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2.5.13 15:54 
Might work better as an Orbitz - hey, remember Orbitz? (Poutine Jones Soda Comes to Canada)
12.4.13 13:44 
I would really miss Everybody Votes if I had used my Wii at all in the past two years... (Nintendo Shutters Some Wii Online Services, Would Really Like You to Buy a Wii U)
22.10.12 16:10 
Whew! Hey, our old State Sen - cool @Geekosystem Idiocracy Later: Minnesota Drops Controversial Online Education Stance
19.10.12 14:08 
Or can @keithellison @alfranken @amyklobuchar fix this? MT @Geekosystem: Free Online Education Deemed Illegal in MN
12.9.12 14:43 
So it all hinges on Judd Hirsch. Somehow we knew it would come to this. (Sequels to Independence Day Now Have Names, Are Depressing)
15.8.12 15:17 
Somehow, I knew it would involve bacon. (3D-Printed Meat In Progress: Paltry Prospect Or Future Food?)
26.7.12 13:25 
I wonder if "no data cap" really means "no data cap" - also, I wonder if the various **AAs will get to take a look at how those pipes are used. Also, no matter what the answers are I would probably dump "Xfinity" in a heartbeat to get on board with this plan if only it were available in my metro area. (Google Fiber Offers Free Internet to Kansas City, Other Amazing Plans)
14.6.12 18:13 
@geekosystem #geekoflash 4:54 + 2:40 = watch me
25.4.12 14:15 
@Geekosystem I think you're overthinking it - isn't it just (2190177157 - 500000)x=110000000000? That's 50.2357161, making the answer 51
15.12.11 15:59 
This may be one of those times when people may more easily and suddenly come to the realisation that Congresspeople are probably like this about ALL issues ALL the time. (The SOPA Hearing is Positively Infuriating, You Should Listen In)
30.11.11 13:28 
NO SPOILER ALERT ON YOUR PHOTO?!?!?! (In an Infinite Amount of Parallel Tumblrverses, Dave Coulier Was Bound to Reign Supreme)
17.11.11 16:56 
Only during Sweeps month... (High School Students Allegedly Using Vodka-Soaked Tampons to Get Drunk)
15.11.11 15:45 
Really? You didn't link to the video?

I swear, I have to do everything around here: (Scientists Capture First Ever Images of Female Orgasm Inside The Brain; Totally Hot)
10.10.11 13:49 
And 80% of THAT use is generated from posts by Tom, Wil Wheaton and Mark Cuban and the thousands of generally useless comments attached thereto.

I'm still rooting for Diaspora* (let me know if you need an invite!)
(Google+ Active Use Down 60%)
10.10.11 12:24 
I always roll my own. (I also don't ever get phone calls so it's a shock when my phone actually RINGS.) I'm currently using a snippet from Kraftwerk's "Musique Non Stop." (Nokia Has A New Dubstep Ringtone and That’s Terrible)
29.9.11 13:30 
These shoes appear to be lacking a lengthy disclaimer proclaiming that all trademarks are used with the permission of Lucasfilm. (Maybe it's on the sole.) (Adidas Wampa Fur Shoes Are a Thing That Exists)
26.9.11 16:10 
YOUR PROOFREADER SAYS: Wil Wheaton wil decry that you have misspelled his first name right after somebody tells him. (Pun intended.) (I'm not going to tell him.) (Hacked Knitting Machine Crafts Infinite Regression Bill Cosby Sweater)
12.9.11 16:11 
I dunno...I've wasted a lot of time in my life (I'm commenting here, after all!) but spending over an hour on this seems like a HUGE waste of time. (Guy Creates Luigi Within a Game of Tetris [Video])
9.9.11 11:56 
Anybody seen one yet? (Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Will Start Appearing in Your Stream Even If You Aren’t Following the Accounts)
15.8.11 12:45 
I'm sure that like me, you are hoping this technology can eventually be used to create groups of singing animals to entertain children in "showtime pizza time theater" type restaurants (Singing Robot Head Is Entertaining, Yet Horrifying)
10.8.11 09:44 
Translation: "Screw you, west coast!" (Syfy Show Haven Making Twitter an Integral Plot Device)
9.8.11 15:29 
I guarantee you dude does not care either way. (Woman is Addicted to Eating the Ashes of Her Late Husband)
9.8.11 13:16 
There at least a couple hundred clocks on Twitter - I'm partial to @internet_time myself. Also, there's a fun list at (The Unofficial Twitter Account of Big Ben is Ridiculous)
5.8.11 17:50 
"''e was a right tit,'e was!" (Killer Plant Devours a Bird Whole)
3.8.11 14:40 
RT @geekosystem: How to Remove Yourself From Background Check Sites
3.8.11 13:26 
Where's LOGO? ;-)
(A Quick Look at the Evolution of Programming Languages [Infographic])
1.8.11 13:17 
PROOFREADER ON DUTY: You said "illusive" (producing, produced by, or based on illusion; deceptive or unreal) but I have to think you meant "elusive" (eluding clear perception or complete mental grasp; hard to express or define).
( Researchers Find Illusive Oxygen Molecules In Space)
29.7.11 12:36 
Nonsense! I tweet about yogurt ALL THE TIME. My gosh!
(Computers Can Figure Out Your Gender From Your Tweets)
21.7.11 12:27 
#6 is an excellent candidate for "How to proofread an eHow article." (21 Things You Probably Didn’t Think eHow Could Teach You)
21.7.11 12:18 
And yet he couldn't afford to get it written right side sad. (Billionaire Sheikh Writes His Name in an Island so it Can be Seen From Space)
18.7.11 13:33 
This is probably why God invented Tron. (Church Dons Tron: Legacy Design for Movie-Based Sermon Series)
14.7.11 11:37 
heh heh heh ... rump (Study: Parrot Parents Name Their Babies)
4.7.11 14:48 
neat geek culture blogs that sift through all the rabble to cull the top content, and generally also has some pretty killer original content of its own

If only there were such a I right?
(Which Website is Right for You)
23.6.11 11:28 
What the hell, I'll bid a dollar. (Hulu Up For Sale)
16.6.11 09:41 
"Violent reaction?" C'mon, you're talking about Vancouver here.

Oh, wait.
(Wi-Fi Picture Frame Steals Your Photos)
10.6.11 18:10 
What they said.

Also, can't believe you didn't sneak in a "follow me on Twitter" at the very end. :)
(A Passing of the Torch)
23.5.11 14:24 
Somebody watched the season finale of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit!"

(...and if not, they should have!)
(Knife That Injects Compressed Gas Into Victim)
20.5.11 14:17 
RT @geekosystem: Study: 95% of Spam Transactions Processed by Just Three Banks
16.5.11 17:07 
I may be going out on a limb here, and I don't claim to know how our government works, but I *believe* this bill would actually have to pass both houses and not be vetoed by the president before it would actually become law and your headline (and much of your story) would be true. But thanks for your (apparently ironic) use of "I'm Just a Bill" art! (Unauthorized Internet Streaming Now a Felony Thanks to New Bill)
2.5.11 12:36 
But WHAT WAS IT?!?!?!?! DAMN your unfulfilled teasing headline promises, Geekosystem! (We Now Know the Sixty-Trillionth Binary Digit of Pi-Squared)
12.4.11 11:27 
So THAT'S why all those Indonesians seem to live on the Glue website - legally, they have nothing better to do on the Internet! (Antiporn Politician Busted Watching Porn During Parliamentary Debate)
29.3.11 14:15 
Well, see....not only are YOU there, but NOW you can meet complete strangers who are ALSO there! And yes, when I put it THAT way, it sounds kinda......yes. (How Color, the Insanely Ambitious and Well-Funded Social Photo App, Could Win)
29.3.11 12:35 
Did you mean "cachet?" Because I reckon Color uses the same amount of cache no matter what you think of it. (Never Alone: Trick Shows Any Photo in Color App, Anywhere)
28.3.11 15:05 
Doesn't keep you off of Flickr, though. (Obama’s Secret, Information-Shielding Tent)
24.3.11 12:09 
Not on Android 1.6, that's for sure. Curse my stubbornness to give up my G1 - no official Twitter for Android, no Hashable, no Color... (How Color, the Insanely Ambitious and Well-Funded Social Photo App, Could Win)
3.3.11 11:25 
Your jealousy is so ugly. (Charlie Sheen Sets Guinness World Record for Hitting 1 Million Twitter Followers)
25.2.11 14:22 
What I'm more concerned about that a mouse skipping by in front of them? (Amish Man's Team of Horses Pulls Stuck Truck Out of the Snow)
14.1.11 14:13 
Where are we on that Tetris adaptation? RT @geekosystem A Pac-Man Reality Show. Really.
18.12.10 23:16 
Neither is this one RT @geekosystem: Geekolinks: 12/18
18.12.10 23:16 
This link isn't live RT @geekosystem: Celebrate Christmas and Have a Few Billion Dollars? Do Something Like This
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