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15.4.19 12:29 
THIS JUST IN: Luke Walton "on the hot seat;" Vlade Divac considering coaching change (Kings announce Luke Walton as head coach)
9.11.18 22:50 
Gosh, that @NemanjaBjelica sure is good, isn't he? #SacramentoProud
11.2.18 18:01 
@Chuy8a I did think of you
11.2.18 17:55 
I am betrayal
15.6.16 14:29 
OK....I still don't think the new "Kings" mark is an improvement but overall, the unis look all right. (Attn: Kris Head)
5.4.16 18:18 
Ohhhhhhhh and where was my heads up notice, Kings nation?
2.12.15 14:22 
RT @luchalibreaaa: Las #EstrellasAAA visitan el entrenamiento de @SacramentoKings, previo al @NBA Global Game en @ArenaCdMexico
1.1.15 20:05 
Poor Boogie - everyone's out to get him #sackings
16.3.14 22:24 
At one point in tonight's game, Kim said "if only your Northern California friends could see you now" - but maybe the REAL sign the Wolves have completely taken over the part of my brain that belonged to the Kings was that I just realised that this was the first Wolves/Kings game where I forgot to seek out The Great Jerry Reynolds.
16.1.14 00:09 
@jlankford95 Maybe a skosh... but I really wouldn't mind the Kings ending up 1-3 v. the Wolves by Apr (Didn't wear ANY Kings items tonight!)
15.1.14 12:37 
@MinnesotaMunn @brittrobson @JimPeteHoops I heard #kings starting 5 are Bibby, Marciulionis, Walt Williams, Funderburke, Polynice v #twolves
16.11.13 01:15 
Congrats to Kings fans on setting the new record with 126.0 dB! 126 deciBels; that's, like, 12.6 Bels. #HearWeRoar
15.11.13 22:01 
Of COURSE ESPN missed it! They had BOOZE to advertise! #sackings
17.5.13 00:40 
RT @teamziller: Greatest moment in @sactownroyalty history right here.
9.5.13 18:07 
FLASHBACK: Kings fire Rick Adelman seven years ago today (Sactown Royalty)
9.5.13 17:27 
Seven years ago today, the Kings chose not to renew Rick Adelman's contract - my first #FTM moment: (cc: @teamziller)
29.4.13 16:06 
SAC-RA-MEN-TO (clap clap clap-clap-clap)
6.2.13 21:54 
Hey @WolvesPrez, can we trade seats for five minutes? I just have a quick question for Commissioner Stern about Sacramento #HereWeStay
6.2.13 16:25 
@davebenzwolves Don't need tix, but maybe you or @JimPeteHoops could slyly get him on the record supporting Sacramento efforts to keep Kings
6.2.13 13:26 
@JerryZgoda @BloodStrib If either/both of you get Stern access today, could you sneak in a question re Sacto's chances of keeping the Kings?
21.1.13 17:05 
RT @KJ_MayorJohnson: I keep getting asked do we still have a shot? You better believe it! #playingtowin #SacKings
2.4.12 22:32 
I'm thinking about Sacramento Kings
7.3.12 12:08 
More serious congratulations to Sacramento and all #Kings fans. Love found a way. #HereWeStay
5.1.12 15:03 
What's Garry St. Jean up to? #kings
26.12.11 22:57 
Man, this #Kings game has ALSO been fun to watch - thanks, @NBATV! Always enjoy @GrantNapearShow and Jerry Reynolds in small (1 game) doses
20.7.11 15:06 
Seven years ago today @The_7: @SHAQ to the #heat, @NickVanExel to the #blazers, @gregostertag00 to the #kings - I think all 3 worked out OK
25.5.11 22:54 
RT @teamziller: RT @doktakra: Peja Stojakovic is going to the NBA Finals. It's on you tomorrow, Bibby. #ringforaKing
18.5.11 17:03 
@teamziller: Why is Keon Clark trending?
21.4.11 11:10 
My meager contribution to #Herewepurple #kings
15.4.11 15:53 
RT @teamziller: They are the Sacramento Kings for at least another two weeks. I'm happy.
15.4.11 01:21 
I may have changed allegiance away from the Kings once I started regularly attending Timberwolves games, but damned if this video didn't hit me pretty hard when I watched it last night. Plus: TESLA!

Sacramento Kings Final Sign-Off? (better version of the one I tweeted yesterday)
14.4.11 02:11 
@dhm You forgot Omaha (left in '75)
14.4.11 00:04 
The #lakers vs. #kings game is now on @NBATV - just for old times' sake, let's watch Sacramento blow it one last time
13.4.11 23:59 
RT @Stareagle: "Overtime. Let's stay here all night and all summer playing basketball." - Kings announcer. // That's the great Grant Napear
21.3.11 20:52 
Amen brotha RT @CraigWoodhead: Don't know if I can become a #anahiemroyals fan. #NBA
6.1.11 23:32 
Watching the #nuggets vs. #kings on TNT - seeing the Kings give up a 16 point lead reminds me of that OTHER team of which I'm a fan
10.12.10 23:34 
@JustSayRay T-Wolves play about 2,000 mi. closer to the house, so it's more convenient to get their season tix. But I still love the Kings!
12.11.09 13:58 
Old Sacramento Kings 2003 website banners still work! I think I better archive 'em now.