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26.9 12:29 
RT @VeritasTechB_R: RELEASED: #NetBackup 8.1
14.4.17 16:20 
I'm probably not supposed to disclose my exam grade, so please enjoy this product placement while I remind you I haven't engaged in active product technical support for almost ten years - not sure I'll come out on the right side of whatever the pass/fail line is gonna be, but that's why they ask tech writers to take these tests. I'm just happy I managed to do better than the expected 25 one should get from blindly guessing randomly at every question. Just know that if I ever DO have to support you, I'll be able to have an open manual in front of me and several tabs open on my browser (not to mention an open chat window with Linette; I'm sure she will destroy/has already destroyed me on this exam and once again score some certifications that I can't)
6.6.16 13:37 
RT @NetBackup: RELEASED: Announcing #NetBackup 7.7.3 and #NetBackup Appliance 2.7.3
22.10.15 15:45 
RT @NetBackup: We are moving! Join the backup and recovery conversation on our new @VeritasTechB_R. We look forward to chatting with you there.
6.7.15 20:55 
In retrospect, @symantec should have released @NetBackup 7.7 ON 7/7 - well, maybe in some countries, we did!
1.6.15 12:04 
It's here - @NetBackup Appliances!!
3.3.15 08:58 
Busy week! The @NetBackup Deduplication Appliances 1.4.5 update is now available!
2.3.15 14:52 
@NetBackup Oh, don't use my typo link - use this one:
2.3.15 14:10 
Hooray! @NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances are out today!
10.11.14 11:14 
The @Symantec @NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances releases are now Generally Available!
4.8.14 11:35 
NetBackup Appliances is now available! /> (Did you miss #NetBackup @NetBackup
30.7.14 12:42 
The #NetBackup maintenance release is now available!
8.5.14 12:26 
Yeah buddy - @NetBackup has arrived!
28.3.14 17:09 
I think I found the reason our stock price is up RT @NetBackup: We've got your back! #RockSolidBackup #NetBackup
24.3.14 13:24 
Look through the Big Hole in EMC's Big Data backup story and find... @NetBackup?! via @AbdulRasheed127
18.12.13 14:31 
@sethbokelman Contractually obligated to point you to, then shrug and hope a @NetBackup social media person engages u
18.12.13 14:21 
Hooray! @NetBackup 7.6 is HERE!
16.12.13 12:40 
Also out: @NetBackup Appliances 2.5.4!
16.12.13 12:01 
NetBackup is out! Go apply it!
23.10.13 18:03 
@BubbaGrace Oh, I'm not - I just used `what` earlier to find version string on NetBackup binaries (works!), wondered how/if it'd work on Win
8.7.13 15:11 
NetBackup Appliances updates out today! D1.4.4 + N2.5.3! @NetBackup
24.6.13 15:39 
OH! While I was in the air, we released @NetBackup!
6.6.13 21:01 
If the NSA ever offers data restores from THEIR backups, I'm out of a @NetBackup job
8.3.13 15:29 
RT @seanjregan: Happy Birthday @AbdulRasheed127 #1 #Netbackup SME on Twitter
1.3.13 15:17 
The @NetBackup 5200/5220 Appliance 2.5.2 patch release is now available!
27.2.13 14:21 
RT @AbdulRasheed127: Confessions of a technical support engineer: #WayTooForward #BetterBackup
26.2.13 11:59 
@robertorgill Let me know if you find Rasheed at the NetBackup booth!
20.2.13 12:37 
Hooray! @NetBackup is NOW AVAILABLE!
31.1.13 14:50 
You should attend EVERY @NetBackup #webcast with @AbdulRasheed127 presenting - like the one Tuesday at 10am Pacific!
1.11.12 13:32 
RT @NetBackup: Introducing #Symantec Managed Backup Services! #NetBackup protection now managed for you. #BetterBackup
24.9.12 14:45 
Hooray! @NetBackup and 5200/5220 2.5.1 are now available! Please RT and pass it on!
11.9.12 13:04 
@leaningcowboy Unless it's about NetBackup, I probably can't help. What products are being presented?
15.6.12 09:10 
Yes! NetBackup is now available!
12.4.12 14:42 
Punch-drunk @NetBackup humour: "Welcome to our deduplication ool. Notice there's no 'p' in it? Let's keep it that way"
12.4.12 11:11 
Hooray! The @NetBackup maintenance release is now available!
21.3.12 12:27 
Look, I'm just Technical Support - I can't answer your @NetBackup Licensing questions - but this doc can!
8.3.12 18:11 
Happy Birthday to @MrVRay and also @AbdulRasheed127 :)
8.3.12 12:34 
RT @NetBackup: NetBackup customer in Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St Paul area? Join us for NetBackup 7.5 launch and demo day!
6.3.12 12:51 
RT @Laraine_M: NetBackup 7.5 is GA! Full categorized set of PDFs:
10.1.12 12:27 
Oh Hey! Today is my 7th Anniversary at @Symantec! That must be why I'm DYING to go home sick. @NetBackup
19.12.11 13:06 
Hooray! @NetBackup is now available for download!
26.9.11 19:36 
@EllieAsksWhy That's security; I'm storage - all I'm good for is the occasional NetBackup blog/forum post/TechNote/alert
23.9.11 12:56 
Before erasing 1/3 of my whiteboard this week, I made sure to take a @NetBackup (took photo + printed it out + pinned to the wall alongside)
7.9.11 14:27 
Get the latest @NetBackup maintenance release,, RIGHT NOW!
11.8.11 12:25 
RT @NetBackup: Interested in #NetBackup #appliances? Check out @abdulrasheed127 present at #TechFieldDay:
31.3.11 12:48 
Come to think of it, I suppose that with @NetBackup, EVERY day is World Backup Day...all right, no more "work" tweets today
31.3.11 11:52 
How come I had to find out it was World Backup Day from @Geekosystem and not from @NetBackup?
14.3.11 13:09 
NetBackup 7.1 is Generally Available! @NetBackup
7.3.11 12:40 
Well, it took just 39 minutes to apply @NetBackup 7.1 to my SunBlade formerly running 7.0.1 - no problems! Your time may vary, of course :)
7.3.11 11:59 
Trying to make my lack of laptop an opportunity...I think I'll try to apply @NetBackup 7.1 on my SPARC - how much time will THAT kill?
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