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12.10 23:06 
Did I ever show you this? It's so creepy. I mean, the original vid was kinda creepy to begin with, but THIS... #fridaynightfacebooking with Orbital (Vimeo: "The Box" Deep Dream Version)
10.1.17 14:44 
I know it's a hard day for a lot of my friends today. I learned about this Radio Soulwax video from a tweet this morning. Part of me can't believe I hadn't seen/heard it before but another part of me is glad that I hadn't seen/heard it before today. There's still so much to celebrate. You and I are still here. <3 (Radio Soulwax: Dave)
20.5.16 16:23 
Not much of a theme this week, other than "stuff I really really like." This is another good'un from the only artist to be represented by a window cling on every car I've owned, The Orb.

Have a great weekend!

The Orb
14.1.16 13:23 
Supertramp are so important to me. Isn't this beautiful? Yeah it is. No idea why THIS one isn't on YouTube, but we can work around it. They're not above some long jams themselves, but this isn't even the longest track on the LP. Maybe we'll do "Fool's Overture" later.

Even in the Quietest Moments
6.1.16 11:23 
It's not always going to be 1980s, I promise. This one is a little more sinister but I think that's part of its appeal.


Death in Vegas
3.1.16 10:23 
I won't ALWAYS share the video, especially if I want you to hear a particular mix that wasn't ON video...but sometimes the video is special to me, too, so of course I'll share the video. Even if it isn't on the YouTube.

(I put a remix in the comments.)

Be Near Me
31.12.15 12:09 
One last gut punch for 2015 - Rest in Peace Paul Walden, better known to me as Guru Josh - seeing this video one night on "Night Flight" quickly took me from "who's this goof?" to "hmm, this is affecting me." (Cc: Guru Aaron) (Vimeo: "Guru Josh - Infinity")
2.6.14 15:39 
Robotic Drum Set and Analog Bass (reblogged from davegatchell)
15.2.13 02:48 
"Rocco" by Death in Vegas is my new jam
28.2.12 23:37 
Best ad tonight during the #twolves game from @hwmensroom - Step Your Game Up -
15.9.11 17:35 
RT @dhm: Best mid-film twist since From Dusk till Dawn. RT @Batcakes: John Campbell made a short film about cats called CATS
25.8.11 18:16 
#TREMENDOUS via @percolate (Vimeo: Duck Tron)
15.6.11 12:29 
@dhm Coincidentally, I just heard this one today - (Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum)
2.3.11 20:22 
NWA Hollywood #24 - CRZ on the Vimeo, FLEA on the phone (The W)
11.4.10 20:50 
Wrestlicious #6 "recap" - if you have 30 minutes to kill AND are a masochist and/or stalk me: (thanks @Vimeo)