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Wed 20:45 
OK, let's see how much this Triple H vinyl is selling for...
I'll hold out for a "clearance" price - hell, it doesn't even include "The Kings" by Run-DMC!
Wed 20:06 Huh, it's a fireworks night I guess
Wed 16:04 Hey @Twitter just tell me WHY it's trending - don't make me click on it. Or, you know, just blow away the whole thing and don't show me any trends at all, I'd be fine with that. (Also lose that "Messages" floaty tab THANKS)
Wed 12:40 @grumpymartian You could probably call their studio line (although no guarantee the person answering it would be located in Portland!)
Wed 10:29 Is Nickelback still up to something?
Tue 17:29 
@jkalyn @tapemachines
Tue 16:08 
You know what ELSE was unexpected today? RT @kfaiplaylist: “I'll Be Missing You (feat. 112)” by Puff Daddy & Faith Evans. Dollar Bin at 12:56pm. @Diddy @faithevans @DollarBinShow
Tue 16:06 @davefinton That's not what the trend says!
Tue 15:53 Nickelback and Kampala Harris in the same day - what a world. What a 2020.
Sun 12:47 
Ooh weather #mspwx
Sun 02:28 @TheRealTriscuit 1. Rye with caraway seeds
2. You obviously don't care what my answer is
3. See 1
Fri 13:57 
...including the Police Conduct Oversight Commission, the Police Conduct Review Panel, the Commission on Civil Rights, the Violence Prevention Steering Committee, the Transgender Equity Council, the Arts Commission... Know anybody you'd like to see become part of those? RT @CityMinneapolis: Applications are open now for 24 City boards and commissions. We're looking for people from different backgrounds with different experiences to strengthen our work.
6.8 19:48 Criminy, @NBAonTNT, ENOUGH with the G<muted> muting
6.8 14:11 
RT @kfaiFMradio: The first of 3 reissue rounds of the Best of Harold's House Party, previously only available for a few weeks at a time as pledge premiums, will be up on Bandcamp tomorrow. New batches will drop every Bandcamp Friday.
5.8 12:26 RT @imBINGnotGOOGLE: Speed Racer found out his opponent needed to win so he can use the money to help his little sister, who is sick, and SPED UP RT @CRZ: Speed Racer found out his opponent needed to win so he can use the money to help his little sister, who is sick, and SPED UP ud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2d
4.8 16:41 Oh no, is it National Night Out again? At least this year I can pretend to blame hiding out from my neighbours on the rona. I can already feel Lois handing out a mimeographed sheet containing all my personal data
3.8 21:25 
So #RAWUnderground is all jobber matches? In my day, we called that "WWF Superstars"
3.8 18:32 
@dream_salad :( I'd love to hear it and/or rip it some day. (So would Mason and probably most of KFAI I'm sure)
3.8 18:30 @dream_salad Last one: I think that address and phone number belonged to his mother, Willie Mae Wilson (died 2013 age 93, Morris died 2016 age 76)
3.8 18:23 @dream_salad Ooh, pricy!
3.8 18:23 @dream_salad I think it's MoWil. Is that Morris Wilson record, by chance?
3.8 09:42 
3.8 08:54 Vince: WHERE'S my football?
2.8 20:05 @TheKFV @HackmanRSPW Q̜̟̫̟̿̋̃̑̄͜uả̧͖͚̍͛͜͠ṛ͂a̬̟̥̎̒̕n͚͉̜̆̐̚ṱ͎͋̐i̡͚̤͖̹͛̊͋̑̚n̡̛͉̘͉̐̉̕̚͢ę̭̝̮͑̔͝͝ ͚̿͂̃͟͟b̗͑ṟ̰̔͗a̖̐i̼͙͊̕ņ̬͖̟͗̍̑̏͢͡?͍̥̗̬̈͑̿͊ ̭̂ ̺̱̋̌Ẁ̠̣͗h̢̤̥͖́̅͌͠a͓̞̓̓t̢́ ̩̑q̢̦̟̆̊͞u͕̓̉ͅa̧̭̞͌̂̈r̢͈̝͙̀͐̒̅ä̝͎͔͎͐͋̏ṅ̛͔͔̳̫̇͑͌͜t̙͑ỉ̘ń̛̲̞͕̍ę̤̭̱̼̈͑́̾͝ b̯̪͉̔̐̾ra̭͐iń̤̮͇͚͐͗͋?̗͆
2.8 13:31 I'm sure this has already been said, but it doesn't hurt to add my voice: can we replace James Corden with Craig Ferguson? Actually...can we do that five years ago?
1.8 12:12 @MINI_ParkLane Okay, please stop tagging me - I'm sure your photographer would enjoy actually receiving proper credit as well
1.8 11:26 
RT @KFAIweekend: Helpful reminder: TODAY IS SATURDAY!
We're on the air at 5.
31.7 13:36 RT @KFAIweekend: GROSS RT @Rhino_Records: .@chicagotheband teamed up with @GoArmy for a new remix of “25 or 6 to 4.” Watch on @YouTube now:

#whatsyourwarrior #ChicagoTheBand #GoArmy #NowPlaying
30.7 21:44 
@grumpymartian TWO IN ONE DAY WHAT
30.7 20:06 
@grumpymartian I guess I have a "Summer of Galaxy" hat too? Heh
30.7 19:49 
@grumpymartian Can't remember if it was a T-Mobile or Samsung freebie
30.7 19:39 NBA NAPS ARE BACK
30.7 17:38 
@grumpymartian I haven't gotten a shiny shadow or Ekans yet! But guess what first I caught on the way to the post office today?
30.7 16:16 
@grumpymartian You should trade it to me
29.7 21:06 @BillFromDaShore Yeah, would tonight have been the first time? I haven't exactly been paying attention
29.7 21:04 
Ah, I see - it wasn't "theirs"
29.7 21:00 
I miss Dexter Lumis' obvious Stranger Things ripoff theme music #NXT
29.7 14:08 people just put the yard waste in their trunk and bring it out? Seriously? Y'all are wild over there in Ramsey county RT @RamseyCounty: Doing yard work? All yard waste sites are open five days a week!

Locations and hours:
29.7 13:12 @ryderfakin I don't think that's how it works!
29.7 12:55 Poured ice water. Looked at Twitter. Thirty minutes later, found myself still thirsty. Realised I'd left ice water in kitchen and didn't notice until now.
28.7 14:05 Hey @Twitter, how do I make this "Messages" tab go away?
27.7 12:40 @tapemachines Love you, tape!
27.7 12:39 
Either tonight
27.7 12:39 
What do you think, guys? Absolute last chance for half off Papa Johns using the TWINSWIN promo or will they still have their "home opener" against the Cardinals on Tuesday?
27.7 09:00 
Radio stuff!
• Listen again to Saturday's
@KFAIweekend: /> • Tune in @kfaiFMradio TONIGHT at midnight as I guest host "MSP Sound" 54 weeks after I last hosted "After Midnight" in that very same time slot!
27.7 01:10 Umm Albert the point is to NOT have dishes to wash afterward RT @albertxii: PRO TIP: pour your cup noodles into a bowl for a classy touch
26.7 11:03 
RT @DollarBinShow: They Liked a play from JANUARY - God bless 'em
26.7 03:30 
Managed to tape a Dollar Bin while only melting a little bit. We'll see if I'm playing Pokémon GO at 10 or not
25.7 21:57 @grumpymartian Gosh!
25.7 21:31 
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