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Sun 22:31 
Sun 22:26 
Well at least they only need a field goal to win
Sun 22:25 
Sun 22:13 
Oooh they listened to me! #GoPackGo
Sun 22:05 
Way to run that clock down, A-Rod
Sun 18:00 
Wow Lynx stunk it up tonight. Season over.
Sat 15:00 
Yo I slept through the Gophers game - did they cover the 31 points and were the boats rowed or whatever
Sat 01:06 This is apparently my 30,957th tweet - I will surely miss the 31,000th one so let me now say THANKS for however much of my 14 years on Twitter you've subjected your timeline to my "contributions"
Sat 01:05 Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! It was a day after @kwatt! #MyTwitterAnniversary
Fri 22:08 Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Fri 21:36 
I kinda hope Todd Gilliland can hold onto this one if only so these NASCAR on FOX guys might suddenly remember there's also an owners' championship playoff going on
Fri 17:27 
You might say we can't wait for it to begin RT @KFAIweekend: I must admit I am having some difficulty anticipating the arrival of the weekend
Fri 17:18 
RT @dhm: Can’t wait to see all of these WWE #Superstars in person at SmackDown tonight!
Fri 16:23 
RIP Pee Wee Ellis
Fri 01:21 F U State Patrol, your midnight surveillance is real time government waste
Fri 01:07 
Back and forth and back and forth and whyyyyyyyyy RT @policeoverhead: Minnesota State Patrol #N115SP (SR22) was spotted near Dayton's Bluff, St. Paul, MN at approx 05:16 UTC squawking 355 #MSP
Thu 16:51 @JayJayDean Mambo King and Mambo Kings only (okay, I still like Assassins too)
Wed 14:26 
RT @KarlTowns: wtf…
Wed 14:24 
When's this team leaving town
@Twolves_PR: Timberwolves/Lynx owner Glen Taylor released the following statement:

“Today, the Minnesota Timberwovles parted ways with President of Basketball Operations Gersson Rosas. As an organization, we remain committed to building a winning team that our fans and city can be proud of.”
Wed 11:32 RT @whataweekhuh:
Tue 21:55 @KrissiTrash87 And they didn't!
Tue 19:12 
NXT 2.0? More like World Entrance Federation 2.0! #ClassicsfromCRZ
Tue 13:59 @masonbutler Ask 'em how much to let you just go back there and make your own
19.9 23:40 
@WedgeLIVE Geez, Mayor Frey, sorry your slogans haven't been deemed catchier.
19.9 22:25 Good game, good game #SNF
19.9 21:15 
Screw it, I'm turning the air conditioner on
19.9 19:32 @JayJayDean While he was out there, nobody was stabbed, so there's that
19.9 18:37 Zing! But if you do the math, I believe terrible human being Kirk Cousins would have to work somewhere between 1 and 2 days to approach my yearly salary RT @LegsWet: @CRZ makes more money in an hour than you do your entire year
19.9 18:18 Ahahahahahahahahahahaha

VIkings gon' Vike.
19.9 18:17 Ah, yes, I forgot that terrible human being Kirk Cousins is nonetheless a master of clock management
19.9 18:15 Again, I can't decide if I want to see the Vikings win or lose on this last drive.

Just kidding, I want them to make the field goal with enough much time left on the clock for MURRAY TIME
19.9 02:40 It really is kinda amazing that it's been 30 years and Kraftwerk STILL hasn't sent lawyers after anybody for this
19.9 02:39 
@allnewtpir TELL ME


19.9 02:39 
@allnewtpir You didn't say that
19.9 02:34 
In other news, I finally paid for a physical copy of this to own forever - IYKYK #yes #no
18.9 00:28 @11Z @JeffMcDev @Freddiesgato Well this is just terrible. I only let it loop three or four times.
18.9 00:09 
Pigs hoverin' again
17.9 12:04 
@funkomatic Ha! Me fixing the Spinitron pointer shouldn't have killed your stream but maybe I have powers I don't know about (which I shall only use for good)
16.9 17:20 
@tapemachines There's also a trucks race!!!
16.9 17:07 
@d_henney @kfaiFMradio @PikaPikaChick @KFAIweekend I just CAN'T bump the Abba out one more week Dan
16.9 04:29 
@tapemachines Geez it's been like 20 years since Chris Kreski left WWE and they never found ANYBODY ELSE who could do what he did (because they didn't want to)
16.9 01:40 
Seems like there are a lotta poor suckers driving around my neighborhood lost after MNDoT router them off of 94...they must not have even bothered to try to mark a detour tonight
15.9 13:35 
I want to be there too, then RT @JohnCroman: Don and Sondra Samuels want a meeting with the City Council and Yes4Minneapolis to work out new language for the ballot
15.9 12:47 RT @whataweekhuh:
14.9 19:04 
Dope #NXT2.0
13.9 22:46 Oh, right
13.9 22:44 Why don't the Raiders kick the field goal
12.9 20:45 The NFL season doesn't truly begin until I've heard Mike Tirico tell me that Toyota wants me to know that I'm about to see a commercial for Toyota
12.9 20:17 
Boycotting @tacobell until those "debate" ads stop airing
12.9 17:26 
Whaaaaaaat I could have been watching Cleveland and Kansas City this whole time
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