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Changed my cover photo
Tue 15:39 
When they zig, you zag
(Prince - Sometimes It Snows in April)
Mon 18:51 
So once again Old Dutch was like "ya know...there aren't enough tortilla chip flavours out there." These "Mexican Street Corn" Restaurant Style strips are okay, probably totally unnecessary, but if you like paprika, garlic and lime AND you like tortilla strips, go figure, we're good. These will make a good base for me to microwave some cheese that wasn't otherwise already "with Mexican seasonings" on top of it - if I do it using the cheese WITH nacho spices it'll be like nacho-ception or something and I don't think any of us want to test THOSE culinary frontiers
Mon 12:03 
Okay yes I'm awake now thanks
(Jung/Frye - "Pulsar Acid" (SUPERPANG, 2020))
Mon 02:00 

(Shared from Blue Sun Soda Shop)
After weeks, even months, possibly years of us teasing you the time has finally come.
Blue Sun Soda Shop has expanded and we are over-the-top happy to announce our new location in Richfield Minnesota.
We hope you can visit and let us know what you think of the new store. It is a smaller version of Blue Sun Soda Shop but we managed to pack all the fun into a smaller space.
Open now for all your sugar love.
Blue Sun Soda Shop
6433 Penn Ave South
Richfield, MN. 55423

Thank you to all of our fans.
We truly do love you.
Sun 20:00 They came up as a Person I May Know - I have five mutuals whose opinions I'm interested in
Sat 22:36 
Added two missing weeks
Sat 03:00 
It never gets old
Fri 21:33 
What's s*x? Ask "Madlen Heilbronn Kesselman"
Fri 16:28 
Part of being a music nerd is just being a nerd. As I usually do around member drive time, I went to our logging service Spinitron and pulled my "lifetime" numbers at KFAI to see where I'm at. If I compiled everything correctly and this spreadsheet don't lie, I have logged 2056 spins across on air and streaming shows going back to my first fill-in gig on "Pop Shop" back in August 2018. Now, 876 of those are from the web only show Dollar Bin, but that's still way more on air spins that I ever THOUGHT I'd do...and since I started on Saturdays in July I've already logged 394 spins - and of those, 209 were tagged "New" and 139 were tagged "Request." That's amazing! Over half new and over a third request. Here's the thing. If it's at all possible, I'd like those percentages to be even higher!

I don't think there's another station on the dial in our market that would allow so much new music and give over so much time to let the audience suggest what gets played instead of some overly-focused focus group and/or the board of I Heart Radio in cooperation with the heads of Universal/Sony/Warner - and I'm sure you would chime in and say well, that's probably why terrestrial radio isn't doing so well overall, and I'd pretty much agree with you. And I can't lie - when you seed it correctly, the Spotify algorithm is dynamite, but that can take a while and where you end up is a place where very rarely are you pushed out of what the algorithm sees as your comfort zone to get you to experience a bigger, better variety of new and interesting music - and there's so much out there.

Tomorrow I have a very special Member Drive edition of "Weekend on Demand," programmed almost entirely by listeners, many of whom were good enough to play DJ themselves and record a drop for me to play along with their requests. There's 2020 music, of course - there are some classics - there's probably the oldest thing I've played yet - and a few other surprises. But most of all this show (and this particular episode of it) is something I'm so proud to share with YOU! I hope it's something you would not only be interested in listening to but ALSO maybe come back to every Saturday at 5 after that. If Saturdays aren't good for you, we will have it archived for 14.

If you've read this far, you probably know that the underlying point of this post is that once again I am asking you for financial support of Fresh Air Radio so that opportunities like the one I've received, and so many before me, remain stable and viable for more new (and way fresher than me) voices in the years to come. If you have the means, please consider heading over to our website to make a donation - or you can do it right here on The Facebook, but there are mugs and totes over on dot org. And if you currently do not have the means, that's okay too - you can always still listen to us, and I hope you do. AND tell a friend about KFAI. And tell them to tell one of their friends too.

Facebook Fundraiser
Fri 01:24 
So many questions
Thu 09:29 #tbt #recycled
14.10 09:14 Gully - I mean golly! This was the first time I saw 'em. I now wish I'd known to take more photos, but I had more chances at more shows later. Still crushing on them in the least creepy way I can manage.
13.10 12:18 
Does this album cover look like Jamez or not? Judges? (Current inclusion in the latest Dollar Bin on KFAI)
12.10 21:26 
Found some Roundy's $1 stuffed chicken things in the freezer. I do not fear death...I fear only a day when I no longer find Roundy's product in my house

Okay, after attempting to cook them...years of having all the moisture slowly sucked out of them yielded two blocks of solid ice which cooked down into two unsliceable and inedible rocks....which I then burned. I love a challenge but...ultimately, this was a no go
12.10 12:53 I just dreamed it was snowing...hopefully that's just my brain's way of reminding me I need to be awake right now
12.10 01:36 
Oh wow I actually own this? I wonder when I bought it! This was sort of Ian Flomer's request one week on the radio that a Cheapo $4.20 price tag? <consults my web site> Oh wow, so apparently I bought it December 22, 2001, when I was still great about keeping track of that stuff... that's also Kim's birthday so it must be from a Christmas-adjacent trip I took from California to the Twin Cities to meet her (then in New York) and we stayed at her folks' place. Wild! (Yes, I'm going through the Ks for a future Dollar Bin...this one's too expensive, tho)
11.10 17:06 
Sometimes you find yourself staring down a soda pop and thinking "wow...I do not care how much sugar is in this, I MUST KNOW WHAT IT TASTES LIKE." First you are assaulted by the unmistakable bouquet of candy and you think "ohhhh yeah" and you pour yourself a glass and darned if it doesn't taste EXACTLY like a Sour Patch Kid Blue. I don't think I'd want more than one glass a week but... I'm sure it will mix well with vodka, like practically every other fluid in the universe
10.10 15:59 
I've got some exciting music you haven't heard before in just about an hour on KFAI! I also invite you to join our intimate listening party over at our Discord, which you can find at !

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10.10 14:55 
Happy ten ten!

(Shared from Powers of Ten™ (1977))
Powers of Ten takes us on an adventure in magnitudes. Starting at a picnic by the lakeside in Chicago, this famous film transports us to the outer edges of t...
9.10 14:59 
ROTFL. I blame the MPAA - and me for tweeting and tagging the City and the MPAA accounts last night. (There's no way that's what happened, but let me have this)
9.10 13:45 Wow, everything in my timeline is two days old. Thanks, "new" Facebook! (Also, sorry not sorry I reacted and commented on your two day old stuff)
9.10 08:16 From the time before video, a very on brand observation
8.10 14:18 
It's Tennessee Luke Winston Fortinberry III's birthday. Can you make it through all 331 seconds of his cover of "I Believe I Can Fly?"
8.10 14:03 #tbt #recycled
7.10 21:11 
Bacon • Pickle • Pizza • Mac & Cheese • Shiitake Mushroom • Ketchup • Clam • Phở • Kale • Ham • Nothing
(hat tip to Amy Pfannenstein Meyer)
7.10 13:46 
Back in the good old days, we used Bitly to SHORTEN hyperlinks when we wanted people to...let me get the phrasing just right here... Click "Continue" for join whatsapp group. And please, do not hesitate because this is real! Ah, not today, "Karen Hatchell"
6.10 20:45 
Now we''re.....
(National Fuel Gas "Cookin' With Gas")
3.10 17:09 
I'm on KFAI RIGHT NOW!!! 90.3 / kfaidotorg!
2.10 21:16 
Hmmmm....Ted appears to be mayor of Modesto. Was this text meant for my mom? Is my mom giving my number to politicos she doesn't want to hear from? What did I do to her?! Also, when did Modesto go conservative? (This does explain some recent posts of a few of my Facebook friends still living there, I suppose)
2.10 18:26 
2.10 16:59 President Trump hasn't tweeted in 16+ hours - this isn't "he's faking it," this is "prove you're still alive, Kim Jong Un" level
2.10 01:48 
IT'S BANDCAMP FRIDAY (in two [plus ten] minutes)

(Shared from Two Minute Warning, by klack)
1 track album
2.10 00:41 
1. We'll know pretty quick if he's faking it
2. I don't think he's faking it
3. New bingo card?
1.10 17:33 
Here are the five covers I missed from August and September

(Added to album Closer Weekly covers)
1.10 15:33 
Got my flu shot!
(Centennial Ramp)
29.9 23:50 
Let's go ahead and drop this here for anybody who needs it tonight
(Mario Mathy - Jumping Dance)
29.9 13:28 
On today's show, I finally play this one. Do you need any more hype than that?


(Shared from Christopher)
Some call him the gangster of love
29.9 01:20 

Does Congress even have this power?
28.9 15:00 
This request definitely feels more like one of Nikki's and I have no idea why he's trying to Friend me - "Gana Crezi Madjeri"
28.9 12:27 Saturday brought another two hours of new new music and your requests! I started with Stabbing Westward's cover of The Cure's "Burn" and it just rolled along from there, including new tracks by The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Bob Mould, Rise Against, Jodie Harsh, Big Ooh, Vex Ruffin, Mike Shinoda, Æ MAK, Life Skills, Phoenix, Kylie Minogue, Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu, Pendulum, Vioator, Belle Mt. and The Resistance Revival Chorus....and, oh yeah, Vin Diesel. Give me two hours and a listen from the archive and let me know what you think!
27.9 17:22 
Last one! Whenever you get pizza chips, the obvious question is "do they taste like Keebler Pizzarias?" They don't, and I'm happy about that. Nice tomato/cheese/spice blend. Kettle cooking always enhances the wacky flavours and this one's no exception. Probably the best of the bunch ...or in a close tie with the cheesesteak chops, but honestly I don't really need to buy any of these ever again. (Part 5 of 5)
27.9 00:58 
So, again...when I think "chile relleno," and this is reinforced by the photo they've selected, that means: 1. Mildest, largest green "pepper" in the world, 2. Whole lotta cheese, 3. Whole lotta breading. Who thinks this translate to a great tater chip besides Lay's? Do they even think that? What I ended up with was something pretty weak in the tastes and just too damned close to plain ol' Sour Cream & Onion. What was the point? So....kinda disappointing crop this season. MAYBE the last bad will redeem them, but I have doubts. (Part 4 of 5)
26.9 14:55 
Coming up on KFAI at 3 - Caribbean Jam! Then at 5, ME! Will I play the Vin Diesel single? Yes. Will you see it coming? MAYBE
25.9 22:11 
Kimber messaged me a while back to tell me she had already tried these; I believe her verdict was that they were "weird" and that's really a pretty good review. They almost smelled like the pork had been BURNT...I didn't really get "street tacos" vibes from these. Pork but not much else. Jalapeno was in the ingredient list but nonexistent in the taste - these were not hot at all. I think I would have liked a little limón in there somewhere, especially if it had been simultaneously hotter. Maybe that's not proper carnitas, but that's how we did it at the night trucks in Modesto. Probably helped that these were the Wavy entry this year. I don't need to try them again,'s ironic that they were the hardest for me to find. (Part 3 of 5)
25.9 17:02 
I guess fall has arrived
24.9 12:31 Bonus #tbt of a more recent vintage - I miss brunch spins but I don't mind sleeping in
24.9 12:28 #tbt #recycled
22.9 10:04 
Updated my cover photo
22.9 09:52 
I didn't remember
(September on recorder)
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