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5.3 16:30 
Never not hilarious BUT ALSO good driving music #magiciPod #fuel #KZiM
(Lake Minnetonka)
4.3 05:54 
Keith Flint was 49.

The Prodigy
22.2 16:49 
You never told me...

Have a great weekend!

Def Leppard
Personal Jesus
22.2 16:48 
8.2 10:56 
This was released a few hours ago! Have a great weekend!

UNKLE f/ Michael Kiwanuka
On My Knees
19.1 02:33 
F YEAH #nowplaying @the_rope_official #magiciPod #KZiM
12.1 12:20 
Maybe the worst #SWASS all #nowplaying #magiciPod #KZiM #sirmixalot
(Christopher Robin Zimmerman on Instagram: u201cMaybe the worst #SWASS all #nowplaying #magiciPod #KZiM #sirmixalotu201d)
1.1 15:20 
Episode one of my KFAI web series is now live! New episodes debut every Tuesday - Like the Dollar Bin page to receive notifications of new shows!
31.12 04:03 
If you somehow haven't heard, I have a new web streaming show on KFAI starting TOMORROW with new episodes debuting every Tuesday thereafter. Shows are about an hour long and feature selections acquired for the KZiM Archives at a rate of one dollar and under. Expect A LOT of 12" singles from artists you know, but perhaps tracks or remixes you've never heard before! Links to Dollar Bin on KFAI in the comments...
14.12 13:00 
Golly, did you know ABC did a Radiohead cover a few years back? If you did, you should have told me! Have a great weekend!

High & Dry
7.12 23:39 
When you're on the road to Eagan #nowplaying #magiciPod #bigaudiodynamite #KZiM #latergram
(Roseville, Minnesota)
6.12 16:00 
Not the best news to hear today. He was only 63. :(

Pete Shelley
5.12 20:14 
Seem so unhappy 'less you got a war...

Generals & Majors
29.11 14:15 
23.11 19:49 
Tonight's fifty cent soundtrack comes from Fly Vintage & Vinyl - they're open tomorrow at 11 and I left a LOT of good cheap vinyl behind for YOU! #nowplaying #PGandE #vinyl #DollarBin
14.11 03:44 
Good times! If you can read my handwriting.... we should probably hang out more.
13.11 22:41 
I bought this Sneaker Pimps collection in Austin, probably the last time I went there (1998? '99?) and had never opened it until tonight! #KZiM
(Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater)
13.11 21:29 
DJ'd at Bryant-Lake Bowl with DJ Christian Fritz
11.10 19:11 
Desert Island Discs - no, wait, THE EXACT OPPOSITE #KZiM #BillSaluga #vinyl #disco
16.9 15:14 
DJ'd with Mason at West Bank Night Market at Dania Hall for KFAI Vinyl Voices
2.8 14:55 
TFW your #magiciPod throws a rare miss with a song you didn't know was in your library #nowplaying #KZiM #TheSmiths
(Saint Louis Park, Minnesota)
4.7 01:51 
Good night, Dad!
#nowplaying #direstraits #magiciPod
13.6 15:15 
Sometimes you turn the cover over and find an inscription by THE Robin S. (Not very often, however)
(2 photos)
1.6 02:44 
"What was the best part of your day?"
"Right now."
#nowplaying #magiciPod #lofidelityallstars
25.5 13:01 
Happy long weekend! Play the B side

Daryl Hall & John Oates
Unguarded Minute
20.5 22:21 
Great weekend! ....why am I so tired?
(3 photos)
20.5 11:52 
 Last day of my "residency" ;-) In Gallery 332 until 5! - Northrup King Building (Minneapolis, MN)
20.5 11:44 
DJ'd with Mason at Art-a-whirl: Art N|Motion at Northrup King Building Gallery 332 for KFAI Vinyl Voices
19.5 12:07 
 Spinning in Gallery 332 until 2ish! Come see art! - Northrup King Building (Minneapolis, MN)
19.5 12:02 
DJ'd at Art-a-whirl: Art N|Motion at Northrup King Building Gallery 332 for KFAI Vinyl Voices
18.5 18:03 
DJ'd at Art-A-Whirl: Art N|Motion at Northrup King Building Gallery 332 for KFAI Vinyl Voices
18.5 17:42 
 Night one of 3 days!! - Northrup King Building (Minneapolis, MN)
17.5 17:33 
Wow! Hard to believe but I haven't spun for Vinyl Voices since JULY. This weekend I'll be playing records for parts of all three days of Art-A-Whirl! Hope to share some tunes with you then! (Event link in comments) (2 photos)
11.5 15:28 
#nowplaying #thatfunkymusic #randomLPs
10.5 16:23 
#nowplaying #randomLPs
20.4 19:53 
Regression to the 1980s? In uncertain times, we retreat to nostalgia. I bet we get some more posts here in the near future...

"Bridge To Your Heart"
10.4 17:39 I watched this three times today. I should probably post it here, too!

Lindsey Buckingham
Go Insane
4.4 12:03 
Are you liking this album as much as I'm liking this album? (Will you even see this? Ha!)

12.3.18 10:05 
Hard to see but definitely an early morning #SWASS alert #nowplaying #magiciPod #kidsensation
3.3.18 13:14 
TWICE IN ONE WEEK #nowplaying #magiciPod #streetofficialmixtape #streetofFISH #winta #akabigyoung (video)
1.3.18 02:50 
Oh shoot it's the hottest rap sounds of 2004 #nowplaying🎧 #magiciPod #streetofficialmixtape #streetofFISH #iTMS #free
19.12.17 00:56 
TONIGHT, we embark upon "Project No Sleep," which may or may not involve me playing every record in this international parcel to nobody
5.12.17 14:09 We don't share enough, we know. Here's a hundred songs that allegedly dominated our Spotify activity in 2017.
18.11.17 14:04 
#KZiM #nowplaying #colourbox #4ad
12.10.17 17:23 Feeling nostalgic today, so let's post one why not!

The Orb
Towers of Dub (from "3Lux-3: A Journey Through Ambience" video compilation)

(should start at 1h12'50")
3.10.17 14:16 
Sooner or later... sooner or #latergram #nowplaying #magiciPod @petshopboys @classicpopmag
15.9.17 09:37 
Even now you and I are traveling through time #thejohnacquivivamix #trance #magiciPod
8.9.17 19:49 
Can't leave the garage for another 2:48 #jb #magiciPod
29.7.17 12:03 
DJ'd at Can Can Wonderland
21.7.17 20:34 
#nowplaying #magiciPod
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