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Thu 11:27 
RT @luchablog: never create a database of lucha libre results
Thu 09:03 
Long live [slash]wrestling (wall post by Alen Hylton)
Thu 02:35 
Lucha Underground #1
Wed 11:20 
I can't WAIT to be disappointed by #LuchaUnderground tonight!

(awaits instant retweet from
Wed 11:16 
RT @luchablog: anything good on TV tonight?
16.10 15:53 
I did a wrestling podcast last night, if you're into that - PTBN’s Main Event – Episode #20: Fun and Games with CRZ!

In the historic Episode #20 of the Main Event, iconic Christopher Robin Zimmerman joins Scott, Andrew Riche, Jordan Duncan and Steve Wille to Talk Hell in a Cell, Raw ...
(Link to PTBN Podcasts: "Main Event #20")
16.10 15:30 
RT @Place2BeNation: New PTBN Main Event w/ guest @CRZ talk #WWE HIAC14 & wrestling faves! @WrestleChatNet @prowresonly @TheHistoryofWWE
13.10 14:54 
Hey @hotdiggitydoll I'm wearing your awesome shirt today!
13.10 14:01 
@KevinMarshall @davidbix I can't help but think I would have made a reference to it but my 1999 seems Gifford-free...poking around archives
13.10 13:53 
@davidbix Hmm, I must have missed that one. No, wait, it made the r.s.p-w Awards nominations, apparently:
6.10 21:17 
Wait, what? RT @rxchrisg: @CRZ @voiceswrestling holy shit you're still alive?
1.10 19:43 
RT @LostTurntable: ICYMI: I bought Hulk Hogan's 1983 album. Enjoy?
1.10 14:09 
@KevinEck_WWE FINALLY, a tribute to The Great Jeff Amdur!
(That's what this is, right?)
19.9 23:42 
(Parenthetically, because I can never have enough and I'm greedy, I hope that by #CMLL82 there's a Terra channel I can load onto the Roku)
19.9 23:39 
CERO CERO CERO - Muchos gracias @CMLL_OFICIAL y @TerraDeportes from Minnesota for another gratis aniversario stream! #CMLL81
19.9 23:33 
Needed more chuckling commentators #CMLL81
19.9 23:20 
19.9 23:07 
Last chance, everybody: Ultimo Guerrero, Atlantis, mascara contra mascara, tercera caida: #CMLL81
19.9 22:27 
Photo: CMLL LXXXI must be on
19.9 22:15 
@hansen9j Negative - strong HD without a hitch since I gave up on Chrome (where I couldn't go 5 seconds unless I was Medio quality or lower)
19.9 22:10 
Me too - good tip! RT @davidbix: For some reason Firefox is getting me a much better stream than Chrome #CMLL
19.9 21:03 
Ooh it's a good tim to pull up #CMLL81 #luchagirlfiends
18.9 11:00 
This is a super unflattering photo of Vince....wait, what?
16.9 15:47 
RT @Golianopoulos: "I feel sorry for the wrestling business if we're not around." Wrote about TNA wrestling for @Grantland33
16.9 12:56 
@davidbix This is the tweet that got me to follow you back
8.9 19:53 
@TurkJohnson1 Ha, thanks! Some of them may even hold up. Thanks for the follow!
8.9 19:41 
@TurkJohnson1 WrestleManiacs, then WrestleLine, and my own site
6.9 18:53 
Looks like Marty "Elias" Rubalcaba's v. distinctive head shape to me
@LuchaElRey: The ref is ready to get in the ring. #LuchaUnderground
1.9 14:44 
RT @VICESports: The literary genius behind pro wrestling's greatest stunt:
29.8 20:43 
Somehow it's not surprising that it takes Meltzer over four minutes and two thousand words to dump a bucket of ice water over his head
27.8 16:58 
@luchablog He's also barely on Twitter [@EricVanWagenen] oh and look there's also barely this: @LuchaElRey
24.8 18:41 
Guys! My @Goldberg talking mug still talks!
17.8 18:37 
This applies to ALL feds! RT @luchablog: is there a no announcer option?
17.8 12:55 
RT @luchablog: The best TripleMania preview you will read. (Maybe the only one?) Find out a little bit about everyone on the show:
8.8 16:31 
Hey guys I cracked the code and it looks like HFATK is coming to Impact Wrestling
1.8 21:45 
@realkevinkelly Correct again! "RAW's" "Vader Bloody Vader" cover was a Vic Venom game changer we'd never see in '14.
31.7 20:48 
@grumpymartian Watchin' TNA
31.7 20:34 
MON-KI @grumpymartian
28.7 10:12 
@tapemachines (Favorited)
28.7 01:00 
Man, somebody wake up @tapemachines
28.7 00:27 
28.7 00:02 
Guess ol' Lagana's on Lockdown™, eh?
27.7 23:32 
Don't worry guys, TNA can survive without televisiooooohhhhaahahahahahahaha
22.7 03:26 
"Nuh uh!" RT @albertxii: @CRZ someone at Guilty as Charged 1999 claims you are their bytch -- how do you respond?
17.7 15:37 
Sensational Sherri for WWF Ice Cream Bars (Animated GIFs)
16.7 12:20 
Wrestling and rap fans, the former AW is now NIMROD - here he is... uh... getting intimate with an alien:
16.7 12:04 
Super sad that Abraham Washington's rap persona's website's domain has expired before I remembered to share it with you
15.7 12:36 
@HaveTilFive @HeelWillMahoney ha, thanks! Hard to believe it'll soon be 20 years since first "retirement" but I still kept most of it online
15.7 11:54 
@HaveTilFive You rang?
13.7 04:28 
I mean, you almost can't make it up - on the other hand, it makes perfect sense
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