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 01:11 @tapemachines HOW did they not take 45 camera cuts during this
Sun 19:50
Sun 16:22 
RT @MNIT_Services: Statement on Minnesota’s evolving cybersecurity situation from Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) Commissioner and state Chief Information Officer, Tarek Tomes:
Sun 14:15 
JUST IN: Dijakovic loses first name, may even debut as "The Man They Call D" RT @WONF4W: Dominik Dijakovic being called up to WWE Raw
Sun 14:12 
@CityMinneapolis Solid waste skipped our street on Friday (Thursday). Recycling WAS picked up. Should we put trash cans out Monday or just wait until Thursday?
Sun 13:03 
RT @MrFesser: What steps are being taken to identify officers and soldiers who shot and arrested journalists and people in their own homes? Will those people be relieved of duty for any amount of time? Face any consequences? What will those be? When, EXACTLY, can we expect to see them?
Sun 13:03 
RT @MrFesser: I want to hear something concrete from @GovTimWalz today about how police misconduct last night is going to be addressed. Not "I'm sorry", or "I take responsibility", or (god help us) "We're going to send in more troops". Enough platitudes and escalation of force. CONSEQUENCES.
Sun 12:27 
RT @kfaiFMradio: ask for accountability of Walz, Frey, Freeman et al on the clear and documented assaults on credentialed journalists and passive citizens following your orders to stay in their homes.
Sun 12:27 
RT @kfaiFMradio: Aside from many suspicious vehicles, it was a much quieter evening than in other parts of the city.

Solidarity with our brothers and sisters exercising their first amendment rights to protest the murder of
Sun 12:27 
RT @kfaiFMradio: Just a few of the West Bank neighbors who helped keep Cedar and Riverside secure and safe during last night's curfew. Nearly 30 people stayed awake and engaged with business owners and residents to make sure anyone observed in the neighborhood was there for good reason.
Sun 02:48 
@kfaiFMradio Oh look, they deleted that tweet
Sat 20:09 @d_feldman Not quite - 25% of those WHO VOTED. Still a high bar but not as high
Fri 19:27 Did you know Shaffer was once a member of Kraftwerk? RT @WCCOShaffer: Many people ask what I do between newscasts. Today I unclogged a toilet...wearing my tie. My glamorous life working at home.
Fri 19:25 
RT @kfaiFMradio: The hosts of Shadow Planet will be entering the studio before curfew and keeping an eye on things overnight. Phones will be open for the duration for conversation, venting and news from the community. Stay safe and stay connected.

Fri 19:06 
Welp. #SmackDown isn't interested in putting a smile on my face tonight

Fri 14:28 RT @KRSMradio: When we visited our studio to get the station back on the air, 4 police officers came in guns drawn to stop us from "looting". It's not safe to ask our Black and Brown hosts to use this space.
Fri 13:04 Two minute warning on Freeman presser
Thu 21:25 
RT @stribrooks: Well THAT was uncalled for.
Thu 14:21 RT @sppdmn: We are working to disperse large groups of people causing property damage along University Avenue.

Please avoid the area if possible.
Thu 11:10 RT @KRSMradio: Please help us get the word out. Michel Be and Felicia Perry will be going live from noon-2pm then 6-9pm today (Thursday) to amplify voices from our community. Leave us a message to share.
Thu 00:45 
Anybody seen Sheriff Hutch?
Wed 22:57 @thecubsfan I believe is still available
Wed 13:14 
When he gets one right....I get even MORE suspicious RT @realDonaldTrump: WARRANTLESS SURVEILLANCE OF AMERICANS IS WRONG!
Wed 12:36 
RT @AmyHockert: Happening now: We’re live on the air and streaming online @FOX9 at 12:30 as MPLS Mayor Jacob Frey updates us on the #GeorgeFloyd case and takes questions from media.
Wed 01:07 
@tapemachines Somewhere in this house is a VHS with the "pillows" angle from the original PPV airing
Tue 16:30 
RT @DollarBinShow: It's Dollar Bin Tuesday! Whether your three day weekend is over or you're still surfing through an endless weekend, we've got a "storage bin disco" soundtrack to help pass another hour!
@kfaiFMradio: /> @mixcloud:
Tue 16:08 They have. RT @MayorFrey: Four responding MPD officers involved in the death of George Floyd have been terminated.

This is the right call.
Tue 11:00 
@the_rafiki1 Ha! Accurate.
Tue 08:21 
Hey @Jacob_Frey @MinneapolisPD have the cops who killed that guy been fired yet
Tue 08:20 
Still trying to wrap my head around all the social distancing and plexiglas @WWE pretended to use right up until they had PC trainees run into the ring en masse to try to break up McIntyre's brawl with Lashley #RAW
Mon 18:58 Xfinity just texted me to let me know my tech would be here soon!

My tech left three hours ago.
25.5 03:38 
@tapemachines Why on earth did somebody blur out the "Superstars of Wrestling" banner??
24.5 22:09 
@benjamiller No F1 and no Indy Car, yet I STILL fell asleep for most of the second stage - that'll teach me to go outside and get some sunlight
24.5 18:16 
@SonorantPlosive I am not! Listen to the whole thing here: /> Discogs says that's maybe a fair deal, depending on which version:
24.5 02:15 @tapemachines We're pretty much in sync here. (Except....I kinda LOVE "Too Much" - I think it's the enormous saxomaphone part)
24.5 02:13 One of my more baffling mistags but yeah, Eid Mubarak even if I'm probably a day late on that
3 tweet: One of my more baffling mistags but yeah, Eid Mubarak even if I'm probably a day late on that RT
@darmyantii: Happy eid mubarak to everyone who celebrate it❤️ #HappyEid

24.5 02:12 @tapemachines DMB is all right with me!
24.5 01:59 
@aadesigncreate @masonbutler RT @ChakaKhan: I wanted to give a special #HappyBirthday shout out to ALL My Gemini ♊️ friends, colleagues & family I couldn’t do what I do without you #ChakaKhan
23.5 21:02 This Day In Self-Isolation
22.5 21:00 
@tapemachines Larry King-esque
22.5 20:24 
Whatever of course I appreciate Mandy's wardrobe devolution into trailer trash #SmackDown
22.5 20:22 
22.5 19:59 
<ad break>
Somehow he didn't get to ten?!

22.5 19:36 
What a coup by Cleatus to complete a trade with the president of USA Network for AJ Styles! #SmackDown
22.5 19:30 Ruin a social network by posting the same "change one letter" meme a couple hundred times
21.5 22:10 
@tapemachines Maaaaaaaaaaaaan I would have run that nickname into the ground back in the day if only I'd have known about it
21.5 14:49 @Totalvirgo918 You watched it?! (You gonna watch it again?)
20.5 21:48 
Well THAT was an unsatisfying ending #NASCARgoneagain
20.5 21:47 
Elliott crew clearly not social distancing from the Busch bunch #NASCARIsBack
20.5 21:42 
@benjamiller There's a reason WWF fans and NASCAR fans had such a large intersection back in the day!
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