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Tue 22:59 
I know what shirt to wear tomorrow! Thanks, Timehop!
Mon 13:07 
Interesting placement, Wob
30.7 17:22 
After recent scandal, Hulk Hogan is probably willing to go back to doing Japanese ads (at a lower rate!) (Link to YouTube video: "Hitachi Bigflow TV CM in Japan 1991 Hulk Hogan")
24.7 12:13 
Hey guys, did I miss any big wrestling news this m-- oh
23.7 21:31 
@HackmanRSPW That explains a lot, actually - I tweeted back in May:
6.7 22:49 
Lawler referenced this Dusty interview just now - and back in June:
27.6 19:46 
Photoset: WCW Raven logo vending machine tattoo, c. 1999
27.6 19:14 
Photoset: Pro Wrestling IRON “Event Program,” 2002
27.6 18:30 
Brian Adams??? Sure, why not
27.6 18:29 
WCW Crazy Dips by Chupa Chupa, c. 2000 (DDP)
27.6 00:00 
@luchablog Well...I still wish I could pay you. (That MAY be sweet, sweet drunk talk, though.)
26.6 23:35 
@luchablog All that work...wasted! I wish I weren't broke so could give you money
26.6 20:23 
@luchablog Is it possible it already happened?
26.6 15:48 
Interesting that he called it the "Rebel flag" - oh, I see what he means
24.6 21:52 
@tapemachines Did he ask Vince if he remembered the gold tooth, did he remember the gold tooth?!
24.6 16:55 
J-Woww v. Jenna Morasca
How Much Reality Can You Take
22.6 19:38 
"Nature Boy" Buddy Landel is the latest to prove the old adage "I'll trend when I'm dead"
18.6 00:49 
I'm proud I didn't mark out in front of the guy in the Bullet Club T at the Acadia, yet regret not learning how he obtained a Bullet Club T
17.6 20:32 
RT @FirstAvenue: The one and only @arikcannon will be taking over our Instagram acct on Saturday for #WRESTLEPALOOZA…follow along:
12.6 12:30 
RT @thecubsfan: Hey, you should definitely check out @tapemachines Rasslin Review Vol 1:
11.6 14:21 
RIP Dream.
Last man to interrupt Stephanie on a live RAW.
(Also RIP Ornette Coleman, Sir Christopher Lee - geez, it didn't HAVE to be three)
31.5 16:09 
Always amazed the battery is still juiced #WCW @WWETheBigShow
27.5 14:18 
<still waiting on a Wrestlicious announcement>
22.5 14:46 
20.5 20:57 
Did Joey Islander turn on Sami Zayn yet? #swerve
20.5 17:08 
( was a funny, retweetable video)
20.5 17:07 
Judging by his Twitter profile, Virg thinks he can Iron Shiek up this mug and the dough will start rolling in - good luck with that
20.5 17:03 
I hope "the greatest man alive" isn't paying for social media advice like "put 'follow me bitch' in your avatar"
20.5 16:49 
RT @TheReal_Virgil: I'm ready to show the world why I am the greatest man alive #Virgil #wwe #legend follow me or get stuffed!
5.5 12:23 
@WOW_Wrestling "you're"
1.5 13:23 
Herb Kunze used to love shoot comments that weren't meant to be shoot comments

I hate shoot comments that are meant to be shoot comments
30.4 10:55 
@mnhr3579 Really? That's not how I remember it!
28.4 11:08 
RT @DJDanielson: The party's over, everyone. @KarchMick has discovered the tweeter.
28.4 00:01 
RIP Verne Gagne
I grew up in wrong time/state to truly appreciate him;
one Valentine's Day I saw his belt in a museum
27.4 11:39 
TNA's Smashing Announcement
9.4 22:33 
Holy crap that really IS Hardcore Holly on the incredibly poorly lit AWF TV show
26.3 18:39 
(But great story on Andre!)
26.3 18:38 
LRT: OMG, has Denny B. been in Sportsline/CBSweb hell for over 15 years? That poor, poor man!
26.3 18:37 
RT @DennyBurkholder: My story on the life of Andre the Giant, including many new details. @CBSSports #WrestleMania
23.3 19:47 
All my money for BS to shout out @OOWrestling
13.3 16:44 
Today is that time Rick Martel favorited a tweet of mine from 14 months ago mentioning him
24.2 02:04 
Photo: Phone number no longer active :(
18.2 21:39 
(I Call Him Cage)
18.2 21:38 
El Rey is not available to me in HD - except On Demand. I'm now binge watching #LuchaUnderground from Ep. 10 - regret missing Aztec Warfare
9.2 20:00 
Zero RT @jmshapyro: what's the threshold of professional grappling tweets you can make in a timeframe before you lose followers
4.2 13:42 
.@kennyherzog talks to jobbers for Rolling Stone!
Barry Horowitz:
Jim Powers:
1.2 17:09 
Obligatory "WALKING!" tweet for, like, six people
29.1 22:00 
Because I am not immune to doing what everyone else in my timeline is doing:
"Roman Reigns" by
@CRZ #poetweet
29.1 18:45 
ICYMI: I've actually recapped both of old Kane's casket matches Kane v. Undertaker Kane v. HHH
28.1 09:01 
LRT: I asked Alex Wright about Fandango ripping off his moves back in December - God, I love Twitter
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