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At the KZiM Tower, our high of the day (32.7º) was recorded at 0310 - current forecast shows a steady temperature drop for the next 29 hours or so until we're back below zero around 8am Friday. Weather. #mspwx
 03:39 Lewdle 09 5/6

Wordle 222 4/6*

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Wed 20:05 
RT @Toast_Jr: @CRZ I heard the klangy poles got released that afternoon
Wed 19:35 
@HackmanRSPW Shouldn't you be watching the live show now?
Wed 19:34 
Oh YES not the klangy poles RT @HackmanRSPW: Nice street fight on #NXT

...but how did they pass up the chance to use that nice stack of
#ClangyPoles? ™️@CRZ
Wed 15:25 @masonbutler
Wed 08:11 Lewdle 08 5/6

Wed 05:39 RT @whataweekhuh:
Wed 03:37 
Wordle 221 4/6*

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Tue 06:47 Lewdle 07 3/6

Tue 03:47 
Wordle 220 4/6*

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Mon 19:18 
@tapemachines C'mon tape you've told us how much you love a CELEBRATION
Mon 08:53 @DublDownDrew I would hate to find out....either way!
Mon 08:49 Lewdle 06 3/6

(I will probably not play this one again but heh)
Mon 05:14 
Glad I didn't see the "Wordle 219 X" trend until now; interesting demographics down that rabbit hole
Mon 04:50 
Wordle 219 4/6*

(Streak: 25)
Sun 21:17 @Omaholic I'm glad Boomer agreed with us!
Sun 21:16 @masonbutler Nah, it didn't get much funkier. I liked the "yeah" guy at the end tho
Sun 21:10 @masonbutler Hang on I just got to the part where the guy asked them to make it funky
Sun 21:06 @masonbutler For this to have been spontaneous combustion....there would have had to have been some fire. There is no fire in this.
Sun 20:47 I'm just saying if they'd squibbed that kickoff to burn a few seconds
Sun 00:28 
Wordle 218 3/6*

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Sat 23:34 @AngelClaw316 Now we're BOTH better off!
Sat 22:09 Welp
Sat 00:26 
Wordle 217 4/6*

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Fri 20:18 
Why is WWE letting Sami Zayn mutilate himself? #SmackDown
Fri 16:43 Chaser RT @DJDanielson:
Fri 16:43 Shot RT @DJDanielson: Unfortunate timing, @WeberGrills. #meatloaf
Fri 16:42 @MEXI2022 @Ryou_NFT @TotallyNotItIf No
Fri 16:30 
Nobody's applying, huh RT @MinneapolisPD: The MPD Community Service Officer (CSO) application deadline has now been extended to February 7th!
They application can be found on the City website here: /> SALARY: $20.04 - $23.20 Hourly
JOB TYPE: Part-time
Info Session Link:
Fri 02:15 
@hack0tv Ja - that's signified by the asterisk
Fri 01:55 
Wordle 216 2/6*

My first 2!
(Streak: 22)
Thu 17:22 Something went wrong, but don't fret - it's not your fault.
Thu 14:14 @JayJayDean Pretty
Thu 10:45 RT @allisoncollage: VoyageMinnesota recently interviewed me about my creative work, background and projects! a big thank you to their team for this opportunity -- you can read the piece here:
20.1 00:41 
Wordle 215 3/6*

(Streak: 21)
19.1 20:53 "Go Big Guy" is the name of that show now. I don't make the rules RT @luchablog: this Go Big Guy guy who can withstand multiple low blows would do well in CMLL
19.1 13:53 @tapemachines Sorry, TAPE, you gotta call Wally "Gunny" now
19.1 08:51 RT @whataweekhuh:
19.1 04:41 
Wordle 214 4/6

(Streak: 20)
(Last 10: 4,4,4,4,4,3,6,4,6,4)
(I'll try to remember to switch to hard mode tomorrow)
18.1 06:28 "Subject: Follow your passion with premium PDF tools"
- boy, Adobe just GETS me
18.1 00:12 
Wordle 213 6/6

(Streak: 19)
17.1 21:41 Vince's is bigger RT @SInow: The Rock has a massive T-Rex skull in his house:

"It's pretty badass isn't it"
17.1 21:16 Kyler Murray: 28 yds passing
OBJ: 40 yds passing
17.1 19:31 Whoa did you guys see that Moonfall ad it was all like NYAAAAAROOOOOOOOOM
17.1 16:29 
I dreamed I didn't guess the Wordle so yeah pretty much got nothing going on in my life at the moment
17.1 03:32 
Wordle 212 4/6

(Streak: 18)
16.1 22:37 @d_feldman Base two years
16.1 22:37 @hansen9j @tapemachines You heard the man. You will have to keeeeeeeel him
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