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Fri 16:58 Video
Fri 15:31 "Hi Christopher,

Great! Thanks for making that time work. I will send you a confirmation email soon with the details.

Thank you,

Recruiter Associate, Talent Acquisition"


They emailed offering me three times to meet with the team - Wednesday at 8, Thursday at 8 or Thursday at 3. I said I wanted the first availability, naturally. It MAY have been a test to see if I'd pounce on the afternoon time, not that I want to read into the response. But if I'm hired, they would probably expect me in at 8 several times a week, so no big deal, right?

Now we hurry up and wait for Wednesday...
Fri 15:06 Happy Friendiversary to my favourite friend in the entire world! I like to think I'm a pretty creative guy, but one thing I can't imagine is a world without Kat in it. I know we'll make this world a little smaller soon and take some more photos for the algorithm next time. Love you to Dorset and back to Hennepin! <3 xxx
Fri 06:20 
Frankie Knuckles was born 63 years ago today. Unfortunately, he left us at the age of 59. Shortly before his death, this set at DefMix WMC set was recorded. The much beloved Godfather of house music is still sorely missed.
Thu 22:41 
May not make it to Gothess tonight despite my very gothy outfit
Thu 22:08 THERE'S BALLOONS (Infernal Singalong Machine karaoke at Erik the Red)
Wed 23:48 
Hey maybe THIS time I'll work
Tue 05:03 
For some reason I'm reminded of this "comedy bit" (Don Imus: 1200 Hamburgers to Go)
Mon 10:47 Woo yeah but how come you only like it when my hair's pulled back
12.1 22:15 
Guys if you really REALLY wanna see all my old Myspace photos, they're still on Myspace
12.1 20:12 
It takes a lotta gear to make a lotta noise on the GHOST STAGE in the Buechner Room 👻
12.1 03:58 HEY! This extravaganza is TONIGHT! Try to find a way to be in all three rooms at the same time. Whether or not you manage that, try to find *me* at some point and say hi...if the opportunity presents, I'll point out Barb Abney and/or Krista Wax for jello shots.
10.1 20:15 
Changed my cover photo
9.1 18:04 
ARE KMOJ still playing R. Kelly choonz? They seem cool with Club Jager so I wouldn't be surprised...heck, "Ignition (Remix)" is probably a highlight every Friday at NYT LYF for that over 30 crowd...
9.1 15:44 Just got an email from a recruiter who opened with "It's rare to find a candidate with your background and experience," then went on to suggest I'd be a perfect fit for the opportunity of filling his new req as a senior cell tower technician. I am tempted to call him back personally to let him know every way he is wrong but I have some errands to run. 8.1 13:53 Applied for a contract-to-hire gig and the contracting company called me back 12 minutes after receiving my info. Normally that would make me suspicious! But it may just be that they really like filling positions quickly? I'd probably take this one quickly. 8.1 02:12 
Party never ends - happy extended birthday, Matt!
6.1 14:20 
Normally I wouldn't be caught dead in all black
5.1 23:16 
Never be in a hurry when you don't know where the new sharper potholes are (in my case, Essex St SE)
5.1 06:16 
I endorse this playlist and would definitely guest host this show if Grandpa Joe ever needed me ;-) It's streaming on KFAI's org for two weeks - let me know if you can't find the link! 4.1 20:21 Geez am I sick the same time every year? Why don't I ever plan ahead? 3.1 01:37 
Hey guess what I'm doing some radio on the radio this week! Once again guesting on Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI about 24 hours from now (Friday 0200-0600 CST). That's right; I'm giving you TWENTY-FOUR HOURS' NOTICE this time! 2.1 17:04 RIP Gene Okerlund (76), Captain Daryl Dragon (76), Bob Einstein (76) ..... whoa 2.1 16:43 SOMEBODY'S back to work today! Oh, sorry, not me...the folks who shuffle around resumés at other companies, I meant. Got rejection emails from Wells Fargo ("Systems Support Analyst 5") and OATI (honestly can't remember; think it was "Communiations Specialist - Writer"). Meanwhile, nothing new to apply to this week so far...which I kinda expected. On another front, anybody know anybody at Oracle? 31.12 20:16 
Oh! It's already live! More on this tomorrow! 31.12 18:34 You want my top 10 of 2018? Here are all eleven 2018 albums I acquired this year, take out whichever one you like. I haven't even listened to most of these all the way through!

Blancmange - Wanderlust
Christopher Cross - Take Me As I Am
Anne Dudley - Plays The Art of Noise
GusGus - Lies Are More Flexible
Shooter Jennings - Shooter
Justice - Woman Worldwide
Tom Middleton - Sleep Better
The Orb - No Sounds Are Out of Bounds
What So Not - Not All the Beautiful Things
Wild Nothing - Indigo
Zement - Klinker
31.12 17:42 
Updated my cover photo
31.12 17:28 
Kris, Giorgio, Swimsuit Area, pop, pop, Flip, me, me, friends!
(My 2018 Top Nine) 31.12 10:49 
Hahahaha no this wasn't me (if this HAD been me, I would have flyered KMOJ while I was at it) (Reddit: Julius DeRoma flyered) 31.12 09:27 Hey you know what's a baller move is sneaking in a tooth cleaning AND a contact lens order AND an extra pair of glasses order to max out all your wacky COBRA benefits on the very last day of 2018 JEEZ I'M TIRED 31.12 07:21 
Dang you dudes wake up early. Me, I had 20 minutes of sleep, hours of insomnia and, coming up, an 8am dentist appointment. (Thanks for the Likes!)
30.12 04:27 Back on November 24, 2017 (I double checked), Andy and I went to Electric Feel at the Turf Club and met two very lovely young ladies named Maggie and Becca who we engaged in sparkling conversation, discussing the merits of Pokémon GO and tea cigarettes, and then promptly never saw again - until last night, at Electric Feel at the Turf Club. I would humblebrag about me being recognised before Andy except it was only because somehow I wore Pokémon-related T-shirts both nights, which seems less like something to brag about. Still, 13 months between memorable meetings seems memorable enough for me to mention it here. We ended up including them in our party of eight on a walk to Denny's, whereupon they repeatedly remarked that we all seemed pretty damn cool. Nobody disagreed with that. Of course, they ended up in Alex' car somehow, but we're still pretty sure they're both already married, so...anyway, this was one of those "there are no coincidences" posts I enjoy sharing with you. The only topper would have been if one of them could have gotten me a job, but when I asked neither had any prospects. As we did a year ago, we repeatedly encouraged them to come out for Transmission, and just like a year ago we're pretty sure there's no chance they'll show up, but it's nice to dream. 28.12 08:12 
Hmmm....what I'm REALLY wondering is where I stashed that STRAIGHT OUTTA MODESTO hoodie because it's probably been a year since I wore it... (Photo: one year ago today) 28.12 02:19 
I'm on KFAI RIGHT NOW! 90.3FM or dot org until 6am. If you tune in, say hi! 27.12 14:23 
Changed my cover photo
27.12 13:15 
Ooh surprise I'm guest hosting Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI again tonight at 2am! Got any requests for me to play? Any big end of the year stuff you'd like me to touch on? 26.12 12:00 
Happy Boxing Day, Everybody!
25.12 23:37 
Ooh my brother and his wife got me a....I think this is a Dr. Mario machine?
24.12 17:30 
If you need something to listen to tonight while doing that last minute gift wrapping, Mason and I (mostly Mason) put together a pretty good Cruise Control episode of surprisingly funky CCM coming up at midnight on KFAI 90.3 and also streaming live from their dot org web space! And if you need something to tide you over BEFORE midnight, my solo episode of last week's Cruise Control is still available for streaming from their website for one more week! At least three people have told me they enjoyed it; can I give you any higher recommendation than that? 24.12 16:34 
My annual tradition - happy bells and whistles everybody! (YouTube: Telex - Cloches et Sifflets) 23.12 16:48 
I think they finally admin'd me in a way that I can't even angry react to publicly posted photos like this any more. Yet I can still share them so.... Bravo, "People's Station!"

If you're new to me bitching about this, the venue listed in this flyer is better known as Clubhouse Jäger. Club owner Julius De Roma made contributions to the 2016 David Duke and 2018 Patrick Little campaigns along with several donations to different 2016 Trump organizations. You can find records of all of those contributions as a part of the public record (FEC website). Patronizing Club Jäger supports Julius De Roma. How comfortable are people advancing the cause of white supremacy? KMOJ is still outright endorsing a weekly dance night held at Club Jäger by allowing these notices on their Facebook page.
23.12 16:26 
Club Jäger's still in business, but at least my friends at NYT LYF now only hype their dance nights an hour after they start to make sure I'm not pointing it out until after the fact. Perhaps I didn't give them the hype boost they were claiming? Also, I wonder: are people under 25 not allowed in because they're more likely to have problems with David Duke supporters? No, that's probably not it. ROCK OUT!
21.12 15:35 
When I'm picking up clearance rate vinyl, I look at names, years, track lengths, and sometimes I just like the cover and take a shot. When I get around to PLAYING those selections, I'm often surprised that it's something I COMPLETELY recognise but just never associated the title and artist with that particular song - or I just spaced on that title being on the album I bought. And that makes me wanna share it with you. The Dollar Bin can be streamed from the KFAI website starting in two weeks! (#nowplaying: Translator - Everywhere That I'm Not, 1982) (video) 21.12 00:48 
This guy.
21.12 00:20 Gentlemen, please spit IN the urinal. Do not spit ON the urinal. 20.12 21:44 I'm here tonight, of course. Come on down! (Gothess Presents: WAX TRAX NIGHT) 20.12 01:44 Does it count as #whamageddon when you knew it was coming? Yes. Yes, it does. So I'm out on the 20th... I'm ok with that. 18.12 23:06 
Almost there! #levelup #onemoretogo
18.12 15:38 
Let's hope that's true, Twitter! (Twitter won't see the irony of me using Facebook to show their begging for me to tweet - which I didn't - because Twitter isn't a real person, unlike Facebook)
18.12 07:45 
As I say every year, here's to Facebook: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. (Video: Happy 12th Faceversary) Older entries