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Sun 22:27 Hey DJ
Sat 22:12 Let's get assorted!!
Sat 11:57 When it comes to Valentine's Day, I never learn...but I'm always a genius on the 15th!
Sat 04:08 
Enduring my final hellish commute Thursday evening, I was struck with how my iPod's shuffling was attempting to keep up my mood and THEN I thought "hey, I bet I could stick this on Mixcloud and see if anybody else liked this stuff, too" - so here we are. It starts with a longish Kraftwerk cover from the "Trans-Slovenian Express 2" compilation, includes a former member of Kraftwerk in Wolfgang Flür's Yamo, one of my all-time favourite Banco de Gaia versions and closes strong with a well-loved Depeche Mode remix. It's an actually kinda breezy 40 minutes when you're not driving home in stop'n'go traffic while you're listening to it!
Fri 13:50 
Oh right, also, HSVD
Fri 10:47 
I know I've been going on and on about leaving this job but you need to know I haven't voluntarily resigned from a job since 1997... so yeah it's KIND of a deal. This is the third job where I've worn this tie on the last day because I'm nothing without routine. Anyway...who wants to get day drunk?
Thu 14:51 
My gift to you on this Valentine's Day is something Mason did
Thu 11:46 
#tbt (Well, almost) Turning this one in tomorrow!! This has been the slowest week everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Wed 21:27 
Changed my cover photo
Wed 10:45 
MarketWatch headline: UnitedHealth surges toward record as Bernie Sanders's New Hampshire win is seen as bolstering Trump's re-election chances

Me: Two more days, two more days...
Tue 21:45 THE FORCE IS WITH US or something
Tue 13:39 Finally, FINALLY gonna see The Rise of Skywalker at Showplace ICON in St Louis Park. You want in? It's $6 Tuesday (hey when'd it stop being $5 Tuesday) and we're doing the 9.45 showing. Currently, zero tickets have been presold for this show and it's just me and Andy...and YOU? Hit me up
Tue 10:23 
Fired up my Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist for the first time since 2018 - strangely relieved to see they still think I like shitty covers and "The Order of Death"
Mon 19:56 
If I don't select something quiet, our hostess will be drowned out
9.2 10:47 
Ahahahahaha someone wasted some money on LinkedIn ads
9.2 10:17 
9.2 03:10 
(circa 25½ hours ago)
7.2 13:06 Pretty sure this is my next time doing the vinyl selecting thing, if you need something to do before Dark Energy!
6.2 14:19 
A Redditor notes that of the 21 players who checked in for the T'wolves during the 2018-9 season, only KAT and Okogie are still there at this point in the 2019-20 season. Oh and Coach I guess, huh? One thing both teams DO have in common is I won't pay one thin dime to attend a single one of their home games
5.2 18:45 
Updated my cover photo
5.2 15:50 
One thing I'll miss about this building are the regular dog visits
4.2 08:38 
Changed my cover photo
2.2 12:37 
Still don't know what to do with my hair (video from four years ago)
1.2 14:05 
Shorts weather!
1.2 00:49 Maybe the anti-drone
31.1 22:05 
Professional (video)
31.1 21:06 58 minutes pass without a call into the studio line, but as soon as I'm doing the legal ID the phone can't ring quick enough - of course, they hang up before I'm off the mic. I bet it was my heckler named SLT.
31.1 19:08 
My office for the next five hours, watching the simulcast of DRONE NOT DRONES: The 7th Annual 28-hour Drone - tune in and hear me talk at the top of every hour!
30.1 16:43 SO HAPPY
30.1 06:26 I've been waiting for this since BEFORE it was announced! (Before creating the Facebook event, Mason totally no-sold me asking why he was on the Dusty's calendar) Let's let the smooth just wash over us - or is that just Grain Belt? See you in somewhere around ten hours!
29.1 12:23 Today's listening - a perfect mood setter. When's the next episode? Thanks Yo Ritchie for the recommendation!
28.1 21:45 "Their Law" probably isn't in the book
27.1 19:39 It'll take a little longer than 24 seconds, but read this
27.1 10:08 I did watch Episode 1 of "Star Trek: Picard" before bed last night. My spoiler-free hot take is that I think it's gonna be VERY interesting
25.1 21:51 Hey DJ
25.1 17:31 
Lookit this asshole (University Ave SE @ Oak St SE)
24.1 21:49 Get closer
24.1 11:26 Come hear all Nine to Twelve inches at Mort's tonight!! I'll be the guy with the hair wearing yellow AND dragons.
24.1 08:05 Guess we could have planned this better (anniversary of first photo tagged with Kris Head)
24.1 08:04 
Getting my fingers printed

(not a criminal)
22.1 21:43 See you in two years!
21.1 22:13 (I got a good parking space; I had to pop in)
20.1 22:33 Tighter
20.1 13:04 If my share last week made you angry, I hope my share this week makes you feel better!
19.1 22:28 Hey DJ - WOW so many friends tonight!!
19.1 15:45 If you don't work tomorrow, I expect to see you tonight!
18.1 22:44 That's how it starts
18.1 11:28 UP YOURS, WINTER - we got sooo much fun stuff and good times tonight! Sadly, I can only be in one place at one time, but I still wanna give you three options, all of which are solid choices and a great way to stay up late.

We got Freak of the Week 2 Year at Pimento! Nola and Jamez and some people I am not Facebook friends with but should be are GUARANTEED to bring the best mix of the old and new (but more old...just like you like it). Get there early ($5 cover between 9 and 10PM; $10 after) not just to have money for an extra Red Stripe but because Jamez will probably go on first again!

It's a highlight of the month - The Assortment w/DJ Michael Grey: January Dance Party! at Mort's! Michael brings the pop and proves that there's still life left in the genre! Also, he WILL play Icona Pop at 0115 but you find yourself overjoyed to hear it and unable to NOT sing along! 10PM, $6 cover, I recommend the Fulton/Jameson deal

And the highlight of ... let's say highlight of the quarter, the irregular and increasingly venue hopping Electric Feel: 2000s Indie Dance Party w/ FooLProoF & Modernist lands back at one of the coolest places to have it: the Turf Club! I heard a rumour that MAGGIE will be there and you will want to meet and dance next to her. Don't tell her I said that, though - it'll be our little secret! $10 cover but it's worth every penny. Just prepare yourself now: we're walking to Denny's after.

Whatever you do today, I hope you're MAKIN' IT GREAT like a 1980s Pizza Hut! Get out there, stand against a wall and enjoy music AND beverages until your friends finally force you to dance!
17.1 17:57 Happy 65th Anniversary of Frankie Knuckles' Birth! (I just realised I included a FK production in this week's Dollar Bin - there are no coincidences)
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