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13.3 15:08 
RT @FishCenterLive: the fish are okay
4.6.18 10:45 
Oh hi, @bnjrivera! I haven't watched FishCenter Live since August 2015 so prepare to be disappointed in my rapidly nonexistent twitstream!
21.10.15 16:23 
This was a beautiful thing. (Cc: @dragonkazooie, @as_DumpTruck)
24.9.15 14:24 
@beepbeepamanda @FishCenterLive EDT
17.8.15 21:04 
@FishCenterLive Hey can you delay the start until the WWE RAW overrun is over? (Asking for Choe) @as_DumpTruck
14.8.15 15:37 
@FishCenterLive @JonothonKM Your own website ( says 83 as of Thursday, so re-add Round 1 coins to that and bngo
14.8.15 15:21 
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm kinda suffering from @tlkio @FishCenterLive withdrawl
29.7.15 16:23 
27.7.15 16:06 
@FishCenterLive I'll get it right eventually
27.7.15 15:54 
22.7.15 15:23 
@FishCenterLive Sorry for all the breathing. Today I got 10 results:
17.7.15 16:05
9.7.15 16:41 
@albertxii Adult Swim's daily webcast is/was live at SDCC under the Meatwad dome, maybe also tomorrow at 1PM
9.7.15 15:44 
@albertxii You're not at FISHCENTER LIVE?!
19.6.15 14:31 
@knvcklefvck_ This was nice and super and not shitty at all Tortellini, if I may call you Tortellini (was that your short call yesterday?)
4.6.15 14:30 
@FishCenterLive work in progress
28.5.15 15:21 
@FishCenterLive Correct 25 point answer was "Jeremy Renner" - please award my points to Mammoth
26.5.15 16:10 
@FishCenterLive Neglecting to name today's winner has to be considered a medium-sized bumble
26.5.15 11:43 
@FishCenterLive Change coin values DURING rounds, more coins on the field, all the points for Th'lump, you know, standard stuff
22.5.15 16:16 
@khorn314 @FishCenterLive "It's seafood"
20.5.15 15:39 
@morningteam @FishCenterLive I blew it, friend. I Drew it.
19.5.15 13:55 
#Eurovision2015 vs. #FishCenter - who ya got?
18.5.15 17:39 
@FishCenterLive (email'd) BET THE HOUSE ON TH’LUMP
15.5.15 15:13 
@FishCenterLive Could it have been Randi Kaye?
14.5.15 15:10 
@FishCenterLive I can't believe what I just heard
8.5.15 15:20 
RT @beepbeepamanda: @FishCenterLive can't find the pebble app wtf guys
28.4.15 15:21 
@FishCenterLive I liked Blah Blah Square Stop - recommend higher contrast numbers, higher quality still shot photographer
23.4.15 15:57 
@FishCenterLive OK
14.4.15 16:12 
釣魚之釣到既都係雞泡魚 (reblog of yau117 via fishcenterlive)
14.4.15 15:53 
@FishCenterLive RED FLAG those round 3 scores are WAY off (and I think you gave a Mimosa +5 to Greenbird, 10 point swing)
6.4.15 16:04 
@MaximeSimonet @davebonawits Thanks for tweeting Director's Commentary link - I'm on Android, no Periscope app, but I watched on the laptop
3.4.15 14:48 
@FishCenterLive I missed it because I forgot we are in different time zones
31.3.15 23:19 
Oh, right, it's midnight on Adult Swim - looks like @FishCenterLive's Coin Quest is taking over!
19.3.15 15:30 
@FishCenterLive Red flag on 1 or 2 (hover?) points for Th'lump
18.3.15 14:43 
@FishCenterLive That image is superlative
9.3.15 15:47 
@FishCenterLive Schaefer is the beer to have when you're havin' more than one - or are on your Moog