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2.6 12:49 
#tbt A decade ago, I took ownership of 24 cans of boiled peanuts by being the sole entrant in a "create a video about NASCAR's David Ragan and his sponsor, Margaret Holmes Peanut Patch boiled peanuts" contest, where I spent most of my 60 seconds talking about his teammate David Gilliland instead. Needless to say, this is EXTREMELY niche content but as CRZ fans, I know how you are here for it. I think I still have 20 unopened cans in the basement if you're dying for some boiled peanuts (which I am sure do not need a freshness date).

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29.5 23:09 
(The Coke 600 was pretty good except I dislike the guy who won it, thanks for asking)
29.5 19:03 
Bowyer: Wow Larson's car is still on fire!
Me: Wow! Can I see it?
@NASCARONFOX: MAYBE after the ad break
29.5 16:12 
@tapemachines Bro the Coke 600 bro
13.5 00:02 
@tapemachines Come back to NASCAR bubba
2.5 11:07 
Hey NASCAR's on, make sure your DVR is recording FS1
18.4 08:48 
@tapemachines You used to LOVE NASCAR
17.4 19:09 
After many of you encouraged me to pick up a bag, and as Jesus himself wrote in the Bible, there is no more proper celebration of His resurrection on this fine snowy Sunday than taking in the NASCAR dirt race while enjoying a bag of Lime & Jalapeño Ruffles Presented By Noted Non-NBA Playoff Participant (And Los Angeles Laker) Anthony Davis.

You taste the lime! You taste the jalapeño! What more could you ask? I think these are fine flavours but I'm not sure it's a proper POTATO chip flavour. I am a big fan of the jalapeño Fritos Scoops (and now want to squirt a lime on them) and of course tortilla chips intro'd this varietal to the masses, but potato? Might need a sour cream based dip to truly complete the experience, but I didn't plan that far ahead. Still and all in all... another fine Ruffle from the NBA expert snack designers.
9.4 19:45 
UPDATE: I have successfully completed the "don't open your bag of Fritos until the green flag" challenge #NASCAR #raindelay
8.4 21:36 
#NASCAR #endless #endless #endless
8.4 21:28 
Oh for the love of Mike Joy #NASCAR
8.4 19:12 
Well, the NASCAR is back on - enjoy your Butch show! #SmackDown
3.4 18:30 
NASCAR was pretty good! Now to attempt to get through four hours of WrestleMania without falling asleep halfway through, like I did last night
2.4 13:52 
@ryderfakin I woke up to watch NASCAR instead of NXT, so
27.3 18:10 
I wonder if Undertaker is still watching this race @NASCARONFOX
27.3 18:09 
Toe link? More like toe up, amirite @NASCARONFOX
20.3 15:40 
@bobpockrass Did Chastain get a lap back there or were they still holding him so he couldn't be beneficiary?
4.3 20:08 
Sorry, wrestling fans - truck race is starting
18.2 21:01 
Giddyup RT @bobpockrass: Caution out. Zane Smith should be winner.
16.2 19:37 
C'mon @NASCARONFOX just put the thousandths in the pylon already
23.11 15:42 
Snake oil, yummy RT @bobpockrass: Supplement Focusfactor will be the primary sponsor for 26 Cup events next year for Erik Jones.
4.10 15:36 
@KrissiTrash87 The parts I saw were good tho!
4.10 15:36 
@KrissiTrash87 I was behind anyway (still had that Teams call) - by which I mean I'm working right now, of course
24.9 21:36 
I kinda hope Todd Gilliland can hold onto this one if only so these NASCAR on FOX guys might suddenly remember there's also an owners' championship playoff going on
16.9 17:20 
@tapemachines There's also a trucks race!!!
27.8 19:31 
Ooh 2001 Pepsi 400 on NASCAR Rain Delay
18.7 19:13 
Bravo to @WWE for airing clip packages and entrances until the #NASCAR race was over #MITB
30.5.21 20:30 
During NASCAR commercial breaks this weekend I've seen that bug-eyed kid make like a hundred S'mores
11.4.21 17:35 
Oof - turns out I could have won $204 of Clint Bowyer's money if I had looked at the stats sheet a little earlier #NASCAR
29.3.21 11:36 
RT @bobpockrass: For those in Minneapolis and wondering about the NASCAR race because of Chauvin trail coverage on FOX 9, the race will be on FOX 9+ / WFTC at 3PM CT (4PM ET) and also can be streamed on the FOX Sports App
28.2.21 18:18 
Man would it kill the @NASCARONFOX guys to put up a graphic of the points leaders after a race?
8.2.21 21:07 
@KrissiTrash87 @dennyhamlin No. I reject the premise!
8.2.21 08:22 
So yeah football's done! Bring on NASCAR!!
22.1.21 19:25 
Holy crap RT @JBFlint: NBC Sports Network is shutting down later this year and big events (NHL and NASCAR among them) will migrate to USA Network. Story coming ASAP.
6.12.20 15:45 
@LegsWet I dunno... this is all I got on Sundays when WWE isn't running* and NASCAR isn't until February

*(although there is NXT tonight)
6.11.20 16:24 
@MarcQuill I gotta be honest... I'll be watching the NASCAR truck race when it happens
18.10.20 16:43 
"Did Logano get out too far?" Yeah oh no was his lead too large, he'll surely lose now @NASCARonNBC (he won)
18.10.20 16:07 
Isn't it fun how the @NASCARonNBC guys keep talking to a football player? It really reminds you how you could be watching football right now instead of this race
10.10.20 22:30 
Oh, good, I'm almost certain the DVR didn't get the end of the @NASCARonNBC race again - golly, but NBC hates folks with DVRs
10.10.20 14:53 
Watching the Xfinity race on @NASCARonNBC today, I'm pretty sure that Tim McGraw Applebee's ad has aired TEN THOUSAND TIMES
25.9.20 20:22 
(To his credit, he did correct himself during the caution)
25.9.20 20:19 
Mikey: "Boy, Connor Daly's just left Travis Pastrana in the dust!"
Pastrana: (6 seconds ahead of Daly)
15.7.20 20:01 
Dang they snuck @dalejr into the All-Star race #NASCAR @NASCARONFOX
15.7.20 19:30 
I'm watching NASCAR but greatly relieved to see Rey Mysterio's kid hasn't erased Dijakovic's first name JUST yet #NXT #RAW #hashtags
15.7.20 12:56 
Only five hours until NASCAR. This is your five hour warning.
27.6.20 13:38 
It's hot as balls but my new favourite shirt (and an order of clearance NASCAR caps) was in the PO Box so I walked a mile in my shoes thinking about how to do a better job of walking a mile in others'...
22.6.20 14:11 
RT @BubbaWallace: Together
21.6.20 13:40 
Clever....but feels like the guy hiring the plane is voluntarily defunding by burning money on this RT @JoeGoodmanJr:
14.6.20 20:11 
Sounds like we've been done with the pro wrestling portion of the show for quite a while now - oh hey NASCAR
14.6.20 16:00 
C'mon @NASCARONFOX put up the damn lightning clock
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