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26.12 19:45 
 Surprise! - McDonald's (Modesto, CA)
13.11 13:04 
Spotify ad just told me #McRib was back!
(Spotify also thinks I'm in Chicago, so this might be as big a tease as it was last year, when they never made it to the Twin Cities)
7.10 14:10 
Super glad I didn't go wait in line at McDonald's - sounds like each restaurant that DID have it got a whopping 20 packets of the Szechuan sauce and I'm sure the lines were way more than 20 people way early. I believe they call this "Nintendoing." No reports from Dinkytown yet but Marcus braved the Uptown one. (Let's be honest, though, I wasn't gonna be ANYWHERE at 2 that wasn't in my house)
3.9 15:42 
 Wow, it's been a while - McDonald's (Golden Valley, MN)
20.6 05:42 
 Breaking a very long streak... - McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
28.11.16 21:20 
Holy shit dude
28.11.16 21:19 
You better not be shitting me RT @tapemachines: OH FUCK THE MC-RIB IS BACK
26.2.16 13:38 
@ChrisHrapsky @kare11 I loved them a lot more back when they were a buck
7.11.15 18:49 
2nd try sharing this: proof that sometimes you do have to read the comments; otherwise it's just another annoying sponsored post...
28.9.15 00:56 
From McDonald's - "0.32 miles"
28.9.15 00:46 
To McDonald's - "0.36 miles"
27.9.15 23:54 
 The only thing open...but walk-ups 24/7 is cool! - McDonald's (Lake Mary, FL)
12.9.15 08:44 
Now that I'm back in the plane I feel I can confess to you I would have bought a steak egg & cheese bagel if the Mickey D's line was shorter
19.5.15 09:35 
 McDonald's (New Brighton, MN)
27.3.15 18:22 
 Must be Friday! - McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
25.12.14 14:27 
 McDonald's (Madera, CA)
9.12.14 16:50 
 Hooray for coupons and McRibs! - McDonald's (New Brighton, MN)
5.11.14 17:53 
 McRib please and HURRY - McDonald's (New Brighton, MN)
27.10.14 15:00 
 McRIB - McDonald's (New Brighton, MN)
27.10.14 14:27 
Coworker has a McRIB!!! I think I have to go to @McDonalds RIGHT NOW. Also, why didn't you TELL me McRib was back?
5.10.14 13:37 
 McDonald's (Town of Rush River, WI)
12.8.14 21:17 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
29.7.14 09:24 
McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
12.7.14 18:28 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
9.7.14 18:17 
McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7.14 19:01 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
8.5.14 02:44 
Quick scan of Twitter reveals that nobody - NOBODY likes the "random red couch" commercial, so why on earth does @McDonalds keep running it?
29.3.14 01:24 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
5.3.14 17:39 
GIVE ME BACK THAT FILET-O-FISH - McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
10.2.14 11:56 
@Lord_Gow LOVE the egg nog shake. Shamrock I really don't care about - which is weird for me, as I love most minty mints
10.2.14 09:37 
It's a little early for the Shamrock Shake, isn't it? (By which I mean Feb 10, not 9am)
10.2.14 09:13 
McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
27.1.14 18:20 
McDonald's (Lake Mary, FL)
11.12.13 22:06 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
16.11.13 21:58 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
6.11.13 22:01 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
29.10.13 19:56 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
22.10.13 18:42 
McRIB IS BACK - McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
21.10.13 09:23 
McDonald's (New Brighton, MN)
12.10.13 22:14 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
23.9.13 14:44 
McDonald's (Salem, OR)
20.9.13 14:36 
Let the record reflect that this ridiculous @McDonalds Mighty Wings mystery guest tweeting crap is the thing that made me unfollow them
19.9.13 08:55 
McDonald's (New Brighton, MN)
15.9.13 15:25 
@theianhamilton But why this PARTICULAR faceless corporation?
15.9.13 14:59 
Why do people beg for @McDonalds to follow them? Seriously, click on any of their tweets - dozens of begging responses. Why?
12.9.13 18:20 
McDonald's (New Brighton, MN)
11.9.13 20:21 
Buying one, getting one for a penny - McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
30.7.13 09:41 
McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
4.7.13 23:45 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
27.6.13 22:02 
McDonald's (Orlando, FL)
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