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30.3 02:13 
Speaking of verbose recaps, check out this one from the Marquette Sports Law Review:
30.3 00:57 
Looks like they're all from the same PACER doc but weren't "publicized" for a few days (payout list) or months (letters) - thanks, Twitter!
30.3 00:55 
Catching up:
SS '91 payout list:
Warrior letter:
Vince letter:
25.3 00:46 
@allnewtpir Voodoo CHILI.
3.3 19:03 
@tapemachines Alas, it can't be 2000 forever
3.3 18:52 
@DublDownDrew Well, shoot, if it didn't work for the last guy...
28.2 14:46 
None. None times. RT @tapemachines: Let’s say Val Venis & Chyna made a real porn here in 2014. Would you watch it? How many times?
27.2 14:47 
@BaldyBombshell @davidbix I WISH I had been that creative! He was "JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET"
27.2 14:27 
26.2 18:10 
You know what you never see in a tag team match anymore? That "rowin' the boat" move #prowrestling
26.2 15:32 
Problem is (+ metaphor strained), "Creative" doesn't have a skilled telegraph operator - or if they do, they're getting overruled
26.2 15:30 
"...there’s nothing worse than a telegraphed ending?" Horse pucky! Telegraphed endings can be the most satisfying of them all.
23.2 18:35 
@tapemachines Negative - I skipped the special pre-order for STHs but have no regrets - will watch on torrent--err, tape delay (NBA/NASCAR)
20.2 21:48 
@tapemachines I bet it's passable if you edit out all the ICOPRO references - but, hey, Rick @OOWrestling liked it:!msg/
20.2 12:38 
USA! USA! USA! USA! HOOOOOOOO RT @dhm: Great goal by Meghan "Hacksaw" Duggan to put Team USA ahead!
19.2 18:01 
RT @Matt_Striker_: He played music in the locker room n lit incense. He had a light n easy way about him. He had a sleepy smile n great vibe. He was my friend.
19.2 14:24 
Here's something you didn't want to know today: Mike Awesome (42) died seven years + one day before Nelson Frazier (43)
18.2 23:28 
"[slash] wrestling Remembers Viscera" :( RIP big man
30.1 16:57 
This must be the place - Tim I'll give you cuts if you aren't in the Golden Circle @ Full Sail Live Venue
28.1 20:05 
@timmy8271 @thecubsfan Thanks for the info! I don't know if I can be there right at 5:45 - do they usually sell out/stop selling at 6:30?
28.1 19:56 
Turns out I MAY have a hole in my schedule I could fill with the #NXT taping. Do they let people in late? Would they sell me a ticket?
27.1 20:02 
RT @OfficialTAZ: Welp...
27.1 19:06 
@TheKFV I'll try very hard to walk a fine line between actual opinions to look incredibly wise while saying absolutely nothing - STAY TUNED
26.1 17:43 
Idea for a tumblr: Meltzer tweets asking if anybody attended the show last night, along with all sarcastic response tweets
20.1 20:12 
Man, @Steve_Blackman hasn't tweeted for a year and a week - is he still alive?
18.1 01:36 
14.1 01:40 
This March 2011 article on Sonny Onoo is what I’m reading instead of sleeping so I can get into work at a decent time. (Mason City Globe Gazette: M.C.'s Onoo Reflects on Journey to WCW)
14.1 01:37 
After seeing a Sonny Onoo (teaching self-defense in a WCW T!) cameo on this “20/20 on iD” episode, I used the awesome power of the Internet to confirm that we weren’t hallucinating and that he really lived in Mason City, Iowa. (Why Iowa? Sonny Onoo)
14.1 01:19 
WORLDS COLLIDE: Just saw Sonny Onoo teaching self-defense in Mason City, Iowa on this episode of #2020onID
6.1 22:39 
Mike Chioda’s sweet mullet - May 25, 1993 (Photo)
3.1 18:49 
Photo: Why Kane got his mask on
2.1 23:28 
Meltzer's a mark.
20.12 14:51 
RT @tholzerman: @CRZ @prograpslady @Heinekenrana @failraiser are the best three off the top of my head
20.12 14:50 
Check out RT @theianhamilton: I'd have to suggest @carriesparkle in that list...
20.12 14:50 
Recaps Impact! for With Leather (where 1 page recaps take 12 clicks) RT @BrianDermody: I am a fan of @prograpslady and I'm not the only one.
20.12 14:41 
Twitter: Who are some of the best pro wrestling writers who are also females? (If you don't know, retweet to someone who does) #FF
11.11 16:38 
@luchablog I think I found it (different Yamazaki?):
11.11 16:26 
RT @luchablog: One half of the Jumping Bomb Angels winning a new and never mentioned again UWA title in 1989? Can't find any info.
4.11 12:13 
@AKATheMaskedMan Finally, my new bathroom reading is here! (DISCLAIMER: Photo not taken in my bathroom)
26.10 21:16 
History repeating (Photo from tOA via the Web Archive)
12.10 04:18 
We are all marks.
12.10 04:18 
Reality is ruining wrestling
12.10 04:18 
Guys named "Big E" are ruining wrestling
12.10 04:18 
Constant identification of pronoun use in commentary is ruining wrestling
12.10 04:18 
Concussions are ruining wrestling
12.10 04:18 
Breast cancer is ruining wrestling
12.10 04:17 
Hashtags are ruining wrestling
12.10 04:17 
Unfortunate demands for acting are ruining wrestling
12.10 04:17 
Crowd chants are ruining wrestling
12.10 04:17 
Politics is ruining wrestling
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