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@davidbix This is the tweet that got me to follow you back
8.9 19:53 
@TurkJohnson1 Ha, thanks! Some of them may even hold up. Thanks for the follow!
8.9 19:41 
@TurkJohnson1 WrestleManiacs, then WrestleLine, and my own site
6.9 18:53 
Looks like Marty "Elias" Rubalcaba's v. distinctive head shape to me
@LuchaElRey: The ref is ready to get in the ring. #LuchaUnderground
1.9 14:44 
RT @VICESports: The literary genius behind pro wrestling's greatest stunt:
29.8 20:43 
Somehow it's not surprising that it takes Meltzer over four minutes and two thousand words to dump a bucket of ice water over his head
27.8 16:58 
@luchablog He's also barely on Twitter [@EricVanWagenen] oh and look there's also barely this: @LuchaElRey
24.8 18:41 
Guys! My @Goldberg talking mug still talks!
17.8 18:37 
This applies to ALL feds! RT @luchablog: is there a no announcer option?
17.8 12:55 
RT @luchablog: The best TripleMania preview you will read. (Maybe the only one?) Find out a little bit about everyone on the show:
8.8 16:31 
Hey guys I cracked the code and it looks like HFATK is coming to Impact Wrestling
1.8 21:45 
@realkevinkelly Correct again! "RAW's" "Vader Bloody Vader" cover was a Vic Venom game changer we'd never see in '14.
31.7 20:48 
@grumpymartian Watchin' TNA
31.7 20:34 
MON-KI @grumpymartian
28.7 10:12 
@tapemachines (Favorited)
28.7 01:00 
Man, somebody wake up @tapemachines
28.7 00:27 
28.7 00:02 
Guess ol' Lagana's on Lockdown™, eh?
27.7 23:32 
Don't worry guys, TNA can survive without televisiooooohhhhaahahahahahahaha
22.7 03:26 
"Nuh uh!" RT @albertxii: @CRZ someone at Guilty as Charged 1999 claims you are their bytch -- how do you respond?
17.7 15:37 
Sensational Sherri for WWF Ice Cream Bars (Animated GIFs)
16.7 12:20 
Wrestling and rap fans, the former AW is now NIMROD - here he is... uh... getting intimate with an alien:
16.7 12:04 
Super sad that Abraham Washington's rap persona's website's domain has expired before I remembered to share it with you
15.7 12:36 
@HaveTilFive @HeelWillMahoney ha, thanks! Hard to believe it'll soon be 20 years since first "retirement" but I still kept most of it online
15.7 11:54 
@HaveTilFive You rang?
13.7 04:28 
I mean, you almost can't make it up - on the other hand, it makes perfect sense
13.7 04:27 
Somebody sent it to Sanada, he retweeted it, TNA's acct favorited the RT - and NOBODY said ANYTHING about his name being spelled wrong
13.7 04:26 
RT @JudithIsbell: Just went on tumblr and found this pic last night was a really good match @seiyasanada #youdidgreat #maybenexttime
13.7 04:26 
Hey remember that typo I posted back on Thursday? Check this out:
11.7 14:29 
As promised, my "lost" WCW/Kevin Nash's book column from March 1999: - it's not good, but it's really long!
10.7 20:46 
Sananda #sananda
10.7 15:26 
RT @luchablog: AAA's start date on El Rey is October 8th.
8.7 08:37 
Speaking of 1999, I recently found my "lost" Moonsault column on WCW booker Nash; will share later this week
@MoChatra calls lawyers)
7.7 12:36 
Anybody else feel 15 years older?
20.6 00:43 
@timmy8271 Marcus Cor Lashley
20.6 00:42 
What we love about TNA is they don't care if it's a good or bad idea...only that it's a WWE idea #impact #keyboardjockey @TNADixie
20.6 00:40 
You say TNA's new champ proves they're no longer imitating WWE...but did you notice he's all but lost his first name?
18.6 19:59 
Did he really think it was a good idea to call it that? How…sleazy? …disappointing? …not altogether unexpected and par for the course for Keith’s “career?” I think I’m going to settle on “disappointing” and hope that, because that title didn’t make it onto the web version, somebody decided that wouldn’t be a good idea and nixed it (but forgot to change the meta tag and URL) and it’ll be gone by his next SN column. (Screen grab from John Orquiola's tweet)
18.6 14:48 
I also want to post a GIF!
16.6 19:52 
(I mean I'd like to book a #2 wrestling company as opposed to feeling up Dixie Carter)
16.6 19:52 
That Dixie Carter...I'd like to handle her business, if you know what I mean
4.6 17:53 
Chris Benoit #MyDestinationX
1.6 16:39 
@timmy8271 I would say they're equally likely (which is to say neither will happen)
15.5 12:20 
@StatFreak101 Sorry, PPVs were my "days off" - I only did results after I started the site (7/7/99) but others are at
12.5 15:57 
Fun coincidence (OR IS IT?): DVDVR #171 released on The Cubs Fan's birthday
12.5 15:44 
@D_V_D_V_R No cover?
12.5 15:40 
RT @D_V_D_V_R: Prepare to be disappointed!!!! DVDVR #171 is OUT! (that version has all the fancy embedding of the videos) #DVDVR171
4.5 23:28 
I guess physryck dot com didn't have the same panache
4.5 23:25 
RT @zekewwe: Check out my new website ... My new shirt #domination
30.3 02:13 
Speaking of verbose recaps, check out this one from the Marquette Sports Law Review:
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