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14.7.19 19:59 
#loslynx 75 #mercury 62
(Target Center)
14.7.19 18:54 
HALFTIME: #loslynx 36 - #mercury 35
(Target Center)
14.7.19 17:56 
 LET'S GO #LOSLYNX! - Phoenix Mercury vs Minnesota Lynx - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
23.4.18 21:40 
"There is another..."
(Target Center)
4.10.17 21:30 
THEY DID IT!!! #LosLynx #QuatroLynx #RoarFor4
4.10.17 21:17 
It's happening #RoarFor4
4.10.17 18:22 
My hot take prediction for tonight's #WNBA Final Game 5:
Refs will blow chunks
4.10.17 14:52 
Any extra Lynx tickets out there? I went to the last two Final Game 5s and they went 1-1....maybe I need to break the tie in person? Even though it's within walking distance I was too cheap to pick up the only crummy seats remaining when I had a now I'm looking to be your +1 ...
21.10.16 02:22 
After several hours to reflect on the #WNBAFinals... So here's the thing - yes, the Minnesota Lynx were totally screwed on the lack of call on that fairly obvious (even from my vantage point) shot clock violation. I actually thought it WAS called and totally missed that not only was it NOT called, but the Sparks got a bucket out of it. ALL THAT a game that was super tight and close the whole night, the Lynx ended up spotting the Sparks an 8 point lead with like three minutes to go, so it's not like I was feeling super confident anyway. Still, they came right back and DID tie it up, and for a fleeting moment it felt like this time they'd manage to pull it out. But, just like in Game 1, they left too much time on the clock and the D just couldn't make one last stop (Game 1) and/or rebound (Game 5). Having been to two Game 5s in a row, I can now give you the hot take that winning by double digits is a far preferable viewing experience than losing by 1 in the final three seconds of regulation, new scoreboard or not. It was LOUD - I kept my earplugs in for the entire game this time around. My seat (206/G/17) was a "row of one" right in the corner with no seats in front of me - hope you saw my panorama here on Facebook - and it may have been the best kept secret in the building...I promise you there's NO leg room in my regular Timberwolves seat unlike the glorious free space I had here. I got another free shirt I don't need and with the Lynx not winning a championship I didn't find myself committed to another purchase of $50 or so worth of Champions' gear, so I consider tonight money saved even if it was the first Lynx game I'd ever paid for (and I'm probably easily in the double digits by now). Still...Lindsay Whalen is still super great and Maya Moore is uh-maaazing but boy, would I rather have had a win here. Only one more to go to finish my four night residency at Target Center!
20.10.16 21:08 
Ohhh. This might be it. (#sparks 75 - #LosLynx 74, 0:19.7 4th, Lynx ball) #RoarFor4
20.10.16 21:06 
Ohhhhhhhh... (#LosLynx 74 - #sparks 73, 0:23.4 4th, Sparks ball) #RoarFor4
20.10.16 21:03 
WHOA!! (#LosLynx 73 - #sparks 73, 0:35.8 4th, Lynx ball) #RoarFor4
20.10.16 21:00 
WHOA (#sparks 71 - #LosLynx 69, 1:53 4th) #RoarFor4
20.10.16 20:57 
Ugh - LET'S GOOOOO (#sparks 71 - #LosLynx 63, 2:58 4th) #RoarFor4
20.10.16 20:44 
10 minutes to go...we hope
#LosLynx 55 - #sparks 54, Start 4th)
#WNBAFinals #Game5 #RoarFor4
20.10.16 18:22 
 LET'S GO #LOSLYNX! Finish this thing! #RoarFor4 - Los Angeles Sparks vs Minnesota Lynx - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
20.10.16 18:04 
 LET'S GO #LOSLYNX! Finish this thing! #RoarFor4 - Los Angeles Sparks vs Minnesota Lynx - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
20.10.16 12:08 
Changed my profile photo
18.10.16 11:41 
For the first time in my life, I paid money for a Lynx ticket. It was a $25 Season Ticket Holder deal so at least I wasn't out fees (I think). I still suspect there might be some free ones available tomorrow morning (check around 8am!) but it was starting to look like they'd all be Row W or X and I had a chance for a sweet corner seat in a row all to myself....which hopefully will make for a couple nice Instagrams? It also means that I will definitely be at Target Center four days in a row starting tonight. I'm taking ear plugs this time.
16.10.16 21:49 
WAY TO GO LYNX!! See you at the Target Center Thursday for the deciding Game 5! #RoarFor4
16.10.16 19:44 
11.10.16 21:12 
#LosLynx 79 - #sparks 60
Series tied 1-1
11.10.16 20:03 
HALFTIME: #LosLynx 39 - #sparks 25 #RoarFor4
11.10.16 18:46 
LET'S GO #LOSLYNX! Beat the #Sparks! (Game 2) (Photo: before and after free tix upgrade!)
11.10.16 18:44 
 LET'S GO #LOSLYNX! #RoarFor4 - Los Angeles Sparks vs Minnesota Lynx - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
9.10.16 16:12 
Aw nuts. I still ❤ Lindsay Whalen. (#sparks 78 - #lynx 76 #RoarFor4)
9.10.16 03:35 
Uh hello didn't I just bitch about your lack of WNBA score tagging in timeline statusessss
1.10.16 01:08 
Dear WNBA - get on Facebook's case about this, please. (Cc: Minnesota Lynx)
30.9.16 20:39 
Facebook loves attaching sports scores to posts when it's a "big" (men's) league but just try to find a WNBA Playoff score to attach.
30.9.16 19:52 
I am sick, and because I'm a man, I'm also being a super huge baby about it. At least the Lynx playoff game is on ESPN...what, ESPN7 or something.
26.9.16 09:47 
Ah, shoot, I slept on the free Lynx playoff tickets released at 8. Does anybody need a +1?
26.9.16 09:25 
Aw! I knew there'd be free Lynx tickets this morning but snoozed on 'em.
6.9.16 23:14 
LYNX WIN!! (#lynx 77 #sparks 74)
19.7.16 15:41 
@anton612 Take that, obvious scalper who won't use Flash Seats®!
21.6.16 16:47 
14.6.16 21:04 
LYNX ARE ELEVEN AND OHHH!!!!!!!!!!!#LosLynx 87 - #fever 63
14.6.16 19:55 
HALFTIME: #LosLynx 49 - #fever 31 #ROAR
14.6.16 19:46 
Nicole Ohlde just walked by press row - she looks FANTASTIC #LosLynx #ROAR
14.6.16 19:21 
#LOSLYNX #WNBA20 @TargetCenterMN
14.6.16 18:43 
RT @Tyusjones06: Excited to head to the @minnesotalynx game tonight! Ready for them to make history!
14.6.16 18:41 
Nice seat - thanks, Nicole! (video)
14.6.16 18:40 
 LET'S GO #LOSLYNX! - Indiana Fever vs Minnesota Lynx - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
14.6.16 12:28 
SHORT NOTICE!! Does anybody want to go to the Lynx game tonight? I MAY have a +1 but I'm not 100% sure. We could totally jinx them as they go for the longest season-opening-undefeated-streak-in-WNBA-history!
14.4.16 12:59 
@swampynomo I always mean to see a Saints game and it never happens;
not terribly interested in the Twins
so....prob no
Lynx games: maybe!
16.10.15 14:42 
Video - Whoops, here's the other one #TresLynx
16.10.15 14:07 
Video - A couple vids from the Lynx celebration now that I'm back on WiFi - remember, if they suck, ya shoulda been here!
16.10.15 13:22 
Target Center to parking spot - (not) "0.52 miles"
16.10.15 13:10 
Miss Excitement lindsaywhalen with her never-not-amusing deadpan ♥ @ Target Center
16.10.15 12:58 
Coach #TresLynx @ Target Center
16.10.15 12:50 
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