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21.9 15:11 
I'm drinking hot tea. Is summer over?
18.9 03:57 
Sheesh, rain usually HELPS me sleep! But gunshot cracks of thunder are almost always super unwelcome. SO. I'm gonna listen to "The Sicilian Defense" for the first time and see if that helps (because you only learn about lost Alan Parsons Project albums at 3.30 in the morning, but you can find them online by 3.31...)
18.9 03:24 
OK NOW I'm awake 🌩️
2.8 14:23 
 Gotta get my freebies (and some salad) but first... an extended stay in the refrigerated beer section - Cub Foods (Saint Louis Park, MN)
28.5 13:47 
I don't know how accurate these readings are but I'm definitely getting the F outta this house and into a lake STAT - c ya!
22.4 18:53 
@georgerosar Man it's shorts weather
16.4 11:38 
Update: NOPE
16.4 11:35 
Official measurement from the back steps. I'm ALMOST over it. Now, let's see if I can actually get to work or not...
14.4 17:14 
Nope. I just can't. I have just enough Chex to make another batch of Chex Mix, though, and I do have pizza rolls, so I should be OK. No beer but plenty of cocktail ingredients. Lots of NBA & NHL Playoffs. Several stacks of records I haven't listened to. Still, I hope our largely inept plow operator will have shown up to do the alley (while not leaving a wall of snow against my garage door in the process) by the time I feel like escaping for the Pokémon GO Community Day event tomorrow. Otherwise....I dunno, see ya Monday? Stay safe y'all
14.4 15:07 
Yes obviously I slept 12 hours in bed because I'm ready for the effing snow today, effing effbook
13.4 21:30 
Sorry I'm late....there's weather or something
13.4 17:58 
Gotta get "graupel" trending in Minneapolis #mspwx
8.4 08:25 
20.3 11:15 
23.1 10:36 
FURTHER ADVENTURES IN COMMUTING: Last night, the alley was NOT plowed. One of my neighbours told me she wasn't even gonna try to go out and she seemed way wiser than me, but I have this devotion to my job that I can't quite explain, so I did some more digging and miraculously made it over the bump in the alley, then did a lot of driving while praying that I wouldn't strand myself on any of the three unplowed streets between me and Franklin Ave SE, because dummy forgot to put a shovel in the passenger seat. I did have to do some back-and-forth on one of the turns but previous vehicles' tracks were generally enough to get me there after I disabled the ASR (which I'd sure wished I'd remembered to do when I was in the alley LAST night). Really happy to make it to the plowed streets AND the freeway, except when I'd hit 40 mph, when my snow-filled tires would start doing the scary chattering thing and I'd have to slow it back down. This wasn't a problem when I hit the 35W, where traffic had been cut to one lane due to - get this - a Metro bus facing the wrong way being pulled out of the median ditch. Somehow I was only 20 minutes late for this conference call which turns out to be just exciting enough for me to also type this while it's going on - ooh, maybe shouldn't admit that. Very hopeful our missing Mr. Plow shows his blade before I have to try to get back into the garage later. (Also that Minneapolis comes through my hood, because it's "even side of the street" plow day)
22.1 22:44 
Buncha nonsense (and one parked car facing the wrong way)
22.1 19:40 
RT @kckmpls: We won’t have any bands playing tonight because it’s stupid outside.
22.1 17:54 
Google thinks my 6.4 mile escape from Roseville - sorry, "commute" - will take ONLY 16 minutes. I'm betting the over (thinking 30) but would be delighted if they knew better than me this time... PLACE BETS NOW
22.1 17:17 
RT @MinneapolisSnow: ICYMI: A Snow Emergency has been declared. Day 1 rules go into effect at 9 p.m. tonight.
30.12 05:59 
Seriously, lookit this nonsense #mspwx
2.12.17 17:42 
I mulched the leaves!

Well, most of the leaves.

Well, enough of the leaves.

It can snow now.
2.10.17 17:59 
Upon further review, this weather is not exactly conducive to me walking to Nomad from home
14.9.17 15:51 
It's 90º so I'm going to that beach I'm the mayor of
28.5.17 20:33 
Ah, THERE'S the rain
20.5.17 18:38 
Turned the boiler back on #brr
16.5.17 14:57 
From the looks of my FB timeline, I'm the only person in Minneapolis who slept through the big thunder and expect my medal will be arriving shortly
15.5.17 13:12 
I wonder if I can go get the beef jerky out of my car without it raining on me
14.5.17 17:22 
We have 86°! #mspwx
14.5.17 15:53 
It's 85° so I pushed this button for the first time this year #mspwx
18.1.17 21:15 
It's warm enough to wash my hair, right?
18.1.17 15:16 
Shoot, it's SHORTS weather #mspwx
16.1.17 21:06 
Scary icy tonight, already. Be careful if you have to navigate!
26.12.16 02:22 
On the one hand, some of the thermometers tell me it's frickin' 40º right now (which is shorts weather, let's be honest) despite it being in the 0200 hour, but on the other hand the wind is REALLY whipping up to the point where I can hear it quite easily from inside the house. I have a hunch that everything outside's going to be covered in a sheet of glazed ice by the time I really wake up later. Fortunately, I'm not working this week!
11.12.16 15:08 
Winter is here - just gave my first eye roll to an Arthur Ave SE cross country skiier
19.11.16 22:01 
Oh. #brr
18.11.16 12:29 
PANTS UPDATE: I wore pants. Winter is officially here
18.11.16 03:21 
I want a refund RT @Markysparkly: 2:09AM Snowupdate, nothing in sight as of yet. Temp says 46ºf.
28.9.16 13:42 
RT @happifydesign: Scott Seekins is wearing black, people. Pull out the wool! #mnwx
22.9.16 08:28 
"Only" 1.5" in the rain gauge this morning #mspwx #55414
15.9.16 16:06 
Just as I was thinking "man, I am timing my leaving work perfectly with the oncoming torrential downpour" I started hearing rain on the roof
15.9.16 16:06 
RT @dream_salad: Oh no. This rain is poorly timed.
14.9.16 18:26 
19.8.16 02:25 
After waiting, what, all day for it to finally rain, it finally rained between Grumpy's and the house - and then the weather radio kicked on to let me know storm's a'comin'. I dunno, if I'd actually been asleep at this time, I might have been pissed off at the relatively weak warning just announced. We'll see if I feel differently in a coupla hours, I s'pose. How ya likin' this accent I'm typing in, folks
22.7.16 18:51 
A little scared to leave the conditioned air of my office
12.7.16 04:08 
It's bad enough trying to sleep in this sweatbox but tonight I ALSO got to unwittingly host another episode of "Find the Dying Smoke Alarm and Replace Its Battery Without Breaking Your Tired Neck So The Beep, The Beep, The Beeping Will Stop," which I WON, but...I don't really FEEL like a winner. I just feel...kinda damp.
11.7.16 23:41 
You've finished strong tonight, bot. Good bot. RT @crz_ebooks: Do we blame the weather?
11.7.16 22:02 
This ain't right #mspwx
5.7.16 18:19 
Hoooooly shit you guys. Top 5 "white knuckle" drive home for sure. Soooo dark. Whiteout condition, but with rain. Standing water EVERYWHERE. No end of PTS flashbacks to the LAST time I submerged a car and totalled it. Branches down, entire trees down, light poles actually swaying from gusts, on Malcolm I saw a power line make a downed branch look like a road flare had been set. I really should have left work about 30 minutes earlier, but thankfully the car still runs and so do I. Power should be out any minute now (the flashing clocks indicate we at least blinked out once already). Hopefully all this is done in an hour or two and I can run all the errands I was planning on doing right now. But for now....snacks
5.7.16 17:53 
I...didn't get out in time #mspwx
11.6.16 03:52 
Still too hot to bike...or do anything, really
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