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Sun 16:57 @_miniRZ_ @4KRRqOx0fwdBQAn RT @CRZ: I AM NOT A HONDA - I AM A FREE MAN
Sun 16:55 RT @4KRRqOx0fwdBQAn: @_miniRZ_ @CRZ わかったわ

Fri 19:59 Still need to know:
Just who WAS Mo-Dean?
And WAS that them?
Tue 15:18 
RT @DollarBinShow: Our special pledge drive episode of "greatest hits" starts streaming RIGHT NOW! If you're not ready at 1am CDT, of course, you may stream any time over the next 14 days: If you enjoy, please pledge at (612) 375-9030 or online at!
Tue 00:17 
I'm sitting by the phone waiting for your pledge to @kfaiFMradio on behalf of @cruisectrlkfai! If you don't want to call (612) 375-9030, head over to for the online form! (Or wait an hour and do it for @dollarbinshow!)
13.3 09:47 Dave Meltzer on a Sean Mooney honest, is ANYONE making money because something like that exists
11.3 21:01 
10.3 21:02 
But Elias and Randy Orton are on different shows! #WWEFastlane
10.3 20:43 
WWE: How Can We Screw THIS Up?™
1.3 00:28 
Tonight at 2am CST I go live on @kfaiFMradio with "Across the Board" and a FOUR hour tribute to Talk Talk, #MarkHollis, how things got started and what everyone ended up doing after Talk Talk was done. You will listen and maybe learn! Enjoy! 90.3 /
1.3 00:26 @ScSolAr It's not my birthday!
26.2 20:04 
@allnewtpir 2019 (reality): C. R. Who?
26.2 20:02 Twitter says this will be my 28,000th tweet! Thanks as always to the hundred or so real human beings who follow me AND the 1900 or so bots. I still love you all.
26.2 19:50 RT @unkleofficial: Very sad to hear about the passing of Mark Hollis. Was honoured to have worked with him, and thank you for making one of the greatest albums of all time, Spirit of Eden. A true inspiration and visionary. RIP.
26.2 19:13 
Sign the contract, dummy! #SDLive
26.2 07:55 RT @DollarBinShow: Episode 9 is now available for streaming - YES! Lorenzo Lamas SINGS!
26.2 06:47 RT @anjagarbarek: So terribly sad.
25.2 12:44 This cannot be true. Please RT @AnthemEditor: Just seen unconfirmed reports that Mark Hollis from Talk Talk has died...
Playing Spirit of Eden as a tribute
23.2 20:51 Twitter confessions: Somebody sitting in this theater, possibly very near me, smells kinda funny, and not in a good way
22.2 04:49 
.@facebook seriously needs to invest in some AI to detect ticket scammers and obliterate them - and/or pay me to troll them out of existence
22.2 02:09 @___crazyyyy Stoooooooooooop
19.2 13:14 
RT @DollarBinShow: Episode 8 is now available for streaming for the next two weeks!
Episode 7 is still available to stream for one more week!
18.2 21:23 
@DollarBinShow UPDATE: Found it :)
14.2 04:51 Wow why am I even reading Twitter on V Day
13.2 02:19 
@jxvaleska @tapemachines Then
12.2 17:33 
RT @DollarBinShow: Episode 7 of the web exclusive "Dollar Bin" show is now available for your streaming pleasure from the @kfaiFMradio web site!
11.2 23:22 
@tapemachines Then
8.2 21:23 
RT this tweet for your chance to win tickets to @darkenergympls's 3 year anniversary party this Saturday feat. @BoyHarsher, Nightcrawler, + more! https: RT this tweet for your chance to win tickets to @darkenergympls's 3 year anniversary party this Saturday feat. @BoyHarsher, Nightcrawler, + more!
7.2 20:57 All Wells Fargo ads are hilarious tonight #NBAonTNT
7.2 17:58 
It wasn't a fire, it was dust!

No, wait! I mean "I was home the entire time!

,,,which I suppose isn't exactly an alibi

#HireCRZ RT @DublDownDrew: Fire at a data center in Minnesota....hmmmm where was @crz?
6.2 17:26 

Was the Godfather of Soul murdered? Twelve years after James Brown’s death, nearly a dozen people who knew him are calling for an autopsy or a criminal investigation via @cnn
6.2 14:57 @luchablog Ooh, did it involve a shim? That was the highlight of my PHP 7 experience when we changed servers back in August
6.2 14:38 @vespadaddy @CenturyLink I feel ya - I did not experience your situation but I AM still trying to get my bill correct going on three cycles after I completely dropped PrismTV.
5.2 14:56 @davefinton I've been denying that one for several years :)
5.2 13:10 
RT @giorgiomoroder: Been so long
5.2 01:22 
RT @DollarBinShow: Episode 006 is available RIGHT NOW! Hit and click on "Listen to the latest episode" - if you prefer spoilers, @KFAIplaylist is "live tweeting" the selections this hour or you can hit I really enjoyed putting this one together!
4.2 22:08 
I am simultaneously appreciative of the shout while cringing at the use of the wrong "their" so close to my handle RT @D_V_D_V_R: To quote the great @CRZ, "Play there music because they lost!" - Dolfan
4.2 21:01 
@eastcoast_joe El KaNON
4.2 20:48 
4.2 20:38 
This is usually where I do one of those self-aware tweets about "some things should stay 20 years in the past" but it's actually been so long for me that most people don't even know I'm being all meta and ironic #RAW #CRZ #blinkinghorse
4.2 20:14 
C'mon, they didn't even set up the wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tubemen #RAW #kayfabe
3.2 21:38 Can't believe CBS didn't follow up the Super Bowl with, like, a reboot of "Barnaby Jones"
3.2 21:11 @hansen9j @thecubsfan I can't believe that strategy actually worked
3.2 20:29 RT @thecubsfan: need to google "when does the super bowl start" again, think I got the wrong time
3.2 19:21 surprise Tag Team reunion, then
3.2 19:13 Okay now imagine it was Adam Scott instead of Travis Scott #branding
3.2 19:09 PSA to wrestling Twitter: All y'all watching Halftime Heat need to go back and check out the NFL 100 spot later
3.2 17:26 It's okay, everybody! I finished pooping before any of the commercials started and should be good until the #SuperBowl is over
30.1 14:24 
Also, keeps the sidekicks home! Follow Mason's playlist live @KFAIplaylist RT @cruisectrlkfai: A rare live @cruisectrlkfai is on @kfaiFMradio right friggin' now. The benefits of extreme freezeover in the Midwest? More airtime!
30.1 14:17 @swampynomo Quelle horreur!
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