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16.3 18:29 
Sure is weird seeing Perkins ads when all the Perkins are pretty much gonna be shuttered by the end of the week
17.10.19 02:52 
 LET'S GO - Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (Edina, MN)
19.4.14 02:04 
The most interesting people are at Perkins this time of day...or any time of day
19.4.14 01:59 
Everybody's here - Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (Saint Paul, MN)
21.11.13 00:26 
My awesome Perkins tweet didn't get crossposted here, but it's just as well because apparently it was confusing.
20.11.13 23:06 
Oh yeah. I order off the menu at Perkins. Because I'm a BADASS.
20.11.13 22:26 
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (Roseville, MN)
26.5.12 13:38 
26.5.12 13:29 
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (Minneapolis, MN)
13.8.11 03:11 
First I thought about seeing who was at Perkins at 3am. Then I thought eh, it's raining...maybe I have all the ingredients for a milkshake downstairs. But what is REALLY happening is I'm too lazy to even get up and put some water in this glass of ice. This is what we call "batchin' it"
14.6.11 16:42 
What a relief! Only one MN @EatAtPerkins will close. Sorry, #55419 folks near 60th and Nicollet! You'll have to drive another 3 to 6 miles
13.6.11 14:46 
Aw MAN RT @kare11 Perkins restaurants declare bankruptcy
6.6.11 15:14 
Coffee?! It's 91 degrees out!
6.6.11 15:12 
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (St. Paul, MN)
6.4.11 16:21 
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (St. Paul, MN)
28.12.10 13:49 
Feels like I burned the roof of my mouth with my Perkins chicken fried steak + gravy last night. When is my benefit concert?