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Mon 16:24 
Geez FB... is this suggestion better or worse than the one for a tractor from yesterday
Mon 12:47 
HEY! Not only is it JH's birthday but the 2nd anniversary of me becoming a big fan of Swimsuit Area!
Mon 01:01 
Sun 17:41 
Sun 14:54 Between The Zombies on Monday and The Damned last night, it's been a remarkable week for senior citizen rockstars for me
Sat 12:00 I will probably still end up at a few places, but...
Fri 19:30 
Oh hey neat
Fri 17:07 #nowplaying I know it's a Prince night but I'm gonna hear around five hours of Prince at Jäger later so I'm trying this out on Spotify at the mo'
Fri 14:10 
(1744 words)

One year ago I was at my desk in Roseville avoiding work by posting Neko Atsume screenshots and working on a Throwback Thursday post around a high school yearbook photo, thinking about the previous night at DRAGO and later at The Fremont when it started to come around Twitter that there was "medical activity" at Paisley Park. Then I saw the BREAKING tweet from TMZ and that pretty much stopped me for a week. I had been hit pretty hard in the past by other deaths (Donna Summer, Frankie Knuckles) but this was beyond a gut punch - my heart AND my brain just kinda slowed in a way I'd never felt before. The numbness wore off too quickly, replaced by an overarching and encompassing sadness that wrapped me up and smothered me. I wanted to say something - and a couple people wanted me to say something - but I pretty much shut down online. I changed my name, cover photo and profile photo and let it go. The Current started their wall of Prince and I streamed it while trying to get through the rest of my work day, wondering how I'd spend my night.

I ended up heading downtown to stand in the street with everybody else - LA texted me asking if I wanted to go to see a show she was going to, and I asked her if she wanted to come downtown instead, and she was game, so somehow we met in that swarm of people on 7th Street, decided there were way too many and went to CityWorks instead for fried pickles. After, we found Clifford at Seven for a round. After a series of poor decisions involving me trying to get my car, we finally ended up at Grumpy's at 1, just in time to do one Prince song each (Joel was down to "Alphabet St." by the time it was my turn) for a crowd which had dwindled down to Gera and her posse. After closing, we all decided to try again to hit the First Ave all-night party which was slotted 'til 7. The line was thick and moving very slowly but people WERE moving in and out. G&J gave up but we persisted and finally got in around 3 to take it in. I can't remember when we finally left (but it looks like I took some photos of the rapidly expanding shrine outside at 4.30, so probably then) and I'm not sure I even slept that night - I still had to work on Friday.

Friday I listened to my bootleg 12 inch collection at work. I was already going to the previously scheduled Bob Mould show having won a Twitter contest so I picked up my +1, we had a nice dinner with her friends at Roat Osha with service so slow we ended up heading to First Ave a little late - missing Fury Things but not Suicide Commandos. Bob Mould was great and loud as you would expect. By being fortunate enough to be in the building for the Bob Mould show, we were allowed to stick around for THAT night's Prince dance party without having to go outside and stand in the impossible queue. We ended up in a booth chatting with strangers from other states about this hard thing we were all experiencing.

So.....somewhere in here I said the wrong thing and hurt my friend so much that she stormed off, sent me a furious text and that was the last time we ever spoke. I'm still messed up about this, but the timing couldn't have been worse. Natalie was working the bar (although by that time it was juice and water, so not a lotta action) - I managed to ask her for a water and a hug before starting to lose it. I left First Ave and spent most of 7th Street crying into K-la's voicemail. Two days of under four hours of sleep, Prince dying, and ruining a friendship over a dumb joke had pretty much destroyed me. I went home and broke and I didn't get out of bed for 15 or 16 hours.

Fortunately I had a Nightosaur show to go to Saturday night or who knows WHEN I would have left the house. I decided I needed to walk, so I made the trek to the credit union and then to Reverie - one of my longer walks at 4.25 miles. I saw three fairly heavy bands (Auxons, Dead Skull and Nightosaur) which was also a nice contrast to all the Prince I'd been subjecting myself to over the past few days. I stuck to root beer that night. After Reverie, I walked a few blocks over to Mortimer's and was lucky to catch up with Krista & Smiley and play a little pinball - and even win a couple times! Then, I walked back home (3.86 miles). Over those 8+ miles of walking I had a lot of time to try to think about everything that had gone on but mostly I tried NOT to think - just to keep walking. My mind slowly started to empty.

I was home at 3 but having slept so long I wasn't really ready to go BACK to sleep. I had a Diet Dr Pepper and weighed my options. K-la had gotten off her shift and somehow I ended up offering to take HER to First Ave for the Saturday night dance party. No real line at 6am, but there wasn't a decent place to park with the cops having closed all the parking on First Avenue so I told her to just go ahead and go inside and look around and I'd stay in the car and do some people watching around the "shrine" while trying to figure out where to park. I think when she came in, they were playing one of her favourite songs, but I don't remember which one it was...but I think she posted a video. Anyway, she got a look around and decided she didn't need to stay, so I dropped her off and went back home.

Sunday I watched the Wild get eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs and wondered if I needed to keep growing my beard for the Sharks - and if you know me, you already know the story of my drivers' license photo, so let's move on. Natalie said I could hang with her that night, so I came over after buying Lund's. I found out Billy Paul had died (as if we hadn't had enough death) and remember trying to get Natalie into him with some YouTube videos - I don't think it took. We hung out for a while and ended up leaving late to take last call at The Depot - all the First Ave workers were fairly exhausted from dealing with pretty much being open from the time Prince died until that Sunday night but everybody was holding up and getting through. Natalie ended up trying to help out a clearly distressed person outside but we ended up calling the cops instead - another sad story but we'd done what we could. We took photos at the shrine - the star still hadn't been painted gold yet. Went home in the rain.

Monday I went back to work but it still wasn't over, although my Twitter feed shows me the first time I tried to show Moon a Sparks photo she'd already seen a million times. That night was ALSO the very first time I hung out with Allison one on one - we hit the Richfield Pizza Luce and then decided, hey what the heck, let's go look at the Prince shrine. So for the fifth night in a row I found myself outside First Ave at the increasingly soggy from rain Prince shrine. It's hard to believe it's only been a year because Allison ended up becoming maybe the best friend I have, and it's hard to know if things would have turned out the same way if ALL of the previous week had ended up differently. We hit Mortimer's for more pinball but I have no evidence that I won this time, but I'll assume I did. Took her home and it was a rare "early night" for me - my sleep schedule was returning to - well, not NORMAL but more in line with how it usually goes for me.

Tuesday was Giorgio Moroder's birthday (God, he better NEVER die) and I met Rob at the Target Center for the Tom Thibodeau press conference, which of course meant I wandered by First Ave on my way out. There was now a T-shirt stand and it was starting to get tacky. Triviasco was at Jager that night and Ian played the Crap From the Past Prince megamix to go with some purple-themed topics. Gera and I competed as Team Alexander Nevermind - and won with 20 points out of 25.

Wednesday I went to Transmission but my streak of visiting First Ave was over.

That was some week.

If you've gotten this far - well, first, thanks - but you may be wondering what the point of it all is. Mostly my overarching feeling one year ago was "I need to talk about this" but I never did put it down. In other contexts and about other things, Kat's been telling me that writing it down really helps and is therapeutic - even if I never share it, I should be writing it down. Now, you know me - I've hardly ever written something I didn't immediately overshare with the world! But I do think that over the past year as I've slowly developed closer relationships with people I felt I could confide in, I've done a lot more sharing through private conversations than here on The Facebook as I did when I really felt alone except for when I was online. Most of you don't miss emo CRZ but at the same time most of you didn't mind hearing from him ONCE in a while. So here's something for you and I hope you like it.

RIP P - I have no idea why a complete stranger could take over my life. (This isn't true. I let it happen regularly!)

I love you all.

PS If I mentioned you and you wish I hadn't....I'm not sorry
Thu 18:25 
Changed my cover photo
Thu 18:24 
Changed my profile photo
Thu 15:54 
Jan and I are doing important work - we are going to determine if I can tell the difference between Cheez-Its and their "Great Value Cheese Cracker" equivalent based solely on taste. I must close my eyes now. I'll be right back.

VERDICT: They tasted exactly the same and I don't know what to believe any more

FURTHER VERDICT: Bona-fide Cheez-Its are a little crispier when you're eating them by the handful, but they really do *taste* verrrrrry alike. I'd rather save a buck a box and get way more IN that box! (Also, I want to be fat again!) ALTHOUGH sometimes you want a different flavour and Great Value only has an additional "white cheddar" variety. I would miss Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its.

This has been your Cheez-It update of the day - back to you
Wed 16:29 
OFFICE T-SHIRTS, A CONTINUING SERIES: "I mean, I GUESS they can win - sure - Go Wild - woo yeah"

weird to think this MIGHT be my last chance this season to wear this one
16.4 13:32 
Oh shit I travelled through time to end up in the Swarm photo for the very event I checked in for a year ago (and will do again in a couple Saturdays) - you crazy, Internet - also, what a hot look for me from behind rowr
14.4 16:20 
I'm probably not supposed to disclose my exam grade, so please enjoy this product placement while I remind you I haven't engaged in active product technical support for almost ten years - not sure I'll come out on the right side of whatever the pass/fail line is gonna be, but that's why they ask tech writers to take these tests. I'm just happy I managed to do better than the expected 25 one should get from blindly guessing randomly at every question. Just know that if I ever DO have to support you, I'll be able to have an open manual in front of me and several tabs open on my browser (not to mention an open chat window with Linette; I'm sure she will destroy/has already destroyed me on this exam and once again score some certifications that I can't)
14.4 12:34 This was a good and important thread
13.4 19:44 
It MAY be too cold for....naah
(with Allison & Aaron at Dairy Queen)
13.4 17:50 
Hooray double XP event
13.4 17:46 
Video - Hooray double XP event
13.4 14:41 
#tbt Three years ago I met this li'l guy! Chet wasn't yet a week old - he's bigger now. (circa April 12, 2014)
12.4 11:42 
The CEO just walked by. Good thing I "dressed up"
8.4 17:04 
Sun's out; bun's out
8.4 00:32 
Thanks, Facebook, I've kinda been hanging with them for HOURS
31.3 15:07 
Office T-shirts, a continuing seies: Last pro wrestling T-shirt my coworkers will have to be exposed to for a while. Probably. I'm not sure I've ever worn THIS one, either - it was either a gift or a thrift store find I couldn't pass up, but the man is going into the WWE Hall of Fame tomorrow so I can wear it today. This photo is so enormous I'm not even gonna try to show you my face at the same time - besides, your eyes go right to DDP anyway. WRESTLEMANIA IS SUNDAY
31.3 15:01 Honey, badger don't care (via Lily's retweet)
31.3 12:40 
"Pokémon, I Choose You!" aired for the first time in Japan 20 years ago today! (Thanks Allison for the reminder!)
30.3 18:52 
Also it's Big Head night AND he's on the's a triple KAT
30.3 18:51 
Two dudes, each impressed by the hair of the other
30.3 17:08 
Today I was accused of conducting the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony - I WISH. But it ain't me. It's this feller. But you can still call me "Maestro" if you REALLY want

(Hoping Christopher Zimmerman never gets complemented for his 20 year old pro wrestling recaps)
29.3 08:25 
Office T-shirts, a continuing series: you remember nWo black and white, you remember the Wolfpack red...hey but do you remember that short-lived nWo tie dye? (Van Hammer: "Faarrrr out") No, come on, you don't, because mercifully that was never a real thing. But they STILL sold these things at WCW house shows back in....whenever it was. I don't know if I've ever worn this thing, to be honest, but I DO remember buying it at the Cow Palace - it was the very least I could do after they comped me. IT'S WRESTLEMANIA WEEK YO
29.3 06:52 
A sunrise so beautiful it's ALMOST worth being up this early (but not really)
28.3 20:38 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28.3 12:12 
Office T-shirts, a continuing series: geez I look like I'm being held hostage ANYWAY here's a rare "prototype" STEVE BLACKMAN: LETHAL WEAPON T-shirt that I think you could only buy from some Steve Blackman-related website (yes, those things existed back in 2000) because they never quite made it to the WWF store. The back has the head of a black puma and the words DARK AND DANGEROUS on it because even back then, WWF believed in embarrassing their T-shirt wearers by putting super lame shit on the backs of them. EVERY. TIME. Another good reason to keep my hair long: to cover up the back of my wrestling T-shirt. It's WrestleMania week!
27.3 14:27 
Office T-shirts, a continuing series: been a few months since I've shared one of these (and, in my new office, turns out I don't have enough space behind me to lean back and show you the entire shirt AND my head unless I do this goofy pose...I'll work on that) HEY IT'S WRESTLEMANIA WEEK and also I'm going to Moonsault Mondays! Fallen heroes edition! tonight so here's another look at this sweet IV Horsemen shirt Kris bought me from the European version of WWEShop. I might try to wear wrestling shirts all week except on the Wolves' game night. Will I share them here? As my old friends from Aimnet might say, STAY IN TUNE...
25.3 15:31 HEY! I just burned a CD for, like, the first time this decade I think - how old-fashioned and slightly romantic!
25.3 00:42 
We know how to (listening) party
24.3 14:44 SO HYPED (Players Required: PIlot Trailer)
24.3 14:36 
Happy Friendaversary, Moon! Facebook's video made some terrible choices, the most blatant of which was not letting me use THIS photo, so let's share this instead of that. Love you, crime partnah!
I thought mouse season was over...
22.3 01:15 Another China call completed!

(also known as the latest "I didn't want to break my string of telling you when I was on a China call" status)
20.3 23:51 
10 minutes to airtime: LET'S GET CRUISIN' + INTERACTIVE
20.3 15:55 
I will be AT KFAI tonight between midnight and 2, but whether or not I'll be ON KFAI is up to you! I am not above doing the hard sell if you don't call in with your pledge, so if you wanna hear more smooth music - and you should - keep me on the phone!
18.3 11:32 Ha! Hi Dad! I guess we should have tagged each other in more photos! (video: "7 year Friendaversary")
18.3 02:32 
Then there was that time in 1987 that Giorgio produced Falco with Brigitte Nielsen (!) but it took me close to 30 years to hear it in my car - and probably close to 20 years after somebody on the Moroder Audiogalaxy pushed it out to the group and it sat on various hard drives before randomly shuffling into my "never played" iPod playlist - do you kids even remember Audiogalaxy? What about iPods? So anyway...hi Moon! (YouTube: Falco meets Brigitte Nielsen - Body next to Body (12inch Dance mix))
17.3 12:44 
Oh what fresh hell is this, Facebook - I'M TRYING TO WATCH A VIDEO HERE, I'll get to Kris' comment in a second
17.3 12:30 
I obey my past self - we were so innocent a year ago...
15.3 17:23 
Haven't gotten one of these in a while, but oh man, guys, she's a little bored and h0rny with a zero right now and she wants to s3xt with a three! I wonder if Karina Irby knows her pictures have been stolen and repurposed by this surely totally real person "Bonnie Watson"
15.3 12:44 RIP RR. Modesto folks will understand... For a few years when I was much younger, the outlet store was my main wardrobe filler. But I have to confess I had no idea he was still alive in 2017!
14.3 11:56 Damn I was so much cleverer five yars ago
13.3 13:49 REVELATION: The range of my Bluetooth headphones extends out to include the restroom! I just peed AND listened to Ultravox at the same time!
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