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20.9 20:05 New Order & Pet Shop Boys: Postponed
Alan Parsons Live Project: Postponed
Gary Numan: Postponed
Dead Can Dance: Postponed
Once again I'm running out of reasons to leave the house
(DJ CRZ at Dark Horse 9/29: STILL ON FOR NOW)
18.9 19:17 Oh wow, how great was it to encounter Amy Griffis in the wild!! ("The wild" is the patio of The Acadia)
18.9 17:19 
Oh hey I'm on the air live RIGHT NOW! 90.3 / KFAI (dot) org (slash) live
18.9 01:45 
Way back when I tried the jalapeño Cheetos for the first time and raved about them. Joseph and a few other people let me know this stuff existed and I probably should buy some, make it and eat it. Cub actually stocked it, so I bought these two boxes and they sat on the kitchen island for....a while. TONIGHT I decided it was a special enough night (in that I was alone and bored, had milk that hadn't expired and there wasn't really anything else in the house calling to me to have for 1am dinner) so here we go.

First of all, turns out I VASTLY prefer macaroni to spiral.....oni and was a little sad that I didn't really look too hard about which kind of mac was in this "mac and cheese" box, not that that's why you buy this stuff - you want to experience this FLAVOUR. Perhaps spirals, by virtue of their larger amount of surface area to which the sauce can stick, was an educated choice. I'm not working for Kraft for reasons, probably. (Is this even a Kraft product? I don't know, the boxes are already in the garbage and I'm back upstairs.)

ANYWAY. YES. It WAS delicious, and close enough to the actual Cheetos themselves that I was happy. I probably didn't need to ingest 1500 calories' worth in one sitting, but that's kinda how you do boxed Mac and Cheese - load up and know you'll regret it almost immediately after you've cleaned up the dishes.

I stopped buying mac and cheese boxes completely years ago, so I won't buy these again as part of that. I DO kinda want the ol' reliable blue box mac & cheese one more time now, though. I'll see if it's ever at a sale price I feel like paying. This and homemade Chex Mix are the only things that I use margarine for so it might be good to do those two things more than twice a year.

I'm not sure which alcohol to follow this up with but with the lingering jalapeño sauce taste in my mouth and throat I know the first few swigs are gonna taste weird no matter which selections I make.

For Chester Cheetah, this is CRZ - and this has been another episode of "CRZ's Life Choices!" As always, we humbly thank you for your feigning of interest to make it this far into the block of text.
17.9 17:16 
AND somebody lost their mask on my steps. Cute
17.9 17:14 
They look bigger...or just closer
17.9 17:02 
You know what a summer of drought is great for? Aloe plants. Mine finally had babies! So cute! I'll try to repot them before the big one comes inside for the winter.
15.9 21:27 
In two weeks, I'm back at Dark Horse for the early happy hour! If somehow you weren't blessed with an invite, the event link will be the first comment on this status!
11.9 22:41 Tested negative again - I feel like vaccines work
10.9 18:07 
JUST IN! Tomorrow I will be doing a FOUR hour KFAI Weekend on Demand... except I only have TWO hours of show programmed, so there's never been a better time to help me put together my playlist - preferably if you'll also be listening in between 5 and 9 PM CDT!
10.9 16:39 
CALLBACKS: It's my lucky day!!
10.9 02:23 
PANDEMIC PANTRY, A CONTINUING SERIES: Some time in my 30s I bought this way too large bottle of steak sauce. Freshness date was almost but not quite 13 years ago. Tonight while making late night cheeseburgers, I finally finished it.
9.9 19:24 
Check out "Stone on Bone" coming up at 8PM on KFAI!
8.9 17:01 
RIP Archbishop Carl Bean

(Shared from Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way (Motown Records 1977))
"I Was Born This Way" is a disco song by Valentino, released in 1975, then by Carl Bean in 1977 (both artists for Motown), and a re-recording in 1995 by coun...
7.9 19:03 What the Falk (Trylon Cinema)
6.9 17:18 
Happy Labor Day/Christopher Muench's birthday

(Break Dance: Jerry Lewis vs. Shabba Doo and Boogaloo Shrimp (1984) - MDA Telethon)
6.9 04:19 
You know you've made it when The Algorithm suggests you Like your own page
5.9 13:18 
Changed my cover photo
4.9 16:56 
Hooray, I walked to the station! Very sweaty programming coming up on Weekend on Demand on KFAI - 90.3 and KFAI dot ORG slash LIVE
3.9 22:12 Just popped in (for four hours)
2.9 15:39 
It's been three years and three days since my first shift behind the board live at KFAI guest hosting The Pop Shop. I've helped engineer La Voz del Pueblo on tape and Disability and Progress over Zoom, but tonight will be an entirely new challenge when I sit behind the board for a new program presented by the men from KFAI's Stickz and Stonez podcast. I will meet Jason & David in person for the first time about 20 minutes before we go on the air. The program will be broadcast during a timeslot for a beloved program - Encuentro - no longer airing only due to the unfortunate passing of its host, so there may be a shock for regular listeners of the time slot. I've looked over their playlist and it's a whole lotta smooth - you could try to dismiss it as a "quiet storm" but I don't think any other station in the metro is doing it like this - and I DON'T expect our hosts to be quiet between songs! If you've heard the podcast, you know it'll be a good time. If you HAV!
E the time, please check out Stone on Bone Radio tonight on KFAI on air and online from 8 to 10, snuggling firmly into place between Fresh Fruit and Roar of the Underground - and see if I can manage to stay out of the way.
1.9 17:48 
Meanwhile, on the other side
1.9 16:48 
On the road again
28.8 16:52 
COMING UP ON KFAI: Hey it's ME! Back to "normal" with just one two hour show at 5PM... as far as I know....

27.8 18:17 
Hmmmmm local politics is stupid exciting
26.8 12:55 UPDATE: A week ago, two deputy/detectives from the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office visited my porch to take my statement a third time and also swab my cheeks to confirm my DNA was all over the Smith and Wesson I'd recovered back in July. They confirmed that the presence of the gun near a body that was eventually found underneath the bridge was probably not a coincidence, those weird spots on the gun WERE actually blood, but most importantly assured me that if I had actually called MPD I would have been waiting around forever while they did all the other "higher priority at 0230 in the morning" stuff, which would have been practically everything so it was perfectly fine and in fact preferable to remove the piece AND unload it. I had an inward chuckle hearing the HCSO folk low-key slamming the MPD but they may have just been trying to stay on my good side. They also told me the name of the victim and asked if I knew them - sadly and fortunately, I did not. Dunno i!
f Andy ever called them or if they called him; might depend how much DNA that isn't mine they've found to gauge their interest in pursuing his. Not even sure how much DNA of MINE they'd find, it's not like I was spitting all over it (I think).
26.8 12:27 
I haven't missed a year since before I ever moved here, but I'm opting out of the State Fair this year. Feels weird to be missing an opening day but would have felt more weird* to be there.

*for me, obviously - your mileage may vary and if you decide to attend I hope you have fun and also try the version of the pickle dog that includes jalapeño slices
24.8 16:06 All my Facebook ads these days are WE ARE CLOSING (OUR COLLECTION) and I can't believe this is a wildly successful tactic to sell knockoff T-shirts yet here's my feed full of them. (I haven't bought any knockoff T-shirts yet but I HAVE taken to leaving "OH NO YOU'RE CLOSING FOREVER" comments in the hopes that trolling them might get me some different ads - although if all engagement is engagement, I'm sabotaging myself at this rate - hmm, maybe I should go for a walk or something)
22.8 18:12 
Well these were really more "salt & vinegar Doritos" (complete with requisite tongue burning) with the merest hint of dill. I gotta say, it never occurred to me to have salt & vinegar corn-based chip snacks, but now I'm on board. They were aight, if not very pickully.
22.8 04:17 
F me what a fun night. Thanks to Mason for bringing my smile AND being astute enough to notice that's exactly what happened. I wouldn't want to do this EVERY week but it was such a gas to do it THIS week.

(Shared from 08/21/2021 Weekend on Demand | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
21.8 23:33 I'll miss these guys later. I don't know why they miss me now, I'm right over here!
21.8 10:54 
JUST IN: Somehow I will do SIX hours tonight at KFAI! Join me at 5 for Weekend on Demand as usual, THEN stick around as I abruptly switch gears to guest host Temposphere at 7 AND THEN lurch into overdrive for my first guest stint hosting Soul Tools Radio at 9! What will my two hour hip hop set sound like? We'll all find out!
16.8 15:15 Happy Birthday brother man. Sorry I didn't buy you anything or send any of the crap you still have here but there'll be time :)
15.8 04:43 
Ah, nice, this came in around 5PM Saturday - so, around a 24 hour turnaround for the airport test
15.8 02:52 
Today was largely spent in the orbit of Flavortown and I gotta tell ya, it is NOT easy trying to stash this much hair outta sight. Thank God I can shave again. Happy Birthday week, Kelsey - you are easily the only person I would ever do this for, probably
15.8 00:22 Everybody already left except Kelsey
14.8 19:12 
Two hours of STUFF on Temposphere RIGHT NOW! 90.3 or KFAI dot org slash live!
14.8 02:48 
BREAKING (several hours ago) NEWS: I am actually doing FOUR hours of radio later as they couldn't find anyone else to be the emergency host of Temposphere, so please tune in not only between 5 and 7 but also between 7 and 9 when I will subject you to two hours of BIG BIG BEATS which is kinda sorta like Temposphere but really more like whatever I felt like playing that didn't fit into Weekend on Demand

90.3 local-lee
12.8 17:08 There are already FOUR cat people here!!!! 🐈 🐈 🐈 🐈
12.8 11:39 Quick reminder to you but mostly to myself that there's a vinyl happy hour after work at Dark Horse in Lowertown! If somehow I haven't already spammed you with an invitation here's that event link ONE MORE TIME
11.8 15:36 
It's happening, people.

(Shared from KFAI Weekend on Demand)
11.8 11:48 Throwback entertainment - I can't speak for you, but I couldn't take my eyes off me (video)
9.8 17:29 I don't know who this guy is, but let's get him some new wheels. Even if you don't wanna donate, watch the documentary - it might change your mind. Or it might not. I gotta be honest; I haven't watched it yet. But I fully intend to! Aaron will yell at me next time he sees me if I don't. HE'S SO MEAN
7.8 21:56 (My Videodrome outfit is the same as all my other outfits)
7.8 16:06 
Tune into Fresh Air Radio NOW for the second hour of Caribbean Jam Caribbean Jam and a special set dedicated to the celebration of Jamaican Indepdence Day! I'll try to follow that in an hour with two hours of rock of 2021 and a smattering of your requests. 90.3 / KFAI dot org!
6.8 22:44 Walking here might have been a bad idea... we'll watch the radar
6.8 17:26 
DOIN' THE DEW: Speedway had no functioning "Speedy Freeze" dispensers but they DID have a new "vroom vroom" raspberry lemonade Mtn Dew SPARK. Yep, it's tasty and tart and hits the ol' sugar spot but that just might be the heatstroke I'm trying to ward off talking. Bury me with the unopened bottle, please
4.8 22:55 Okay well better late than never, probably
2.8 16:21 I got a gig! A week from Thursday I'll be at Dark Horse with probably lots of stuff I bought during the pandemic along with my all-time faves for their earlyish Happy Hour somewhere between just before 5 to around 8PM CDT. Thanks to Jason & Jeff for booking me. I'll personally spam you with an invite later probably but feel free to mark yourself "Interested" (and then not attend) right now for HIGH VISIBILITY. Event link is the first comment!
1.8 00:02 Is it hot in here or is it the pants? (Wow this is NOT walking weather)
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