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Thu 17:25 Oh God, I finally have "new" I already didn't have enough reason to stop checking here
15.7 21:58 
@D_V_D_V_R The Legend of Curly's Gold
15.7 20:13 
"Fam, fam, why was there a camera in that hotel, fam?" #RAW
6.7 13:31 
@GaryHornseth @chris_steller Thanks! Man, I miss my virtual neighbour Bill Kahn.
6.7 13:24 
@chris_steller @GaryHornseth Hokey smokes, it is! Curse my SE/Seward-centric geographical bias
6.7 13:20 
@chris_steller @GaryHornseth Well, at least I can point to Franklin Ave for that one - but I look at the map and in NE it just goes 19th, 20th, 22nd - used to get me every time driving down University.

6.7 13:11 
I can't be the only guy in Minneapolis who wants to know why 21st Ave NE doesn't exist, can I?
3.7 20:48 
The battery in my ancient Galaxy S6 edge is now heating up to the point where it's expanding my case open. You think it'll explode later and I should be worried? Happy Independence Day! #boom
2.7 12:50 Collaging is great and @aadesigncreate and Ben are doing great things helping people discover that collage might be their great thing! RT @growlermag: Local artist and @TwinCollage co-founder Ben DiNino's artwork seems to organically emerge from his sprawling collection of found items, making him the perfect artist to collaborate with for our History issue.
2.7 11:14 
RT @DollarBinShow: Also, the first two hour broadcast of "After Midnight" can be found archived at - if you're a fan of this show and/or @CRZ, you will probably enjoy this one too!
2.7 11:14 
RT @DollarBinShow: Here's Episode #27! Not a bad one to take a hiatus after. />
We'll be back after
@CRZ's mini-residency is over. We'll also work on moving the Dollar Bin Archive to KFAI's Mixcloud while we're away so you can easily stream EVERY episode!
2.7 03:09 @zacharywefel Vox? That's Latin for "voice."
1.7 20:41 
WWE putting spaces in the hashtag so they don't have to read people talking about how their idea of #2outof3falls matches pretty well suxxxx #RAW
1.7 20:13 
Okay but... hear me out... what if they'd had *Take* fix all the electronics with his magic lightning bolt? #RAW #Heymanfabe
1.7 19:31 
Holla, holla! <click> #RAW
1.7 19:26 
Aw shoot, "repaired the electronics" WAY too fast - DOWN WITH #HEYMANFABE #RAW
1.7 19:25 
If Graves doesn't fake apologise for his fake spontaneous swearing, #kayfabe is still dead (I'll give him one more segment) #RAW
1.7 19:17 
Isn't this usually where Strowman shows up, yells "I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU" and tips over the ambo? #RAW
1.7 19:16 
Oh, by the way, I'm live on the radio @kfaiFMradio for two hours tonight at midnight CDT playing music and absolutely not talking about professional wrestling
1.7 19:15 
@tapemachines If you're really, really fortunate......they'll have the ability to replay the tape some time in the next 2.75 hours (at which time I'll say "TOO SOON TO RESTORE POWER WHAT ABOUT #KAYFABE")
1.7 19:13 
He still didn't manage to get the crowd to not go into business for themselves, of course. Also, didn't really need Graves' punctuation on it unless they were supposed to cut his mic mid-expletive as part of the "power outage" and missed the cue #RAW
1.7 19:12 
That was fun! WAY OVERDONE, but it's not like he's exactly ever been the master of subtlety. It's not gonna make me get on the phone and tell all my friends to turn to #RAW, but I *did* tweet about it...
25.6 20:54 
This new "rounds" system is THE WORST #2OutOf3Falls #SDLive
25.6 20:49 
This rounds system is THE WORST #SDLive
25.6 19:37 
RT @DollarBinShow: Our latest episode dropped a lot earlier today but I was busy HOPEFULLY GETTING A JOB anyway it's another pretty good hour and you MIGHT even know some of these songs from before I played them!

24.6 20:39 
Did No Way Jose stop chasing Truth long enough to do the conga line thing with Gallows & Anderson near AJ Styles but then go back to chasing Truth, or is this that "WWE still hiring a continuity guy" thing? #RAW
23.6 17:52 
RIP Drew Gulak's first name now that Vince knows he exists #WWEStompingGrounds
23.6 08:01 
19.6 21:44 @guruzim Wow, I may not have read one of your tweets since I was employed
19.6 17:27 @swampynomo @KariVanHorn @mnstatefair @reeses Can probably do
14.6 01:43 
Back on @kfaiFMradio in just under 17 minutes! Do I have yet another four hours in me? PROBABLY! 90.3 / 106.7? / / KFAI app
11.6 14:20 
WHY I NEVER oh wait I wrote this about myself didn't I
(but yeah, great music this week - and almost every week - LISTEN TO MY SHOW) RT
@DollarBinShow: Hey, once you get past all the technical difficulties and DJ incompetence, this is another really solid hour of 1980s remixes! Stream it for the next 14:
10.6 19:42 
I guess, not surprisingly, @WWE and I have different opinions on the meaning of "totally cross-cultural" #RAW
10.6 19:26 
This show's version of Friday's match has already been equal to or exceeded...okay, okay, gonna retire this riff. (Probably.) #RAW
10.6 19:09 
I was watching the end of the #NASCAR; can anybody tell me if they've yet remarked that @WWE Super Show Down was equal to or was exceeded by This Tuesday in Texas yet
7.6 14:33 
RT @efetusmpls: It's almost time for @TransmissionTC's annual Prince tribute! RT to ETW tickets to go crazy while DJ @JakeRudh spins all your purple faves at @FirstAvenue Sat night. We'll pick a winner at 9pm tonight.
7.6 14:12 
So is Shane the new lineal champ or
7.6 13:13 @SonorantPlosive Thank you!!
7.6 12:03 
Hey guys guess whether or not my interest in this show is equivalent to or exceeds that of WrestleMania
2.6 21:58 
Krista's show starts in 30 minutes on @kfaiFMradio !! RT @BarbAbney: Yesterday on @KfaiamDrive, @kristawax dropped in to talk about local shows over the weekend and @CRZ stuck around as a “faux-ducer.” They both just oozed a “support local music” vibe.
28.5 12:19 
RT @DollarBinShow: Another Dollar Bin Tuesday means eight more 1980s remixes, including our 200th selection!
27.5 21:35 
27.5 20:50 
Been thinking (admittedly, not very hard) about the House of Saud bringing Goldberg out of @WWE retirement. When was the last time they were this interested in a Jewish guy? So, of course, I went straight to Google and....turns out the answer wasn't as surprising as you'd think
27.5 20:28 
Was dinner respected tho #RAW
27.5 20:11 
Remember this moment just now where Cole hypes the upcoming episode of "Firefly Fun House!" because I guarantee you after they air it, Cole will have totally forgotten and say "what the hell was THAT" #RAW
27.5 20:06 
Yes, wrestling fans, Brock Lesnar doesn't pay attention to this show either #RAW
27.5 19:56 
Say, why isn't Sika on The Super ShowDown? #RAW
27.5 19:55 
[Sorry, Sika and Vince were both born in 1945 - Sika is FOUR MONTHS older than Vince] #RAW
27.5 19:55 
(Sika is 74, one year older than Vince) #RAW
27.5 19:47 
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