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15.10.12 20:24 
Needs Gary Johnson (TVNewser: Here’s The Full ‘Memo Of Understanding’ They Wanted To Keep Secret)
19.12.11 01:32 
Dear [adult swim],

Has anybody gotten on your case for saying Haley and Steve adopted a child in your ad for the next episode of "American Dad!" instead of saying Haley and Jeff? (Besides me, just now, i mean)

(Dear [adult swim] December 2011)
5.12.11 13:44 
Oh man, I LOVED "The Newsroom!"

Wait. This ISN'T a remake of Ken Finkelman's hilarious CBC series?

They probably should have picked a different name, then.
( TVNewser - Aaron Sorkin’s HBO Cable News Series To Be Called ‘Newsroom’)
26.9.11 16:06 No love for original (now retro) Taco? For shame!

The "Quest" Doritos were Mountain Dew flavor, right? That's a shudder memory.

Also, I feel like the X-13D and Late Night Cheeseburger were the same thing.

How do I know so much about this?!
(Best Week Ever: The 50 Most Delicious Doritos Flavors: From Disgusting To Cool Ranch)
9.9.11 14:21 
You may have done a better job selling D* than the D* folks have. :) (Text and Hubris: Join Diaspora - Why I Did)
25.8.11 15:51 I'm not sure I'd want to write for any site that will have me as a commenter. (h/t Groucho Marx)
(Columbia Journalism Review: From Commenter to Contributor)
9.7.11 21:56 
I enjoyed tonight's coverage - commentary is overrated! (The Daly Planet: TV Police: Sprint Cup Series From Kentucky Speedway On TNT)
30.6.11 20:16 
Thanks, Governor Dayton! ( What's opened, what's closed: your guide to the state shutdown)
17.5.11 22:25 I can't believe you got away with forgetting the apostrophe in someone's without anybody calling you on it for almost THREE weeks!* Isn't that IRONIC? Well, no. No, it's not.

*(Then again, we're all responding to a post made in August, 2008...)
( 21 Reasons why English Sucks - "comment is awaiting moderation")
15.5.11 18:30 
Kevin Featherly was kind enough to write a followup post after my overly long comment last night - so, of course, I wrote *another* really long comment in response. This'll close the door on this topic for me for now (I hope) but we'll see what the autopsy says. (Featherly's Kevblog: Boogaard: A Response)
14.5.11 20:52 
No one knows what happened to Boogaard. You say it almost as an afterthought, but it is too soon. Nobody would say with certainty that they know what has happened and yet there is still a frenzied rush in the blogosphere to be the first to presume, assume, place blame, and publish. Such early speculation is both premature and pointless -- certainly irresponsible -- no matter how well-crafted and well-intentioned the author believes themselves/their prose to be. Unfortunately this is just another example of "journalists" making up their minds and filing their stories and columns publishing their blog posts before having all of the facts...before having ANY of the facts. And for what? What prize is won for being first? I guess there is a belief that there will be a "winner," the most eyeballs will be scored, granting the best chance to attempt to shape whatever "debate" ensues - whether it's warranted or not. This is sadness compounding sadness. A man is dead; isn't that sadness enough? (Featherly's Kevblog: Boogaard's Sad Death)
26.4.11 23:12 
Err....yes, Cyndi, not Cydni. (Rule #1: when correcting someone, make no mistakes of your own) (Dischord: Prince to the world: "Don't cover my songs!!")
26.4.11 23:10 
Patrick, when you say Cydni Lauper covered "Since You've Been Gone" - which I'm pretty sure is NOT a Prince composition - did you instead mean "When You Were Mine?" (Dischord: Prince to the world: "Don't cover my songs!!")
21.4.11 15:23 
Don't worry, everybody! is still up! (Mashable: Amazon Server Troubles Take Down Reddit, Foursquare & HootSuite)
16.4.11 14:45 
I can't believe it - somebody FINALLY sat down and explained the Pit Out graphics to Marty - and he got it! (The Daly Planet: "Live Blogging Nationwide Series From Talladega (ESPN2 - 2PM ET))
26.3.11 17:39 
During the last ad break, somebody found (made?) a "74" graphic for their ticker (it was just CG text when the show started), even though Harmon had parked after three laps. Sometimes, it's the little things, so I felt they should at least know that one guy watching noticed it.

(I should add that FOX/SPEED *still* don't seem to have a full complement of number graphics in THEIR ticker.) (The Daly Planet: Live Blogging Nationwide Series From California (ESPN - 5PM ET))

22.3.11 16:32 I think you misspelled the misspelling. Am I write? (Ars Technica: Copyright troll Righthaven achieves spectacular "fair use" loss)
9.3.11 11:53 
Gee, you'd think WCCO were a business or something. The governor seems disingenuous in his desire for conversation with the people. Perhaps he could demonstrate his desire for conversation by returning to Twitter - he hasn't tweeted since Election Day. (Minneapolis Star Tribune's "Hot Dish Politics:" Dayton: Radio offer was "insulting to the people of Minnesota" )
6.3.11 16:19 
I know I'm probably just a niche fan, but just for airing us that one interview of David Gilliland, I can forgive almost everything else FOX has done or will do with this race coverage today. (The Daly Planet)