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 19:47 Alternate theory: every time she starts a tweet with "As the only senator to have worked for Planned Parenthood"
 19:46 Theory: Senator Smith's poll numbers go down every time she sends out a tweet asking for five bucks RT @TinaSmithMN: BREAKING: A new poll has our opponent within ONE POINT of us. With 13 days to go, we've got to work as hard as we can to connect with as many voters as possible. But we need the resources to do it. Can you chip in $5 right now?
Everybody please move your @Quibi money to @kfaiFMradio
Tue 20:58 At least in the @Folgers commercial, dude isn't - wait, I'm like the ten thousandth person to make this observation, right?
Tue 16:32 
I guess Bryan and the other non F4W fellow talked about Retribution. I'm severely disappointed that I was set up to hear the word "geeks" and it didn't happen but maybe you gotta be a paying subscriber for that
Tue 16:25 
Hey so did the Figure Four Radio shouting guys shout about the commentators not being able to read names on graphics last night? Usually I'd have seen an Observer retweet on that by now but I may have missed it
Tue 15:06 
It me RT @masonbutler: This week's @DollarBinShow was my favorite kind of show - a bunch of random music organized meticulously and filled with oversharing. Give that man $5 at
Tue 14:51 @tapemachines BUT THAT'S THE r.s.p-w SHIRT
Mon 19:39 
Mon 19:32 
#WWERaw Commentators: WHO IS THIS MAN?!?
Graphic: Hey read right here where I said "with Jordan Omogbehin
Mon 19:01 
Mon 14:36 It's like how Burger King commercials contain so much totally organic dialogue from food influencers who always say "WHOPPER® sandwiches" just like the rest of us
Mon 14:33 The only place they're called "CHEETOS® snacks" instead of "Cheetos" is in Cheetos commercials because of trademark lawyers - sorry, I meant to tweet this twelve hours ago
Sun 16:44 
All right let's check in on the Packers OH NO
Sun 16:43 Aw, nuts - RIP Sid Hartman
Sun 16:43 
"Did Logano get out too far?" Yeah oh no was his lead too large, he'll surely lose now @NASCARonNBC (he won)
Sun 16:07 
Isn't it fun how the @NASCARonNBC guys keep talking to a football player? It really reminds you how you could be watching football right now instead of this race
Sat 16:45 
RT @KFAIweekend: Coming up in about 20 minutes is our COMPLETE AUDIENCE TAKEOVER show for the autumn member drive! Listen, marvel, donate at and most of all ENJOY
Sat 16:31 @CoolMojo @KCSB Only two more Saturdays for me to get a four month break from OCD responding! (Nobody EVER says "CDT" when they mean "CST")
Sat 15:39's drizzling. I think I'll drive
Sat 15:00 
Gonna walk to the station - it's 53ยบ yet somehow it's supposed to drop ten degrees by the time I walk home. Maybe I should find the ol' fingerless gloves
Sat 14:59 @CoolMojo @KCSB *PDT/EDT
Sat 14:42 UNDAY UNDAY UNDAY RT @tapemachines: Clash update! Nothing new
Sat 04:03 
@albertxii You and I and UC Riverside will always have "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death"
Fri 22:53 
I used to write! Thanks for your donation! RT @funkomatic: @CRZ @kfaiFMradio OH JEEZ THAT IS 4 FULL PARAGRAPHS

(Jokes on you I already donated earlier tonight!)
Fri 22:17 
It's Member Drive time at KFAI! I wrote a little bit about @kfaiFMradio and me in the hopes I'll convince you to donate (but you can read it for free):
Fri 19:53 
Oh good it's that time of year when WWE commentators pretend there may be people out there seeing their first pro wrestling ever and need constant explanation of the rules
Fri 13:25 
@DollarBinShow This was such a surprise I forgot I'd gotten it on the schedule and thus slept through it
Fri 13:25 
RT @DollarBinShow: Oops pow surprise RT @kfaiFMradio: Oops pow surprise
Wed 23:04 @grumpymartian Ah but how about those pumpkins?
14.10 16:16 @llamarock8 Holy cow! I can't extend you enough sympathy. I thought having it once at 39 was bad but you've gone light years past me, like, exponentially. (Congratulations?)
12.10 20:45 
I didn't watch Friday's, does "SmackDown" only ever draft their own superstars or what
11.10 22:44 @LegsWet You almost used the words "Vikings" and "Playoffs" in the same tweet
11.10 22:29 Classic Vikes!
11.10 22:12 They're airing the Volkswagen commercials out of order again - no pride in the craft, maaaan
11.10 04:04 
@hack0tv I'm falling asleep to me!
11.10 03:57 UPDATE: somehow I managed to stream the NBC Sports stream thing through my Chromecast via my Xfinity account and it only took five or six refreshes after it would crap out for no reason
11.10 03:56 @tapemachines I think Problematic Louis CK did it more than once
10.10 22:30 
Oh, good, I'm almost certain the DVR didn't get the end of the @NASCARonNBC race again - golly, but NBC hates folks with DVRs
10.10 14:53 
Watching the Xfinity race on @NASCARonNBC today, I'm pretty sure that Tim McGraw Applebee's ad has aired TEN THOUSAND TIMES
9.10 16:05 @MickLenny RT @CRZ: Eddie Guerrero is trending, which can only mean that unfortunately, he's died again.
9.10 16:05 @KrissiTrash87 RT @CRZ: Eddie Guerrero is trending, which can only mean that unfortunately, he's died again.
9.10 16:00 
"Expect fair skies with highs in the 70s." RT @kfaiplaylist: “Rainy Days” by Trammell Starks. Cruise Control stream at 3:57pm.
9.10 15:49 Honest to God, I didn't know Bob Dole was still alive - I was gonna redo the Eddie Guerrero joke and everything - maybe I should stay off Twitter for the rest of the day
9.10 15:37 
Really really niche humour with the bots of @cruisectrlkfai
9.10 14:54 
I'm'a pretend my MPAA "$150,000 fine" tweet shut this down - you're welcome, Minneapolis! Consider electing me mayor in 2021! RT @MinneapolisPD: The organizers of this event have decided to postpone it until further notice. Thank you for understanding.
9.10 12:46 Eddie Guerrero is trending, which can only mean that unfortunately, he's died again.
9.10 11:47 @funkomatic It's so janky for a "nonstop mix" but wonderful and nostalgic - and I think maybe the only tape I've ever ripped to digital!
9.10 11:26 @funkomatic @DollarBinShow Would you believe the first time I heard that mix was on a discount cassette I bought at a Gemco?
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