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Sun 16:43 
"Did Logano get out too far?" Yeah oh no was his lead too large, he'll surely lose now @NASCARonNBC (he won)
Sun 16:07 
Isn't it fun how the @NASCARonNBC guys keep talking to a football player? It really reminds you how you could be watching football right now instead of this race
10.10 22:30 
Oh, good, I'm almost certain the DVR didn't get the end of the @NASCARonNBC race again - golly, but NBC hates folks with DVRs
10.10 14:53 
Watching the Xfinity race on @NASCARonNBC today, I'm pretty sure that Tim McGraw Applebee's ad has aired TEN THOUSAND TIMES
25.9 20:22 
(To his credit, he did correct himself during the caution)
25.9 20:19 
Mikey: "Boy, Connor Daly's just left Travis Pastrana in the dust!"
Pastrana: (6 seconds ahead of Daly)
15.7 20:01 
Dang they snuck @dalejr into the All-Star race #NASCAR @NASCARONFOX
15.7 19:30 
I'm watching NASCAR but greatly relieved to see Rey Mysterio's kid hasn't erased Dijakovic's first name JUST yet #NXT #RAW #hashtags
15.7 12:56 
Only five hours until NASCAR. This is your five hour warning.
27.6 13:38 
It's hot as balls but my new favourite shirt (and an order of clearance NASCAR caps) was in the PO Box so I walked a mile in my shoes thinking about how to do a better job of walking a mile in others'...
22.6 14:11 
RT @BubbaWallace: Together
21.6 13:40 
Clever....but feels like the guy hiring the plane is voluntarily defunding by burning money on this RT @JoeGoodmanJr:
14.6 20:11 
Sounds like we've been done with the pro wrestling portion of the show for quite a while now - oh hey NASCAR
14.6 16:00 
C'mon @NASCARONFOX put up the damn lightning clock
10.6 19:22 
@tapemachines NASCAR's on
9.6 15:49 
RT @RPMotorsports: Tomorrow night at @MartinsvilleSwy, @BubbaWallace will run a special #BlackLivesMatter paint scheme promoting racial equality. #CompassionLoveUnderstanding

Learn more:
24.5 22:09 
@benjamiller No F1 and no Indy Car, yet I STILL fell asleep for most of the second stage - that'll teach me to go outside and get some sunlight
20.5 21:48 
Well THAT was an unsatisfying ending #NASCARgoneagain
20.5 21:47 
Elliott crew clearly not social distancing from the Busch bunch #NASCARIsBack
20.5 21:42 
@benjamiller There's a reason WWF fans and NASCAR fans had such a large intersection back in the day!
20.5 21:38 
@benjamiller Officials could black flag him but it's a judgment call they seldom make
17.5 17:33 
Spotters clearly NOT social distancing - I bet NASCAR wishes Fox hadn't shown that shot
17.2 16:57 
This might be my last #Pit4Busch #Sweepstakes tweet
17.2 16:19 
#Pit4Busch #Sweepstakes once again
17.2 15:47 
(Have I won a car yet)
17.2 15:47 
#Pit4Busch #Sweepstakes again!
17.2 15:43 
#Pit4Busch #Sweepstakes
16.2 13:54 
@tapemachines Sheamus seemed out of his element but he was also happy to meet everybody
9.2 15:53 
Good way to hold a #NASCAR race - just keep wrecking until there's only one car left
15.9.19 18:10 
I mean, NASCAR's on, too. I got options. @WWENetwork @Roku
4.8.19 15:04 
@tapemachines This is Monster's third (and apparently last) season - word is NASCAR is gonna Vince up the Cup series real good with "tiered" sponsors next year
4.8.19 14:58 
@tapemachines NBCSN
4.8.19 14:54 
I would love to go the rest of my NASCAR watchin' life without ever having to see that GOD awful #Symbicort ad again--oh, there it is again
10.6.19 19:09 
I was watching the end of the #NASCAR; can anybody tell me if they've yet remarked that @WWE Super Show Down was equal to or was exceeded by This Tuesday in Texas yet
28.4.19 15:59 
Ah, NASCAR on FOX: where racing action keeps interrupting them showing you the exact same ads you saw 3 minutes ago
15.2.19 18:37 
NASCAR, baby
8.4.18 16:12 
(I MAY watch the end of the NASCAR race instead)
14.10.17 14:37 
Looks like the geniuses behind have a problem with double letters in names - still found my name on @DaleJr's car
11.10.17 12:02 
THREE symbols on the shirt today - I'm, like, an idealistic NASCAR driver
20.5.17 20:19 
(I'm watching NASCAR)
2.4.17 17:46 
@D_V_D_V_R Ah, gotcha - I was still watching NASCAR during that one. No regerts!
2.4.17 16:03 
Still watching the NASCAR. Sorry "all hail" dudes
20.11.16 17:16 
Oh dear. #NASCAR
13.11.16 16:51 
Woof! Guess I'm glad I stuck around for the end #NASCAR
10.9.16 22:19 
I'm at a "Yacht Rock" dance night far, far away from the UFC AND NASCAR, but don't worry, fans - I'm still all alone
8.9.16 23:26 
You in NASCAR or what
1.7.16 15:52 
I've had NASCAR qualifying on in the background and I believe that Golden Corral ad has aired 2,413 times so far
1.5.16 15:48 
(forgot my DVR was 10 minutes behind you, sorry)
1.5.16 15:43 
6.3.16 16:19 
@JayJayDean @NASCARONFOX @ClintBowyer We aren't surprised, are we?
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