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Sat 22:23 
Originally from Waterloo, Belgium (population: 29706, according to Wikipedia), now from Charleston, IL (population: 21838, according to Wikipedia) - but probably really originally from Nigeria and still in Nigeria - I'll have to check out her nude videos to be sure - (I am not clicking on that tumblr link) - here is "Heaven Morgan"
Sat 01:54 Yep... they're shakin'
Fri 15:44 Yes, I just booked a stealth trip home for the weekend of the high school reunion - I must really think I'll be able to pay for it ;-)
Fri 01:59 
You're not giving me much to work with here, "Charlee Hughes"
Thu 23:59 Sorry I'm late!
Thu 23:30 
Phew #statefairexerciseplan
Wed 17:43 
As Sean might say, "[new] Kadavar, Electric Wizard, Ex Eye, Kylesa, Nightosaur, [new] King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Goatess, Psalm Zero, Kyuss, Opeth and more!" except he'd probably never have a playlist QUITE like this. Still, a fun show and it's reassuring to know I can draw about the same numbers at 2pm that I usually do at wait
Wed 13:56 
On the air in five minutes!
Wed 12:01 Happy Birthday, Matt!
Tue 18:17 
CRZ ON THE RADIO ALERT: Tomorrow I'll be hotshot filling in for Seanny Boy on Glorth Radio on KFAI from 1400 CDT! How much I deviate from the formula is entirely up to my ability to quickly acquire ALL THE SLUDGE ROCK IN THE WORLD overnight.
Tue 16:40 Of course I forgot to give you enough time to take me up on it but I won a Radio K tweety thing and now have a +1 for the Drab Majesty/Xeno & Oaklander/Body of Light show at Fine Line at 8 TONIGHT (Tuesday). Would you like to meet me there to claim it?
Tue 15:46 
Well, my hair band broke so another "no ponytail" interview, but the Senior Director said "clearly, you know your stuff" so I guess it went okay? I'm definitely more interested in this position than I was a week ago... not wild about a potential 30 minute commute but it would probably pay well enough for me to get a newer car to commute in... of course, by the next time I hear from them I might already have accepted at MN IT (better go home and check the answering machine soon)
Mon 13:07 
The City is here to replace my water meter. Would you say I'm living the dream or perhaps I'm living my best life?
18.8 01:01 V. happy so many of my friends are here <3
16.8 23:31 Dance Ubu dance - good dog *rowf*
16.8 20:49 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Finished "Stranger Things 3" so I guess I can leave the house tonight after all
15.8 22:43 Listen, just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're NOT out to get me
15.8 10:32 
Think it went pretty was mercifully short, again. Just my potential boss and his director. It's either me or the other one. Hope it's me! No tie and no ponytail was the right move (I looked a little neater earlier). I'll tell you more later but now I need an enormous Keys breakfast
13.8 14:32 
I feel like up until very recently this was a man named Bangg Donye (because that's still his FB username and gender) who has never been near Freeport OR Atlanta. Call it a hunch. Just don't call him "Mollie Read Isla." (Oh, looks like they're not using tumblrs for their malware any more)
13.8 01:26 
My early late nite field trip to Burger King to try all my favourite Jack in the Box foods was a resounding success
11.8 22:34 Hey DJ
8.8 11:31 Ah, the beginning of the long tradition of me siphoning gift certificates away from Ian as he takes wonderful photos of me. Happy 808 day, indeed
7.8 21:19 Final tally, for those betting along:
Me: 3 movies
LaLa: 2+ movies and definitely picked the right one to fall asleep to/through

Also, not nearly as racist as I'd feared, once you get past the fact that Boris Karloff is playing "our friend from the Orient"
7.8 12:13 "Subject: Senior Technical Writer - Code42 Software

Hi Christopher,

Hope you are having a great week! I'm excited to share that we have completed the first round of interviews and would like to continue moving forward. The Hiring Manager is finalizing the technical writing exercise and I will follow up with directions on how to complete within the next 24 hours!

Thank you,

Sr. Talent Business Partner"

..... "technical writing exercise?" Ooee. Maybe they DO think they're a startup. All right, let's play.
6.8 21:16 This is a tough theme!
6.8 11:57 
I have foolishly decided to live tweet today's Dollar Bin as part of the final day of the KFAI - 90.3 FM Minneapolis - 106.7 FM St. Paul summer pledge drive - if you wanna hit Play at precisely 12:00:00 and follow along on Twitter....well, nobody wants to do that, really, but here's the Mixcloud link:
5.8 14:19 
Today would have been Pete Burns' 60th birthday. Dead or Alive is definitely represented on tomorrow's "Best of" Dollar Bin pledge drive spectacular!
3.8 11:59 
Her page is locked down so she may not want too much of a public fuss but I can't NOT wish Kat the happiest of birthdays here, there and everywhere whilst reminding everyone that Halloween is only 89 days away. Happy Birthday to my favourite freak and one of the most beautiful people I know! You can move mountains, but you choose to let them be and just run over them instead. They don't know how lucky they got it. I love you! 🎂🖤🎃
3.8 01:36 At this hour, context is so unnecessary #thecryinggame (video)
2.8 19:56 
Mason says it all. I'll give you another chance to rediscover my own brand of "non-algorithmic music discovery" with a special "Best of" Dollar Bin on KFAI pledge drive episode dropping on Tuesday... but you don't have to wait until Tuesday to show your support! Click over to or push that Facebook button at the end of Mason's post!
1.8 14:39 I know I have a lot of fun trolling Nigerian ticket holders of MSP events but Facebook's absolute lack of ability to deal with scammers in real time - or at all, sometimes - has terrible consequences. They really, REALLY need to step up their AI game when it comes to identifying and squashing the fakes.
31.7 11:28 
Whooooooooooa guys it's the 2 year anniversary of my livejournal
31.7 10:12 
Very heads down doing my last of four days of Surly stuff since Saturday but I did produce another fun hour of music for KFAI which came out yesterday which you might enjoy: All previous episodes are now archived at Mixcloud!
30.7 23:47 
Kimber: But I'm STARRRRRRVING. Which Chinese place is open this late on a Tuesday night?
Me: Dunno
(Kimber fiddles with her phone)
Kimber: Drink up, we're going to Stadium Village
30.7 01:40 
Behold my results from the latest gathering of the #twincitiescollagecollective
29.7 22:13 
It's not a dream (it's a nightmare)
28.7 23:56 Anybody staying up late or should I just drive home? Please answer in the next five minutes thanks
28.7 22:04 Hey DJ
28.7 00:49 I'M SO HAPPY
27.7 01:50 Yep, Mercedes found me first AGAIN but at least I made it
27.7 00:15 Holy shit yes The 90s Preservation Society
26.7 22:20 Greetings, friends! I have a +1 for tonight's 90s show at the VFW (where I already am) if you need to get into a thing free before the final hour of Hipshaker. Holler atcher boy!
26.7 13:27 
Holy buckets, Kim and I strapped into Pikachuu v1 and left Silicon Valley for the Twin Cities fifteen years ago. (EDIT: 15 years ago tomorrow morning, actually - I better fix this status!) SO glad for all my Minnesota (and beyond) people I've met since then! But also a little sad I haven't hardly spent any time with my California people since then. I still love you all!
25.7 16:18 I love Jeff Lynne, but I sure don't "$72.69 for a $46.50 seat at Xcel" love him, and I guess I'm just too lazy to head on out to the box office to drop that same $46.50+there'llstillbesomestupidfeesIbet.

Plus, let's be honest, I was already going to Gothess Presents: The Gathering anyway
25.7 10:15 When can I get back to being THIS guy again?
24.7 03:43 
Tonight I grabbed a ... I dunno, 30 or 31 year old shirt - to wear to walk to karaoke tonight. I wondered if Deanna and/or Kelli and/or Scott and/or Melanie was with me when I bought it? Also, damn, is Mickey really 90 or 91 or whatever? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei... what I'm really saying, as always, is PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (📷: Yo Ritchie)
23.7 20:55 Toooooo easy
23.7 17:10 I gotta work Surly Field, but if I wasn't....just spend all day at KCK on Saturday. Trust me.
22.7 14:48 
Just completed a phone interview with a Raleigh recruiter regarding a contract with an as yet unknown "Minneapolis" company... then noticed I had received two hits in my email for phone interviews (Code42 and CH Robinson) #HireCRZ #ontothenextone
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