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Tue 17:51 FORTUNE OF THE DAY (Phở 79)
15.4.20 14:24 
Phew, Mike Chioda is OK! (arrow)
15.4.20 14:23 
crz:Mike Chioda's sweet mullet - May 25, 1993
15.4.20 14:22 
crz:Even Mike Chioda was all “OH SHIT he’s really gonna do a PILEDRIVER”
15.4.20 14:19 
WWE senior official Mike Chioda was released today. Here he is in one of his first appearances at Survivor Series 1989.
25.4.18 13:40 reads right to left
29.3.18 16:26 Photo
1.3.18 16:45 ...and the rest (3 photos)
1.3.18 16:43 My current obsession, and the reason I'm back on Tumblr today: column headers from Boys' Life magazine (these are from the April, 1980 issue)

Any ideas on the artist?
(10 pictures)
1.3.18 16:38 
Reblogged myself: Wow I haven’t been here in a while - this is from August 2015 yet remains so timely
25.4.16 11:58 
hugehefner: May u live 2 see the dawn
4.1.16 15:08 
I feel the same way about Tumblr RT @tapemachines: Torn between plowing through the remaining 2015 shows I should watch and just wiping slate clean for 2016.
17.12.15 14:35 Better example of what happens when I like a jobber GIF from...
15.12.15 15:36 

tape, I'm getting a little scared to heart stuff...
15.12.15 15:33 

Well, I suppose I might
14.12.15 13:11 
Well, the 91 I could find on USA Spotify.(And a couple are not...
26.11.15 23:30 
I'm thankful for ludicrous unsolicitied offers to buy my dotcom - today's newest record offer was $61,000.
26.9.15 22:08 
One of the most memorable things I ever recapped on Thunder*

*that I remembered tonight, anyway
(YouTube video: "Tony Schiavone loses his shit on Thunder")
25.9.15 16:55 is not for sale!
31.8.15 20:57 
Anybody do this concept yet? (Photo collage)
20.8.15 21:04 
"And guys, that is what this Divas Revolution is all about! The emphasis of today’s female athlete is their athleticism, not on tummy tucks and butt lifts; today’s female athletes are real…which brings us to the reality of WWE’s Divas Division which, as we speak, is undergoing its own Revolution." (Tom Phillips)
20.8.15 18:57 

I can't see it.
19.8.15 00:09 Title Card: The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel
18.8.15 20:15 
Reblogged from Rick 'n' Morty (animated GIF)
18.8.15 10:01 
Hey remember that erotic fiction I wrote about Sweetness and Luna Vachon (photo)
18.8.15 09:59 
If you’re not regularly visiting, you’re missing chances to see photos of Walter Payton & Bull Nakano in front of the directions to GORILLA ( (photo)
18.8.15 09:49 
Photoset: Evolution of a SummerSlam match graphic
14.8.15 20:27 I’m caught up on Tumblr
so I’m putting this text here so next time I get lost I remember where I left off
10.8.15 19:08 Paul Hardcastle, 1985 (animated GIF)
4.8.15 18:01 
One more screen grab from RAW (screen grab)
4.8.15 02:46 
It’s a sad day in CRZland. What’s even MORE sad is this has probably been the case for months but I never noticed. (screen grab collage)
4.8.15 02:08 
Hulk Who? (screen grab illustration)
4.8.15 02:07 
So it's come to this (animated GIF from RAW)
30.7.15 17:22 
After recent scandal, Hulk Hogan is probably willing to go back to doing Japanese ads (at a lower rate!) (Link to YouTube video: "Hitachi Bigflow TV CM in Japan 1991 Hulk Hogan")
27.6.15 19:46 
Photoset: WCW Raven logo vending machine tattoo, c. 1999
27.6.15 19:14 
Photoset: Pro Wrestling IRON “Event Program,” 2002
27.6.15 18:30 
Brian Adams??? Sure, why not
27.6.15 18:29 
WCW Crazy Dips by Chupa Chupa, c. 2000 (DDP)
23.6.15 17:38 
I think we’ve unlocked the reason for my divorce, guys #klout
17.6.15 12:52 
@dhm I can't be the only one clamoring for the revival of, can I?
14.6.15 21:09 
Photoset: I am also emotional about the Prime Time Players winning the straps #MITB
14.6.15 20:48 
Concerned for John Cena #MITB ("animated" GIF)
14.6.15 19:50 
Photoset: I’m on Team Kittycat T-shirt Man #MITB
14.6.15 18:24 
"Shell Shocked" (screen grab)
13.6.15 05:53 
It's my pleasure to announce - now containing 100 entries; a cautionary tale of LLL​.com ownership; created for @pyry
12.6.15 22:28 
It never gets old (Animated GIF)
12.6.15 22:25 
Chris Jericho on his theme song (4 GIF screencaps)
10.6.15 00:57 No, ask ME a question.
2.6.15 13:01 
Hey, you asked (photocollage - "#sadrusev" contribution)
31.5.15 20:56 
♬ John Cena lost ♬
♬ John Cena lost ♬
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