here's an official reading from the KZiM Tower
29.1 21:40 
Below -20, the old transmitter goes offline
29.1 00:17 
Oreo decisions
25.1 18:03 
Quick reminder that the big show actually starts at 7 (and there is some preshow stuff in 30 minutes, so hurry!) - but if you can't make it to the Cedar, lock it in on 90.3 as KFAI will simulcast ALL 28 HOURS! But maybe I'll see you over there too! (Drone Not Drones)
25.1 01:25 Pro tip: try not to leave your laptop in a deep freezer* for four hours

*in a backpack in the trunk of my car when it's surrounded by -5º air
24.1 23:58 
We all look better in the dark (📷: Kimber Rischer Carter) #wings
24.1 22:30 
Dear Facebook Adbot: it's the Dollar Bin, not the 400 Dollar Bin
24.1 18:08 
Sorry guys...didn't find the Mostly Stuf and VERY uninterested in these...
24.1 14:21 I know you probably got plans but let's check this out
24.1 13:42 
This is not the CRZ you're looking for. (Well, it might be the CRZ *you're* looking for, but it's definitely not me.)
24.1 12:34 
Hey guess what I'm presenting live radio again tonight! It's another guest shot on Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI from 2am to 6am for all you night owls. For added fun, my playlist will be live tweeted via the @KFAIplaylist account!

90.3FM Live
KFAI dot org live and archived
(Streaming for 14 days after on the archive)
Radio without DJ SLT
23.1 07:51 
Pikachu said he'd hire me...who am I to argue with HIM?
23.1 05:41 My attempts to reset my sleep schedule have .... let's say half succeeded. I DID fall asleep shortly after midnight, but I only got a few good hours in - half awake at 3 and felt pretty wide awake by 5 and NOW I'm back on Thefacebook so I guess I'm up for good. That's OK. Please send all the good vibes (and if you're a praying person, I won't say no if that's your thing) for my big interview at 8! I'm sure I'll send a selfie shortly before I head in.
22.1 01:44 
Episodes 3 & 4 of my web series are now available at the KFAI website! Link to today's show is right down there. (If you're dying to hear the already archived episodes 1 and 2....I'm sure I could find a way for you to hear them, wink wink, let me know)
21.1 19:35 My dreams have had a weird sense of continuity lately - like I meet people I've met in previous dreams and remember them, or circumstances happen that recall memories of past dreams. None of this stuff is stuff I'm ever aware of consciously when I'm awake, just that I remember....remembering? Dunno how my brain is working lately but I assume it's finely tuning itself for my upcoming interview...
18.1 16:58 Where do all the lonely people go when they want some lovin'?
Where do all the lonely people hide when they feel like cryin'?
Where do all the lonely people go in this crowded city?
Where do all the lonely people hide? There's no sanctuary

Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide
Nowhere a handshake, nowhere a smile
Won't you talk with me
Spend some time and give me life (Howard Jones: City Song)
18.1 15:06 Happy Friendiversary to my favourite friend in the entire world! I like to think I'm a pretty creative guy, but one thing I can't imagine is a world without Kat in it. I know we'll make this world a little smaller soon and take some more photos for the algorithm next time. Love you to Dorset and back to Hennepin! <3 xxx (2 year Friendiversary with Kat)
18.1 06:20 
Frankie Knuckles was born 63 years ago today. Unfortunately, he left us at the age of 59. Shortly before his death, this set at DefMix WMC set was recorded. The much beloved Godfather of house music is still sorely missed.
17.1 22:41 
May not make it to Gothess tonight despite my very gothy outfit
17.1 22:08 THERE'S BALLOONS (Infernal Singalong Machine karaoke at Erik the Red)
16.1 23:48 
Hey maybe THIS time I'll work
15.1 05:03 
For some reason I'm reminded of this "comedy bit" (Don Imus: 1200 Hamburgers to Go)
14.1 10:47 Woo yeah but how come you only like it when my hair's pulled back
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