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Wed 13:42 RT @snackeru: Been working on a CSV file for the entire Current 2009-2018 data set. It is now located in the following Google Drive. I've successfully imported it into MySQL, Pandas, and R. I've been using it to learn more about R, which has been fun. 1.1M rows of data.
Wed 03:03 @albertxii I think that was examiner​.com
Tue 21:10 @leaningcowboy What about hamberders
Tue 19:51 
RT @DollarBinShow: Hooray! Episode 003 is now available for streaming for the next two weeks!
Tue 19:50 
The Sixers are leading the Wolves by 30 and I STILL can't bring myself to check in on #SDLive - perhaps I need new interests. Oh, yeah, check out my radio show on!
Tue 17:21 
@JerryZgoda Do we have a Sixers injury report yet?
Tue 11:10 @tapemachines Is that "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again?"
Mon 21:17 
Mon 20:13 
Guys, the world of superheroes is about to be SHATTERED! Are YOU ready? #sponsored
11.1 05:53 
I am contractually obligated to point you to my fairly mediocre r.s.p-w recap of WWF Monday Night RAW Episode 1 every January 11th:!original/ /> (or )
8.1 21:42 
They didn't blow it! 1-0 #twolves
8.1 16:53 
RT @DollarBinShow: Episode 2 is now available! /> Episode 1 is STILL available!
4.1 21:49 Boy I guess it wouldn't be the first week of the year if I weren't spending most of it out sick
3.1 09:05 @Toast_Jr Terribly awesome, obv
2.1 20:24 
@fsnorth @Timberwolves #GuessWhoPromotion Sebastian Telfair
2.1 19:19 
Have I told you I'm doing radio on the web? (I'm also doing radio on the radio Friday from 2am-6am, but you can list to this RIGHT NOW!) RT @DollarBinShow: Tweet #1 for episode #1! Our first show is now available at - thanks to @kfaiFMradio for giving us a home and check back every Tuesday!
2.1 19:18 Why HAVEN'T I been putting Tabasco in my Low Sodium V8 all these years? #party
30.12 21:40 @jmshapyro Hmmmm. Tie one on later?
26.12 18:55 
If Comcast Xfinity is screwing you on the HD feeds for the Gophers or Timberwolves, you CAN switch to the SD channels. Not optimal but will do in a punch
24.12 19:42 
23.12 17:12 @TheKFV Nah, they just have an owner who regularly makes political contributions to racists
23.12 17:00 (Although KMOJ hasn't tweeted since May so maybe this'll fly under the radar - just like how Club Jäger hosting weekly dance nights flies under the radar!)
23.12 16:58 Yeah, pretty unhappy that @899KMOJ seems cool supporting events held at Club Jäger, to the point of silencing me from making dissenting comments on their Facebook page - merry Christmas, everybody! And thanks in advance for the future Twitter block, "People's Station!"
23.12 13:32 ROTFLions
18.12 20:30 
In the new #WWE, 2018 is still pronounced "two thousand eighteen" instead of "twenty eighteen" like how the rest of the world says it
18.12 18:06
18.12 16:21 Hey what's a Drunk Muskrat? RT @DrunkMuskrat: Drunk Muskrat is live! Enjoy the site and expect more content to be uploaded weekly.
18.12 07:11 
@KfaiamDrive Yeah shouldn't have finished that Rockstar after 2. Thanks for that Hot Chocolate!
Also I love refreshing this link: /> (my little knowledge of Spinitron is a dangerous thing)
18.12 07:01 
@KfaiamDrive Radio without Radio Without Boundaries
17.12 23:55 
Hey hey @cruisectrlkfai is coming LIVE!
@kfaiFMradio 90.3 /> @WQNARadio 88.3 /> ...and your captain is ME!
Mason is taking a well-deserved night off and by the time I'm done, he'll never want to take a night off again!
17.12 12:35 @TrevorWoggon @cruisectrlkfai Banger
16.12 19:10 
Fraud! She didn't say "yeah baby" ONCE! #WWETLC
15.12 19:17 What do you MEAN I can't buy a can of fish eyes
10.12 20:51 
RT @cruisectrlkfai: Rerun tonight. Still plotting the Xmas show and being busy af at the station. This rerun is from a similar period and rules.
10.12 20:47 
Sadly, Slater has not been taught the "point to my patch" move yet #RAW
10.12 20:28 
Is Dean really sitting through this vignette? (Are YOU?) #RAW
10.12 19:09 
Fans LOVE paying money to attend shows where performers talk about how much the show sucks LIVE! #RAW
10.12 17:43 *(...unless working as Chief of Staff in the Trump administration would be as bad or worse than doing business at @ClubJager, in which case, I rescind my offer)
10.12 17:42 
If nobody else wants to do it, I could probably fill in as White House Chief of Staff for a couple years - call me, @realDonaldTrump!
10.12 16:17 RT @davefinton: Me, this morning: "I'll get this half-pound bag of candy that will last me all week!"

Me, this afternoon: "I just ate a half-pound bag of candy"
9.12 16:16 
@cruisectrlkfai I would follow you to Fridays, but web taping when I'm able is also fine
Some day I'll get a job and then all bets are off (ha!)
I'd be down to solo one "live" CC slot in December and completely mess with the format if we can't tape and you don't want to throw a theory
30.11 03:30 @Chuy8a No, he watched a movie
27.11 13:35 RT @TMobile: Help fight hunger by #GivingOnUs.

Retweet this message today and we’ll help
@FeedingAmerica donate 10 meals on your behalf for #GivingTuesday.
26.11 16:40 
@PhilRippa @thecubsfan Code plz
25.11 17:43 
@thecubsfan @jkalyn
25.11 17:43 
@thecubsfan BOOM
25.11 17:38 
@thecubsfan OK! I'll pop an egg and open your gift. Now? Now. Thanks!
25.11 17:13 
@thecubsfan I'm bad about mindfully playing at any certain time. Is now a good time?
21.11 01:04 
@thecubsfan Will take that as a "no"
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