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11.9 16:00 
From yesterday: oh no, no copy of Closer Weekly at Cub? Here instead are the "80 years of game shows" cover varietals
9.9 18:57 
8.9 17:57 
3.9 16:27 
I don't wanna be the "hey, summer's over" guy but HAPPY SEPTEMBER! (pictured: Oktoberfest from @liftbridge and @urbangrowler purchased from @freshthyme Prospect Park)
3.9 16:17 
24.8 22:32 
9.8 21:01 
So everything's led to this... Meme chips
4.8 20:02 
It is Pete Whitman Quartet (@peter.whitman1)
4.8 19:01 
It is International Reggae All Stars
4.8 18:05 
Huh. (huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh) #nowplaying #KZiM #magiciPod
4.8 02:19 
Whoa! I'M on the cover this week!
24.7 21:08 
A day after he was erased from First Ave's wall of stars, HMS/ST curiously came to the decision that today would be the right time to come back to Instagram and Twitter. He quickly racked up a couple dozen reply tweets, a few hundred Likes on Twitter, and a quad digit number of Likes on Instagram. There was no acknowledgment of WHY he engaged in those "many months of quiet reflection," nor why his star had been painted over. No mention of his deleted "apology" or responses to his victims, or Modist, or Harold's on Main, or other entities I'm not remembering. It's really the latest effort in his team's continuingly baffling effort at a PR campaign and I'm still not buying. It appears that he's content to throw out a tweet or a gram and let the legions of folks still following him - or perhaps completely ignorant of what went down back at the beginning of the year - do the hard work of lifting him up with supportive comments and decrying "cancel culture."

Just my two cents, of course - it's still a Facebook wall after all - but I find no reason to suddenly stop believing survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuses. With every bit of the very tiny amount of social capital I can muster, I still stand with and believe the survivors and encourage you to continue to deplatform predators.

A few other folks who spoke up today found themselves quickly blocked for speaking up, and quickly spoke up to let the world know it had happened - another curious PR move. I'm sure I'm a step or two away from joining them. I only found out about today's activity when I saw a friend's feed open up with his face right at the top. Still can't hide from the "wrong" people.

To the extent that there's any hype left...don't believe the hype. I also encourage you to continue to dismiss any attempts to generate any new hype - no matter how many pictures of adorable animals might accompany it.
23.7 17:28 *I* didn't vote @ Cub
18.7 15:40 
17.7 23:25 
It is The Rope (@the_rope_official /
17.7 22:12 
It is AUTUMN (@autumn_u.s.iii /
17.7 21:12 
It is Bloody Pink (@bloodypinkofficial /
17.7 00:39 
I'm trying, buddy
15.7 23:31 
I know I've missed a few weeks so please enjoy this bonus geezer content
29.6 09:31 
Woke up to 90 new Instagram followers - thanks to whoever tried out their new bots on my account
23.6 23:35 
I was JUST thinking how Rockstar hadn't yet made a drink that would cause my heart to explode...well hello
18.6 20:27 
"🎶We like being alive, oh we like being alive 🎶"
2.6 01:52 
Finally we're gonna get the goods on Jimmy Coburn
25.5 19:22 
19.5 23:53 
Finally, the secrets will be unlocked
17.5 00:43 
Was THIS your card?
6.5 13:15 
RT @LucasBrownEyes: Soooooooo..... Tons of people are reporting @instagram has removed their #MMIW stories/posts

It SEEMS like Instagram t… RT
@msimmons444: Soooooooo..... Tons of people are reporting @instagram has removed their #MMIW stories/posts

It SEEMS like Instagram targeted MMIW Awareness Day.
Why would they do that? This isn’t the first time Facebook/Instagram targeted Natives btw

Anti-Native racism as a corporate policy?
3.5 18:34 
Count the dead!
28.4 20:08 
Was THIS your card?
(Prospect Park)
26.4 17:12 
Now it can be told
17.4 20:50 
Iconic Closer Weekly cover this week
27.3 19:54 
Where ARE they now? Are they even alive?
13.3 02:43 
The story they waited 50 years to tell
27.2 22:44 
This week's cover girl died in 1990 at the age of 82
13.2 02:38 
You voted?
6.2 20:30 Hey remember television @ Cub
23.1 19:54 
Bonus content - of course this makes me think of @ear_potatos for no particular reason
23.1 19:51 
Mamie Van Doren is STILL ALIVE?!
9.1 19:37 
"I'm still alive!" with bonus "the _____ only I knew"
2.1 19:58 
Queen Elizabeth's AMAZING SECRETS for staying young!
1.1 18:09 
I'm not sure I recall the last year this actually brought me GOOD luck, but tradition's tradition... better to not risk anything this early!
30.12 08:11 
Well, I only took 85 Instas this year and I bet half of 'em were the cover of Closer Weekly - my most popular photo was a Debbie Harry (Andy Warhol) 12" cover I spun in June to an audience of me. Next was a measurement from the October blizzard, an iPod grab from January when I still drove places and listened to my iPod, a playing card encounter ALSO from January, an action shot of that spider I tried to be friends with for a week in September, a trivia win at Dusty's in February, a Kenny G: Keepin' It Saxy game night with LaLa from January, my pandemic trip to the West St. Paul Target for a Nintendo Switch at the end of March and my Election Day Mtn Dew Liberty Brew toast in November. Not making the cut: the sole mirror selfie I took at Turf Club in January - if only we'd known.
26.12 21:03 
All the people who died, died
23.12 01:34 
...but no longer living for Christmas
15.12 22:10 
I can already see them pre-empting "The Love Boat"
1.12 17:39 
BONUS: Somebody else stole their bit!
1.12 17:37 
The Ranch Smells Like Cookies
26.11 15:23 IT'S TURKEY @ Prospect Park
21.11 20:07 
17.11 14:45 
@DublDownDrew I liked it once. Then they took out the chronological timeline. (Hey, sounds familiar!)
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