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22.2 10:35 
You're tweeting the same link every 15 minutes RT @Mixmag: We're reminiscing about Daft Punk
30.1 06:29 
RT @KFAIweekend: wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut the actual f RT @Mixmag: Pioneering artist SOPHIE has died following "a sudden accident" in Athens
9.12.20 15:59 
RT @Mixmag: One year after she was raped by Erick Morillo, DJ @KristenKnight shares her story

The woman who inspired dance music’s
#metoo moment talks exclusively to @annabel_ross
15.5.20 19:55 
Holy shit, did @Mixmag's "author" really confuse Zapp's "Computer World" with Kraftwerk's? RT @Mixmag: In order, these are the 20 best Kraftwerk tracks
6.5.20 10:49 
FUCK (Mixmag: Florian Schneider, founding member of Kraftwerk, has died)
16.3.20 10:46 
RT @Mixmag: If you're looking for something to do while self-isolating, @moogmusicinc and @KorgUSA have released their synthesiser apps for free ️
24.2.20 09:27 
RT @Mixmag: A hardcore unit of Andrew Weatherall fans have filled a Google Drive with live recordings, studio mixes and radio shows

900 hours
85 gb

Enter the Weatherdrive...
6.6.19 15:54 
I guess I'm interested, but I'll probably wait a week or two and then totally forget to listen to it. (Mixmag: Listen to Avicii's posthumous album 'TIM' in full)
1.4.19 08:26 
DJ goals
(Pro tip: do lick chicken grease off fingers before touching records) (DJ Colonel Sanders at Ultra Music Festival)
23.3.19 04:05 
Daaaaaaaaaaaaang that AND "Windowlicker?" (Mixmag: 20th anniversary of Mr Oizo's "Flat Beat")
4.3.19 05:39 
ENOUGH, 2019 (Mixmag: Keith Flint from The Prodigy has died)
18.1.18 19:07 
RT @Mixmag: Happy Birthday legend. Rest in peace ❤️
19.9.17 14:59 
RT @Mixmag: Happy birthday to d'nb icon @MRGOLDIE
14.1.16 10:54 
I try not to tell you what to do, but I think it would behoove you to download this set and keep it in your pocket when you're ready for a much needed palate cleanser. (Mixmag: Fatima Yamaha in Session)
14.1.16 10:43 
Listened to MixMag - In Session: Fatima Yamaha
14.1.16 10:42 
RT @Mixmag: Our latest In Session mix comes from Fatima Yamaha and is one for the funk and disco lovers
11.1.16 11:59 
RT @Mixmag: We remember Bowie by taking a look back at some incredible remixes of the icon. RIP David
5.1.16 14:00 
Listened to Greg Wilson - LIVE THE NEST LONDON 16.10.15
31.12.15 10:43 
Leave it to 2015 to sneak in one more gut punch - RIP RT @Mixmag: Guru Josh has sadly passed away aged 51:
27.12.15 16:10 
RT @Mixmag: Listen to the last-ever recorded set from the legend, Frankie Knuckles:
14.12.15 13:11 
Well, the 91 I could find on USA Spotify.
(And a couple are not the mixes
@Mixmag listed.)
List and links also at (Mixmag Top 100 tunes of 2015)
4.12.15 10:52 
RT @NickMixmag: Oi satellite dish, what music you into, pal?
10.4.15 00:35 
RT @Mixmag: Currently being blown away as Gus Gus go innnnn at @acehotel in downtown LA
12.3.15 17:41 
RT @Mixmag: Can't afford a TB-303? No fear, it's been replicated on the internet
22.10.14 19:06 
Picking up the Tiga Mixmag - Barnes & Noble (Roseville, MN)
22.10.14 16:54 
RT @SoRecordings: Head over to @Mixmag right now to hear & download @FENECHSOLER's incredible cover of 'I Wanna Be Your Lover'
21.9.14 14:25 
@Mixmag Clicked there really a download link, or did you say "Download" when you really meant "Stream?"
15.8.14 15:21 
RT @Mixmag: The @knifepartyinc LP 'Abandon Ship' is due to drop soon and the duo are going to give away the first single for free
7.5.14 12:29 
Listened to MixMag - Download: Applebottom 'Hey You People'
10.12.13 12:16 
Listened to Mighty Mouse - Mixmag Mixtape
31.7.13 13:38 
Listened to Technimatic - Mixmag Mix of the Week - get it free from Mixmag
24.7.13 12:27 
Listened to Gorgon City - Gorgon City Mix Of The Week [24/07/2013]
19.6.13 13:40 
Listened to Ryan Hemsworth - Ryan Hemsworth Mix Of The Week [19/06/13]
17.5.13 16:43 
Listened to Citizen - Citizen Mix Of The Week [15/05/2013]
9.5.13 13:50 
Listened to DJ Q - Mixmag Mix Of The Week [09/05/13]
30.4.13 18:23 
@Mixmag You tweeted that link four times in under 20 minutes - we get it
6.2.13 13:17 
Listened to Bodhi - MOTW
24.1.13 14:30 
Listened to Seth Troxler - MOTW: Seth Troxler - get it at SoundCloud via Mixmag
17.1.13 13:00 
Listened to Nadastrom - Mix of The Week: Nadastrom
10.1.13 13:42 
Listened to Foundation - Mix Of The Week
9.1.13 11:58 
Listened to Roman Flügel - Roman Flügel MOTW
5.1.13 17:10 
3.1.13 17:02 
@Mixmag Congratulations - that is the *100th* time you've tweeted about that set!
2.1.13 12:25 
RT @Mixmag: Hear the set that got DJ Shadow booted off the decks in Miami:
13.12.12 16:09 
Listened to Marshall Jefferson - Mixmag: Marshall Jefferson in the Mix
6.12.12 13:27 
Listened to Parasella - Mixmag Mix of the Week
5.7.12 13:06 
Listened to Hackman - HackmanMixmagMOTW
20.3.12 12:28 
RT @Mixmag: The new DJ-Kicks comp mixed by @Photek can now be heard over on our music blog. @K7records
2.2.12 13:16 
Listened to Stanton Warriors - Mixmag's Mix of the Week
16.12.11 11:02 
RT @NickMixmag: The Swedish House Mafia are streaming their Madison Square Garden gig tonight at 3.30GMT from
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