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Sat 18:27 
(I think this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) RT @MrTimLivingston: Imagine thinking Wrestling Twitter isn't the most entertaining thing on the planet.
Wed 15:23 
RT @Heelbook: The only #ValentinesDay card you need
2.2 16:55 
Look, Hyatte, you know I love you but I just can't give you any more money until I'm done paying the alimony. That's just how it is. RT @HyatteLives: What Would Jesus Do during the #MondayNightWars? Christ vs Satan during the #AttitudeEra? This bit is so old @CRZ has no Twitter link! This is a column that loser @MarkMaddenX tried to rip off, and everyone called him out on it.
23.1 10:21 
@BoltDesigns Thanks!
11.1 16:46 
I am contractually obligated to remind you that I recapped RAW #1 on this night 25 years ago, but didn't post it to until the next day:
23.10 12:27 
That was.....well, not VERY fast, but still KINDA fast
10.10 16:30 
But what does he TASTE like RT @luchablog: the guests in attendance will finally get to know what Dario Cueto smells like
27.9 12:03 
Happy Birthday to @Steve_Blackman!
5.9 11:27 
DVDVR 180!
10.8 19:03 
@tapemachines Didn't Dave also never find out that was a loving homage to Ace Ventura?
9.8 09:27 
@ImGonnaDJ24 Ha! Thanks for letting me know!
7.8 22:15 
@tapemachines We went all day and nobody did this; what has Twitter become
7.8 12:19 
Time to update old CRZ's "quick guide to work/shoot" rule:

Q: Did you read it on Twitter?
A: Then it's a work.

Good stuff as always, Cubs! RT
@luchablog: the Vampiro/Mundo/Taya thing has probably been a storyline from the start
29.6 15:09 
POST. The first r.s.p-w post. In fact, here it is because I never throw anything away:
29.6 15:06 
I always contend that I made the first r.s.p-w about Hart's five moves, but never used "of doom" and didn't run wit… RT @i/web: Did u coin the term "Five Moves of Doom"? @CRZ
16.5 14:04 
LA Weekly: WOW remains a thing
15.5 13:11 
RT @tapemachines: well gang once again it falls to me, a wrestling fan, to explain wrestling to wrestlers
19.4 12:37 
Hell, I'd pitch in five bucks. Can I hear from six more suckers to fund this epic exchange? RT @luchablog: this is happening an hour away from me & I want to just go to ask "what the hell" & walk out, but not sure worth $35
6.3 00:13 
It never left! I just haven't updated it for like 14 years RT @mannyisballin: @CRZ bring back slash wrestling
5.3 22:06 
What, me salty? Ah ha ha! RT @lihcrulz: @CRZ please come back and review this garbage, the world could use your saltyness right now
1.3 09:45 
Wait - Twitter's gonna let me mute any mention of "all hail" in my timeline?
26.2 19:35 
I am also glad to be still alive RT
@wasabi: @CRZ I used to read your pro wrestling articles along with Chris Hyatte back in the day. Good to see you're still alive.
18.2.17 20:38 
@mclavieri @tapemachines IRS because Vince seemed to love saying "the SWEAT - PROFUSELY pouring off of Irwin R. Schyster"
31.1.17 19:57 
@tapemachines RT @mctrademarc: 12 years ago? Wow. I hate getting old.
20.1.17 15:36 
JR's web bites bore remarkable resemblance to King's USA Today column
(short pithy obvious statements)
Also I liked saying "a pair of kings" RT Gavinduenas:
@CRZ why did you call Jim Ross Larry King?
15.1.17 22:19 
Tonight's #Wrestlepalooza IX Main Event: @arikcannon vs. @AriyaDaivari411 @f1rstwrestling
15.1.17 22:15 
Haha always use the hashtag kids
15.1.17 20:38 
Sure enough, I'm watching a four corners match booked around Joey Ryan's dick #WRESTLEPALOOZA @f1rstwrestling
15.1.17 20:07 
 WRESTLEPALOOZA IX - First Avenue & 7th St Entry (Minneapolis, MN)
15.1.17 14:27 
RT @WONF4W: Jimmy Snuka dead at 73 years old
8.1.17 13:00 
Gross. I remember *being* CRZ in 1998 RT @Place2BeNation: @Tanner1495 @kingmotivatorh @StevenGrahamTWS Gross. I remember reading @CRZ and @rspwfaq in 98.
6.1.17 18:03 
What the....I mean....that's a poonhawk, isn't it? Oooo-eeee.
1.12.16 14:24 
no idea what you mean RT @luchablog: 1999 on the wrestling internet was weird times.
11.10.16 17:02 
27.9.16 11:51 
Instead of watching #RAW last night, I went to a bar to watch a lot of carefully curated FMW and DDT.

Wrestling isn't always wrestling
20.8.16 21:44 
@Butchmania Thanks! I think with the almost instant video we have now, transcripts are largely unnecessary and I'm pretty old and obsolete
28.7.16 15:51 
#tbt Never ashamed of my past "fame" as a Guy Who Wrote About Wrestling on The Internet, here's more evidence: a $10 Polaroid of myself, Tinieblas Jr. (I still have his mask I bought at this show!) and El Hijo del Santo (!!) from the very first "San Francisco Lucha Libre" card on March 11, 2001 at Roccapulco on Mission Street. My recap of that show had been lost to the world for about as long as my ezboard went offline but I found a text copy and reposted it at if you are dying to see what my writing style was like fifteen years ago or just for some old CRZ recap action that isn't about anything you'd possibly remember unless you were there. Shoot man, *I* was there, and I barely remember it.
18.7.16 10:35 
.@Gavinduenas Good morning!
It ain't 1999, baby.
LATER: which yogurt I'm eating...
@Gavinduenas @CRZ you might be the dullest poster on all of Twitter. I preferred it when you used to talk about Raymond Stereo. Can you do that again?
7.5.16 12:07 
RT @dhm: “Dave Meltzer… tells me that at most there are 200 people making a living wrestling.”
13.4.16 00:53 
I can't deal with this y'all RT @WONF4W: Balls Mahoney passes away at just 44 years old:
11.4.16 12:01 
• Not a promoted tweet I expected to see
• Terrible timing, "live" show long over
• "0AM" unintentionally hilarious
1.4.16 14:19 
Ridiculous; show is over 48 hours from starting.
Why not post your WrestleMania 33 live results while you're at it? RT
@WONF4W: WWE WrestleMania 32 live results: HHH vs Roman Reigns, Undertaker vs Shane McMahon
28.3.16 15:26 
@massdistraction I would be shocked to learn you were EVER hooked into Wrestling Twitter
28.3.16 15:23 
I am now so far removed from Wrestling Twitter I don't even know what everybody's so unhappy about
25.3.16 14:02 
@thecubsfan Magic 8 ball but with DaMeltz
20.3.16 14:44 
This may sound ironic and hypocritical, but I've unfollowed Meltzer because his signal:noise ratio was not adding value to my twitstream
17.3.16 17:52 
Oh, wow, an even BETTER #tbt - via Scott Christ, this is a GIF from ECW Double Tables at the famous Arena on Swanson St. in Philadelphia, PA. I'm down in the lower right corner, way too close to Ian and Axl Rotten's blood (yellow shirt/Sacramento Kings cap/mullet). February 4, 1995.
15.3.16 11:18 
@tapemachines I keep a screen shot handy for just this purpose:
15.3.16 11:16 
@tapemachines Did you see me at Double Tables?????
8.3.16 12:35 
@RobKennedy70 Probably something about us old grizzled real-Internet vets always bashing fake-Internet AOL at every opportunity
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