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I thought mouse season was over...
 01:15 Another China call completed!

(also known as the latest "I didn't want to break my string of telling you when I was on a China call" status)
Mon 23:51 
10 minutes to airtime: LET'S GET CRUISIN' + INTERACTIVE
Mon 15:55 
I will be AT KFAI tonight between midnight and 2, but whether or not I'll be ON KFAI is up to you! I am not above doing the hard sell if you don't call in with your pledge, so if you wanna hear more smooth music - and you should - keep me on the phone!
Sat 11:32 Ha! Hi Dad! I guess we should have tagged each other in more photos! (video: "7 year Friendaversary")
Sat 02:32 
Then there was that time in 1987 that Giorgio produced Falco with Brigitte Nielsen (!) but it took me close to 30 years to hear it in my car - and probably close to 20 years after somebody on the Moroder Audiogalaxy pushed it out to the group and it sat on various hard drives before randomly shuffling into my "never played" iPod playlist - do you kids even remember Audiogalaxy? What about iPods? So anyway...hi Moon! (YouTube: Falco meets Brigitte Nielsen - Body next to Body (12inch Dance mix))
Fri 12:44 
Oh what fresh hell is this, Facebook - I'M TRYING TO WATCH A VIDEO HERE, I'll get to Kris' comment in a second
Fri 12:30 
I obey my past self - we were so innocent a year ago...
15.3 17:23 
Haven't gotten one of these in a while, but oh man, guys, she's a little bored and h0rny with a zero right now and she wants to s3xt with a three! I wonder if Karina Irby knows her pictures have been stolen and repurposed by this surely totally real person "Bonnie Watson"
15.3 12:44 RIP RR. Modesto folks will understand... For a few years when I was much younger, the outlet store was my main wardrobe filler. But I have to confess I had no idea he was still alive in 2017!
14.3 11:56 Damn I was so much cleverer five yars ago
13.3 13:49 REVELATION: The range of my Bluetooth headphones extends out to include the restroom! I just peed AND listened to Ultravox at the same time!
12.3 23:51 I've never been Catholic but a long time ago I started to try to act in sympathy with them during Lent, going meatless on Fridays. Of course, I still want my corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day, so I usually go looking for dispensation when it falls on a Friday - fortunately, our local archbishop has come through once again! (Last time was 2006)
12.3 21:12 
This is gonna be a great night! Please consider buying your tickets in advance by visiting and come when the doors open for more of the drumming!
12.3 17:17 
12.3 15:32 
:( - RIP Joni Sledge (YouTube: Sister Sledge - Lost in Music)
12.3 13:55 
A year later, some people have been conned into thinking I'm a DJ! But I'm just a guy who plays records. Thanks again to Mason!
11.3 16:13 
Man, seven years? Where does it go
10.3 14:12 I did spring for an almost-nosebleed (read: "cheapest") Hall & Oates/Tears for Fears ticket...also, On This Day one year ago I bought my Cure ticket for their show at the same venue!
10.3 13:53 Hat tip to Nick Griffin
10.3 12:24 
9.3 17:49 Will definitely walk to the Textile Center from my house to gawk at this. Wanna come with?
9.3 12:07 I passed on the King Crimson presale. Am I a bad prog fan?
6.3 18:39 
Nobody on court but the mop men. It'd be funny and pathetic if the Association had to postpone this game due to humidity
6.3 16:54 
NEAT (via WMFU, via Library of Congress)
5.3 03:25 OK but I do wish I'd left one unopened box of Triscuits in this house
4.3 23:08 
4.3 00:26 
3.3 19:06 
IT'S THE WEEKEND (YouTube video: "Roachford - Cuddly Toy")
3.3 18:54 
Added 3 photos to the Album "I Am Also a Pokémon GO Addict"
3.3 13:10 OH SHIT IT'S LENT where's the fish fry tonight, my dudes?
2.3 15:46 "In The Air Tonight Drum Fill for 1 Hour 10 Minutes except it's tripled and one is played .1% faster and one is played .1% slower" Shoot, why didn't we think of that? (I mean, I know WHY, but)
2.3 14:22 
#tbt visiting the P gold star after the Black Widows gig - OK, not a very far throwback I'll admit (circa 2325, February 15, 2017)
2.3 02:43 
"Can I borrow your glasses?"
"Well, you'll be blind, but sure. But you have to let me take a photo of you in them."

Actually, I always wanted this to be a photo series - people wearing my glasses...Berni did it first last year but I failed to get a photo and there were concerns about an allergic reaction to the alleged metal in my frames...

Anyway here's...I think her name was Brita? Britta? Brittta? Britttta? Whatever it was, she definitely looked way better than I did.
1.3 22:14 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28.2 12:41 HOJO COMING BACK IN AUGUST - also Aaron's faves MWH (hmmm one week before State Fair opener, AA...hint hint...)
(hat tip to Ollie Stench)
27.2 23:47 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27.2 19:46 
Tonight's culinary experiment: Brew Pub Pizza's "small batch" Stics & Curds offering
27.2 18:15 Keenly interested in the price of transatlantic flights going down in June, but not sure how to get to some of these origination points on the cheap...
26.2 15:25 
Haha - playing "Find CRZ" never gets old
24.2 15:01 I like to think it was because they cut Christian loose. Man that was fast
23.2 17:10 Video - Remember... I am not a professional.
23.2 15:32 #tbt
[photo redacted]
[text redacted]
(circa 4 Oct 2003)
23.2 13:21 Are you scared?
They're here
Kat James Doug
23.2 00:36 
MAN I could have sworn they were open much later the last time I walked by
22.2 21:38 
(an Instagram of us finishing fourth)
22.2 18:10 This here's a pyramid scheme and I'm in it
21.2 15:02 
Subtweets (Ronnie Milsap: Stranger in My House)
21.2 03:03 
I was on the radio again (thanks, Mason!) I didn't know much about Al Jarreau but covered it up pretty well. Here's the mp3 link, valid for the next fortnight and then probably archived somewhere else later (like my hard drive)
20.2 12:24 
Wow, it's been a long time since I got one of these! Good to know the scammers are still stealing the same photos from the same girls. This one forgot to change his gender to "her" which is always amusing when they unintentinally tell the truth. ANYWAY, here is "Susana Daniel"
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