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Sat 02:33 
F YEAH #nowplaying @the_rope_official #magiciPod #KZiM
12.1 12:20 
Maybe the worst #SWASS all #nowplaying #magiciPod #KZiM #sirmixalot
(Christopher Robin Zimmerman on Instagram: u201cMaybe the worst #SWASS all #nowplaying #magiciPod #KZiM #sirmixalotu201d)
1.1 15:20 
Episode one of my KFAI web series is now live! New episodes debut every Tuesday - Like the Dollar Bin page to receive notifications of new shows!
31.12 04:03 
If you somehow haven't heard, I have a new web streaming show on KFAI starting TOMORROW with new episodes debuting every Tuesday thereafter. Shows are about an hour long and feature selections acquired for the KZiM Archives at a rate of one dollar and under. Expect A LOT of 12" singles from artists you know, but perhaps tracks or remixes you've never heard before! Links to Dollar Bin on KFAI in the comments...
14.12 13:00 
Golly, did you know ABC did a Radiohead cover a few years back? If you did, you should have told me! Have a great weekend!

High & Dry
7.12 23:39 
When you're on the road to Eagan #nowplaying #magiciPod #bigaudiodynamite #KZiM #latergram
(Roseville, Minnesota)
6.12 16:00 
Not the best news to hear today. He was only 63. :(

Pete Shelley
5.12 20:14 
Seem so unhappy 'less you got a war...

Generals & Majors
29.11 14:15 
23.11 19:49 
Tonight's fifty cent soundtrack comes from Fly Vintage & Vinyl - they're open tomorrow at 11 and I left a LOT of good cheap vinyl behind for YOU! #nowplaying #PGandE #vinyl #DollarBin
14.11 03:44 
Good times! If you can read my handwriting.... we should probably hang out more.
13.11 22:41 
I bought this Sneaker Pimps collection in Austin, probably the last time I went there (1998? '99?) and had never opened it until tonight! #KZiM
(Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater)
13.11 21:29 
DJ'd at Bryant-Lake Bowl with DJ Christian Fritz
11.10 19:11 
Desert Island Discs - no, wait, THE EXACT OPPOSITE #KZiM #BillSaluga #vinyl #disco
16.9 15:14 
DJ'd with Mason at West Bank Night Market at Dania Hall for KFAI Vinyl Voices
2.8 14:55 
TFW your #magiciPod throws a rare miss with a song you didn't know was in your library #nowplaying #KZiM #TheSmiths
(Saint Louis Park, Minnesota)
4.7 01:51 
Good night, Dad!
#nowplaying #direstraits #magiciPod
13.6 15:15 
Sometimes you turn the cover over and find an inscription by THE Robin S. (Not very often, however)
(2 photos)
1.6 02:44 
"What was the best part of your day?"
"Right now."
#nowplaying #magiciPod #lofidelityallstars
25.5 13:01 
Happy long weekend! Play the B side

Daryl Hall & John Oates
Unguarded Minute
20.5 22:21 
Great weekend! ....why am I so tired?
(3 photos)
20.5 11:52 
 Last day of my "residency" ;-) In Gallery 332 until 5! - Northrup King Building (Minneapolis, MN)
20.5 11:44 
DJ'd with Mason at Art-a-whirl: Art N|Motion at Northrup King Building Gallery 332 for KFAI Vinyl Voices
19.5 12:07 
 Spinning in Gallery 332 until 2ish! Come see art! - Northrup King Building (Minneapolis, MN)
19.5 12:02 
DJ'd at Art-a-whirl: Art N|Motion at Northrup King Building Gallery 332 for KFAI Vinyl Voices
18.5 18:03 
DJ'd at Art-A-Whirl: Art N|Motion at Northrup King Building Gallery 332 for KFAI Vinyl Voices
18.5 17:42 
 Night one of 3 days!! - Northrup King Building (Minneapolis, MN)
17.5 17:33 
Wow! Hard to believe but I haven't spun for Vinyl Voices since JULY. This weekend I'll be playing records for parts of all three days of Art-A-Whirl! Hope to share some tunes with you then! (Event link in comments) (2 photos)
11.5 15:28 
#nowplaying #thatfunkymusic #randomLPs
10.5 16:23 
#nowplaying #randomLPs
20.4 19:53 
Regression to the 1980s? In uncertain times, we retreat to nostalgia. I bet we get some more posts here in the near future...

"Bridge To Your Heart"
10.4 17:39 I watched this three times today. I should probably post it here, too!

Lindsey Buckingham
Go Insane
4.4 12:03 
Are you liking this album as much as I'm liking this album? (Will you even see this? Ha!)

12.3 10:05 
Hard to see but definitely an early morning #SWASS alert #nowplaying #magiciPod #kidsensation
3.3 13:14 
TWICE IN ONE WEEK #nowplaying #magiciPod #streetofficialmixtape #streetofFISH #winta #akabigyoung (video)
1.3 02:50 
Oh shoot it's the hottest rap sounds of 2004 #nowplaying🎧 #magiciPod #streetofficialmixtape #streetofFISH #iTMS #free
19.12.17 00:56 
TONIGHT, we embark upon "Project No Sleep," which may or may not involve me playing every record in this international parcel to nobody
5.12.17 14:09 We don't share enough, we know. Here's a hundred songs that allegedly dominated our Spotify activity in 2017.
18.11.17 14:04 
#KZiM #nowplaying #colourbox #4ad
12.10.17 17:23 Feeling nostalgic today, so let's post one why not!

The Orb
Towers of Dub (from "3Lux-3: A Journey Through Ambience" video compilation)

(should start at 1h12'50")
3.10.17 14:16 
Sooner or later... sooner or #latergram #nowplaying #magiciPod @petshopboys @classicpopmag
15.9.17 09:37 
Even now you and I are traveling through time #thejohnacquivivamix #trance #magiciPod
8.9.17 19:49 
Can't leave the garage for another 2:48 #jb #magiciPod
29.7.17 12:03 
DJ'd at Can Can Wonderland
21.7.17 20:34 
#nowplaying #magiciPod
16.7.17 19:37 
DJ'd at Acadia's Pop-up Patio for KFAI's Vinyl Voices
7.7.17 16:36 
It's been a very ambient quarter of a century
4.7.17 15:53 
Listened to Richard Fearless - Rex
4.7.17 15:47 
Listened to Richard Fearless - Sweet Venus
15.6.17 16:55 
I'm a little late on this, so let's call it a #tbt ;-)

Back when I was still well, my extended birthday ran all the way out to Monday, where we were allowed to take over the City Room at Grumpy's Downtown and throw a triple belated Gemini birthday party that saw something like 20 to 25 of you putting in at least brief cameo appearances and, by my count, at least 8 of us behind the turntables at one point or another, including some first timers! I don't know if I'm a proper teacher, but Allison and Kristen may be able to provide references. I think I played a whole 6 of my own selections, but here's everybody's stuff I remember (I THINK I handed both of Berni's off to Mark? If I forget anybody else's, hit me up and I'll make edits)

OK, typing it all out. I believe I may have spun:
Bjork - Human Behaviour (Wade)
Marvin Gaye - A Funky Space Reincarnation (Wade)
Michael Sembello - Maniac (Antonio)
Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It? (Antonio)
Dead or Alive - Brand New Lover (Antonio)
Dead or Alive - Lover Come Back to Me (7" Edit)
K-X-P - Labirynth
The Soft Moon - Alive
The Danse Society - Say It Again (Extended Danse Mix)
LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Marley '91 12" Remix)
Vincent Montana Orchestra - Ride Like the Wind
The Heyettes - The Fonz Song (Danielle)
Unknown Artist - Impressionist Track (Danielle)
John Travolta - Oh Gosh, I Don't Remember Which One We Played...ask Allison and edit this entry later (Danielle)
Steely Dan - Peg (Chris)

ANYWAY I was clearly in need of sleep, didn't get it, and that's why I've been sick since pretty much the time I got home....but except for some very notable absences I wish I'd had the power to change, and most people's necessary leaving before closing I ALSO wish I'd had the power to change, I don't think I would have had things go any other way.

Oh but if you're still holding out on photos, GIMME :)

After I live another 357 days, let's do it all again!

Thanks again to Allison for patiently but persistently not letting me just ignore all our birthdays until we'd come up with something for us to do together and thanks again to Mason for pretty much making it technically possible because Grumpy's and I combined DID NOT have enough equipment to make this happen (although it WAS amusing seeing everyone have to use my neon green cheapo cans). My story - and I'm sticking to it - is there's no way this would have happened without all three of us and I'm so grateful we were all adventurous enough to embark on this as partners in crime.

Thanks also to Dan, Ryan and Reiner for the support in getting Grumpy's to let us boost their business on a Monday where they hadn't already booked Dan. :)

All in all a fantastic way to close out a solid week of birthday-ing and the second time I turned 30. Should be another good decade!

If I forgot to tag you, either we're not Facebook friends (TATIANA) or my old brain has slipped and I need a swift kick in the shin. Holler!

(c. Monday night, quarter to 7)
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